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Journey Beyond the Hill

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Journey Beyond the Hill - Page Text Content

S: Journey Beyond the Hill

FC: Journey Beyond the Hill Cycling through the Colorado Rockies & Central America 2011 - 2012

2: It's not the destination, It's the Journey

3: Good-Bye Chicago | Friends | The city | The cold winters, colorful springs | Concerts | Cycling along the lake | Parties

4: Where the Journey Began: Bailey and Britt's Wedding

5: First Day of Cycling

6: Open Road

7: Cycling to Salida (Exit)

8: Monarch Pass | As the wind and rain approached, we stopped at a lodge overnight | Just around the bend | And we made it to the top just like the professionals

9: Riding along the Reservoir

10: Gunnison and Beyond

11: After a day of invisible bends and extra miles we arrived in a quiet spot...

12: The Black Canyon | Now to find a ride to the canyon... | Photo Shoot

14: Telluride

15: One More Climb

16: Last 2 Days Rico to Dolores

17: Mancos | Cowboy town where we called home for a few weeks. And home to Erin's aunt and uncle

18: Star Gazing | Holly's favorite rock collection | Seeing double | Trying some local brews

19: The Cliff Palace where the Ancestral Puebloans lived from 550 A.D. to 1300 A.D. It contained over 150 rooms made out of sandstone. | The Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde

20: A Little More of Colorado | Silverthorne Steam Train | There is an Irish pub everywhere | Majestic mountains of Ouray | Is this for sale?

22: Guatemala | Better than a stroller | La Mafia!? | Taking it all in... | The picturesque Antigua

23: Friends in Antigua | On our 1st day of cycling, Daniel stopped by to offer us a place to stay with his mother and grandfather. He just finished a cycle across the states. | Farewell! | Backyard bedroom

24: Our Police Escort | The peaceful Tecpan Ruins | Tecpan

25: The Road to Chichi | The Miriachi Band | A break from pushing the bikes up the mountain | Sideways roads

26: A view of the crossroads town | A day cyclist passing us | Something doesn't belong here!? | Los Encuentros

27: Chichicastenango | Guatemala's largest market from shoes to handmade blankets to Mayan masks | Our breakfast stand - they thought we were muy loco (crazy)

28: Nebaj | A visit to Chajul to see the new library that was opened by an organization that helps fund higher education opportunities | Joe and his Spanish teacher, Pedro | Our favorite gringo restaurant | The town square | Blanket weaving

29: jk | Our Host Family in Nebaj | Preparing a traditional dish,Box'bol | Young cyclist team - Diego and Nesaydav | The whole family | Joe's new cycling partner

30: A Hike to Acul | Our dinner view | At the top of the mountain

31: Missed the Bus... | Potato talk in the market | Waiting for the day | The must-have shoe during the rainy season

32: Semuc Champey | Turquoise-blue pools where the river runs underneath and waterfall flows into the river - a natural wonder | A massive butterfly!

33: The Rainy Season | Waiting for the rain to stop | Looks like we will have to keep cycling

34: Landslides | The rainy season brings landslides, some not passable by bicycle

35: A place where we warned not to enter instead a place of traditions, green mountains and kind-hearted people

36: Honduras

37: Copan Ruinas | Arriving as the sun sets into the mountains | Central square compass | The view from our bargain hotel of $10

38: The Paris of the Mayans. The powerful monarchy flourished in the 7th century. Around 26,000 people once lived in Copan. | Copan Ruins - Las Sepulturas | The king, skilled workers and artisans lived in Las Sepulturas

39: Copan Ruins - The Central Square | Rescued Macaws hanging out | Dense jungle covering the ruins | Sporting events, festivals & food stands were part of the "downtown"

40: First Day of Riding in Honduras | Karmen, from France, traveling from NYC to Patagonia | Cowboys still alive | Beautiful countryside!

41: Heading to the Lake | Sponsored by Coca Cola | Packing the bikes for the bus journey to the lake | Helping us with directions | Are we there yet? What, no hotels!?

42: Our home for 3 weeks where Joe built a fireplace & Erin organized evening activities - that meant free room, food and beer! | Lago De Yoja | We set record for longest stay while the German drank the most | D&D Crew | Beer making time | Home sweet home

43: Cigar Time! | Anto (the Gringo) plays a match with the local team | A detour to the waterfall for oranges | Halloween! | Traveling from USA in ambulences to donate them to local Honduran villages | The People in and around D&D

44: The Lake... | Volcanoes formed the depression of the lake and is bordered by Santa Barbara's mountains. A serene, peaceful spot! | A hike around the ecological park.

45: ...bird watching tour with Malcom | Over 400 species of birds & 800 plant species live in and along the lake. | White Heron | The only traffic is to get to the other side of the lake

46: Joe's Fire pit #2 | Bobby, the owner, & Anto, manager, testing their stone mason skills | Joe's Masterpiece

47: Creepy Crawly Friends | Neighbor outside our tent | Termite Nests | Leaf Cutter Ants | Crazy Red Ants

48: Side Trips | Pulhapanzak Falls | Wandering the back roads & trying the sugar cane | The Mountainous non-flashy town of Vegas | Lost on the coffee farm

49: Cerro Azul Meámbar Park | Indiana Jones bridge to the temple of doom waterfall | Stumbled upon a beautiful reservoir

50: The Road out of Honduras | The road from the lake to the city was dangerous as was the city, so we continued on bus and hopped back on the bikes on the other side of the city. | As slow as a turtle | and as fast as a cowboy

51: Thanks Honduras for the best pint(s) in Central America!

52: Nicaragua

53: Chicken Bus passing | Above in the Clouds | Time for writing | Relaxing after a long ride | The first view of Nicaragua

54: Cigar Tour in Esteli | Handmade boxes | Selecting the best leaves | Aging the leaves

55: Size matters!? | It takes several people to put together the cigars... | Stuffer | Roller | Presser | Finished Product

56: Out of the Mountains... | Active volcano from afar | Cycling into mid-day heat, Nelson --> backed up his truck to give us a lift to what we thought was the next town. Instead he bought us coca colas and took us to Leon.

57: ...and into Leon | Spending hours people-watching in the square | After 3 sick days in bed it was time to clean up

58: A Night Out | The Germans | Our Artsy Hostel | The local drink, RUM | VIP - Bottle Service | The English girls

59: The Right Place at the Right Time | Thanks to Pablo & Ofelia, we had a place to stay in their comedor. | Lars & Henriette riding down the Americas | Red beans

60: From Granada to Ometepe Island | Horse taxi | "1st" class ferry to Ometepe | 2 Volcanic Islands in the middle of Lake Nicaragua

61: Paradise Found: Ometepe | Joe has a few helpers | Farm view of the ocean & volcano | No paved road this way | A break from Erin's Magical Mystery Tour | After pushing the bikes up unpaved hill, we were alone with nature

62: We Arrive at the Coffee Farm in Balgue | The Finca gardens and majestic view | The rough road leading the way | Passing time | There's something under the table

63: Welcome to Bona Fida Farm | Looking out from the tree house | The Love Shack | The nursery | The edible garden | Our multipurpose tool - the Machete

64: Introduction to the Finca | 1.Learn to de-head a chicken | 2.Find a drying rack | 5. Dance the samba | 3.Make friends | 4.Bake a cake from raw cocoa

65: Farm Duties | Catching chickens | Peeling jackfruit seed | Picking coffee beans | Separating the rice grain | Molding chicken beds out of cob | Testing the cob - clay, sand, water & straw

66: Hiking Volcan Maderas | The Volcan has a crater lake and supports a diverse rainforest... meaning lots of clouds & rain | Mysterious red fern | From the top | The track turning into a river | The brave trekers

67: Social Outings | Erin & Maeve gearing up for a groovy party | Justin,Liz, | Yan,Maeve,Kim | Joe,Erin | Christmas Eve Party | Baking Balgue-style

68: It's Cooking Time | The Rocket Stove | Magical Mushrooms | Clemencia | Merta | Our Cooks: | Naca Tamales | Making Chocolate-> <-for cakes

69: Farm Pets | Peggy (3 legs) | Tarantula | Friendly crickets | Howler Monkey | Rino Beetle | Alien Caterpillars

70: Christmas Eve at the Bull Riding Arena | Recycled Christmas Tree | The Bull band | Harmen has the best seat in the house | Rounding the troops

71: Happy Christmas | Santa Joe has gifts for everyone | KIM | HARMEN | LAUREN | YAN | SOFIE | AUSTIN | MRS. CLAUSE | MITCH | DAVID | LESLIE | DANA

72: A Few Random Moments | Eck, Gooey Jackfruit | Mucho gusto la mesa nuevo! | My Farm hairstyle | Dinner! | You can't see me | It's tamale time

73: Adios, Buen Viaje! | Max, our guard dog | Shower View | Sun meets moon | Final farewell

74: From the farm to the people to the beauty, we will miss Nicaragua

75: Pura Vida | Costa Rica

76: We Will See More than on a Bus | A nice place to stop for the rain | Monteverde mountains ahead | Don't fall in the hole

77: To Monteverde | They keep falling us | Waitin for the bus

78: Happy New Years! | Celebrating with a Brazilian cycling team | They're off on their journey

79: Monteverde Cloud Forest | Suspension bridge tour | A canopy rainforest with giant trees & diverse wildlife

80: We Made it to the Pacific Coast | First time we see the beach in Central America

81: Friends in Low Places | Lizards and crocodiles and crabs, OH MY!

82: Along the Pacific Coastal Road | Sleeping with the gypsies on a small local beach - no tourists here! | A view of Jaco Beach | Joe's friend - the sand dolphin | Testing the waters

83: Esterillos Este | Waking up to dawn | Our bedroom | These critters are everywhere! | Joe's way of haggling | Our first water crossing

84: Paradise. . . | D O M I N I C A L | We were told about this little surf town, but once we arrived it was filled with tourists. So we rode on until a flat tire & stumbled upon here | DAY TIME IN

85: . . .Found | EVENING TIME IN | D O M I N I C A L | Erin's attempt to put up the tent | The many colors of a sunset

86: Coconut Palm Farms | Picnic in the palms | Night-dreaming in the palms | A noise thrashing through the palms, what could it be, but 12 little monkeys jumping from tree to tree

87: Visions from the Bike | Nowhere airport | Cow Country | Rainforest meets Ocean | Dewdrop web

88: Palmar Sur | perfectly shaped granite spheres from pre-Columbian people | An old steam engine train that once transported bananas

89: Our Costa Rica, not touristy or expensive just Pura Vida!

90: Panama | our last country

91: Just in the First Day | Noman's land, between borders | Just inside the border & a flat tire | Lani, who tours & donates her bike at the end | Annelies & Hannes, have been cycling for 2 years | TGIC

92: Into the Country | Cycling into the sunrise | Addicted to coca cola | Gotta love the hard shoulder

93: Joe's Birthday! | Chicken Birthday breakfast | Pineapple upside down cake! | And on the last day of Joe's Jesus year, we stayed in a church

94: The Many Shades of Sunset, Sunrise | The surf town of Santa Catalina | We watched the colors with Anna, another fellow cyclist touring from Alaska

95: The Beaches of Santa Catalina | A friend followed | The perfect pair

96: Coiba Islands (Galapagos sister) | diverse, rare ecosystem...dolphins, mantarays, whales, turtles, sharks...

97: Our Peaceful Landmark | Just how we imagined it

98: The Road to Panama City | sugar cane cutting | Only 99K to go | Artistic Chicken Bus | One more climb!?

99: The Last Few Days | 3rd flat on the last day | final tent set-up behind a "rooster" house | chickens, beach, bikes, & tent - why not?

100: WE MADE IT! | Puente de Americanas | Old meets new in Casco Viejo | emotions exploded, a proud moment, overwhelming, how it all makes you feel

101: Panama City | Panama Canal | The lost payphone | Our crossing | Barber brothers with love for music & Elvis

102: Modern but simple, wealthy but poor, hard but rewarding

103: Food Along the Way

104: Home for a Night

105: “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” ~ Samuel Johnson | From the mountains to the sea, from the craft work to all the old trades,from the gravel roads to the busy streets, from the rain to the sun, and how it all makes you feel. | Before coming to Guatemala, we were told danger, killings, not good stories, bad stories. How wrong people were looking from the outside in. The people were more beautiful and kind than the landscape that surrounded their homes. | Again and again people come to our rescue, people that have nothing and just want to help out of kindness. Its these simple things that can make a huge difference in someones day and they will remember that kind gesture for years to come. | This is reality and we lived it and it is a journey that will stay with us forever. | Mother Nature works in ironic ways and is challenging us even in these last few days. | Tom, a type 1 diabetic, joined us on our 1st day of the tour over Hossier Pass & became an inspiration to push forward on the cycling journey despite diabetes. | Roberta and Marco volunteered to be our Italian tour guides driving us up to the Black Canyon and around to each lookout. | Daniel passed us biking on our first day in Central America & offered us a place to stay with his family in Antigua. They opened their house &lives to us making us realize why we are starting this adventure. | Nelson gave us a ride in his truck all the way to Leon & bought us Cocoa Colas | "By bike, travel is so slow that it becomes the dominant aspect of the journey." ~Alastair Humphreys

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