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S: Our Honeymoon (Paris, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice, French Riviera)

BC: Best honeymoon ever. Looking forward to the many more adventures that live will bring us. Ciao, Jesse and Trisha Link 2009

FC: Our Honeymoon August-September 2009

1: Mr. & Mrs. Link Seattle, WA | ... here we come! | France and Italy.....

3: Chapter 1: Paris Bonjour! Our honeymoon began in Paris, where we spent the first 5 nights (4 full days) of our 3 week journey. We had a rough time adjusting to the time change, but had it worked out pretty well by the time we left Paris. Our hotel was quaint and cozy and just a short walk from the Eiffel Tower. We spent our days were spent exploring the city... We made it to the top of the Eiffel tower; went to the catacombs (scary!); checked out the Louvre (which was insanely crowded); visited the Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe; strolled along the Seine river; and walked around Montmartre which is an artsy neighborhood that boasts the best view of Paris. While we were shopping around at the Champs de Elysees one day we took a mid-day break to watch an American movie (Inglorious Bastards) which was in English with French subtitles, or so we thought. The English was certainly in English, but it turned out that a 3rd of the movie was actually spoken in French (no subtitles needed in France) and a 3rd in German (with French subtitles), so we were pretty lost. I took a much needed mid-day nap while Jesse toughed it out and tried to follow along. We spent our evenings lounging at the Champ de Mars (the park south of the Eiffel Tower) with a bottle of wine and some bread with jam and cheese to snack on, while waiting for the lights of the Eiffel Tower to illuminate. Jesse and I agree that Paris is the most romantic city on Earth. On the 29th, we jumped on the metro and made our way back to the airport for our flight to Rome. Check-in for our flight was open from 12 - 1:20 pm. We made it there at 12:15 only to learn that apparently there are two airports in Paris and we were at the wrong one (amateur mistake!!!). The lady assured us that there was no way in hell we would make it to the other airport to check in by 1:20. We found the bus that shuttles to the other airport and jumped on it moments before it took off. We arrived at the other airport and got checked in by 1:17 pm -- 3 minutes to spare. Upon checking in there seemed to be some issue with our luggage, but we didn't understand what was going on since we didn't practice our French enough before our trip. They assured us everything was fine, so off we went to board our flight. To be continued after some of our favorite pictures......

4: Bonjour! | Paris, France

9: Chapter 2: Roma Ciao! Now onto Roma....! We landed in Rome a couple of hours after our departure from Paris. As we waited around the baggage carousel, we were elated to see my bag coming around the corner. But where was Jesse's? We waited and waited and then the bags stopped coming. We were dressed in long sleeves and pants because Paris was chilly; the temperature in Rome was a different story (think hot!). Rather than each airline having an office to go to for missing baggage, there was one office for the entire airport. Oh yeah, and they speak Italian in Italy too. When somebody finally helped us, we learn that he had no idea where Jesse's bag was (they don't scan and track them). So we filled out a form and were told to call back later. From there we took a 30 minute bus ride to the main train station in Rome, which was about a block from our hotel. We checked in and then headed out to get Jesse some short sleeves and shorts. We called the airport that evening to find out that Jesse's bag was still in Paris and would be on it's way to Rome the following evening (even though there were several flights to Rome between now and then) and that we would have to go back to the airport to pick up the bag, rather than them delivering it. We spent 3 nights and 2 full days in Rome. Our first day was spent walking around in awe of all the beautiful history in Rome, and eating lots of pizza and gelato too. We saw most of the big ancient Roman sights on the first day - The Coliseum, Roman Forum, Tomb of the Unknown, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and a much, much more. All of it was incredible; it seemed like there was something picture-worthy on every single corner. The next day we did more sightseeing and walking with the highlight of the day being the Vatican City. As we got off the metro on our way to the Vatican, we were stopped by tour guides who told us that the line to get into St. Peter's Basilica was 2 hours and the line to get into the Vatican Museum (where the Sistine Chapel is) was also 2 hours, but that for just 40 euro each, he would give us a tour and we could skip the lines. 40 euro!?! That's insane! We told him we'd go scope things out and let him know. When we got there, we learned that there was no line at all and pretty much walked right in. So if you ever go to Rome, keep that in mind. After walking around for pretty much 6 days straight between Paris and Rome, we were exhausted but got rested up because in the morning we would take a train to Florence where we would only walk more. To be continued after some of our favorite pictures......

10: Roma!

15: Chapter 3: Florence and Pisa Buongiorno! We arrived in Florence with less than 24 hours to see the entire city. Which, in all honesty isn't a difficult task - the city is very small. We found it to be very beautiful and clean (especially compared to Rome). As we walked around town admiring all of the incredible architecture, we were especially taken aback by the Doumo. I mean, we saw it in pictures, so we thought we knew what to expect, but it's more beautiful than a picture can capture. In addition to the Doumo, we went into one of the smaller museums to check out Michelangelo's original David; walked across the Ponte Vecchio; and hiked up to piazza Michelangelo for the best view of the city. After another full day of walking, we were ready for dinner and we hit the jackpot with our meal in Florence, it was for sure our best meal so far on our honeymoon. The next morning when we woke up, we grabbed some pastries and headed to the train station, which was like a block from our hotel. We jumped on a train headed for Cinque Terre with one detour to Pisa along the way . We didn't really expect much out of Pisa except that Abby warned us that there aren't many bathrooms there, so if you have to go and you see a bathroom, go. We figured we'd hit up the bathroom at the train station before heading to the tower. After finding the bathroom we learned that we had to pay 1 euro to use it. But, we had to go, so we went. I didn't flush the toilet just to get my money's worth and Jesse told me he flushed his twice to get his money's worth. Our plan was foiled since his extra flush canceled out my non-flush. Doh! Prior to this, when Jesse reached in his pocked to see if he had any euros for the bathroom, he realized that he forgot to leave the keys from the Florence hotel in the room like they said. It seemed that things in Pisa were not off on the right foot. We thought for sure they would charge us a hefty fine, because it was an actual key, rather than a key card. But we would wait until after our trip to the leaning tower to call and get the bad news. We checked out a map and decided it would be best to walk to the tower. As we started our walk, Jesse rolled his ankle. Yikes! Luckily he recovered quickly, but we decided at the rate we were going the leaning tower would probably fall on us and we just wanted to get out of there alive. So we quickly walked to the tower (with me pointing out every crack or bump along the way so that Jesse didn't roll his ankle again), took some pictures and got the heck out of Pisa.. We had to be to Cinque Terre to check in to our guest house by 5 pm because that's what time the innkeeper leaves for the day. Pisa took longer than we expected, so here we were racing the clock once again... To be continued after some of our favorite pictures......

16: The Original David | View from Michaelangelo Square

17: Ciao from Florence! | Ponte Vecchio

19: Pisa Pit Stop

21: Chapter 4: Cinque Terre Buona sera! As we arrived to in our Cinque Terre village of Monterosso (the most northern village), we fell in love at first sight. This was the first time on our honeymoon that we didn't have a million different things to see; we could just relax and soak up the sun and the beauty of the cliff lined villages overlooking the Mediterranean. We were in heaven. But first, we had to find the place we were staying by 5 pm, which wouldn't be an easy feat. The directions to the Manuel's Guest House were quite unique. Here are the directions: "Once you get out of the train station walk along the boardwalk and through the tunnel until you get to the 'old' side of town. Once there, find your way to Eliseo's Wine Bar in Piazza Matteotti by passing to the left of the church and going straight until you hit the piazza Matteotti. Then when you're there in Piazza Matteotti, veer to the right of the supermarket. Almost immediately you will find a wide set of stairs to your left. Look up- the pink house with the balcony at the top is Manuel's! Follow these stairs up, they turn to the right, you turn with them. Keep going.. When you reach number 39 on your left where the stairs are, you'll find the writing 'Propriet Privata' (Private property). This is Manuel's. Go up the narrow stairway to the very top (his is the only house). There is a gate and 2 dogs. The dogs are harmless. Please close the gate behind you. Then yell 'Manuel!'- he'll come out and show you to your room." I mean, seriously, were were going to have to yell,"Manuel"?? Yes. We found our way and Jesse carried our luggage up all of the stairs to Manuel's (yay for husbands!). The view from our place was spectacular and to top it off, there was a patio bar with beer and wine for 1 euro each. We got settled in, had some drinks and hit the beach for an evening swim. The next day we woke up and decided to hike to the southern village of Vernazza, which was something like 4 km away with some pretty tough terrain - probably should have opted for different foot ware than flip-flops. We were only supposed to stay for 2 nights, but we weren't ready to leave yet, so arranged to stay an extra night before heading to Venice. Our last day in Cinque Terre was spent laying on the beach all day long. Does life get any better? The food in Cinque Terre is fabulous with their specialties being pesto and anchovies. I ate pesto everything and Jesse had anchovies on everything. And we did our fair share of tasting the local wine as well. We only made it to the 3 northern villages, but we definitely plan to make it back some fine day to see the others. After our 3rd night in Cinque Terre, we jumped on a train headed for Venice. If we thought the directions to our hotel in Cinque Terre were tough, we had another thing coming in Venice. To be continued after some of our favorite pictures......

24: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia,

25: Manarola, Riomaggiore

27: Chapter 5: Venice Salve! We arrived in Venice in the early evening and this time we had to be checked into our hotel by 7 pm. The directions that we received said that it was an easy 20 minute walk from the train station. Apparently he attached directions for a water taxi as well, but I must have missed that part.... (Oops!) so we had to walk it. We didn't think it would be a big issue since we had rolling luggage, however this couldn't have been further from the truth. We had to cross about a million bridges with steps on our "20 minute walk", which turned out to be more like an hour and a half. Venice is like a maze of narrow streets that twist and turn and dead-end into canals. We bought a map, but I swear if you glanced up from the map for 1 second to see what street you were approaching, you'd lose your place on the map. Finally we found our place. checked in and and set out to get lost in the narrow streets some more - but this time without our luggage. The next day we wandered the streets and got lost over and over again. It turned out that the Venice Film Festival was going on that weekend, so we were on the hunt for that, but didn't have any luck. Also, that day was Venice's annual Regatta Storica which is a historic gondola race that first took place in 1274. We found a great spot to watch the pre-race gondola parade and then we headed out to soak up more of the city. That evening we went on a gondola ride ourselves, which is the sole reason we took a detour to the northeast side of Italy.... I'm such a romantic and lucky for me Jesse usually agrees to go along for the ride. The gondola ride wasn't exactly how I pictured it would be since our gondolier was like the most popular guy in Venice and was shouting at his friends at what seemed like every bridge we crossed under. Guess that's all part of the experience. We had a great time in Venice, but were ready for some relaxation again; this time in the south of France, where we would head to the following day. To be continued after some of our favorite pictures......

28: One of the hundreds of bridges | Venice, Italy | Canals

29: The annual gondola race and parade was going on while we were here.... Perfect timing! | Bridge of Sighs | Gondola Ride

31: Chapter 6: The French Riviera Bonsoir! Finally after a long day on the train and 2 tight transfers we arrived in Nice and boy was it nice! We were so hungry, so immediately after paying 15 euro for a 1 mile cab ride to our hotel, we set out to find some food. After passing a few restaurants, we quickly remembered how much we hated French food. Doh! What would we eat for the next 6 days? Easy! We found Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican and even a Canadian restaurant. I think I ate tacos every day while in the south of France. Shhhh, don't tell! We spent our days laying on the beach in Nice, although who knew the beaches were so rocky? During our late afternoon and evening hours, we explored the nearby cities of Monte Carlo, Monaco; Cannes; and Antibes. In Monaco, we won over 200 euro at the casino! I think we spent it all on tacos. We went to dinner and a movie in Cannes - this time it was really in English. And we bought a wonderful piece of fine art in Antibes. One day we rented a convertible Smart Car and drove up into the mountains, which was so much fun and out of this world beautiful. Our honeymoon was everything we could have ever wanted it to be and so much more. To be continued for ever after......

32: French Riviera

34: Road Trip!

37: Nice, France

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