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Journey to the Center of the Cell

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S: Journey to the Center of the Cell. Written by: Sara Bellum (Ariana Jones and Abbi Mogan)

BC: Thank You for being brave, my kind Daughter. -Your Father

FC: By:: Ariana Jones & Abbi Mogan | Journey to the Center of the Cell

1: September 10th, 2111 | It's the year 2111 and a new and horrific disease has broken out in human society. You would think after the near apocalyptic worldwide flood we experienced, that this "apocalypse" was over. Not this time. It's like something out of a horror movie. After a person succumbs to the disease, their body keeps moving. Those who are dead but walking are referred to as "the fallen". Not only that. but those who haven fallen spread the disease through only one method. Cannibalism. The fallen roam the Earth in search of living bodies to feed upon, and as a result the entire world has gone into hiding. Professor Serebre Bellum, one of the leading scientific minds in the world, discovered there was a gene in the nucleolous of either a plant or an animal cell that could save all of man-kind by finally killing those who were already dead. All he had to do was send in his 14 year daughter Sara Bellum (that's me) into a cell. Even though he was against it at first, I reminded how many lives we'd save if we did this. And so...

2: September 10, 2111. Dear Journal, Today I've started my Journey. My father shrunk me and the mini sub down to microscopic size with that weird machine in our basement. I'm going to explore both an animal cell and a plant cell, starting with the animal cell, which make up the many tissues in animals. I made my way through the cell membrane, or "skin" of the animal cell rather easily by going through a transfer protein, which aids the movement of substances into and out of the cell. The membrane is the soft, flexible covering that surrounds animal cells, it isn't rigid but it is strong and protects the cell from outside threats. My mini sub and I are now floating in cytoplasm, the goo that all the cell organelles float in. Cytoplasm cushions the organelles and helps them stay comfortable and a safe distance from each other. I won't be able to go any farther today, the mini sub needs to recharge. Till Tomorrow, Sara Bellum

4: September 11, 2111 Dear Journal, The mini sub finished recharging around 9 am, so I headed out. It was around 11 am when I... ummm...sort of "crashed" the mini sub into a ribosome. I remember that in middle school, they taught us that ribosomes are the cellular structures that make proteins and that they float in cytoplasm and rest on the rough Endoplasmic Reticulum. Because of that the mini sub hadn't been working and I was stuck floating in cytoplasm. As the mini sub repaired itself , we drifted freely through the clear goop. At one point in time we almost ran into a Centriole. Centrioles form the spindle which helps move chromosomes apart during mitosis, they are composed of nine triplets of microtubules arranged in a circle. Microtubules are fibourous hollow rods that function primarily to help support and shape the cell. It's so cool being inside of a cell, I wonder if Robert Hooke, the first person to see a cell in 1665, ever imagined going inside one himself. I wonder if any of the famous cell scientists, like Schwann ( who discovered animals are made of cells), Schleiden (who discovered plants were made of cells), or Virchrow (who reported that every living thing is made of up vital units, known as cells.) I guess I'll keep floating around for a while, till Tommorow, Sara Bellum | Microtubules

6: SSSSeptem | September 15, 2111 Dear Journal, Sorry it's been so long since I've written, a lot has happened. You see, after the mini-sub finished repairing itself, I had to steer us out of a clump of lysosomes. Lysosomes contain enzymes and several acids, that if the membrane was ruptured, would digest the entire cell! Almost immediately after, the minisub got stuck in a golgi apparatus. The golgi apparatus stores proteins and has numerous layers of membrane, we (luckily) only broke one. The golgi apparatus helps with the creation, production, storage, and packaging of secretions for discharge from the cell. The next day when we got unstuck, we sped past a mitochondrion, which harvests energy from organic compounds to make ATP, the main energy for cells. Afterwards, we navigated through the winding maze that is the smooth endoplasmic reticulm, which moves proteins and other substances through the cell. Now, we've arrived at the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulm, beyond it is the nucleus.The rough endoplasmic reticulm moves proteins through the cell and is covered in ribosomes. Tomorrow, We'll have finally arrived. Till Tomorrow, Sara | Mitochondrian | Lysosome | Golgi Apparatus

8: September 16, 2111 Dear Journal, I was easily slipping past the rough endoplasmic reticulm. Now, I'm sitting in my seat, journal in my lap, as I stare out the front window at the giant purple sphere. I enter the nuclear membrane through a nuclear pour. Now I'm in the nuclear envelope (man, whoever named the cell parts must've run out of ideas when it came to the nucleus, what's next, nuclear eye?) I'm surrounded by chromatin right now, thank goodness it doesn't start with nuclear. I wind in and out of the long strands, heading straight for the nucleolus, which produces ribosomes and is in the center of the nucleus. The nucleus holds the DNA and assembles the ribosomes the nucleolus produces. All Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus, that's what separates them from Prokarytoe cells, which don't have a nucleus. Some Prokaryotic cells have Flagella, which is a long thread-like structure that protrudes from the cell's surface; it enables movement. Whereas Eukaryotic cells more commonly have Cilia, which are short hair like structures that propel the cell through it's environment. I've reached the nucleolus. Till Tomorrow, Sara | Chromatin | Rough Endoplasmic Reticulm | Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulm

10: September 21,2111 DearJournal,eI It's been five days since I experienced my first major taste of defeat. The gene i was looking for wasn't in the animal cell. I've already left the animal cell and moved on to the plant cell. The mini-sub and I entered through a plasmodesmata, which is a hole in the cell wall, which is the sturdy structure that surrounds plant cells. Underneath the cell wall is a cell membrane, just like what surrounds animal cells. Immediately after I entered the cytoplasm I came face-to-face with what seemed to be a large lima bean filled with small green disks, in other words, a chloroplast. Chloroplasts turn sunlight into energy for the plant cell. I easily steer around it and see a mitochondrion, animal and plant cells share many organelles, but not all of them. For example, only plant cells have Cell walls, plasmodemsata, chloroplasts, and a central vacuole. Central Vacuoles are the huge clearish blobs that makes up most of the plant cell. It contains most of the water in the cell. I'll have entered the nucleus by tomorrow. Till Tomorrow, Sara | Chloroplasts | Central Vacuole

12: "Though time may pass, our sisterhood will last!" | September 22, 2111 Dear Journal, I entered the nucleus right away, going straight through the rough endoplasmic reticulm. As the mini-sub swam through the chromatin, my eyes scanned our surroundings, searching for the nucleolus. Found it. We veered towards the small purple sphere immediately. I recklessly broke through the membrane around the nucleolus as I searched desperately for that one gene. Strain after strain of genes poured from the gaping hole I'd created in the skin. I saw it. I saw the gene fly past me towards the gap, I spun the mini-sub around and sped after it. A metal claw extended from the stomach of the minisub and reached for that rare gene. I watched as the steel pincers closed around the tail of the gene. I got it. I had the gene that would save us all. Till Tomorrow, Sara | Genes

13: "Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

14: SSSSeptem | September 23, 2121 Dear Journal, It's been 10 long years since my journey to the center of the cell. You probably don't know this but when I got out of the cell and returned to normal size I had discovered my father's laboratory in ruins and his body nowhere to be found. I knew immediately that he'd fallen. At first, I didn't know what to do, here I was fourteen years old, holding an item which would save the world in my hands, looking at what must've been the place where my father fell. The place where my father died. I guess, after that, I grew up. I took over my father's work, I read all his notes and recreated all his experiments. I eventually took over his position as one of the foremost leading scientific minds in the world. I finished the cure he'd been creating and saved the few humans left on our desolate planet. Earth is still in the middle of recovery and I know for a fact that there could be a second outbreak anytime, an outbreak that would be immune to my temporary cure. If that does happen, I guess I'll just have to go back to the center of the cell. Sincerely, Sara | This was what my father's lab looked like when I found it.

15: The End?

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