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Heart Park

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S: H e a r t P a r k

BC: Heart Park takes you on a journey where hearts will be stolen and heros will come to save the lives of innocent people. Katie loves to walk through mysteries. This will be a mystery she will never forget even in the future.

FC: Heart Park You check in but you don't check out By:Katie Scott

1: There where four people that were on a mission to travel threw the west in three weeks in June 2007. The people are Bruce (Paw paw), Susie (Miss Susie), Tyler, and Katie. When they came to South Dackota (their R.V. camp ground) they never expected what would happen next. When they got there it was almost dark and the whole park was full (210 sites to be exect) and when Katie woke up at 5:00 a.m she looked out the window and yelled! Everyone came rushing in saying "Katie what is wrong?" "I'll tell you what is wrong! Rember last night how every sight was filled?" said Katie. "Sure." said all three of them. "Well look out the window and see how many sights are filled!" said Katie. They all looked out and gasped. They were the only ones on their street! "But there must be a good explanation for all of the R.V.s to be gone." said Bruce "You're right! Tyler when

2: you where out looking around last night all of the front plates where from the same state?" said Susie. "No!" said Tyler. And that is what started the mystery. Katie loved to solve mysterys. So when Bruce and Tyler where talking to Susie, Katie went to the R.V. camp ground office to ask if everyone on their street checked out early. When she got there everyone that worked there were geezers! Katie went to the front desk and the person standing there was smacking his lips. Katie asked him "Um,did the people on our street, 2-F, check out early?". Then the guy said "Some things are better left unsaid liitle girl!" Then Katie ran and on her way out she noticed they had a list with check in and check out. It dated back to 1987 and every line was filled on the check in side but more were checked in than checked out! Katie hurried back to the R.V. to tell everyone but no one believed her except Susie. Then the family decided that they came to see Mount Rushmore and they went and it was beautifull! On

3: the way back while everyone was talking Katie noticed that there was a used R.V. sale next to Heart Park. And then Katie noticed that there were the other 14 R.V.s that where on their street! When they got back to the R.V. Katie told Susie about what she saw and then Susie said "Should we call the police?" "No! We need to figure out this mystery our selves and when we get some clues to prove to the boys that I'm not making this up they can help us. After all Paw Paw was a police officer!" said Katie. "Lets go!" said Susie. The first place they went was the pool (and of course Katie brought her science kit). Katie got a few drops of the pool water with a tube and squeezed it under her microscoop and looked at it for a minute or two and finialy said "Its a weak chemical!" "What does that mean?" said Susie. "That means that if you go swimming then you would be way to weak to move or open your eyes for a good two hours!" said Katie. Next they went to the cafeteria to get a meal and drinks to go. Then Katie looked at all the food and drinks and said "All of it has a sleeping powder in it!" Then they

4: went to the boys and showed Bruce the evidience that they found. "They're not lying!" said Bruce. "Lets help them! I mean we don't have television and there is nothing else to do." said Tyler. "Wahooo! You're going to help us! Now, what do we do?" said Katie. "Well, we could put on masks to make us look like geezers so we can go in the "employes only area"!" said Tyler. So they got into their truck and went to a costume store and got stuff to make them look like geezers. When they got back in their trucks they decided that they were going to get some ice-cream. It was dark as they were riding home from the ice-cream shop when Katie noticed that there were more R.V.s in the used R.V. sale. And when they pulled into Heart Park Tyler said "Look out the window!" Everyone looked and saw only 20 R.V.s left! "Okay we need to solve this mystery before we check out this week!" said Katie. So they went to sleep and woke up the next morning at 7:00 a.m. There was no difference then last

5: night. All of them put on the masks and outfits and quickly walked out of the R.V. into the "employees only room"! When they got into the room, the family looked like they didn't belong in there . "Come here you guys!" said Tyler. "What?" said Bruce. "How about we split up to find anything strange and we can all meet in the R.V. in an hour." said Tyler. "Sounds good to me!" said Susie. So they split up and when Tyler started walking an actual geezer went up to Tyler and said "You must be the new employee! Let me give you a tour around here." "Okay?!" said Tyler. The geezer said "I'm only going to give a quick tour because I have to go........never mind!" "Tell me!" said Tyler. "No" said the geezer in a very demanding voice and then ran away! "It is 12:09 and Tyler is still not back and I haven't seen him in an hour and I am very concerned, Miss Susie!" said Katie.

6: Meanwile........ Tyler was very suspicious so he decided he was going to go to the lounge, secretly to see what was happening . When he was approaching the lounge, some geezers saw Tyler and said,'' GET HIM!!'' Tyler ran for his life. He out ran the geezers and got in the R.V safely. He was out of breath that he had to take five minutes to be able to tell the family what was going on. When he caught his breath he told the family'' THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!'' ''Okay stupid, what happened?'' said Katie. "Okay, I was looking around after everyone spilt up and a geezer walked up to me thinking I was the new employee and started to give a tour when he had to leave and he wouldn't tell me why so I followed him to the lounge and other geezer saw me and started to chase me and I finally got back into here." said Tyler " So at least now we know that the geezers are hiding

7: somthing that they don't want anyone to find out about." said Katie. " Wait! You said that the geezer that saw you started to chase you?" said Susie. "Yahh, so?" said Tyler. "Well, geezers shouldn't be able to come close to catching you because they shouldn't be that good of shape." said Susie. "You're right!" said Katie. "So they aren't actual geezers!" said Bruce. "But, that wouldn't make any sense though!" said Tyler. "I'm just plain out confused!" said Katie. "Me to!" said Susie. "But...They could be something other then geezers but underdisquise like we were." said Bruce. "I say that we should go back tomorrow but don't split up! I was so scared!" said Katie "But, if we are all together then they would know that we don't belong in there!" said Bruce. THE NEXT DAY........... "Okay so we will split up agian but I will go to the lounge, Miss Susie you will go the the kitchen, Paw Paw you will go to the pool, and Tyler you will go the the meeting room. Is every one okay with that?" said

8: Katie. "Sure." said all of them. So they all put on their costumes and left the R.V. "Wait!" said Katie "Let's all meet in the R.V. at 2:00 p.m. and that goes for everyone!" said Katie. " Okay." said Tyler knowing that was meant for him. Every one split to where ever they where suppose to be at. When Katie got to the lounge no one was there"Thank goodness" said Katie. Katie started to look around and she saw a bird feather but she didn't know what type it was. So she put her gloves on and put the feather in a test tube right next to the food tube in her science kit. "Why would there be a feather in the lounge where the geezers hang out?" thought Katie. While Miss Susie was in the kitchen she noticed that all of the geezers had gloves on but the 5th finger was missing. And they had awful long fingers. Just like birds thought Susie.

9: While Bruce was at the pool he noticed that there was a hidden tunnel but he needed a key. So he went to the office and told the lady at the front desk and Bruce said"Young miss, I am the new employee and I need the key to the hidden passage way at the pool.". "People were swimming?" asked the lady. "Yes mam'!" said Bruce(Which he was lying!). "Ohh, how many?" said the lady. "Five!" said Bruce. "Wheee doggy! We are going to be eating good tonight!" said the lady while she handed Bruce the key. "Yepp we are!" said Bruce as he walked away vey confused. Meanwhile Tyler was in the meeting room. "What in the world?!" said Tyler. "Why would there be a graph." Eating People" why would the title be that?!" said Tyler.Then Tyler took out the camera and took pictures of the graph. Astonished he retured to the R.V. At the lounge all of the geezers closed everything down and sat down to eat. Thank goodness Katie got of

10: the room before the geezers got there. The front desk lady said"Where are the five people that the new enployee said that were swimming?""What new employee." said a geezer. "You know the one that we hired yesterday." said the lady. "Susan, I never hired a new employee."said the manger of the park. "And beside I never put the new employee threw the processor!" said a geezer while he winked. "Ohhh Noo!" said the lady. "Why did you just say ohh no?" said a geezer. "Because I gave him a key to the passage!" said the lady. "Ohhh Nooo!" said all of the geezers at the same time. Back at the R.V everyone showed Katie what they found. She found Tyler's the most strange."Why would there be a graph on how to eat people?" said Susie."Geezer's are people right" said Katie. She was to young to know better but yet she is a very bright child for 7 years old. "Yes! You idiot! Dahh!" said Tyler. "Well sorry! I didn't know!" said Katie. "But, people wouldn't eat people right." said Susie. "Unless they were starving

11: to death." said Tyler. "Hahaha!" said Bruce. "Or they need it."said Katie in the voice she always has when she is onto somthing. "What do you mean" said Susie. Everyone got quiet and serious to listen. "Well, if I'm correct the geezers are around 97 to 100 years old and by that age of regular geezers they all should be close to be dying. And way to weak to get up but yet they chased Tyler and almost caught him and Tyler is fast. So while you guys were goofing off I did some research on human living surgery and I found somthing weird." said Katie. "Well what was it." said Susie. "Only birds can do it because you need long bird like feathers/finger to get to their heart out without disturbing the body system. And I found a bird feather and so I scanned it and it was a buzzard feather. And then Miss Susie saw that they had fingers like a bird and the way she described them they are buzzard fingers." said Katie. "So?" said Tyler. "So?! It means I found out the mystery!" said Katie.

12: "So what was the mystery?" asked Tyler."You will just have to find out yoursel!" Katie laughed."First I will need Paw paw to call the police but tell them not to put on the siren when they get here and have them come in a regular minivan without the words "Police" okay?!" said Katie."Okay" said Bruce as he went to get the phone."Miss Susie I need you to put on your costume but put on these glasses they have a video camera built into them and stall the geezers into staying into the lounge and I mean all of them until the police get there. Okay?" said Katie. "Got it!" said Susie as she went to put on her costume. "What do you want me to do?" asked Tyler."I want you to go into the hidden passage and have Paw paw come with you.Paw paw you still have the key right?" said Katie. "Yes mam'!" said Bruce. "Tyler are you okay with that plan?" said Katie."Yeah but what are you going to do?" asked Tyer. "I have the most inportant job....getting evreyone out of the park. And watching Miss Susie and the geezers to make sure that everything is going to plan."said Katie.

13: "I'm not letting you do all of that." said Tyler. "Why not?" said Katie. "Because it is too dangerous!" said Tyler. "Tyler I have to do this!" said said Katie. "WHY?" said Tyler. "Because if I don't .....I can't tell you!" said Katie. "Tell me!" said Tyler. "No!" said Katie. "As your older brother I demand you to tell me!" said Tyler. "Fine. People that are here their lives are at risk but mostly yours Tyler. That is why I want you to stay under the tunnel with the key and with Paw paw so he can protect you and you will be safe so the geezers can't get you!" said Katie. "But why me?" asked Tyler. "Because you were the one who saw them talking so they want to hurt you." said Katie "Sorry to interrupt but the police are on their way." said Bruce. "Okay everyone man their grounds and break!" said Katie. Everyone ran to where they were suppose to go. Katie went to each R.V and got everyone out of the grounds but they had to leave their R.Vs behind but the police will return them Katie told them. Everyone rushed out. Susie got all of the employees into the lounge and started to entertain them.

14: Tyler and Bruce got under the tunnel with a flash light so they could see. Tyler told Bruce "Paw paw, I am so scared for me and Katie but I don't know which person I should be more scared for." "Be scared for yourself." said Bruce. Then after Katie got eveyone out of the campground she went right outside the "employees only" door logged onto her webcam on her laptop and started to see what Susie was seeing. The police finally got there in their van. They saw Katie and went up to her. "Look this is what my grand mother is seeing and I got her to get all of the employees into that room and the boys are in a hidden tunnel underground locked up saftly and everyone is out of the campgrounds." said Katie. "Good work Katie." said the head police man. "Thank you sir." said Katie. Then the police men ran into the lounge and pointed the guns at the geezers while Susie backed away "You are all underarrest!" said a police men. Then all of the police men handcuffed them brought them outside and into the trucks. "Thank you police officers." said Katie as Susie walked out. "No

15: thank you.We would have never known about this if you hadn't come here." said a police officer. Then all of the police officers drove away and Katie called the boys and told them it was all right to come out. When they got out they got everyone back to their own R.V and had them leave. Other gang of police officers came and closed the place down as Bruce, Susie, Tyler, and Katie drove away. "So what was the mystery?" asked Tyler. "Do you really want to know." asked Katie "Dahh!" said Tyler. "Well first of all the geezrs were buzzards and they wanted to keep living so they all learned how to do the surgery and when they needed someone new a regular person would come and they changed them into a buzzard and teach him/her how to do the surgery and they all would eat the hearts that they got because the hearts made them live longer. So they would use the pool and the food as a trap. And just like we did they put on costumes on to make them look like innocent old geezers!" said Katie. "Oh I knew that!" said Tyler. "Then why did you ask?" said Katie. "Because I wanted to

16: make sure you knew!"said Tyler. "Okay!" said Katie while smiling at Tyler. So they moved onto the next state and on and on until the got back home. Until this day no one knows where Katie is. They belive that she lives as an average eleven year old girl that goes to school. With the mystery days behind her she walks the school halls as a unpopular girl. No one ever knew that it was her that saved the lives of hundreds of people except her self and her family!

17: Thank you so much for reading my book! I hope you liked it! I would like to thank my grand mother Susie for the thoughts on how to start the story and my best friends Sarah Knox, Megan Slay, and Mariana Wood for all of the help and ideas and most of all the support that they gave to me. Just rember a mystery will always follow you where ever you look! -KT Scott : ) Thank you again for reading my book!

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