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Living Canvas - Ministry

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S: Living Canvas - Ministry - Ilse Botha Spears

BC: More trips to come...

1: Ministry trips of Ilse Botha Spears from 2006 to 2007. | The Journey Starts now...

3: Off to Iloilo, Philippines to meet with the Firestorm Team from Australia. I met Sheryll Weyers in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Breakthrough Conference. She invited me to join them and flow in the dance. This was the birth of the ministry God was calling me to. The scariest and most awesome experience of my life!

4: Iloilo, Philippines

5: View from our hotel in Iloilo

6: Streets of Iloilo

7: A day out in the city of Iloilo, Philippines

8: FIRESTORM | in Iloilo | Dinner with Phillip & Flo Ng

10: First day, first service.... RAIN COME DOWN!

11: ....4 more days, 9 more services.

12: Rain

13: down

17: Purity & Unity in Relationships

18: High School in Iloilo

22: The Completion of the Conference

23: Last night with the Ng's. They organised a traditional fillipino barbeque for our Firestorm team as a farewell.

24: ...headed back home! Me to the USA, the rest of team to Australia.

26: My Trip to the Philippines (13-22 January 2006) ~ I have just arrived back from an absolutely amazing trip in the Philippines, Iloilo to be exact. There is an amazing testimony in this, and the way God orchestrated it, can only be His handy work. I am very glad that I serve a God like Him. The way this all came to be was through a God-given dream. About 5-6 months ago I had a dream. This dream was one that stood out since the venue was definitely a foreign place. The place had crystal clear ocean with mountain cliffs right beside the ocean. There were jetty's with grass-like huts on them, kind of like you would see in exotic holiday resorts. I thought it was a holiday resort, but in the dream I was in the airport which was all made out of glass and there were young people everywhere you would look. They were definitely of foreign origin, but it wasn't clear in my dream which origin. I also knew that I was there to minister at a youth conference. So when waking up from this dream I was quite encouraged cause God has told me on numerous occasions, as well as through many dreams, that I was going to travel the world for Him. I had then forgotten about the dream until after I got back from a trip I took to Buenos Aires, Argentina in Sept '05. I attended an amazing conference there. At this conference I met some South Africans, and an ex-South African, now Australian. Her name is Sheryll Weyers. She asked me if I would go to the Philippines with her. I agreed, but didn't think I could go as soon as January of '06. I thought I will sometime in the future, but left it at that. Also, at this conference God revealed the angel He has assigned to me when I go to the nations and assured me not to fear cause this angel will protect me. That was an awesome experience in itself. After getting back from Argentina, being commissioned by God to go to South Africa as soon as possible to release the Fire I received, I bought a plane ticket and headed to South Africa. The trip to South Africa was only about a 10 day trip, and it seemed I missed God when I got there until toward the end of my trip. He assured me that it was a test of my obedience. As soon as I got back I sat down with my father and we started to 'investigate' the Philippines. He was online, I grabbed the world book, and still unsatisfied, I begged my dad to hand the lap-top to me so I could google search by image. I had to know-that-I-know that this trip would a where God wanted me to go because I still was paying-off my last trip, and the finances were not there for a whole new plane ticket across the world.So as I typed in the word 'philippines' under the google image search, up popped a picture that was representative of my dream. I felt a chill run down my spine. It was a good chill, but one that was very clear. Immediately tears welled up in my eyes and then I knew. I have to go regardless of my financial situation. After hours of searching for affordable flights and available ones to match Sheryll Weyers' itinerary I managed to purchase my ticket. Off to the Philippines I will go!! In preparation for the trip I was having a very hard time with the choreography for the song Sheryll and the team wanted me to dance to. I also had no desire to be creative. I lay in bed wondering whether I should go or not, and knew that I had bought my tickets already and that would be a large waste of money if I didn't go. In January of '06 we were having the Louisiana Outpouring having the same speakers from Argentina in our home state. I was not even looking forward to this conference which I knew would be absolutely amazing. The reason I wasn't looking forward to this conference was cause a few days later I would be on the plane to the Philippines and I didn't feel prepared. BUT.....the conference was more than I expected!! It was beyond words. So right before I was to go to the Philippines, God saturated me in His FIRE and ANOINTING!! Arriving in Manila, Philippines, I waited a few hours for the team to arrive from Australia. Sheryll with the team, including me made up a team of 9 people. The name of the team was called, FIRESTORM!! So off to Iloilo we went....I was nervous, but tried not to show it. Arriving in Iloilo and meeting those amazing Philipina people, I was finally in the Philippines. One thing that jumped out at me again from my dream was the domestic airport in Manila. It was all made out of glass. Needless to say, God has His way of re-assuring me in the oddest way. What took place in Iloilo, was beyond words. The pastor and his staff had sacrificed their meals for us to have something to eat. I only found this our the day before we left. It blew my mind. Young people's lives were radically changed. If we had stayed longer we would have had to move into a bigger venue since our venue in the hotel was becoming too small. A young lady was ready to commit suicide the one night, and her friend brought her and she gave her life to Christ and walked out a whole new person. A group of baptist youngsters came, and without even going up to the front to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, they started to experience the undeniable power of His Holy Spirit and one by one were filled. They lay laughing, weeping, praying and just simply soaking. The power of God was so strong on them, it was so beautiful. With every meeting we had, so many amazing things took place. It would take a book to tell all that happened. Ultimately the impact made in Iloilo was undeniable. I was allowed the opportunity to flow freely in prophetic dance. What an amazing experience. One of the staff walked up to me at the end of the conference and told me to continue with the prophetic dance because of the power of the anointing that is ushered in. He continued to say that he knows this because 3 years ago he was one of the head witches in Iloilo and understands how the supernatural works regarding the enemy and his devices. Apparently there is a group of witches still praying for his return to take up position again since he was so powerful with his spells, etc. But God radically saved him from a homosexual lifestyle and the claws of satan. He is now bringing his old friends in one by one and their lives are being turned around. PRAISE GOD!!! GLORY BE TO GOD!!! I only touched the tip of the ice-berg of what took place in the Philippines. All that happened there has changed me in many ways. I thank God for the opportunity to go, and I am glad I stuck through all the doubts I may have had before leaving. I am glad I hung onto GOD!! I thankfully passed another obedience test, and I am stronger because of it. GLORY BE TO HIM ONLY!!! I am now on a journey looking for another test. Sounds scary, but I know the outcome. MORE OF HIM!! I am trusting and believing that God will open up avenues of finance to be released into my life so that I can continue reaching these young people for Him. There are so many hurting youths in the world today, and many are just looking for a genuine hug from God, through us. When you send me Lord, I WILL GO!!

27: Haiti | May 2006

28: The French, that brought their slaves with them to the island of Haiti, picked from 12 different tribes in Africa. The purpose of the different tribes is that the slaves wouldn't band together to overthrow the French. | The slaves were upset cause the French wouldn't let them join them to their Catholic churches because they believed black people didn't have a soul. So the slaves consulted with a witch doctor from Jamaica who came to lead them in a ritual of sacrificing a pig to the devil dedicating Haiti to the him for 200yrs. The intent was that the devil would rid the slaves of the French rulers. | The tree below was where the original ritual was performed dedicating Haiti to the devil. Toward the end of the 200yr curse over Haiti, a group of Christian prayer warriors managed to get to this tree and marched around it 7x and declared the curse broken over Haiti. The very next day this tree was dead (shown below). Before, it was full and green, with the yearly sacrificial offerings hanging from it. Its amazing how God showed the curse was broken by drying the tree up! | 1 | 2 | 3

29: Ps Terry & Cary Nelson

30: Jean Pierre 'JP' Miraculous Story

31: When JP was born, his biological mom took him to a sacrificial ceremony, where babies are sacrificed to the devil, which is part of the Haitian voodoo culture and the 200yr curse of serving the devil. His wrists and ankles were bound and he was placed head first into an open fire. BUT! God had a plan for his life. No matter what they did, he wouldn't die. The witch doctor who was performing the sacrifice carved her 'mark' into his skull, before the mother took the baby and dropped him off at the local hospital with a note explaining what happened. She abandoned him. Ps Terry & Cary Nelson were visiting the hospital praying with the sick when they found little JP laying there in the hospital bed, skin and bone, and days before death. They asked the hospital staff if they could visit him every day and treat him, as he wasn't getting sufficient treatment, let alone being cleaned, disinfected, or fed properly. These daily visits turned into Ps Terry & Cary adopting JP as their very own son. In JP's younger years, he showed fear of visiting Haiti with his parents (who are based out of Orlando, FL). But today, JP has a burning desire and passion to see Haiti radically set free and openly serving God from the Presidential seat. He forgave his biological mom, and the people who chose to sacrifice him to the devil, and Haiti as a nation. No matter what JP went through from birth till now, he has always had such joy! You can see it in his face and when you are with him. He is truly chosen by God to make a radical God change in the nation of Haiti.

32: Jean Pierre 'JP', always with a smile...

33: ...on his face and bubbling with joy :-)

36: Presidential Palace... | President Rene Preval | and Prison

37: Monuments... | and Gardens

43: My Trip to Haiti (14-25 May 2006) ~ I don’t know where to start. I have just come back from Carrefour, Haiti. I was literally thrown into experiencing what it would be like living in Haiti. I still had some great benefits like generated electricity for most of the day, traveling by car, and eating at least 2-3 meals per day. America, we have truly got nothing to complain about, absolutely nothing! The one thing that stood out to me in a profound way is how the Haitian people are seeking for their identity, who they truly are, what and where their roots are. The purpose of my trip to Haiti was to not only be a vessel used to help usher in a new way and level of worship through bringing the Haitians to a realization that true worship lies within who they are – going back to their roots. The profoundness in knowing who you are, knowing your roots can literally propel you forward and set you free! When you understand why you are the way you are, your outlook to the future will be completely different. I’ll use the Haitians as an example. For over 200 years their identity has been robbed from them by dedicating Haiti to the devil. Everything God had put in their hearts and created them to be, the devil took and distorted and perverted for him. One example is in their worship. The western missionaries came into Haiti teaching them that the way they worship was for the devil and tried to change them to worship they way the western people worship. In this they lost the power over the devil. You seethe western missionaries had a lack of understanding through a lack of knowledge on how to take back their original form of worship and give it back to God. The forefathers and demonic spirits of Haiti will only respond to a familiar sound. So the Christians must take back that sound and release a new sound to God. That means that it may sound like the voodoo sound – the difference is that the person playing the instrument, singing, dancing, and worshiping is releasing it to God. It will cause the forefathers and demonic spirits to awaken – stir them up – and once they are awake – break the curse by taking their once familiar sound and giving it back to God. This in turn will reverse the curse over the Haitian people. Reversing the curse by going back to their roots – taking something that once was used as worship to the devil and taking back and directing/giving it back to God, in Godly worship. You see everything is created by God. The devil cannot create anything – all he can do is distort and pervert that which is created by God through influencing the heart of man. When a man’s heart is influenced, that man is then left with the choice of whether they will use it for good or for bad. So what I want to leave you with is this: Who are you? What are your roots? What is your identity? Once you know that, your whole life will change, even the way you go about your daily activities and decisions. When you know who you are, and who you are in Christ, you WILL know peace, security, joy, life, confidence, prosperity, etc. Only those who hate God is under the curse. Those that love Him are part of the blessed people. (Deut 28). Once you know who you are and what you identity is, then you will know your purpose and destiny!


47: Breakfast at Rufus' dad's place first, then preparing for our first service at an orphanage in New Delhi.

50: Morning service at an orphanage in New Delhi, spending time with the children, playing games with them and loving on them.

51: These kids were having a blast, and so were we!

52: Lunch ~ not sure what we ate. Not something I'd like to eat again.

53: Evening service at a youth center in New Delhi.

54: Waiting to board the train which departs at 6:10am (7hr trip) headed for Jaipur. | While on the train we took the opportunity to video our previous day's experiences, dose up on supplements, and my favourite part, snack on the Chai (tea) with Marie biscuits, yummy!

55: en route...

56: Breakfast, napping, and arriving in Jaipur

57: Our hotel for the night in Jaipur

58: Chokhi Dahni Indian Village in Jaipur

59: We had no idea what we were eating. A few things tasted okay, the other food we tasted, required an acquired taste.

61: Breakfast before heading to New Years' Eve morning service in Jaipur.

63: Baptize My Heart

65: New Years Eve service in Jaipur welcoming the year of 2007

68: Headed to Jodhpur via a 3-tier sleeper train...

69: Trying to ignore the begging kids.

70: The Palace at Jodhphur where part of the Hadassah movie was filmed by Tommy Tenney

71: Palace at Jodhpur

72: Toilets | Meals

73: Tight taxi cab driving and shoe shinning...

74: The Fort at Jodhpur where the rest of Hadassah was filmed.

76: Inside one of the rooms in the Fort at Jodhpur

77: Hotel Atithi, Agra | ...waiting in the lobby for our taxis to go and spend the day at the Taj Mahal, sightseeing. | Hotel Atithi, Agra | Being a Days Inn Hotel, I thought our beds would be softer than a flat board with blankets. So when I ran to jump on the bed, I was once again reminded that we were in India and not the USA :-(

78: Headed to the entrance gate of the Taj Mahal

79: Entrance gate to the Taj Mahal

80: For some reason the two of us received a lot of attention cause of our hair, lol! | Modern day mowing of the grass in India. I found this very interesting.

81: Taj Mahal with Shah Jahan & Mumtaz's tombs

84: Taj Mahal

86: Prison on the outskirts | One of the two temples that flank the Taj Mahal on either side

87: This was the future site of the Black Taj Mahal which was never built.

90: Finishing up our day in Agra at the Taj Mahal.

91: Our last service in India, in Jodhpur.

92: Hosts of our last service in India

93: Brushing my teeth before the last service while in India | Kids burning the USA flag in the streets - have no idea why. | Snacks before our last service.

94: Shopping & henna tattoos before we head back home...

95: Back home in Alexandria, Louisiana

96: MY TRIP TO INDIA (27 December 2006 / 4 January 2007) ~ I got back on the 5th of January and arrived in the middle of one of our big conferences, the Louisiana Outpouring. In the middle of trying to recuperate from the poor sleeping, traveling, great ministry, great sight seeing, and on top all all, the time zone issue, my body shut down. I fought it with tooth and nail, but it resisted and insisted on having me laid up in bed for about a day and a half. Then would you believe, India returned to visit me by keeping me on the toilet saying my final goodbyes to the curry food. LOL! If you're looking for a holiday colon cleanse, this is one I wouldn't recommend. It has a bit of a spice to it that burns you twice if you know what I mean. Handstands in the shower and a jar of Vaseline is a great protocol. LOL! My goodness, where to start.... First let me say this which is very important. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you prayers for our team and for the nation of India. We could see how God clearly intervened on our part and the people of India. Thank you. May God richly and abundantly bless you this great year of 2007! So much happened on this trip prior, during and after. I haven't taken the time to even prepare what I am about to type in my mind cause its too much. But I will touch on some major events and hopefully it will give you a glimpse into what took place. As some of you may know, the team, 10 of us in total (5 guys, 5 girls), faced some serious attacks from the enemy. All with the intent of having us back out of this trip. The good news was, we all knew what the attacks were about and it made us even more determined to go. One scary attack was when some of the team almost lost their lives in a van the rolled a couple times on their way to ministry meeting about two weeks before our departure. Upon arriving in New Delhi quite late at night, our husband and wife team leaders, Rufus and Lasha Mathews, came to pick us up at the airport. Although, Lasha didn't come because that night we found out that she was pregnant and not feeling too good. We headed to our hotel to catch up on some much needed sleep. I wanted to shower first, and I was lucky to have about 1 minute's worth of hot water. I also got a rude introduction on the preference of mattresses and pillows the Indian people like to sleep on. HARD! We finally got to bed way after midnight. Early the next morning we had breakfast (7:30am) and headed out to our first ministry meeting. We were expecting 150 slum kids to come to the meeting, and surprise....we had 300! Hardly any rooms to sneeze. I was asked to coordinate the morning meeting and when I saw the amount children and space I had, I had to quickly come up with a new plan. I guess God likes to keep throwing me in the deep end with no way out. Seems I learn to swim quite quickly and stay on top. Praise God! Anyhow, that meeting was so good. The children blessed me so much. I enjoyed just playing with them, giving them high 5's and singing songs with them. For 300 kids to be in one room, coming from the most terrible circumstances in the slums to be so well behaved was beyond words. If we as adults in America could have just that much discipline in our daily lives what a better and easier life we would live. That night we had a wonderful youth evening. Gosh, these youth were so hungry for more of God. I video'd some of their worship.....they are FREE! I was given the opportunity again to minister in prophetic dance and WOW! The altar ministry time was so powerful, the power of God descended in that place in such a thick heavy way that the young people just kept pressing in deeper and deeper. When they weren't slain, they were up at the altar again just worshiping, weeping, and soaking in His amazing love. Also, there was a distinct prophetic anointing that night. It fell heavily on the worship leader, and he stepped out (i think for the first time this way) and the heavens just opened up and poured more and more of His amazingness out on us. The following day we got on a train at a ridiculous hour. It departed at 6:10am, so you can imagine when we got up, ate, and headed out to the train station. But thank goodness we had a time to rest on the train. A whole 7hrs. We arrived in Jaipur. That night we experienced what it would be like living in an Indian village. We got to ride a camel (my favorite), and an elephant (like a limousine). We ate like the traditional Indians sitting on the floor being served all kinds of 'food', can't tell you what it was, except that my tongue almost got eaten cause I couldn't feel it after the first taste. It was a great evening. The next morning was our Sunday morning new years eve service. Gosh, the power of God was so evident. The pastor of the church got up and gave his testimony of the meeting afterward explaining what he experienced. WOW again. God impressed it on my heart that I should drape my red fabric over the pastor to symbolize the fire of His anointing resting on him as the leader of the church, and that he would lead the church in the fire of His anointing. I went up to our leader, Rufus, and asked him if he felt that he was in agreement with it and he agreed. We went ahead and did so, then the Lord had me call for the associate pastors to come and march around him as a symbolic act of protecting him, the leader of the church. The testimony that came forth from the pastor was that he felt that he was engulfed in the fire and it seemed as though it swirled around him, and more was said too. But the jist of it was that he was accepting the fire no matter what and that their church will run with the fire. AMEN! The evening we went to a different church where we celebrated the coming of 2007! The following day we got on a train and headed to Jodhpur. We had the day set aside to visit the two sets of where the movie, "One Night with the King" was filmed, by Tommy Tenney of the God Chasers Network. It was so nice to just marvel and relax in the beauty of the two amazing places, the Fort and the Palace of Jodhpur. We laughed a lot, ate some more curry, and just relaxed.

97: The next meeting we had was our last, but the most eventful in the sense of anti-Christian extremists trying to take action against us. We were warned that the prophetic dance may not be accepted in this church, so we would just remain sensitive, but the leadership were charismatic and accepted it. The pastors of this church had rented out a hall and sound equipment, and were ready to go. Would you believe, I got to release a prophetic declaration in dance with the team in this church? God is so good, He is opening up doors for us to worship Him in BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT! What a good God we serve! The eventful part, except for the amazing presence of God in this meeting was that a reporter from a local anti-Christian newspaper walked into the meeting getting ready to take photos. The local pastor recognized who he was and asked him to leave, this reported then returned with more men, looking like they wanted to start trouble. I was oblivious to all of this, until the pastor's wife grabbed me at the end of the service and abruptly rushed me out to get us out of there. Only when we got in our taxi's did I find out why. (i thought i offended the pastors, or their culture and got reprimanded, which I would gladly have taken, but thank goodness i didn't cause I couldn't think what it could've been) Anyhow, that was quite a rush, even if I have to say so. That night we got on a over night sleeper train where we got about 4hrs of sleep on bunks (3 tiers), and then boarded another train heading to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world, and I can see how. The whole thing is made out of white marble that glows different colours depending on the time of day. There is even a marble in the decorative work that if you shine a flash light onto it, you can see right through it, but in normal light is dark, dark green. Amazing! I have to say my most favorite moment in the Taj Mahal experience was when our group sang standing in the middle, in the inside area where Mumtaz Taj Mahal's grave is. It has the most amazing acoustics, and we began to sing, Hallelujah. It gives me goosebumps just thinking of it. We weren't quite sure if it was allowed since the mosque was right next door, but we sang, it echoed beautifully through the Taj Mahal, and the people stopped in their tracks and just looked with all kinds of expressions. Some friendly and some not so friendly. But praise be to our God only!! That same night we got on a train back to Delhi for our last day there and a 3 hours shopping spree. We bargained, and we bargained, and bargained some more! and got some great deals. As a whole this trip stretched us in many areas. We were all pushed to the limits. I know that for me the kids that would constantly beg and beg, and pester you, and tap on your arms, and hang around you with no end, was a huge test for me. They were not only a sight for sore eyes, but at the same time they were arrogant. The would target the people who looked like tourists, or where western looking. I group of tourist were waiting at the one train station where we were at, and these kids begged and begged them. So out of the goodness of their hearts they took them to the vendor and bought them each a meal. The moment they turned their backs, these kids started throwing pieces of their food to the rats that were hiding underneath the vendor's spot. They weren't grateful. Its not their fault though. They have no parents, their home is the train station, and all they know life to be, is to beg. So for me, that was a huge test to have compassion, but also be firm and steadfast making sure they didn't pick-pocket us when we weren't looking.

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