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Greetings from Sun Dial Lake

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S: Greetings from Sun Dial Lake: Trudging Odyssey Volume 1 | Micah Liesenfeld

FC: trudger | by micah liesenfeld | Greetings from Sun Dial Lake | Trudging Odyssey Volume 1 | Micah Liesenfeld

1: by Micah Liesenfeld | Greetings from Sun Dial Lake | Trudging Odyssey Volume 1

2: Greetings from Sun Dial Lake, Trudging Odyssey Volume 1 copyright © 2012 Micah Liesenfeld www.micahnova.com | Written, Edited and Illustrated by Micah Liesenfeld. Book and cover design & Illustrations by Micah Liesenfeld. Published in 2012 by Micah Liesenfeld. All illustrations contained herein are © 2012 by Micah Liesenfeld. All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced without the written permission of Micah Liesenfeld.

3: [everything] For Aicha

4: The Orange Roughy Dream

6: Moonscape

7: Rhino on the Move

8: Another Morning (top left) Bus Stop (top right) No Shade (left) Eve (opposite)

10: Fly Away (top left), Sink Hole (top right) Star Struck (bottom left), Horizon (bottom right)

11: A Red Bird

12: Wind and Lodging (left)

13: Get Up

15: Expiration Date | following pages: She Loved to Let them Go (left) Stay in the Boat (right)

19: Animal with his Friend, the Rock, near Red Mountain | Before the Crack of Dawn

20: The Past

21: The Unwanted

22: Another Morning (top left) Red Bird Revisited (top right) Chamaeleon (left)

23: Conquistador Goes North

24: Old Monk on His Way to Helping Someone

25: To My Quiet Place

26: Morning Fog in a Quarry His regular morning jog took him right by the old Herschfeld quarry. The view was deceptive at that time of day because the fog would often rise only a few feet below the path, and one wouldn’t know that an ominous hole gaped beneath it for miles and miles. That void, sleeping under a thick white blanket, had taken quite a few lives over the years. Why hadn’t the state of California demanded that Old Man Herschfeld create a fence around the danger? Perhaps it was a bill pending in state congress. Occasionally, our jogger friend would accidentally kick a stone off the edge and hear the rock bounce echoed “CRACK, POP, –” and then nothing to follow as it fell under the covers and into the arms of

28: Hot Air (top left) Visions of Sky Games (top right) Girl Walking Dogs in Luxembourg Park (left) Between Trees (opposite)

30: Lunar Eclipse (top left), Above All Ghosts (top right) Along the Ridge (bottom left) Time Stands Still - Time to Stand Still (bottom right)

31: Flight of the Malamute

32: Kite Flier (top left), Crossing Over (top right) Crater Lake (bottom left) The Bass Jumper (bottom right)

33: Night Sub

34: Goodbye Old Timer (top left) Strange Signs at Sea (top right) In the Shadow (left) From a Messy Bog (opposite)

36: Old Age New Morning (top left) Aussie North (top right) My Space (left) In and Out with Halley's Comet (opposite)

38: Listening to Birds (top left) Cresting a Hill (top right) Smoke Signals (left) Jogger Near Smokey Mountains (opposite)

40: Good posture. Small steps, keeping your thighs together. Back steps are small brush-by steps. Never use thumbs / don’t squeeze the hands, slightly curl fingertips for contact. Knees slightly bent. Weight forward on the balls of your feet. Man’s right hand between the lady’s shoulder blades. Left hand waist level, neutral area. Lady’s left hand on point of man’s shoulder. Right hand waist level, neutral area. Ladies stay in the slot– Man moves out and gives her the right-of-way. Don’t look at your feet. Look at your partner and SMILE. Bodies should be slightly apart at a “V” position for basic closed position. In open position, stay close together, elbows should bend in an “L” shape. Keep your weight off your heels, especially when turning. Hand movements (cross-over, turns, etc.) start and end at the waist. Resistance, Resistance, Resistance. Dance on the “down” beat of the music. Dancing is easier with hard soled smooth bottom shoes. HAVE FUN – It’s just dancing – no more, no less. | Practicing His Turns

42: He Refused to Let Them Go (top left), Walk through the Park (top right), Another Country that Was (bottom left), House (bottom right)

43: Shooting the Perfect Day

45: My Space 2 Bridge Burner's Retrospective (opposite)

46: Night School (left) How to Defy Gravity (bottom left) City Bungalows (middle) The Climb (right) Near His Villa (opposite)

48: Flowery Fields | A Field to Play in

49: Water Buffalo Taking a Drink

50: Desert Ghost We had long completed our tour. Few had survived. CPL Zongo had perished instantly with the discovery of a land mine not 20 feet from the air strip. It was a sign of things to come. We lost contact with base command and our GPS choked on sand. Lost, water deprived and scorched beyond recognition, 3 remained to wander the Tanezrouft for another 2 years before I returned to base alone. The base appeared out of nothing, over a sand dune like any other sand dune I had seen those past 2 and a half years. I arrived at the camp that night and saw a fire going. There were 4 people sitting around drinking licorice tea. Zongo was with them. He looked up at me and smiled, “Welcome back!” and handed me a mug.

52: Donkey in an Ethiopian Valley (left) Swimming Hole (bottom left) Close Call (middle) Pink Bird Watching His Favorite Show (right) Fishing near the Source (opposite)

55: She Runs Ahead of Him Reading under Strange Fruit Trees (opposite) Following Pages: Spring Rain (left) An Early Morning Row (right)

58: Where I Live | 2 Clouds and Below

59: And Comes the Lowly Birthday Cake

60: Cathedral Canyon

61: Just a Place to Rest

62: Crossing over a Bridge

63: Sunset in San Sabastian

64: Visions in the Lagoon It was during his daily walk along the marina. He told everyone he knew about what he saw- the Great Monster. But very few folks paid him any mind. After all, his track record for other things he had seen out there– alien space craft, mermaids, ghosts, pirate ships, Jesus, his son (God rest his soul)– were never confirmed by other witnesses. Old friends grew tired of his stories and mostly avoided him any more. Their pity for him and his loss had been worn down by so many stories, and so they would tell him to meet them at such-in-such tavern only to go to another. Over the years, his daily walks along the marina remained consistent, and every morning, just as the fog and the morning sun would meet and ignite one another, he would see something he forever struggled to describe to anyone who would listen.

66: A Little Shade

67: Being Led to a Place of Rest

68: Sleepwalker

69: Tiger Sun Fish God

70: Cool, Still and Inviting The water appeared still, cool and inviting. She took off her coat, socks and shoes before walking down into the lush meadow. The mud squished between her toes as she reached the pond. Weeks later, another traveler would find the socks and shoes a bit too small for him, but the blue rain coat was just what he needed.

72: Violin

73: Trees and Fog

74: The Earthquake Predictor Private Beach (opposite)

76: Shelter

77: How to Quickly Patch a Roof

78: Zebra on a Plateau The Prisoner (opposite)

80: The Marooned | Apartment Complex Cyclist in Forest Park (opposite)

83: Near the Edge Looking Down

84: Night Train over Devil's Gulch | Out

85: Looking for Something

86: A Relationship

87: Wait for Me

88: Free Paper | Indecisive Shade (opposite)

90: Gelato Preferito (top left) Another Morning (top right) Just a Walk (Are We Closer?) (left) Paranoia (opposite)

92: The Duck Huntress Will Take a Pass | Elk Bugling

93: Ancient Avalanche

94: Portable Bomb Shelter She had this reassurance, for reasons unknown to her, that if a nuclear weapon were to end the world as she knew it, a magical force field would suddenly surround her, and she would be protected from the blast. Although this did set her mind at ease a bit, she did hope that she was not the only one in the world with this sort of thing. And she also hoped that this other gifted person was a male somewhat her age with not too much back hair and who did not snore too terribly loud and also who did not have really stinky feet all very important when trying to get along with someone in a post apocalyptic social situation.

96: As the Crow Flies

97: Making a Run For It | Black Bear Fly

98: Miles to Go (top left) Near the Edge- a Clearing (top right) Cross That Bridge When (left) Motorman Takes a Breath (opposite)

100: A Light Box for Night Walks | Some Reflection

101: Happy - Goodbye | Sad - Goodbye

103: Knowing When to End a Visit to a Dragon Opposite Page Left to Right Clockwise: A Sparkler for 3 AM Birth of a Bright Rainbow A Heavy Basket

104: The Takin and Her Young | The Shamisen Tree

105: Somebody is Having Fun

106: Summer Afternoon

107: The Lost Triathlete | Forfeiting the Race

108: Deserted Tents Near a Canyon | Just Crossing a Bridge

109: Barge on the Mississippi | Prehistoric Mississippi

110: A Knock at the Door

111: Baby Box Turtle in a Bind

112: Foxhole and I

113: The Boat Afloat on a Choppy Sea

114: Avoiding Pitfall | Being Chased by a Bee

115: Her Favorite Haunt

116: From Sun Dial Lake

117: A Steep Grade Hill to Climb | Coasting

118: The Derelict

119: Last of the Chimney Sweeps | Conical Introspect

120: Feeding Frenzy Before a Squall

121: Super Gone Wanda in Drama Queen Land

122: Doe Near a Thicket (top left) Hut Near a Mound of Dirt #2 (top right) After Glow in Shasta Valley (left) Dusty Trail (opposite)

125: Opposite Clockwise from Top Left: A Different Girl Waiting for the Bus With Destruction in His Bones The Trouble with Telescopes 3 Days & Nights Below Deck (with the Hiccups) No Cable for Orange Pants

126: Going to a Dance Tumbling After (opposite)

128: Violet in the Garden

129: Turning Towards the Cliffs (on Ice)

130: Practice Makes Perfect

131: Handstand on a Horse

132: Son of Son of Cannon Fodder Jr.

133: Within the Lion

134: The Amazing Trapezoid

135: ...and Trapezette!

136: ...and Trapezanzino!

137: ...and Trapezellephant?

138: Stars and Stripes Forever

139: Will Work for Peanuts

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