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Middle Eastern Adventure

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Middle Eastern Adventure - Page Text Content

S: Middle Eastern Adventure ~ 19 Dec 2008 - 9 Jan 2009

BC: An experience of a lifetime

FC: Our Middle Eastern Adventure | "Ancient Empires" 19 Dec 08 - 9 Jan 09

1: Well, it all started when we watched the movie "The Bucket List"! Kristy has always had her "to do list" before she died, but this movie set things into a more organised motion! In the movie, the two characters sat on top of one of the pyriamids to watch the sun set. Kristy asked Johnny whether he had ever wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyriamids. That one question (and the reply "yeah" from Johnny) started a chain of events that led to the creation of this book! It went from being a trip to see the pyriamids to a whole 22 day tour of the Middle East! It just wouldn't have been right to go all the way over to the Middle East and only see Egypt now would it? So after much discussion, Johnny succumbed to Kristy's unyeilding plan! We left Australia on 18 December 2008, flew to Sydney for a 15 hour flight to Abu Dhabi. We had a 6 hour stopover, and then a 4 hour flight to Cairo! All was going well! When we arrived in Cairo, we went to get our baggage, but oh no, it didn't come! It had been lost between Abu Dhabi and Cairo (in fact it never went on the plane!). It was a great start! But as the old saying goes - | "Most travel is best of all in the anticipation or the remembering; the reality has more to do with losing your luggage." ~Regina Nadelson

2: After a well deserved nights rest, our first sight-seeing experience in the Middle East was the Pyramids . We climbed into the Great Pyramid, which unexpectedly was upwards! It was a little humid inside , but well worthwhile! ~ 20 December 2008

3: Although it was a little hazy, the size of the pyramids were amazing! The above picture was taken from a vantage point which came complete with an open air bazaar! ~ And about 100 Egyptain camel owners!

4: After we saw the pyramids, our next stop was the Sphinx (only 300mts from the Pyramids). The size of the Sphinx was amazing, and the detail on the body once we got close was simply supurb! | “Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” - Benjamin Disraeli

5: Sphinx, Egypt 20 Dec 2008

7: This was in the Temple beside the Sphinx.

8: After we left the Pyramids, we went to the Cairo Musuem. At the Cairo Museum we saw all the artifacts that were in Tutunkhamum's Tomb (even the 12kg gold head-dress!). We also went into the "Mummy Room" where there were about 12 mummies. It was pretty amazing to see that the face, teeth, eyebrows and toe nails were all in tact! It was little weird, but definately a "must see"! After we left the musuem, we found a bank that would give us some money (without using an atm) and went back to our hotel (Zozer Hotel). When we got to the hotel our baggage had arrived (although our tour leader had to go and pick it up which cost us $50us!). So with clean clothes we immediately went up to our room to have a shower and put on some clean clothes! We were then ready for the sleeper train to Luxor!

9: Hot Air Balloons | Arrival in Luxor | Hot Air Balloon | Luxor

10: This was our transport to the first (of many!) temples in Egypt! ~ 21 December 2008

11: Karnak Temple

13: Karnak Temple was our favourite temple in Egypt. It was literally a whole city, complete with offerings rooms, columns for each 'God' and King, water supply, and stairs! (Kristy really loved those stairs!)

15: Karnak Temple, 21 Dec 2008

16: After we left Karnak Temple, we had lunch at a lovely restaurant. One of our tour members (Kerri) ordered pigeon (apparently it is a delicacy in the Middle East!) Anyway, after lunch we ventured into the Bazaar and bought some souviniers (including a charm for Kristy's bracelet). We then went back to the Hotel to relax for (what was left of) the afternoon! | We all went to the West Bank for dinner, which involved a 'motor' boat ride and a short walk to the restaurant. Surprisingly, it was an Aftican restaurant ~ with Middle Eastern food! It was very nice food all the same! After dinner, we took the motor boat back to the East Bank, had a short evening walk (looking for a pay phone!) and went to bed (we had an early start the next morning!).

17: In the VERY early morning (3am) we piled into a motor boat to go back to the West Bank for our hot air balloon ride. On the boat trip over they provided us with coffee (with very little milk) and a little biscuit (enough to sustain us until breakfast time!). Unfortunately the wind was too strong, so we couldn't go up in the hot air balloon~ so we instead watched the sunrise from the ground, which was still very beautiful!

18: which contained, well, bread and more bread! (oh, and one egg and a piece of fruit!). After we finished our breakfastwe went (as an optional extra) to Habu Temple. The heirogliphics in this temple were amazing. The etchings were nearly a foot deep (apparently the King didn't want anyone being able to destroy the stoies on the wall). | After our failed attempt to go in the hot air balloon, we went to a "coffee shop" where we awaited the tour members who opted not to go on the hot air balloon. They brought with them our "breakfast boxes"

19: In addition to the depth of the heirogliphics, this temple had some wonderful colour . It was really facinating that although thouusands of years has passed, the colour still remians! We were told that the colour originated from different rocks, crushed down and then rubbed onto the wall (like granite for black/grey). For colour, this was definately the best temp,le! | One of the stories on the wall was a battle that the King had won (bottom left picture). There is a depiction of the King holding the hair of the heads of three enemies, about to behead them all!

20: Our next stop was Queen Hatseput's Temple. This temple was absolutely amazing - it was carved out from a mountain. We took a golf cart up to the temple (a measure they implemented after the terrorist attack in early 2000). | Along the way we could see hundreds of tombs in the mountain. At the base of the temple was (what was left of) a stump of a tree that the Queen had brought in from Aftica! It was pretty amazing that it was still there!

23: ueen Hatesputsu's Temple. This was a spectacular temple, carved out from a mountain! Queen Hatesputu was the first female to rule Ancient Egypt. However, as women were forbidden to rule, she told the Egyptian people that she was the child of two Gods, and was in fact male not female. The people believed her, and she ruled for many years. | Q

24: The Valley of the Kings was great. I guess we expected something a little more spectacular (or at least beautiful), however he landscape was rocky and non-inspiring! It was only inside the tombs that was amazing. We went into four tombs in total (one of which was Ramses II). The hierogliphics in the tombs was extremely detailed and plentiful. Each tomb had around 3 seperate rooms, although they are empty now. Because it was undergound, the colours in the hierogliphs was like it was done yesterday! We were the only two in our group that went into see Tutunkhaman's Tomb. Because Tutankhamun died suddenly at the age of 19, the Egyptians did not have time to prepare the tomb as adequately as the other Kings. Therefore, the corridor down to the tomb was not as ornate as those for the other Kings tombs we saw. Nonetheless, it was definately an experience of a lifetime! Especially because the outer coffin (with its intricate carvings) was inside. Most facinating however was that the mommy of Tutunkhamun was in there! It was amazing to stand inside the tomb and just look at the mommy. We could see his teeth, toe nails, eyebrows, in fact, all of him! The security guard (for want of a better word!) told us the meaning of the differnt pictures on the walls and also let us use his torch to get a better look at the mommy for a small bakshish!).

25: Entrance to a Tomb | Ride into the Valley of the Kings

26: We boarded our cruise boat after we finished at the Valley of the Kings. We went for a nap (it was an early morning!) and woke up in time for dinner! After dinner we went outside to find the boat entering the lock. We went up 6 mtrs! It was the first Lock we had ever been in! And the boat was beautiful!

27: We woke up pretty early on the first day of our cuise to catch the sun rise over the Nile River! We went up to the top deck and it was simply magical!

28: Edfu Temple

29: After breakfast we went to Edfu Temple. This Temple was dedicated to the God "Horus". It was well preserved due to being covered with sand until relatively recently, except that some of the faces on the heirogliphics had been scratched out by the Christians who occupied the Temple after the Ancient Egyptians. .

30: These photos were inside the Temple. The top right was the outside of one of the offerings rooms, the bottom left was inside one of the ten offerings rooms, and the bottom right (at the back of the photo) was where the God "Horus" sat when he was in the temple, and he sat in the carrier at the front when he was being transported somewhere!

31: Outside of the Temple was a Bazaar. We had a little walk through, bought some thongs each and was confronted by this man He was the first Arab to offer Johnny camels in return for Kristy! I think the going offer was 10,000 camels, but Johnny said that it wasn't enough to replace his loving wife.

32: Once we docked in Komombo, we went to the Komombo Temple in the late afternoon. The dusk light on the temple turned the walls a pinkish colour which was very impressive. This temple was dedicated to the God of the Crocodile This was a Greko~Roman temple (one of the first in Egypt). As such, it was the first Egyptian temple to have an underground escape route for the King and the High Priest! It also had a well that used to contain crocodiles from the Nile, where they would throw enemies or anyone else they didn't like into. One of the amazing things we saw was the mummified crocodile (it must be thousands of years old but only looks like it died a week ago | K | omombo | T | emple

33: Mummified Crocodile | Crocodile Pit

34: S | unset on the | N | ile

35: Each day on our cruise we found these suspicious creatures in our room!

36: After dinner we went to Philae Temple for a "sound & light show". As it is on an island we went on another 'motor boat' over to the island. The lights on the walls of the Temple were simply magnificent! The sound part of the show was really entertaining also! It was a great way to learn about the history of the Temple. | Philae

37: The Temple was moved there about 10 years ago because the Nile River had started to rise up into the temple. The archiologists moved piece by piece and reconstructed it to its original glory. Once we listened to the story, we went back to the motor boat and headed back to the main land (although there was a bit of a biff & barge to get the boat into dock!) | Temple

38: This is sunrise on Christmas Day! We had a wake up call at 2:00am to catch a 45 minute flight to Abu Simbel. We arrived at the Temple at around 5:00am and waited about 30 minutes for sunrise. It was freezing! Kristy had a scarf wrapped around her head like a muslim lady! But it was definately worth the early wake-up and the freezing weather to see the temple and the sun rising over it! It truely was spectacular | 25 December 2008

39: Abu Simble Temple For Rameses II

40: This Temple was also moved to make way for the construction of the biggest man-made dam in the world. Again, it was moved piece by piece! Next to this temple was another temple that Ramses II had made for his most favoured wife (there were a few!)

42: Not quite the Christmas lunch that we had in mind, but they did provide us with roast turkey meat together with the normal middle eastern food! It really didn't matter what they served us for Christmas lunch though, what did matter was that we were together on our cruise down the Nile River on Christmas Day!

43: We spent the rest of the day shopping in Aswan! Christmas night had pizza for dinner before spending the rest of the night on the Sleeper Train going back up to Cairo! | Aswan Train Station

44: We arrived in Cairo at about 7:30am on Boxing Day and went straight to the Hotel. After we made a quick change of clothes, 4 of us went on the "optional trip" to Alexandria.. It took about 3 hours to drive there, but it was absolutely beautiful! We went to the Musuem, Katacombs and then the waterfront! for lunch

46: It was effectively an underground cemetry, with hundreds of tombs and a moorners room (for the families). One of the tombs had an each way bet with the religions with a symbol from each religion on the tomb! That tomb also had what was called a false entrance so tomb robbers could not steal the treasures buried with him. | We went to the Kata-Koms after the musuem. This was one of the most amazing things we saw in Egypt

47: The top pictures were of our surpurb lunch at a really ritzy place, and the rest of the pictures are the bay in Alexandria (our view from the lunch table!

48: The next day we left Cairo to drive 8 hours down to Mount Sinai. On the way we passed the Cairo Airport and the place where King Hussain was assacinated (bottom left). Apparently he was watching the army parade where the Monument is (bottom right) when two posing soldiers went up to him and shot him in the chest - it was the first year he didn't wear a bullet proof vest.

49: After stopping at the monument, we kept driving for about 3 hours when we stopped at a roadhouse for lunch (a bit rip off!). As soon as we left we drove through the Seur's Canel (where we were not supposed to take any photos -so mabe you shouldn't look at the above photos!) There were soldiers on either side of the canel tunnel entrance with guns who, when we drove past, blew kisses to all the girls! Very dangerous!!

50: This was the scenary along the 8 hour drive from Cairo to Mount Sinai (where one could take photos!) Along the way to tour leader told us many things about the Arabic culture, including how their arranged marriages are set up to how the weddings are conducted!

51: Each palm is planted for a new born child | We stopped on the side of the road and about 6 kids came running out of nowhere. The family were Bedouin's (our first for the trip). | Ruins of a small monestry

52: Despite anything you have previously known ~ this is a coffee shop! The only difference is that these coffee shops open at 3:00am and are on the 3 hour hike up Mount Sinai! | Sugar | Milk | Tea | Coffee | Chocolate

53: We had about three stops at the coffee shops along the way, which was well deserved! At one of those stops we saw a shooting star! The last part of the walk was the hardest ~ it was 700 "and something") steps straight up! | We left the hotel at 2:30am and arrived at the base of Mount Sinai at about 2:45! Our assent started at 3:00am! It was a slow walk up as it was pitch black and we had a long way to go! | But once we made it up to the top, we were in awe of nature.

54: This picture was taken just minutes before sunrise on top of Mount Sinai. It was quite cold once we stopped walking but the serenity of dawn warmed our soul

55: On top of the world

56: On the top of Mount Sinai was a "church" to commemorate Moses reading the 10 Commandments

57: And down we go!!! | Prophet Elijah's house | Prophet Elijah's house Saith Catherine's Monestry | Prophet Elijah's house Part of the way down! | Scariest moment of my life! | Prophet Elijah's house | Prophet Elijah's house | White church Part of the way down! | Saint Catherine's Monestry Part of the way down!

58: We climbed down the "steps" way from Mount Sinai. It was definately a nice way to decend! On the way down we saw the prophet Elijah's house, a white church and many different rock formations. After finsihed our desent (about 2 1/2 hours) down Mount Sinai we went back to the hotel, had a quick breaky and then packed our suitcase ready to go to the hydrofoil to Aqaba (Jordan). Well, when we got to Nuweiba (Egypt) we had to wait in what we all called the "chicken pen" from 12:00pm till 5:30pm! Our boat was supposed to leave at 2pm, but it was late! The chicken pen was disgusting! It was filled smelly people and the seats were dirty and just yuk! But finally we all started moving at about 5:30pm and the boat left at 6:30. The boat was actually really nice. We had a cup of hot chocolate and then we laid down and slept for a half hour. We finally arrived in Jordan just before 8pm and went straight to our hotel. After a quick orientation with our new tour leader, we went out to a wood fired pizza restaurant for dinner. As soon as we finished dinner we went straight to bed ~ It was a very long day! | Boat from Egypt to Jordan

59: We woke up fairly early the next day to go and have a look around Aqaba. We went on a glass bottom boat in the Red Sea, saw the Aqaba Castle and then Johnny had a haircut and a cut throat shave! | Cut Throat Shave | Hair Cut | Aqaba Castle | Yacht with Israil in background | Glass Bottom Boat in Red Sea

60: After we had a look around in Aqaba, we left to visit the Wadi Rum. We had a nice lunch at the camp and then took some old utes into the desert. It was a really interesting journey. Our first stop was the mushroom rock (top right)! We then went to the hide-out of Lawrence of Arabia (bottom left)

61: We drove for a little more and arrived at another Bedouin Camp where we stopped for tea (top middle). During our stop here, one of the Bedouin men decided to dress me up as a Bedouin wife (far right)! I was a little unsure how to drink the rest of my tea like this! It was a nice experience nonetheless!

62: It was getting cold and late by the time we got back to our bus at the Bedouin camp. We drove for about an hour to Petra where we were staying for the next couple of nights. When we got there, we had 45min before we had dinner and left for "Petra by Night", so we took that opportunity to wash some clothes! | Sunset near Petra

63: Petra by Night was not really what we expected. We walked to the Ancient City on a path that was lit by candles. When we got to the Treasury, we sat on mats and listened to two men playing a flute and a guitar. Unfortunately it wasn't light enough for the photos to turn out!

64: Walk down to the | New Firend! | Water Storage | Camel and Man | Tomb | Carving for a God | Alley to Treasury

65: Ancient City of Petra | Tree in Rock | Canel System | Carving for a God | Carving for a God | Alley to Treasury | Water Storage

66: "Treasury" | Inside the Treasury

67: Petra | Guards at the Treasury!

68: We spent the whole day at the Ancient Petra. It was extremely facinating. First stop was the Treasury (which didn't have anything inside!). We then went around the corner to have some tea before our long walk around the Ancient City.

69: We made two stops before we stopped for lunch. The first was the bedouin camp where they recreated traditional living (I had tea with a couple!). The second was the King's Tomb (where Indiana Jones, Mortal Combat & Mission to Mars were filmed).

70: This is the "Monastery". It took about 45min to walk to the top and about 30min back down! It was beautiful though!

71: After the decent from the Monastery, we made another 45min climb to the "offerings room". It was a taxing walk, but the view over the Ancient City was well worth it!

72: We left Petra early the next morning. Our first stop was Shobak Castle. It was mostly rubble, however it still had a well preserved church and boulders for the catapolts!

73: Panarama of the Promised Land | After we left Shobok Castle we wen to Dana (a national park) and then drove to Mount Nebo where Moses first saw the Promised Land. Although it was a little hazy, we could still see Jerico, the Dead Sea and the Mountains of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.. The top of the Mount Nebo also had ruins of a Church in honour of Moses . We left Mount Nebo and drove down to the Dead Sea. It was a little cold, but a few of us hoped in and floated around! It was definately a weird sensation (our feet and hands came up | out of the water! And to top it all off, we welcomed in the New Year (Brisbane time) when we were floating in the Dead Sea! Happy New Year 2009

74: After we saw the New Year in at the Dead Sea we drove to our hotel in Amman and went to bed (all NYE celebrations had been cancelled due to the war in Gaza). The next day we went to the old city of Jerash. We made it in time to see the "Gladiator" show! It was highly entertaining! Especailly when we got to have photos with the Gladiators!

76: On our way back to our hotel (after Jerash) we stopped to pick up our "lunch boxes"! There were actually really nice! Some sort of chicken dish! We had a relaxing afternoon in Amman which invovled a bath and a walk down-town! The next day we loaded into a really small mini bus for our entry into Syria. On the way to the border our bus driver was pulled over twice for speeding! Guess you just can't get away from those speed cameras!

77: This ancient city (ruins) was our first stop in Syria. It was freezing cold, but the history was facinating! | Borsa, Syria. | Church where Mohommod the Prophet was first identified (when he was 12 years old) | Underground Markets | Theatre | Old Houses | Hammam (public baths) | Mosque | View of Ruins | Main Theatre Also used for lion slaying of Christians

78: Sunset in Damascus | Unknown Soldier Momorial | Damascus Railway Station | Entry Ceiling | Damascus Railway Station | Saladdin Monument | Damascus Railway Station View of Damascus | Old Prison | Damascus Courthouse | Hamman (public bath) | Hamman (cold room) | Hamman (public bath) | Lunch in Damascus

79: Damascus, Syria

80: Umayyad Mosque

81: We visited the Umayyad Mosque where all the females had to where a monk type outfit! It was an extremely beautiful mosque. Half was once used as a Christian church and the other half was a mosque. The remains of the Christian church can be seen in the Shrine for John the Baptist (the tomb is in the shrine). There is also the old baptism instrument!

82: City of Palmyra. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive. On the way we stopped as a small road house called "Bagdad Cafe"! It was freezing, so we all opted for a hot chocolate and sat by the "heater"! It was a welcolmed stop! After we left the roadhouse, we passed two signs, one to Baghdad and the other to Iraq (worth a photo!) | After we left the Mosque we departed Damanscus to the Ancient

83: It was nearing dark by the time we arrived to Palmyra. We had time to shower and then we were scheduled to go to a Bedouin Camp for dinner. On the way we stopped to take some pictures of the ruines under flood lights

84: That night we went to a Bedouin Camp for dinner! The food was really nice (salad and chicken with rice)! After dinner we decided to try the "hubbly bubbly"!

85: After the food was eaten and the dancing was started, we got pulled over to the side of the tent and were dressed up in Bedouin Wedding clothes! We were then paraded around with the musicians to reinact a traditional Bedouin wedding! It was highly entertaining!

86: Palmyra Ruins, Syria | Hotel view of ruins | Hotel view of ruins | Hotel view of ruins | Ruins still semi-buried | Fortress | Circle of Thought | Canel System | Centre of Palmyra | Main Street of Palmyra

87: This was a facinating place to visit. This ancient civilisation had plumbed hot water! It came complete with a "Temple of Doom" where the mummification was done, a temple, palace, queen's bath, circle of thought and markets! What more could a girl ask for! Surprisingly, we spent the best part of a day walking through the ruins of this ancient city. | Entry to Ruins | Temple of Doom | Queen's Tomb | Wholesale Market | Palmyra Palace | Mumification Area | Overview of Ruins | TQueen's Bath | Theatre

88: D | es | After we left Palmyra we drove to Des Krak Castle. It was an imposing castle on top of a mountain. Although it was absolutely freezing, we took our time walking though! It was different from the other ruins that we had seen as the outside of this one was virtually in tact. It even had a mote between the inner castle and the outer wall (there for protection) | Oven Room | Great Hall

89: K | rak | Inside the castle was also really amazing! We saw the Circle of thought, the church that was latter converted into a Mosque; the prison (where they fed them once and gave them a jar - which eventially killed them); the oven room; the beautiful architecture and just the general history of the castle (Saladdin's take-over). | Prison | Circle of Thought

90: After finally getting a walm room at Des Krak and a nights sleep, we drove to Hama. This was supposed to be the most conservative town in Syria. We stopped at the waterwheels (which unfortunately weren't working. We then had some morning tea.

91: Ruins of Apamea. This ancient city had a 35 metre wide main street! Parts of the main street still had the written rules of the market place! The entrance also had concaved stones on the gound from the thousands of caravans that went through. | Ruins of Apamea.

92: baptism Bath for Babies | baptism Temple | baptism Temple | Inside the Citadel | Saint Simeon Pillar | Outside the Citadel

93: Saint Simeon Citadel | The tale of St Simeon is that he had a pillar put up with a small platform on the top in which he resided on for close to forty two years. His primary purpose was to get closer to God. This was an extremely facintating place to visit! What was different about this location was that it was Christian history - all other places we had visited on our trip were Muslim / Islamic history. | Mass Bone Collection | Cemetry | Pillar in Citadel | Ruins of Old Dwellings | baptism Bath | Saint Simeon Citadel | Ruins of Old Dwellings

94: This is the old mental asylum in Aleppo, Syria. It was used from 1300s till early 1900s. They took much better care of their mentally ill than the westerners during the same time - they were serenaded with music and water features! They also had different rooms depending on the severity of the mental illness (a 90% insane room; 60% insane room & a 30% insane room!) | 90% Room | 60% Room | 30% Room | Johhny in the 60% Room!

95: The Pillar in the main picture was used for the entrance bridge, yet in time of unrest, it was knocked down by about 2 metres so access was prevented. Inside also had a hamman, internal water supply and army baracks. | After we left Aleppo, we went to Saone Castle on our way through to Tartus. When we got here, it was pouring rain so only 5 of us went. Once we walked up the big steps, it had stopped raining and the sun came out! From inside we could look out and see the Mediterannean Sea! | Saone Castle

96: Roadside Diner

97: After we left Saone Castle we stopped at a "dead city", but as it had started raining (and Kristy's shoes and socks were already soaked), we decided to stay put in the bus! Although everything is so beautiful and facinating, even people like Kristy can get to the point where they say "I've seen enough rubble"! We arrived in Tartus in the late afternoon and checked into our hotel. (The photo is of the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea from our hotel window!) We had a quick walk around the streets, bought some pepsi to go with our vodka and a nice sweet each and headed back to the hotel! We had a very nice bath where we enjoyed a couple of quite drinks! At about 7pm a group of us went to dinner. It took a little while, but we found a really nice local restaraunt where they served whole fish (and it was BYO!). The food, which they kept brining out, was exceptional - fresh fish straight from the Mediteranean Sea. | After dinner we went back to the hotel for our second last night on our tour.

98: On our last day we travelled back to Damascus. On our way we stopped at one of the last remaining villages that still speak Aramaic (the language Jesus spoke). We went through a rock opening up to Couvent of Saints Serge and Bacchus. A lady in the church said the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic. It was amazing to actually hear it in Aramaic.

99: We arrived in Damascus just after lunch. Johnny decided to rest in the hotel room and Kristy decided to go back to the Old Markets (she really wanted to buy a hubbly bubbly!). After the shopping was finished, we all got ready for our last supper! We walked for about half an hour and found a nice little restaurant. It was a nice way to say good-buy to everyone. We got back to hotel with just enough time to shower, finalise the packing and take our bags down stairs to the taxi - we were on our way home! Our flight left at 4am, but we got to the airport at about 12:30am (plenty of time to spare!). We slept on the plane from Damascus to Abu Dhabi, had a short stop-over and slept more on the plane to Singapore. At Singapore airport we had our first capachino for three weeks! We then boarded the plane for Brisbane. It is great to go away, but even better coming back home... | The Last Supper!

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