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Matt & Emily

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S: Trip of a Lifetime: Ulsan, South Korea 2009-2010

BC: DEPARTED | South Korea | 26 Aug 2010

1: ULSAN | SOUTH KOREA | ARRIVED 19 AUG 2009 | Arriving red-eyed & instantly bonding over mekju, soju, and being a newcomer in Ulsan. Indulging in kimchi, bipimbap, galbi, and naked baths in the first month of meeting, we were all destined to be the best of friends!

2: Definition: Muegodonger (noun): Person lucky enough to live in Muegodong. Likes to run around the lake and World Cup Stadium. Enjoys friends, mekju, soju, & weekly pot luck dinners. Often rummages around town looking for thrown away furniture when sleep evades them. Takes Matthew Holmes on walks up Mt. Munsu. | Emily & Matt, | To our two favorite waygook neighbors! There aren't words to sum up how happy we are to be able to share this day with you. You are both incredible, and truly bring the best out in each other and make each other better for it. We love you both & wish you worlds of happiness! The Ulsan gang wanted to share this big day with you, so here's our way of sending our love from all over the globe. | Congratulations, Nicky & Rhys

4: Matt & Emily, Live, laugh, love: you do all of these so well. Korea brought me you both and for that I will be externally grateful! Love, Meg | The Prophet on Marriage by Khalil Gibran "Then Almitra spoke again and said... "And what of Marriage, master?" And he answered saying: You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore. You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days. Aye, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God. But let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together. For the pillars of the temple stand apart, and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow."

5: Drinking bags in Daegu | Girl's Night

6: Dear Matt & Emily, Let's travel back a couple of years to a sticky August evening where we all gathered for kimchi, grape juice wine, sushi, and french fries for the closing ceremonies at Jeonju University. Frank was plucking away at his guitar on center-stage singing a tune, and I can only remember thinking, "That is a strange man."

7: Memories aside, I want to wish the two of you congratulations on your wedding! While you may not even realize it, you exemplify what every couple seeks in a relationship: friendship, adventure, balance, passion, and undying love, regardless of time or place. I hope that you will look back smiling on all of the places you've seen and people you've met, but more importantly remember fondly the memories you shared together in those places. Congratulations, again! With love, Kathleen

8: Black Out | KOREA

9: Congratulations!!! Were so happy to have met you and to be apart of this celebration! Our time together in Korea was everything from exciting to memorable! And the non-exciting was just as memorable! Were glad that we have been able to stay in touch since, even if (slash especially since) it has meant visiting very seedy strip clubs in Portland to try and catch a glimpse of the famous one-armed stripper! Here are some of our favourite memories! -Getting down to Girls Generation (in the K-Pop classroom as well as drunk at Anchor bar) -Girls and Boys Night Outs... even with the brawls and bawlings! -Scooter gang parties -Gawi Bawi Bo-ing until the bottle of Soju was gone -Delicious family dinners -Playing with and pet-sitting for our somehow related pets that all conveniently had the same coloring And the list goes on.. but I feel like I should keep this PG 13 for future readings.... We wish you both a happy, healthy, sucessful and fruitful future together! (tee-hee....fruitful!) | Dear Emily and Matt,, Or Ematt, , Or Memily, | Love Always, Jaclyn & Zachary,

11: To every word of love I heard you whisper, The raindrops seems to play a sweet refrain. | -The Beatles-

12: Congratulations Matt and Emily! | We wish we could be there to celebrate with you two! Emily, you’ll make a beautiful bride and Matt, you’ll be the most entertaining groom. Even though we don’t keep in touch as often now, we’re so happy that we can say that you guys are our friends. We’re so blessed to have people like you two in our lives. The memories we’ve made are unforgettable and the friendships we’ve built will last forever. I know that you two will grow together into a beautiful family. We’re excited to see you two build your future. Best Wishes, Randy Pulayya and Shauna Vo

13: Ulsan. The Royal Anchor. Trips to Busan. Sansangnim. Ilsan Beach. Sashimi. Seoul. Festivals. Muegodong. Soju. Noreabang. World Cup 2010. Daehaminguk. Blackout Korea. Freaks & Geeks. Mr. Kim. Jimjilbang. Lost Holmes. Pot-Luck Dinners. 2009-2010

14: Griffin and I are so excited for you guys and your upcoming wedding. After talking about what we could say to you about marriage, we both agreed that if you can survive Korea together, then there is pretty much nothing you can't weather! While we have only been married a few of years, we have experienced a lot together and found a few things really helpful in getting through tough situations. Communication is everything and you have to be willing to talk about even the hardest things. When we first got married, I found it really difficult to talk about things that bothered me and preferred to just get over them on my own. Griffin made me see it differently when he told me that there was no way he could change things that bothered me if I never let him know what they were. Be as encouraging as you can to each other and always let your partner know the things you love about him or her. It goes much further than just harping on the things they are doing wrong. Lastly, enjoy your time as a couple and have fun doing life together. There are so many things we would never have done on our own, but have really been amazing to do together... like eating a lot of Kimchi... We love you guys and hope to hear great things about your wedding and long after. | Always, Griffin and Valerie | Emily & Matt,

15: Congratulations!!! I am so ecstatically happy for the two of you and wish you both the very best!! Love, Val | Congratulations Matt and Emily!! We hope you have a fabulous time on your big day! We wish you all the best with what we are sure will be a wonderful future together, full of love, laughter, action and adventure, not forgetting lots of singing, dancing and dressing up!! ^^, Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Stewart and Reena x x x

16: I remember the first time I met Matt Holmes. He had just accidentally bought fish-flavored puffy Korean snacks on the way to orientation and, upon realizing this, eloquently stated, “Eh, who gives a shit. They’re not terrible.” A sentiment that just about summed up most things about our time in the, “Land of the Morning Calm.” From our scooters to our apartments, our schools and most importantly, our friends... they weren’t terrible. Now almost two years later, I do miss all of the not so terrible things in Korea. Especially our weekly games of screen golf and being ridiculous at the Royal Anchor, but as time moves on so must we. Matt Holmes is true inspiration for the rest of us and a constant reminder that while jumping through the open car window of life you must not drop your phone. And while I don’t really know what to say about marriage as I’ve never had one, I will say I hope yours isn’t terrible! | Happy Nuptials! | Stay Thirsty My Friends, Joe Teacher

17: Wish you all the best for your wedding day and married life. Will always remember the Ulsan year with you guys as some bloody fantastic crack-up times. Nights out and in, and missions had were always spiced up by you two. Especially when empty green bottles were involved! Yeah, hope to catch up sometime in the near future,and sorry I couldn't make it over. All the best - the BRUCE. | To Matt & Emily

18: My earliest memory of you involves your rolling a stack of tires down a hill into traffic in Mugeo-dong, before any of us knew how to find our way home to our new apartments. You will always be those crazy cats from Bellingham and the world is better for the crazy cats in it! Love you guys and all my best for a far-out future. xoxox Dani | Dear Matt and Emily, | Freaks & Geeks 10' | Girl's Weekend @ Busan

19: Matt & Emily, One of my favorite memories with Matt was running around Ulsan on that scavenger hunt. Our group of 4 guys was a little awkward at first, but Matt is far too jovial for things to stay that way for any period of time. Anyway, two things stand out from that day: 1) Matt lifting me up with a green wig on and then almost dropping me on the concrete. 2) Eating dog soup. By the time we finally found the restaurant, we had almost given up. I think Matt's raw enthusiasm carried us through. If you look at the pictures on his Facebook album "Dog Soup and other Tails", you'll see what I mean. | Congratulations, John | Daegu 10'

20: Dear Matt and Emily, Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!!! We’re super excited for you. You’re a beautiful couple, we are blessed by your friendship and we know that you’ll continue to be a blessing to the many people who come across your paths in the future. We were asked to give some advice to the newly weds about what has helped us out over the past 4 years. We had a think and a chat about it and we both agree that good communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage. It’s far too easy to assume that you know what the other said, or even that they heard what you were trying to say. To help our communication, some marriage guru friends of ours taught us the technique of ‘double listening’. That is, repeating back to each other what you have heard to make sure you are both on the same page. This has really helped us and we hope it helps you too. We love you HEAPS and send lots of blessings to you on your big day, we would have loved to be there to celebrate with you. Wishing you all the very best for your new life together. With our love and prayers, David and Vicki xx

22: Congratulations to both of you on this great occasion. We first met Matt as a teammate in our EPIK orientation. We worked on a lesson plan together and thanks to Matt’s teaching experience, he did most of the work. When it came time to print it out, Manderson accidently deleted it. He felt horrible, but Matt calmed him down and we worked it out together. He couldn’t have been more laid back about the situation. That, to us, is a metaphor for your whole relationship. Emily is the same way. You are such a patient and laid back woman. I guess that’s what it takes to live with a guy like Matt. And that’s love! You may have to take him out for a walk or bike ride on the Taehwa riverside when he gets antsy. You might even have to talk him out of leaping into a moving vehicle, or coax him off of rooftops, make calls to his cell phone that will inevitably go missing, or even carry him home when he’s out with the rugby boys. You will most definitely find new and creative ways to take care of his crazy tattooed ass and that makes him a lucky man. | Matt and Emily,

23: In all honesty though, we couldn’t have been more lucky. Korea was such an amazing experience thanks to meeting great friends like the both of you. We’ll never forget the jimjilbang visits, the noribang nights, or the Heuksando gangster skirmishes. You have proven to us that a long distance relationship works by coming all the way out to Vietnam from The U.A.E. Despite the endless oceans and vast landscapes that separate us, we’ll always be there for you as well. May your best days lay ahead of you! Matt and Sandra

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