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Matthew's book

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1: Matthew's Travels in April 2012 | In April 2012 I flew with Bonnie and Connie to Washington DC to attend my Uncle Graham's bassoon recital. After the recital I joined my grandparents for a cross-country drive back home. | 1

2: Brothers United | SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU ! | I read two books about George Washington on the plane. Then I did a couple of math problems. I liked it except for the landing. My ears were hurting. | 2 | VIRGINIA

3: The next morning we went to George Washington's home. My favorite part was visiting the blacksmith shop. I liked watching how they made things in George Washington's time because when he hammered the metal, sparks flew everywhere. It reminded me of when my dad welds things. The first couple days were hot. | 3

4: At the spy museum I got to crawl through air ducts and spy on people. We all got to choose a name that told us about the person, like if they were on vacation and their age. The first couple of nights were hard to sleep because Jonathan wouldn't let me close the curtain. | 4

5: 5


7: We went on a tour where we rode bikes. My bike could go up to sixth gear and everyone else's could only go to third gear. We rode around Washington D.C. and saw the World War II Memorial. 400,000 people died. Each star represented 100 people. They had 4000 stars. We saw some very old veterans there. On the bike tour someone else told me to go to the other side, so I did. Then I looked back and hit a street light and fell over. Jonathan could have run over my head from the back, but he stopped in time. Then the person that told me to go over to the other side ran over my helmet. It could have been my head. That's why you should always wear a helmet when riding a bike. | 7

8: Some of us went to the National Archives. We saw the Declaration of Independence first, then we saw some documents that were really faded in a dark room. If they were in a lighted room they would get even more faded. Some of the writings were by Ben Franklin. | 8

9: We went to my Uncle Graham's concert. Jonathan and I had to dress up nice and nobody else did. We handed out some programs. The first song I had heard on a CD. I liked it. I didn't hear the third and fourth pieces. I fell asleep. My excuse is that I fall asleep listening to classical music every night. He was playing classical music. We barely had much lunch. My favorite meal was dinner because we ate out. | 9

10: We went on the Metro, which is like a subway, to get to the zoo. Someone on the Metro told us to go one stop longer so we could walk downhill to the zoo. We went down the trail until the son of one of my grandparent's friends came. He was the large mammal curator of the zoo. He showed us the apes, gibbons and orangutans. They could go across on cables up high on towers to the other side of the zoo and land. Connie took a test to see if she was as smart as an ape, and she was! There were tiny mouse brains and big whale brains. The elephant cage had big pens and people that fed the elephants and used big nail files for filing the elephant's nails. We heard the elephant trumpet. It would rattle your chest. We heard the Grevy's zebra bray a lot louder than a donkey and try to bite our fingers off. He was next to the cheetah. The cheetahs die in the wild because they don't get enough food. The cheetahs get so tired after a hunt that a leopard can steal the food and drag it up a tree. | 10

11: 11

12: I got to see the elephant that came alive in "Night at the Museum." There was the biggest snake in the world modeled in cement. There was the biggest diamond in the world. It wasn't that big. It was in a necklace. Dorothy's ruby red slippers from the "Wizard of Oz" were just red sequins on a shoe. At the Air and Space Museum the Wright brothers had their first and second plane. We got in the nose of a 747. We got to touch a moon rock. When we were on the Metro I saw a plane with a little triangle on top. It was the last flight of the space shuttle Discovery being carried on the back of a 747. | 12

13: 13

14: We drove past a lot of farms into Pennsylvania. Then we got to Grandma and Grandpa's friend's house. They took us to the Gettysburg battlefield. In a round theater we saw the battle. One team just came with guns, while the other team came with cannons. The North won the battle because they had the cannons. Thousands of people died in the battle. There was a statue of brothers holding each other up. They were from opposite sides. One side wanted free labor and slaves and the other side wanted no slavery. Slavery is owning a person. It's not like being a child, but more like a piece of furniture that has to stay and work until sold. George Washington freed his slaves after Martha died. She wanted slaves. | 14 | PENNSYLVANIA

15: 15

16: At Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we saw the state capitol. We had to turn a lot of corners to get to the entrance. Once inside we saw a ton of pictures from the 1700s. We climbed up to the fourth floor. We could look down to the rotunda. We saw the Senate and the House of Representatives. The rooms were giant sized, with lots of desks smooshed together. | 16

17: 17

18: 18

19: When we came to Hershey, I wanted to ride the roller coaster. I saw people riding the roller coaster, and my Grandma saw broken pieces. We went on a tour where three singing cows and a speaker in the car told us about the process to make chocolate and gave us three pieces of chocolate. On the trolley ride our guide showed us giant Hershey kisses on the light posts that weren't chocolate, but metal. The guide told us the driver bit one and almost lost all of his hair. Mr. Hershey tried to invent chocolate for ten years, then he finally got it so the factory got started. I loved all the candy we got. At the end we got a whole chocolate candy bar. Mr. Hershey built homes for his workers and sold it to them for $1.00. He built three schools for orphan boys, but now boys and girls can go to them. The students learn how to work on a farm, or learn a trade and all the other stuff you learn in school. They have a swimming pool and ice rink at the school. | 19

20: We drove to New Jersey to park our RV, then we took a ferry to New York. We saw the Empire State building. We went to the top and looked down on all of New York. More than New York I should say. We waited in line for a long time. At the top I saw towers that were lit up that changed color. We saw a skyscraper that had a crane on top. We saw King Kong, but it was actually a guy dressed up. Before we went down there was a gift shop that had a Lego Empire State Building in it that was pretty small. We went to a drug store to buy a note book so I could write. In the subway were people playing instruments with cases open wanting money. One man got on the subway car with his guitar and started walking around playing and singing in a different language, hoping that somebody would give him money. At the end of the subway we walked the rest of the way and got back at 11:00 PM. There were a lot of people on the street at night. I didn't like it when there were so many people. | 20

21: We walked to the ferry and took 2 boats to Ellis Island. Each day 5000 people from different countries came to enter the USA. If they were healthy they got to enter the US, but if they were sick they got sent back. We took another ferry to the Statue of Liberty. The torch she is holding stands for freedom and it enlightens the world. | NEW YORK | 21

22: Then we went to Central Park. At first we saw people with bikes attached to carriages. The cyclists would ride around and show the passengers things. There was a man who made things out of balloons and another that made giant bubbles. We spent a lot of time with him, first popping bubbles, then just letting them fly so other kids could pop them. Dan took pictures of the giant bubbles and then left. We watched some people playing softball. They don't run that fast. One team hit a lot of fouls, but the other team got a lot of home runs. I climbed on rocks and jumped off the rocks on the way down. | 22

23: 23

24: 24

25: We walked to a restaurant that was called Peanut Butter and Company because that was all they served. They had sandwiches with peanut butter, banana, honey and bacon called an Elvis, besides the normal peanut butter and jelly. When we left we went by an arch with a guy playing a grand piano under it. We put a dollar bill in a bucket half full of dollar bills. | 25

26: 26

27: 27

28: Going through New Jersey we saw a lot of cars and trucks. A guy filled our gas tank with the cheapest gas on the trip. We stopped at the state capitol in Trenton. The door was locked, so we couldn't go in. We went across the street and saw a ton of monuments about war. One was a gun with a helmet on top. Another was a woman with a sword in one hand and an olive branch in the other. We drove through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. We drove 458 miles today. | NEW JERSEY | 28

29: At the Indianapolis Speedway we got tickets to go on the tour. We saw a lot of old cars and motorcycles and the fastest car in the world. There were very old toys and trophies behind windows. We saw the finish line and press box. It looked smaller from the outside. | INDIANA | 29

30: We drove out of the RV park and got gas and a sausage McMuffin. Soon we got pulled over by the sheriff because we didn't have our lights on. In Illinois you have to have your lights on one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise. He gave us a warning, not a ticket. It was sunny outside. We took a picture of a relative's grave. | 30 | ILLINOIS

31: At a farm toy museum we saw gold plated toy tractors. We saw models of what farms looked like a long time ago. They had outhouses with a half moon on them. | IOWA | 31

32: At The Field of Dreams we hit a few balls and bought the movie Field of Dreams. | 32

33: 33

34: In Lake Mills we visited Mrs Groe. She made cookies for us. She is my relative. We walked around town and heard a girl sing the Star Spangled Banner at a track meet. When we got back there was another relative at Mrs Groe's house. He brought her asparagus. We ate in town at a restaurant. She knew everyone. We saw a ton of antiques in her house. She showed me a card trick. The next morning we left after eating waffles and peaches at Mrs Groe's house. | 34

35: We saw a bull head on a pyramid. We took the exit to look at it. The sign said 'closed for season", but a man pulled in behind us and said, "Follow me. I am just going in to walk my dog." Mr Porter made the sculptures. He made buzzards with hammers. Two vultures, one with a bump on his head and the other smiling and holding a stick behind his back. There was a water line trench across the road. I ran ahead with the dog and jumped over the trench, but the dog fell in. It was six feet deep. The owner screamed "Where is he?" and he fell flat down on his stomach, grabbed the dog by his fur and pulled him up. The dog was stuck about 3 feet down. When we walked around Mr Porter kept saying "You're still alive. You're still alive. Dumb dog!" I found 3 ticks on me and a black widow spider on my hand. Mr Porter said they don't usually bite. I got rid of it anyway. | SOUTH DAKOTA | 35

36: We saw another state capitol in South Dakota. In the floor tiles were a bleeding heart, a broken heart, and some blue tiles. My favorite animal today was the prairie dog. We walked through the Badlands and saw craters. We followed yellow markers so we wouldn't get lost. We got lost anyway at the first marker, but then found our way. There were toy guns, cowboy boots, Ninja stuff, knives and actual Ninja discs to buy at Wall drug. The weapons were locked in cases. Today we saw bighorn sheep, tons of Prairie Dogs, turkey, antelope, and a camel. | 36

37: We drove to Mt. Rushmore where four presidents were carved in granite. They carved it mostly with dynamite and jackhammers. The archives for Mt. Rushmore are stored in a room behind Lincoln. | 37

38: Devils Tower looks like it has long streaks, as if a giant devil scraped the sides with long claws. It actually has long 6 sided columns. We saw two Golden Eagles and a red-tailed squirrel on our walk. We did not see anybody climbing. This morning I realized why they are called Prairie Dogs. When they are at their hole, they get down on all four legs and bark like little dogs. | WYOMING | 38

39: At the Little Big Horn battlefield, we watched a movie, then saw a little setup of Custer, Indians and bison. We matched bison parts with things we have now, like a carved horn makes a spoon. Headstones marked where the soldiers and Indians died. | MONTANA | 39

40: 40 | WYOMING

41: We went to Yellowstone National Park. I got my picture taken by every sign Dan saw. There were snow storms and it was very cold. We saw Old Faithful, the most famous geyser. We walked around Old Faithful and then we saw it erupt. We saw a lot of bison, elk, antelope, three bears, sandhill cranes, osprey, crows, Canada geese, and a tiny snowman on a bench watching Old Faithful. We saw waterfalls. I would like to go back to Yellowstone and go down the trail with the caution tape on it. Graham and I want to climb Devils Tower and I would like to go back to the Hershey factory for more treats. | 41

42: Notes by Grandpa Dan This journal was entirely written by Matthew. The words are all his. Page 3: Jack-in-the-Pulpit. We don't have this plant in the West. Page 6: Matthew's drawing shows the lamp post he ran into, and the lady running over his helmet. Page 21: Upper left--The old New Jersey railway station which has been restored and serves as port of departure and arrival for the ferries which go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Upper right--Memorial to New Jersey residents who died in the 9-11 attack. Lower right--Matthew starting to work on his journal, unaware of his favorite little mammal keeping him company. Page 22: The Statue is Joseph Pulitzer. There were several of these statues on Liberty Island honoring people instrumental in establishing the National Monument on Liberty Island. The gold statue is at Central Park in New York City. Page 26: Beautiful panoramic view of the city, but the smaller images show the reality of too many people! Not a good place for country folk to spend much time. Page 28: Barkcamp State Park is where we stayed overnight in Ohio. This is one of exactly 2 photos from Ohio! Page 29: The winner of the Indy 500 race traditionally kisses the track at the finish line after the race. Page 30: Matthew is standing by the gravestone of TKO Stabeck, our ancestor who recorded his diary of his trip on the Oregon Trail in 1852. He is Matthew's great great great great uncle! He is buried in Rock Run Cemetery, near Durand, Illinois. The farm scene is about a mile from the cemetery. The street scene is in Durand. U. S. Grant lived in Galena, Illinois. His house was closed on the day we visited. Galena is where the Minnesota scenes of Field of Dreams were filmed. Page 32: Dyersville, Iowa is home to the National Farm Toy Museum and the Field of Dreams movie site. The movie was released 23 years ago in 1989. More than a million visitors have come to the field since filming. It is kept just as it was for the movie. The number of visitors is actually increasing as the years go by. Page 34: Matthew's great great grandmother Bertha was born in Lake Mills, Iowa. Her cousin Sarah and her aunt Rachel lived in an apartment above the Silverado Tavern, although the building was a doctor's office when Bertha returned for her only visit in 1940. Darlene Groe, our gracious hostess in Lake Mills is Matthew's second cousin 3 times removed! (His great grandfather's second cousin.) The Norwegian Memorial in Lake Mills is just outside of town to the east, and is on land donated by Darlene. Page 37: At Mt Rushmore, Matthew enjoyed an interactive exhibit where he could push the plunger and blast away part of the mountain. He is seen taking his Junior Ranger oath. Page 39: There is a large military cemetery at the Little Big Horn National Battlefield. This photo shows just a small part of it. The large stone marks a mass grave of soldiers. Custer was buried there, but his remains were later moved. The reddish-brown stones scattered over the battlefield mark where Indians fell. The white stones are where soldiers fell. The area shown with white stones is where Custer made his last stand and is where he died. The background photo is Matthew standing on a portion of a large memorial to the Indians who died in this battle. | 42

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