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Magical Peru (Jan)

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Magical Peru (Jan) - Page Text Content

S: Machu Picchu - Solstice 2012


1: PERU | Lima, Peru | ARRIVED 16 Jun 2012 | My new roommate, Pam Linney and I getting to know each other over wine in Lima on Day One | Pacific Ocean | Colorado | Lima

2: Peru SolsticeTour 2012 | Pure

3: There was magic abound, not only in the sacred places we visited, but in our leaders and each and every one of us participating | Magic | Go, Be, Love, The World Needs US!!

4: James Van Praagh A world renown medium and healer, was primarily responsible for attracting the beautiful people that came together to experience Solstice in Peru - 2012

5: This journey was enhanced by the expert guidance of our shaman, Mallku, assisted by Katrina, Amaru & Alan. | Dorethea Delgado accompanied James and was the medium who originally predicted his mediumship

6: Our Peruvian Shaman Mallku | The Peruvian Power animals: Serpent, Puma, Hummingbird and Kondor Our Incredible Shamanic Leader, Mallku Aribalo, formally know as Chaski (James Arevalo) told us of his vision of running with the Puma although his personal power animal is Kondor. He shared the Legend of Kondor, which is known for its power and Hummingbird for its sweetness. Mallku means divinity in Inkanato and represents the Spirit of the Kondor and the leader of the community. A true Warrior knows when to act with power and when to be sweet.

8: The trip was organized by Dr. Susan Shumsby of Divine Travel (below) | Amaru, Alan and Katrina assisted Mallku Amaru (Gestovo Cornejo) Light of the Orders, Shaman, (right). Alan, Shaman in training, (left) was most patient and gentle and was loved by all of us. Katrina was Mallku's personal assistant from Russia (left top).

9: Machu Picchu was on my bucket list but it called to me in 2012 because of Chad. I went to listen to James Van Praagh at Mile High Church in Denver and he invited us to travel with him to Peru for Solstice. He said that they would limit future tourism in the lost city of the Inkas after 2012. I was in!

10: Lisa Schmidt sat next to me on the plane from Houston to Lima. Of all the passengers on this huge plane, not to mention being the only two Denver participants from the tour on this plane, I found it serendipitous that Lisa and I would have independently booked seats together. This gave us the opportunity to build the foundation for a friendship which grew exponentially throughout the miraculous two weeks that we enjoyed together. Lisa, Pam and I began our new friendship exploring Lima and getting to know one another. We speculated with excitement about the possibilities for our journey over dinner and wine; enjoying a beautiful coastal sunset | Lima Peru

11: Friends | After a few hours our waiter became our new best friend. We did not YET realize that slow service was a way of life in Peru | Our Waiter & Lisa

12: The Souls who came together in this time and space created an incredible journey of evolution! | Eric & his mother, Maria (83); Pam; Lisa; and Pat | Rose; David & his daughter, Anna; Maryanne; Maria &Thelma | The | Meet | Gang

13: Trudy & Kevin; Sandy; Monita & Cindy (these two were always laughing about something!) | A group of us gathered for a picnic at Lake Titicaca

14: Left top to bottom: Jan J; Cindy (with her Namesake Beer (Trujillo); Monita; Rose; Alana; Lillian; and Pam

15: Christina;Jan Claire; Sidney; Jane-June-Sandy-Martina; Mari-Ann; & Marie (In circle) Valerie; Thelma; Alana & Jane

16: SACRED VALLEY | CUSCO, PERU A magnet for Mystics | 18, JUN OCT 2012 | Cusco translates as "navel of the world." It is a city where the Spanish and Inka cultures have collided. From 1438 to 1532, Cusco was the heart of a kingdom that ruled ten million subjects and stretched 2500 miles up and down the Andes. Cusco was so sacred that commoners were expelled each night. In this, the Inkas' holiest city stood the Koricandha, the gold-plated temple of the sun; the most magnificent structure in the New World and unsurpassed in the costliness by any building in the Old World.

17: We flew from Lima to Cusco and took a bus to Sacred Valley. On the way, we visited the amazing Earth Alter (left) at Chinchero and discovered the magic of Hatun Chinkana. This Waka (sacred place) is as the Brain and its vibration will permit travel to the dimension of the soul | Chinchero (town of the rainbow), 12000 feet, is half way between Cusco and the Sacred Valley and has tremendous views of the Urubamba Mountain Range. | Mt. Coropuna is between Cusco and Lake Titicaca. Salkantay Mountain reaches 19,000 ft.

18: Thelma has followed James for years. She is 73 years old and enjoyed the company of her son, David, and his daughter (her granddaughter), Anna, on this incredible Journey

19: After landing in Cusco we took a bus and enjoyed our first Shaman ceremony at the Earth Altar (below). We journeyed through the beautiful back country of Peru to Sacred Valley, enjoying amazing vistas, the Andean Mountains and a taste of the farm life in these rural areas. We enjoyed two evenings at La Hacienda Valle Sagrado

21: 6.18.12 | The Magnificent Andes

22: La Hacienda Valley Sagrado Yanahuara, Peru This was our home for two nights-it was beautiful and my favorite accommodations, although nights were chilly. I captured the view beyond the lodge (above) at sunrise. James gave readings at the Lodge after dinner the second night. Chad came through with his usual flare!

26: This Archaeological Park is an architectural wonder of unrivaled skill. It was a very important sanctuary also known as a fortress, believed to be built by solar masters. | On the side of the mountain (middle picture) is where the Inkas stored their harvested grains

27: This is the only place in Peru where you find people living in the same homes that once served as homes for the nobility of the Inkan Society

28: It was not easy for Pam to be this close to the edge

30: A shaman was able to slow the flow of the water by simply moving his hand across the water, as demonstrated by Amaru | Amaru show us how the Inkas cut stones to build their homes and temples by using the sun and shadows

32: We are luckily still between the ages of kissing boys and making them cry . . . | and, sometimes there just is no boy!! | . . . and kissing boys and making them smile :-)

35: Ollantaytambo is in the trajectory route of the Wiracocha's (Sacred) Route that aligns various cities along hundreds of kilometers between Bolivia and Northern Peru. These cities, temples and wakas were built on electromagnetic convergence points to guarantee that they would benefit from the highest possible vibratory frequency. The Children of the Sun knew the great truths of the Cosmos and of the Earth. They used five carved measuring stones that come out of the wall, projecting shadows during the Spring and Autumn equinoxes. The shadows coincide with their edges and were very sophisticated solar instruments with many functions.

38: Scenic Bus tour of Sacred Valley | We visited Moray (Earth's Navel). Circular farming terraces (andeneras) were created using micro climates that fostered domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species

40: This was my favorite restaurant in the Sacred Valley. The gardens, outdoor seating and musicians were delightful. The variety of vegetables and special foods was unsurpassed!! | Still adjusting to the high altitude of 10,500 feet in the Sacred Valley, Coca Leaves were available for tea everywhere we went, and most of us were happy to do anything possible to avoid altitude sickness

42: We caught the train in Ollantaytambo and enjoyed a scenic ride through the mountains to Aguas Calientes

43: We left our luggage at the Andina Hotel. Right on a rushing river; we only enjoyed our room for a few hours between our treks to Machu Pichhu

44: Machu Picchu, had many names: City of Light, City of the Rainbow, Crystal City, and Lost City of the Inkas On June 20th, we Took PeruRail (versus the Inka Trail) from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes, the little town at the base of Marchu Picchu. We had lunch in Aguas Calientes and then caught a bus for our first glimpse of the splendor of Machu Picchu. We climbed to the top and Mallku lead us in a meditation in a quiet spot overlooking Huayna Pichhu. We let the power of this sacred place soak into our reality. James said he could see my energy and it was powerful and peaceful and was extending above me in waves. On June 21st, we took the night train all the way back to Cusco. It was a long ride but we were entertained by the character in the costume along with a fashion show that included us as models and dancing partners. It made the trip go a lot faster!

45: We had a great time taking pictures and enjoyed watching the sun set from the Temple of the Sun overlooking Mt. Huayna Picchu, (mountain behind the ruins). We virtually had the place to ourselves, which was such a privilege. A small group of us went out for Peruvian Pizza in Aguas Calientes and more than once I heard, "I haven't laughed this much in a long time!" Our hotel was fabulous. Located right on a rushing river, it was a shame we never even saw it in the light of day. We were up at 4:00 AM in order to make it to the top of Machu Picchu for our sunrise service. The crowds waiting for the bus were unbelievable, yet we had our own private spot at the Sun Temple. Mallku was the only Shaman allowed to hold a ceremonial service in Machu Picchu. The media arrived to film the event after hearing that James Van Praagh would be there. The Solstice Ceremony was so powerful that there were a lot of tears, hugs all around and a bonding that we would carry with us for a long time. We became the Children of the Sun that day and received blessings that would allow us to go back to our lives and spread this positive energy and healing. | OUR FIRST DAY AT MACHU PICCHU

46: Aguas Calientes located only 8 km from Machu Picchu, this little town is the richest in Peru

47: June 20th and 21st

50: Sandy, our school teacher from Florida, easily befriends people everywhere

51: The Kondor The Highest Vision Power Animal | Children of Peru

53: Nights of dining out in Aguas Calientes consisted of diets of wine and pizza every night due to high anxiety about Peruvian food possibly causing digestive upset. That didn't seem to worry Mo, however. Nonetheless, she seems to be showing genuine remorse after gorging herself on delicacies made with the relatives of this poor little guinea pig (cuy) and Alpaca llama!

55: The Lost City of the Inkas | When the Spanish conquistadors invaded Peru in the 16th Century, a group of Inkas withdrew to a hidden city high in Peru's impenetrable cloud forest. This spellbinding location was high on a secluded mountain ridge of the misty subtropical zone where the Andes meet the Amazon. The Inkas carried with them the sacred treasures of their empire. On July 24th, 1911, Bingham, a Yale history lecturer, stumbled across this spectacular granite city referred to as the "Crystal City", the city of the Rainbow and/or the City of Peace. With its geometric splendor, Machu Picchu practically glows with positive energy and provides a personal harmonic convergence for the mystics that travel here to experience its positive energy. | Machu Picchu

57: Power Animals

58: Sacred | June 20th was our first introduction to Machu Picchu. Mallku and James led us to this quiet spot overlooking Huana Picchu and we enjoyed our first powerful meditation in this magical place

59: "To travel is to live." -Hans Christian Andersen

60: 6.20.12

62: Tourists are exhausting! | Dorothea found this alpaca standing in a ruin and simply coaxed it to follow her down the stairs (left). Baby feeding (left lower)

63: We seemed to have Machu Picchu virtually to ourselves at Sunset the night before Solstice

65: The Lost City of the Inkas

68: Eric & Frank | Mallku & Agnes

69: Clockwise: Rose; Agnes; Katrina; Mallku & Mo; Valerie; Elizabeth; and Jan Toinay

70: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

71: The Ruins of Marchu Picchu | 1. Torreon, a sun temple where a mysterious beam of light shines through a window on the June solstice. There is direct solstice alignment from the temple at Llactapata to the sun temple at Machu Picchu to Espiritu Pampa. It sits atop the Royal Mausoleum, a cave lined with surrealistic masonry. It’s speculated that the Torreon might have been Pachacutec’s tomb. Pachacutec, meaning 'he who shakes the earth', was known as the greatest Inka of all times who expanded a modest state near Cusco into Tawantinsuyu. 2. The Sacred Plaza, includes the Principal Temple and the Temple of the Three Windows, two three sided temples constructed from enormous blocks comparable in size to those at Sacsahuaman (10 ft long and taller than a man). The other temple faced south which had 7 niches set high in the rear wall. 3 apertures, each measuring 4 ft. by 3 ft., faced east over the canyon to the rising sun. The openings looked onto a large central plaza and beyond to the Urubamba River flowing far below. 3.Intiwatana Stone, ‘place where the sun is tied up or encircles’. It refers to a type of carved rock that the Inkas are thought to have used in solar observation and worship. The sun produces a variety of shapes in a particular space, these shapes are the result of light and shadow. Sages built a whole series of seats, thrones and steps for these moments of huge sensitivity. The Intiwatana at Machi Picchu was the most famous one ever found. There are only two good ones left as the Spaniards destroyed the rest. Legend says that touching one's forehead to the Intiwantana Stone opens one's vision into the Spirit World, the 'magical flight' of shamanic ecstasy. 4. Huayna Picchu, (rocky green rhino horn shaped). Bingham, Yale Explorer credited with the discovery of Machu Picchu describes it as, "Tremendous green precipices fell away to the white rapids of the Urubamba below. Immediately in front, on the north side of the valley, was a great granite cliff rising 2000 feet sheer. The left was the solitary peak of Huayna Picchu, surrounded by seemingly inaccessible precipices. On all sides were rocky cliffs. Beyond them cloud-capped mountains rose thousands of feet above us. 5. Birthday Girl who visited the Masculine Energy of the Himalayas in September of 2011 and the Feminine Energy of the Andes in June of 2012 as her 60th birthday gift to herself. Located near the commencement of the Cusquenian Amazonian Jungle, the reason for existence for Machu (ancient) Picchu (peak), (unknown to the Christians), remains under debate. Some argue it was populated by the family of one Inka ruler, Pachakuti; others propose that it was a reliable supply of coca leaves for the priests and royals of Cusco. Bingham, who rediscovered the area, fostered the thought that the city existed for strategic and defensive purposes. Still others support the hypothesis that it was a university where the children of the leaders of other Andean cultures conquered by the Inkas were taken to be taught the Inka way of life. | 5 | 2

75: To | The vertical position of the photo of Machu Picchu depicts the impressive Indian profile that they use to interpret the high mysterious wisdom of the Great Spirit of Mother Earth. Marchu Picchu was discovered on July 24, 1911 by Hiram Bingham, a North-American historian who taught history at Yale. Machu Picchu is a compound word that comes from Machu (old) and Picchu (peak or mountain) or "old mountain". The famous mountain seen in front is Huayna Picchu (young mountain). On June 21st, in this Intiwatana, a few minutes after the manifestation of the awakening of the Puma, we'll see the Puma change itself into a Sage or Amauta. This climax is the initiation and the Sages built seats and thrones just for viewing these moments. The Andean organic architecture utilized nature, wisdom, beauty and Divine logic for the placement of the Intiwatana, the most famous of which is located at Machu Picchu. | Modern man, the civilized man, the so-called knowledgeable, rational man, only considers his life in a scheme of linear development; that is, within the limits of what he can see, feel, smell and touch. Astounding synchronicities happen repeatedly in our universe and in our lives, yet we try to respond rationally. Scientists ask questions about theism and materialism that they can't answer while we as human beings long to find meaning and purpose for our lives. Every day wonders are revealed yet so may of us seem numb to wonder. Someday, relatively new sciences like archeo-astronomy, quantum physics, magnetic measuring and others, will be part of modern man's common life. He will have the means to prove that our ancestors used pure science, which at times was very sophisticated. In the Andean world, the greatest knowledge was entrusted to the Amautas, the voice of the Sky and of the Earth. He was the sage who should always walk with awakened consciousness.

76: 6.21.12 | Solstice 2012

80: Like the Shamans, I stepped out with both feet to the very edge of the rock and felt the thrill of being there for both chad and for me

81: ...Falling Must feel a little bit like flying at first...

82: CUSCO | The Solar Puma Navel of the World | In 1536 Manko Inka began a long and bloody war against the Christian invaders having a siege of 8 months over the city. In 1572, after a war that lasted 36 years, Tupaq Amaru I, the last emperor of the Inkan dynasty was defeated, captured and executed by being beheaded in Cusco's Main Square

83: Discovering new places.

84: 6.22.12 | TIPON

85: This hike was actually quite a challenging climb; steep, rocky and unsure footing

86: Tipon (meaning 'to be boiling'-relates to the water flowing out of the fountains) is an ancient agricultural site with many terraces and an intricate irrigation system that culminates at a Temple of the Water. The Watanay river passes close to Tipon. Muluparka is a vortex where Inkas performed rituals to create perfect union with the Creator and Cosmic Energy. This was a place of phenomenal healings. It is thought that Tipon may have been the Royal House of Yahuar Huaca after being defeated by the Chancas, the Inkas fierce rival. His son Wiraqocha faced the Chancas and defeating them was crowned Inka. | Before the Europeans visited the Americas, the Indians of the Andes cultivated crops through their terraces and water systems that would be taken back to the old world by the Spaniards along with many of their treasures, introducing many new crops and forever changing the world as we know it. Yupanqui was the Inkan who defeated the Chancas and it is said that he made Machu Picchu his palace in the clouds. He turned himself into the Pachakuti. His victory was followed by 500 years of splendor and glory and ended when the barbarians invaded the | Americas in 1492 . As the Inkans flourished, they captured Cusco and made it their capital. They built incredible stone trails that connected the new empire which included Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

87: "A travel adventure has no substitute. It is the ultimate experience, your one big opportunity for flair." -Massow | Wish you were here!!! We are so blessed to be introduced to the sacred places, vortexes and ancient sites of the Inkan ancestors with someone like Malluku who can help us understand the significance, | mystery and power of this culture. Perhaps these people knew a better way of being.

88: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." - Saint Augustine | The water playing with Lisa

89: Q'enqo Amaru Machay Cave of the Serpent | Center: Amphitheater for worshiping the Earth-vibrant vortex dedicated to the Puma. The Temple of the Living Light was the ceremonial altar and main spiritual center. You could see intricately carved depictions of mythical beings in the limestone. Left: Q'enqo(labyrinth)Amaru(serpent): Winding underground passageways were cut into the rock. This was a challenge for our group as the passage became narrow and completely dark, causing us to easily become disoriented and claustrophobic. | Pam heading into the Cave of the Serpent | Temple of the Living Light A Ceremonial Altar | Side-by-side with the Inkas Power Place, the Spaniards placed their symbol of Catholicism, a great Statue and crosses

91: June 23: We traveled to Pisaq, 18 miles northwest of Cusco City. The entire mountain behind the village is an archaeological treasure. Pisac, located at the entrance to this gorge, (now in ruins) sits high above a valley floor patchworked by fields; rimmed by vast terracing with stonework and panoramas of the city. Terraces, water ducts and steps have been cut out of solid rock. Above the city lie ruins and among the higher crevices are several ancient burial sites. We hiked to a bluff overlooking these burial grounds and did a meditation to discover our inner power and mastery

92: Tankanamarka is the largest pre-Hispanic cemetery, containing 10,000 tombs. Inkans believed that upon death, they began a new life, thus their mummies were kept along with all of their goods and food. Invaders looted jewels and precious stones and metals by pillaging these Peruvian tombs. Only a few tombs still have mummies. This was a powerful ancestral medication spot for our group | Looted tombs

93: This is a smile I've come to know and love

94: A 'basket on a stick' hanging from a doorway indicated a bakery. If it was red, like a wind sock, it meant you could buy alcohol

95: Let the journey begin

97: We traveled by bus about 20 miles to visit Pisac through the mountains and this little town, returning to Cusco to visit Sacsayhuaman, one more sacred place. We ended in a Eucalyptus Forest to commune with nature

101: IS NOT MEASURED BY THE BREATHS WE TAKE BUT THE MOMENTS THAT TAKE OUR BREATH AWAY | LIFE | Sacsayhuaman Built by the Inkans and considered one of the most important spiritual centers in the Andes. This huge, stunning site holds the great house of the Sun, where the head of the Puma of Cusco resides. Its megalithic, zigzag stone walls were pieced together with amazing skill drawing snakes and other Andean symbols (like a lightening bolt) across a great field. It is now one of the new seven wonders of the world. Immense walls of the complex are made up of huge stones in three platforms and are connected by flights of stairs and doorways. The largest stone block stands 27' high and weighs 130 tons. | We ended our June 23rd adventure in this beautiful Eucalyptus Forest overlooking Cusco where we each picked a tree to hug. Lisa's tree had a natural heart

102: June 24th is the actual day of Inti Raymi. This is a very elaborate parade that began early in the streets of Cusco and passed by the street of our hotel | Thousands of people converge on Cusco from other parts of the nation, South America and the world, for a week long celebration marking the beginning of a new year; the Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun

103: Before the invader Spaniards banned the ceremonial events occurring each June Solstice in Cusco, the native residents gathered to honor the Sun. They offered their respect to the Pachamama and Wiracocha as the main entities giving life to humanity. There are daytime expositions, street fairs, and people milling and dancing in the streets. Live music from the best Peruvian musicians draws people to Plaza de Armas for concerts. The procession follows flower bedecked streets. Women sweep the streets to clear them of evil spirits and there is music, prayers and dancing. The procession makes its way to Sacsayhuamin where Sapa Inka climbs to the sacred altar in the grand square of the temple. The celebrations ensure the fertility of the earth in combination with the light and warmth from the Sun to ensure a bountiful crop. As the sun begins to set, stacks of straw are set on fire and the celebrants dance around them to honor the Empire of the Four Wind Directions. June 24th is celebrated throughout Peru as Indians' Day | The Sapa Inka climbs to the sacred altar where all can see him in the grand square of the temple. Ceremonial events begin with an invocation by the Sapa Inka in the Koricandha, calling on the blessings from life

104: In 1572, Viceroy Toledo banned Inti Raymi as pagan and contrary to the Catholic faith | Ceremonies went underground thereafter

105: There are speeches by Sapa Inka, the priests and representatives of the Suyos: | the Snake for the world below, the Puma for life on earth, and the Kondor for the upper world

106: Deer Boy | Conch horn | With the Sapa Inka comes the high priests, garbed in ceremonial robes, then officials of the court, nobles and others; all elaborately costumed according to their rank | We viewed the ceremony from the balcony of a private restaurant overlooking the square

108: Sapa Inka's wife, Mama Oclio | During the preceding year in preparation for the Inti Raymi, hundreds of actors are chosen to represent historical figures. Being selected to portray the Sapa Inka or his wife, Mama Oclio, is a great honor

109: Following invocations, the Sapa Inka is carried on a golden throne in a procession to the Solar temple of Sacsayhuaman located in the hills above Cusco

110: The streets of Cusco during the Festival of the Sun

111: This street is part of the Path of the Puma on Solstice

112: Cusco, Peru 2 0 1 2

113: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars." Walt Whitman

114: After the Inti Raymi ceremonies, we followed the path of the Puma through parts of Cusco. We stopped for hot chocolate when the electricity went out throughout the city. Afterwards, we were able to participate in a Drumming ceremony at Malluku's wife's Shop, where we bought crystals, jewelry and books

115: Ophelia Rose with her beloved Tiger

116: Dance of the Hummingbird by Malluku's wife

117: An Inkan city temple is located at Raqchi, on the road from Cusco to Puno . It was a complex village with multiple constructions for various purposes, including farming terraces, plazas, shrines and water fountains. The Wiraqocha Temple is a grandiose construction for its era. Architecturally it is classified as Kallanka

118: Some of us enjoyed a nice picnic lunch prepared by Mallku at Lake Titicaca. He was able to surprise us with a visit to the castle in the background

119: There was Ecstasy in the air

123: This was the most amazing property. We felt very privileged to be able to visit and enjoy wine at this beautiful castle on Lake Titicaca.

124: “I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.” ~Rosalia de Castro

131: Love ya like a Sister!

132: One person stands in the portals carved out of rock on either side of the main alter to guard the energies while another places their third eye on the contact point on the doorway. This ceremony becomes your own personal experience of connecting with the power and flow of the energies of this vortex | Interdimensional Doorway of "Ajayu Marka" House of Spirits of the Ancient Ones

134: Puno at Lake Titicaca is 12,500 ft above sea level in the Andes between Peru and Bolivia. Lake Titikaka is the world's highest lake navigable by large vessels

136: LAKE TITICACA Titi which means 'Puma', which lies in Peru and Caca, well we know what that means, lies in Bolivia

138: Top right: Alan; Ubaldina & Lillian Bottom right Judy; Cindy (Whew, she got on our boat after all); Kathy; Lillian; Jan T; Mari-Ann; and Jan J | "CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME? I got on the wrong boat!!!"

139: Amantani Love Island


142: The Island People of Lake Titicaca | The Uru still live on floating mats of dried totora or reeds in the marshy shallows

143: Amantani The Island of Love

144: Good times

145: 6.27.12 | BON VOYAGE

151: Mallku had us take pictures of the fire to see what images might show up for us. Lisa had the woman dancing on the right and the deer on the left

152: Titicaca (Rock of the Puma) was according to Andean legend, the birthplace of civilization. Inka mythology is that children of the sun emerged from the depths of Lake Titicaca (the 2nd largest lake of S. America-40 miles wide and 120 miles long and up to 600 feet deep) to found their empire. The generous locals offered us their homes for the night and we brought supplies for the children, which they could use for school, including some toys, but mostly pencils, stickers, paper, colors and paints

153: Early, at o'dark thirty, we crawled out from under six layers of wool blankets where we slept with our clothes on, including our ski hats, in order to keep warm and to be ready for our hike. The night was cold, to say the least, and Pam, always the innovative one, decided to use a plastic baggy as a chamber potty rather than carry buckets of water to the outdoor toilet. We ascended up a serious incline to the temples of Pachatata and Pachamama to greet the morning sun and to present our offerings to life

155: Chad's Heart Crystal made it to Peru

157: Creating this book has been a labor of love for me. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to relive our memories through the art of designing this album. I will always hold this journey with my new friends dear to my heart and remember it as one of the best trips of my lifetime! Jan Johnson February, 2013

159: ODE TO PERU AND YOU! By: Sandy's Spirit Inka marvels, high vibrations, Morning Hugs, sweet salutations! Visions, visits from the dead, Changes, feelings fill my head. Walking, climbing, thinking, dreaming, At the top my body's screaming! Shaman's passions fuel our learning, Answers quick! My mind is yearning! Dawn brings great anticipation, Ancient brilliance always waiting. Smart and viral, our Mallku, And let's be honest - he's damn cute, too! Before this trip, what was I thinking? Thank the Lord, my ego's shrinking! Lessons learned of 'love thy neighbor', And 'please don't flush the toilet paper!' With each step my thighs on fire, "Oh, my God, we're climbing higher!" Stopping now to catch my breath, I think I've come here for my death!! Hotels grand, delicious food, I MUST befriend the altitude! With grateful heart, each day I'm coping, Weight loss, yes? I'm always hoping! We walk and talk and bond and share, We touch and hug and show we care. We share our lives with ups and downs, And love and laughter banish frowns. Each one has shared his simple story, Some with pain and some with glory, Entwines, they all made synergy, Increasing strength in you and me. Unbenownst we gathered here, To increase love and banish fear. We'll take our knowledge and return, To TEACH and LIVE what we have learned. We each were guided from above, To share our light and spread our love. We're chosen from the human race, To make this world a better place. Good-bye, be well, sweet peace, my friends, We've met before, we'll meet again. I'm grateful for each one of you, And hope your WILDEST dreams come TRUE!!! XXXXXOOOOO, Hugs and kisses from afar!!! Sandy :)

162: Lisa's Love Page My loved one said I was a bit droopy for a few days and it was because I was missing all of you. I want to thank each one of you for your unique sense of being and for all that you gave me during our trip together. It was such a loving and kind atmosphere and I continue to treasure the moments and the ongoing connections and friendships. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Going through my photos gave me giggles, pause, light, laughter and awe. We made quite the journey together, both in distance and in heart connections; not to mention on this physical plane and the spiritual one. When my eyes close, I still see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the vast mountain ranges. It is a pleasure to enjoy the comfort of my friends in my memory. The message that keeps coming back to me is to continue to be open to what comes, what is, and to notice the sweetness in all the moments, even the difficult ones. To feel with the senses, think with the mind, and allow the sweet combination of both to convene to create the higher levels of awareness and knowing, is wonder. I continue to learn each day and it is a privilege to keep taking these lovely breaths of life. Thanks again for being in my life! My home is open to my friends!

163: I am sending many photographs that I want all of you to have as they were moments of great delight and splendor for me. One is the moment when I realized that I was playing with the water but it was also playing with me- in the photo you will see the copy in the water of my hand and then the beautiful golden light coming from my body as reflected in the water. Another photo was the group at the top of Machu Picchu as we welcomed the light. Yet another was the fire lady who danced in the flames for all of us. I've included the last glimpse of the top of the island and the sun added to the arch and made a radiant heart - for me, the message of the journey. Also, among many others, the image I found on the tree that I hugged...a perfect natural heart was revealed to me. It was a heart filled journey all along for me. I thought about this and I have indeed come along way from where I began and I feel my own power and strength and accomplishment. I think it was nice to feel that and feel satisfied within myself - just being. PS. You will be happy to know that I have also ceased hording toilet Paper.

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