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I AM LEGEND - Page Text Content

FC: Bianca Oyaneder Period 2 3/14/08

1: In 2009, the cure for cancer was thought to be found. It was shown on every network station, said with the utmost pride. But by the end of the year, ironically, 90% of the planet's population died. The vaccine turned out to be a lethal virus. | About 9% were infected, but didn't die. These survivors turned almost vampire-like. They are always aggressive and angry. They are attracted to blood because they eat flesh. They get burned, then die, by UV light. | This makes them hide in dark places during the day. Less than 1% of humans are completely immune to the virus.These people mostly got hunted and eaten by the Infected. Then, there was the people who committed suicide. And of the people left there was me..

2: My name is Neville. I lived and was the only healthy person in NYC. The apocalypse seems like it happened dozens of years ago because I hadn't seen a healthy human being for more than two years. To try to find survivors, I would send a radio transmission everyday at 12 pm. I would tell them to meet me in the South Street Seaport.

3: I was a virologist and I had my own lab in the basement of my highly guarded house. By sunset, I had to be in my house, lock all the doors and windows and cover them, so the Infected wouldn't know where I lived. They came out at night and the screams kept us up since the first day post-apocalypse. Us as in Sam, my German Sheppard, and me. During the day I would get supplies, go to the seaport, and try to stay sane. I would get movies almost everyday from Blockbuster and say hi to a few friends there. But the most important thing I did was capture the Infected and bring them to my lab to run tests. I had been trying to find a cure with no success.

4: I went to hunt for an Infected because I created a seemingly good serum from my blood the day before. As I was setting up the snare trap, I was thinking of how many times I had done this. By the time I finished, I lost count. Once I told Sam to stay on the other side of the street, I put the tube of blood in front of the entrance of the building and cracked it. In less than 30 seconds, an infected woman came out of the building like a flying squirrel. She screeched due to the sunlight burning her skin and it pierced our ears. We took her home and gave her some of the antidote. After 3 days, no improvement was shown.

5: As I was driving by the library, I noticed a tall figure at the entrance. I did a double take. It was Fred the mannequin from Blockbuster! My heart skipped a beat. I parked in front of the library and got out. "Fred, what are you doing here??!!" I screamed, so confused. As I got closer, a snare trap got hooked to my leg and I was trapped! | By the time I remembered I had a pocket knife, it was 15 minutes until sunset. As I cut the wire, the knife fell on the ground and I feel on it. It cut my thigh and I couldn't get up and run. There were three infected dogs that came from the library. The only thing that was holding them back from attacking us was a thin strip of sunlight that was getting thinner by the second. Finally, the sun went down and the dogs came charging at us. I was five feet away from my car when the first dog attacked Sam, As I was trying to reach for my gun, two dogs attacked me. I tried to hold them off, while trying to retain my gun. Finally, I did and killed the dogs but Sam already got bitten. As I drove home with Sam whimpering in the passenger's seat, I couldn't bear to think what would happen if the new serum I created this morning didn't work. I carried Sam into the basement and injected her with it. Within 10 minutes, Sam started to snarl and bark at me uncontrollably. I knew what I had to do to my one and only friend.

6: The more I thought about Sam's death, the more I hated the world. How could God take away the one last friend I had? I just couldn't take it, so I went out the next night and just started killing random infected people. After awhile, they were getting the best of me and I was about to get killed by an Infected, when a flash of light illuminated everything. Then, a women started asking me where I lived. So I told her my address, but said wait untill it was daylight so the infected people wouldn't follow us home. Next thing I know, it was morning and a women was eating breakfast in my kitchen. She then told me her name was Anna and there is a survivor colony in Vermont. She also told me how it was God's will that she found me and that she needed to take me there. I obviously got mad and wouldn't believe in God. The more I talked to her, the more I was mesmerized by her. That night, we shared my bed. At 4:00 am, I woke up from horrible screeches and I knew that the infected had followed us home. I ran to a switch that turned on UV lights surrounding my house and switched them on. The Infected were too close, and shattered them. Then, I got a control to ignite the barrels of gas ouside my house and pressed the button. That killed most of them, but it blew off a panel covering a window. Two infected got in: one went after Anna, the other threw me around. As, I killed one of them, I went upstairs to save her.

7: The other Infected was hanging from the ceiling, while Anna was under a dresser. Then, I got a gun that was on my nightstand and shot the Infected. I led her to my basement because more were getting in the house. We got to the basement and locked ourself's into the plexiglass room where the Infected I captured was. Then, I noticed that she was getting better, so the vaccine worked! I got a needle and a vial and took her blood. I gave it to Anna and I told her to go to the colony. The Infected were already breaking the plexiglass. I got a grenade and told her to go threw the chute and I would stay back. At that moment, I knew that Anna was going to make it because it was God's will. Sure enough, while I was looking from above, Anna made it to the colony and saved humankind. Not to mention Neville Jr. inside of her.

8: Irony It was ironic that they thought they found the cure for cancer, which can save millions, but instead it caused a lethal virus that killed almost all the human population. | Imagery In the story it says, "In less than 30 seconds, an infected woman came out of the building like a flying squirrel." When you read this you think about how she looked like when she jumped out of the biulding.

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