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BC: GERMANY | Aug 2012 | CHEERS!

FC: Germany Holland Aug. 2012

1: ESSEN | GERMANY | ARRIVED August 12, 2012 | Leon, Karen & Jason off to Essen, Germany for the wedding of Manuel and Daniela

2: Baldeneysee is a lake between Essen and Werden on the Ruhr River. Boating is allowed, but not swimming. Right page: Sites in and around Essen.

3: Courthouse

4: Bomb Shelter | Cemetery

6: ESSEN | The city of Essen was founded in western Germany on the Ruhr River. It was a mining town, but now is know for industry and shopping. The borough of Werden in southern Essen is the oldest in the city. This is where Manuel & Daniela live.

8: Every few months the city of Essen paints the walls of this underpass white. Graffiti artists come in and paint the walls. Many of them are painted in memory of someone.

10: Graffiti | Twins?

11: Graffiti

12: Cool Locks | Our | Leon and Karen putting their lock on the Hohenzollern Bridge. After locking the padlock, they threw the key into the Rhine River. Their love will last as long as the Love Lock stays on the fence. Manuel & Daniela putting a lock on the fence. | Our Lock | Jason over the Rhine River on the Hohenzollernbrucke

13: Colonge Cathedral of St. Peters Building of the Gothic Cathedral, began in 1248 & ended in 1880, after 632 years

14: Cologne Cathedral - outside views

16: Christ is taken down from the cross | Crucifix of Gero the oldest miraculous figure in the cathedral | The Jewelry Madonna | One of hundreds of stained glass windows | One of the columns | One of 5 organs in the cathedral | The Milanese Madonna The other oldest miraculous figure

17: The Cathedral is amazing. Everywhere you look there is something wonderful to see. The highlight is the Shrine of the Magi (below). The Shrine holds the bones of the 3 Wise Men. It took 30 years to build this golden Shrine. It is adorned with 1000 precious stones & pearls, with over 300 ancient gems & cameos. Old Testament kings and prophets are seated along the lower sides, above them the Apostles.

22: Leon, Jason, & Manuel walked up 543 steps to the bell tower. There are 11 bells in the tower. The Bell of St. Peter is the largest free swinging bell in the world & can be heard on special feasts. 4 of the bells date from the middle ages.

23: Views from the Bell Tower

24: The Cathedral Cemetery | Catherdral Courtyard

25: Extras from around the Cathedral

26: Supper with Friends

27: Wedding Day Manuel & Daniela 08-25-2012


33: St. Camillas Church & Monastery

34: Look out Holland--- Here come the Boden's | Essen | Essen | Amsterdam

35: The Royal Palace of Queen Beatrix | Street of Amsterdam | Wax museum on Dam Square | Amsterdam | Canal streets

36: First meals in Holland A Dutch cafe with family style side dishes of coleslaw, beets, and potatoes Wonderful...

37: The Nationaal Monument Koninklijk Paleis 1956 | The Maritime Scheepvaart Museum Nemo Science Center Floating Chinese restaurant | Free NDSM Wharf Ferry 600,000 bicycles Draw Bridge one of 1,281

38: Canal Boat Tour

39: Canal Boat Tour Ornate buildings Every building & house along the canal has these hoist on the top to lift furniture to upper stories, as the stairs are too narrow & curvy.

40: In & around Amsterdam

42: Holland Tour

43: The Three Sisters

44: The village of Zaanse Schans is built on "polder", marshland reclaimed from the sea. The houses are built on stilts. Windmills are still used to pump the water from the marsh. The canals serve as fences for the animals. Beautiful village.

45: Milking Again? | Catharina Hoeve Cheese factory and demonstration. | Sweet Kisses

46: Volendam

47: Volendam | Fishing village on the Zuider Zee

48: Crossing Markermeer, part of the fresh water of the Zuider Zee from Volendam to Marken | Volendam | Coming into Marken. a sailing village

49: Marken

50: Shoes start with wooden blocks. They are then put in a saw with a shoe of the size wanted. A guide follows the shoe while the blade cuts the wood block. The inside is then hollowed out. When choosing a shoe, the size needs to be one larger. You do not pick up your feet when you walk, but instead scoot the feet.

51: Marken was an island. It has been reclaimed from the sea and is now connected to the mainland by a dyke | Tractor and trailer for hauling wooden blocks for shoes | This dog waited patiently outside a market for his master.

52: Returning to the mainland on the dyke. Note the horse rider going along the top of it | Back to Amsterdam

53: The Delft Pottery factory is in the city of Deft. The whole operation is in the building above. It is packed with pottery. All pieces are hand painted and must have the authentic seal and papers. Blue are the most common, but they also do colored pieces. These are priced higher. It is all very expensive.

54: Delft Pottery

56: NEW CHURCH in delft protestant church At 108.75 meters it took centuries to build. The pipe organ has 3,000 pipes & 48 stops. | The mausoleum of William of Orange The story goes that after his death his dog refused to eat and starved to death, hence the dog represents loyalty at rests at his masters' feet. | The tower of the New Church appears 3 different colors. The second black cross staff is made from Bentheimer sandstone. Chemical reactions(acid rain) have darkened it. It is also different colors on the other side because of the wind from the sea.

57: The New Church of Delft | The ceiling | The Heart of Delft

58: OLD CHURCH in Delft Protestant church St. Bartholomew's. The church tower leans 2 meters off plum. The pipe organ has 2,832 pipes.

59: THE HAGUE (HAAG) | The World Peace Flame In July 1999 seven flames from 5 continents were united to create the World Peace Flame | The World Peace Pathway 196 nations joined together in cooperation & solidarity to create the World Peace Pathway Opened 2004

60: Madurodam Madurodam is models of buildings in the Netherlands on a scale of 1:25. It was established in 1952 as a war memorial to George Maduro, who died in Dachau concentration camp in 1945.

63: RIJKS MUSEUM Amsterdam | Ships Canon | Model of Dutch Man-of-war | Cabinet of Amalia van Solms | Grounds | Grounds | Michiel de Ruyter Goblet | Triston blowing a conch | Cabinet



66: The Night Watch Rembrandt

67: Jeremia lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem | Tobit & Anna with the kid | Self Portrait | Old Woman Reading | Maria Trip | An Oriental | The Stone Bridge | Titus van Rikn Rembrandt's son | Paintings by REMBRANDT HARMENSZ van RIJN

68: The Kitchen Maid Johannes Vermeer | The Merry Family Jan Steen | Teaching the Cat to Dance Jan Steen | Beheading of John the Baptist School of Rembrandt | Jacob Van Ruisdael | Elizabeth Ferdinand Bol | Orestes & Pylades disputing at the Altar Pieter Lastman

69: Fishing for Souls Adriaen Van de Venne | Iconoclasts in a church Dirck van Delen | Selene and Endymion Gerard de Lairesse | Queen Beatrix Andy Warhol | These 2 paintings depicted the 1500's when the Protestants and the Catholics opposed each other. | Still life with flowers Hans Bollongier | The merry fiddler Gerrit van Honthorst

70: ANNE FRANK HOUSE Anne and her family lived in this house in Amsterdam from July 16 1942-August 4, 1944. Eight people lived in the upper floors of an annex at the back of a business. Of the eight people only Otto survived the war. | Anne Frank received this diary for her 13th birthday, June 12, 1942. Anne wrote to "Kitty" an imaginary name, until August 1, 1944. They were arrested on August 4, 1944. She was only 15 when she died in a camp. | OTTO FRANK- Father died at age 91 EDITH FRANK-dies in Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, 1945 MARGOT FRANK- died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 1945 ANNE FRANK-died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 1945 HERMANN van PELS- gassed in Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp1944 AUGUSTE van PELS-ROTTGEN- died in transport from Bergen-Belsen to Theresienstadt concentration camp 1945 PETER van PELS dies in Mauthausen concentration camp 1945 FRITZ PFEFFER-died in Neuengamme concentration camp 1944 | Model of the annex | Anne's room | Original moving bookcase




76: Beer Fun | CHEERS to AMSTERDAM

77: Riding a high speed train at up to 240 miles per hour | OFF to MUNICH

78: The train went by the John Deere building in Mannheim where Shane works when in Germany

79: First evening walk to the Hofbrauhaus | MUNICH

80: Singin' in the Rain

81: Somewhere over the Rainbow

82: JULIA (JULIET) Statue given to Munich by the city of Verona, Italy. Bring her flowers and your love wish will come true. Touch her left breast for good luck

83: HOFBRAUHAUS | Munich's most famous biergarten

84: FOOD< FUN< FRIENDS | Origami Birds


86: Monument by Theatinerkirche | The Theatine Church of St. Cajetan Catholic Church (Theatinerkirche was built 1663-1768. is known for its large Baroque domes, flowing volutes, large cupola and Rococo facades. Its Mediterranean appearance and yellow coloring became a well known symbol for the city of Munich

87: Gate to Koenigsplatz | Ludwig I | Nationaltheater

88: Englischer Garten | Theatinerkirche from the garden


90: Marienplatz is the area where the Neuss Rathaus (New town Hall) is topped by the Munchner Kindl (Munich Child) the city's symbol | Glockenspiel is the chiming clock with dancing figures on the front of the Hall. It goes off 3 times a day

91: SCHLOSS NYMPHENBURG To celebrate the birth of their son in 1664, the Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife Henrietta Adelaide commissioned this palace to be built. It is known for the beautiful garden.

92: Around the Palace | The Queen's Study | Inside the Palace | Queen Therese Bedroom

93: Gallery of Beauties A collection of portraits of noblewomen, townsmomen, and dancers | Portrait of Electress Therese Kunigunde

94: Around the palace

96: Palace Garden has French gardens pavilions, lodges, fountains and ponds

98: Amalienburg A small hunting lodge on the Palace grounds

99: Palace gardens

100: Second Coronation coach of King MaxI Joseph | First Coronation coach of King Max I Joseph | Dress Berlin ofElector Karl Theodor | Court merry-go-round | Nymph Sleigh of King Ludwig II | Dress sleigh of King Ludwig II | Marstallmuseum Houses carriages & sleighs of Bavarian rulers

101: Coronation coach of Emperor Charles VII

102: The Hercules Sleigh | Garden carriage for a young prince | Child's indoor sleigh | Sleigh Carousel was a game played by knights

104: Olympiapark 1972 Olympic Games | Olympic Tower 290 meters | Olympic Emblem | Dorms at Olympic Village | Olympic Stadium seats 67,000 | Children's Activities | Aquatic Center | Sept. 5, 1972 Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and killed Israeli athletes

105: From the top of Olympic Tower

106: Munich | More from the Tower | Allianz Arena Football (soccer) stadium

107: BMW | BMW Welt

108: Around Munich

109: Peterskirche Construction started on St. Peter's in 1278, but the city burnt down in 1327, rebuilding started again. Building continued on and off with building going on even in 2000.

110: XI Station Nailing Jesus to the Cross | Scourging of Peter Zimmermann 1753

111: St. Peter's Catholic Church So Beautiful!

112: The Bavarian Countryside

113: Oberammergau is known for its wood carvings and decorated house facades, called "Luftlmalerel". Every 10 years they also have a Passion Play | Other villages

114: NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE built between1869 & 1886, the fairy-tale castle was the dream of King Ludwig II.

115: The Walk The tour bus dropped us off partway up to the castle. We had to walk the rest of the way. Very, very steep. Came to the bridge first. Then on to the castle. Had to walk all the way down. | The Hurdy Gurdy Man

116: Views from the Marian Bridge | The Bridge from the castle | Pollet Gorge

117: Hohenschwangau This is where King Ludwig II spent most of his childhood | Lake Alpsee | Tyrolean Mountains

120: The Courtyard

121: Model of the Neuschwanstein Castle

122: The Dining Room | Living Room | The Minstrel Hall | Bedroom | The Study | Throne Room | The Kitchen | Inside the castle

123: Linderhof The only castle finished by Ludwig II and actually lived in. When Ludwig II was in residence, 2 peacock statues stood outside the castle.

124: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial On March 22, 1933, the first Nazi concentration camp was opened here, on the grounds of an unused munition factory. Over 200,000 persons were robbed of their freedom, tortured, and exploited in Dachau and its subcamps. Some 40,000 prisoners died violently at the hands of the SS, as well as from starvation, exhaustion, lack of medical care, and epidemics. The Camp operated until April 29, 1945, when the camp was liberated by the U.S. Army | Tracks from prisoner trains | Entering Dachau

125: The original camp was destroyed. On May 9, 1964, the twentieth anniversary of the camp's liberation, and the memorial and documentary exhibition were opened. This Memorial is to be a reminder of the horrible things done to the prisoners here and to never allow anything like this to every happen again. | Guard Towers | Roll Call Area

126: Each of these slabs is where one of the barracks were, all the way back to the buildings, double rows

127: The Documentary Exhibit | Memorials

128: In 1943 eight rooms were divided off for "special prisoners". These were prominent clergymen and priests

129: Different churches have erected religious memorials .

130: The Death Chamber at Dachau | The chimney is where the incinerators were. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 1. Gathering room 2. Disrobing room 3. Waiting area 4. "Shower" Death chamber 5. Incinerators

131: Prisoners were led to the "showers". They were told to disrobe. When led into the "shower" area, gas was released instead of water. The dead prisoners were then taken to the incinerators where each of the 4 furnaces could cremate 2-3 bodies at one time. At the end of the war a new incinerator was built, but never used, as the Nazi army had run out of coal. When the US Army arrived there were hundreds of bodies outside the Death Chamber | Brausebad means "shower" | Many of these shower heads cover the ceiling of the death chamber. Only one still has the cover, as others were stolen. They released lethal gas.

132: The early gallows site | Old incinerator house | New incinerators, never used

133: The unknown prisoner April 30, 1950 Sculptor Fritz Koelle | The International Memorial area was unveiled in1968. The site has developed into a place of learning and remembrance. | This ends our wonderful trip to Germany. What a long way we have come from the horrors of WW II. Now it is all about peace and friendships. How blessed we are to have Manuel and Daniela in our lives.

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