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My Advintures

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S: My Adventures 2010

BC: The adventure just began

FC: MyAdventures from 11-18 years old

3: Sabbath Walks

4: In Uncle Don and Aunt Barbra's back yard in kawaii Hawaii Me, Cousin Layla, Great aunt Stephanie, Great Aunt Barbra, Great Uncle Don, Great Grandma Capener, Great Uncle Don, Grandpa, Grandma

7: My favorite place in Kauai, expressly during night.

8: The Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is a foot suspension bridge that crosses over the Hanapepe River and links the old town of Hanapepe in Kauai County. The wooden bridge was originally built in the early 1900’s as the only way for locals to cross the river. The rickety and swaying bridge have since became a popular tourist landmark in the area. In 1992, the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge was badly damaged by Hurricane Iniki, touted as the most powerful hurricane to strike Hawaii in recorded history. The bridge was restored and reinforced with cables and wooden planks, making it more stable and less swing-y. The bridge is still used by taro farmers and locals who need to cross the river, as well as, becoming a popular tourist landmark.

9: Kamalani Playground at Lydgate State Park

10: A cave in the water | kalalau viewpoint

11: Swinging on vines like Tarzan | Hanalei, Kauai | Underwater Cave

16: Kilauea Lighthouse

17: Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1985 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The ocean cliffs and tall grassy slopes of a dormant volcano provide a protective breeding ground for many Hawaiian seabirds.

29: Hotel Nikko was my favortite place in the hole world to go swimming at. expeshuly at night i shure loved all the butiful lights.

30: GUAM

31: Typhoon that almost hit us | I used to love looking at the suun set after along day at the beach | red dirt

32: If you take a florescent light bulb into the antenna fields at night when the radio station is going, the light bulb will light up in your hand | Kayla

33: for 6 months darning the winter i lived in Guam twice. 1 winter when i was 11 and another at 12 years old. My grandpa worked in the antenna fields at AWR (Adventist World Radio). I used to spend a lot of time out on the field when grandpa was working. i used to love catching geckos when grandpa was in the shop and not in the field. I used to spend hrs playing with shy grass, or exploring i sure loved exploring and imagining. always was afraid of the antennas because you could get fried when on & sometimes you could hear the AWR station when out in the fuilds. I really liked when we went onto the fuild why they were aring at night and held a LD light builb in your hand and it light up. | Grandpa and Gordon saying goodbye to there partner

34: my favorite part of under water world was touching the little sting rays. And seeing the sea horses

35: When i was 11 I was invited to go to under water world for a friends birthday. I then got to go again a year later with my family. I loved seeing all the sharks and large sting rays swim above you

36: Stone grinder used to grind corn. and woven Items | Making Coconut candy | Grinding coconut | Leon Guerrero house built 1902. Housed the village commissioner (mayor) and his 16 children. (very small house for that many people) | Gef Pa'go Chamorro Cultural Village, Inarajan, Guam Offer exhibits and demonstrations in the folkways of the Chamorro People in the period of 1900-1940. Some of the elders can tell you stories of their childhood on these same streets and shores. They are teaching younger people t0 cherish and pass on our traditions. | Chamoru oven (Hotnu). | Salinas hut, where salt is made from sea water.

37: me mope making from pagu tree | we got to shred Coconut for Coconut candy, | Pandanus leaf weaving. We all got to learn how to weave a basket | Gef Pa'go Chamorro Cultural Village, Inarajan, Guam Offer exhibits and demonstrations in the folkways of the Chamorro People in the period of 1900-1940. Some of the olders can tell you stories of their childhood on these same streets and shores. They are teaching younger people t cherish and pass on our taditions. | Children used to make a circle and race crabs, don't remember the words that wear used to call out to your crab

38: Every siblings dream, berrying there sibling. | Me, Aron, Kay, Gordon, Alix, Kayla the head | Well no one tock to my idea of leaving her their. But Gordon came up with a better plan. He got a crab and but it next to her. Since she was terrified of crabs too she ripped out of her as fast as she could. | Me and Aron

39: Blue star fish. i loved collecting them and Kayla was scared to death of them so i also had allot of fun collecting and chasing my sister with the star fish | A rock that looked like a bear, i think it looks like a squarle

40: Tarzan Falls

41: Tarzan Falls

43: grandpa and Gordon skydiving

44: Mount Lamlam (meaning lightning in Chamorro), located in the southwestern village of Agat, is the highest peak on Guam. Though Mount Lamlam is only 1,332 feet high, the distance from the peak to the bottom of the nearby Mariana Trench is perhaps the greatest change in elevation on Earth over such a short distance. The Marianas Trench reaches a maximum known depth of 6.78 miles. If Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth at 29,040 feet, was set in the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, there would be 6,760 feet of water left above it.

45: I dont remember much of the details but i remember Gorden saying something about on easter the cathlics would carry a cross on their back on top of this mountion. I remember the hike being a little hard and very hot. but so pretty

46: War in the Pacific National Historic Park. The War in the Pacific National Historical Park-Guam was established on August 18, 1978 to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific Theater of World War II and to conserve and interpret outstanding natural, scenic, and historic values and objects on the island of Guam. Asan Beach, pictured here, is one of 6 units of the Park and War in the Pacific National Historic Park, Asan, Guam was was one of the main landing areas of the American invasion to recapture Guam from the Japanese in 1944. Other units are Asan Village, Piti, Mount Chacho , Alifan, and Gann Point in Agat. Visitors can still see Japanese costal guns, pillboxes, caves and other relics. | Kayla and Me at the a intrince of an old caved in bomb bunker

47: Kayla, Rachel, Grandpa, Me | Buncker shelters

48: ww2 bunkers | Japanese World War II Landmarks

49: Japanese World War II Landmarks

50: Merizo Bell Tower. The Merizo Bell tower (Kampanayum Malesso) was constructed in 1910 under the direction of Father Cristobal de Canalas to help raise the standard of living for the people of Merizo village. The tower was constructed with stone and cement and the bell was used to announce religious events, town meetings and mass. Although no longer in use today, it has been maintained and is a well known landmark to visit when in the Southern part of the Island. | Latte Stone Park. Latte Stones are pillars on which ancient Chamorro houses were constructed as early as 500 A.D. Found nowhere else in the world, Latte Stones have become a signature of Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands.

51: Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad. Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad was one of the last Spanish Forts constructed in the 19th Century in support of the Spanish Galleon trade. Sitting on the cliff just to the South of Umatac, Fort Soledad has a commanding view of the Bay and all Ocean approaches. The Fort was restored in 1995 and today the cannon of Fort Soledad still point out over the Pacific Ocean and Umatac Bay where Magellan landed in 1521 to make the first contact between Guam and the West. | Fort Santa Agueda. Constructed in 1800, Fort Santa Agueda occupied a commanding position overlooking Hagatna Bay and the city of Hagatna. The cannon of Fort Agueda served to protect Hagatna harbor and the lucrative Galleon trade until the Spanish American War when in 1898 when an American frigate entered Hagatna harbor with guns blazing. Hagatna was surrendered the next day. Today the old Spanish cannon still point out over Hagatna Bay from the remnants of Fort Santo Agueda located in Hagatna Heights adjacent to the Governor's residence.

54: first lai made of real flowers my first year we were welcomed to guam by are friends the Gardors and some of the missanarys from awr. I was given my first real flower lai. | I used to go to sleep to the sound of tones of toads. are yard was covered with them. and would wake up to just as many chikens

56: Guam is packed with history. When i was their i got to go on a lot of hikes and exploring and learned alot about the history of Guam. Guam is wear my love of history was born. Also alot of swimming in the ocean. unforchantly i only had a disposable camera and was learning to take pictures so I don't have allot of pictures that i tock. I didnt like Guam because it was soooo hot. But i miss it and wouldn't mind going back someday.

62: Little big horn

66: Registration

67: Ice Breaker

70: missionary adventures week

71: some groups got chopsticks while others had to eat potatoes, chili, and salad with there hands.

72: Testimonies night

73: Night worship

76: big smiles | copy | fun times | big adventures

77: hold on! | ready for adventure! | have fun!

79: recreation: wilderness first aid

80: wilderness first aid picnic and hike

81: outreach: Child evangelism

82: For Sabbath we each wrote are own 5 min sermon and gave it in front of 300+ people. My sermon was a testimony tittle "Not Forsaken"

83: Lifeskills: Homiletics

84: Hi bethany, I thank the Lord for sending you to my unit! Your such a sweet girl and I cant wait to get to know you better. Your quit, calm spirit is such a blessing to me! Love you lots Renee | Dear Bethany, Hi! how are you doing? I hope you are having a wonderful time at Yd this year! I'm glad youre in the homiletics class. :) I am enjoying it even though it's challenging! My other classes are Orchestra and scrapbooking and they are fun too. :) Well have a wonderful day and God bless you! Hope your serman writing goes well. Your friend in christ Heather | Dear Bethany, I hope your having a great week. I cant believe its pretty much over! I think we had a fun unit. :) Stay sweet and I pray your goals this week are becoming a reality. Love ya! lily

85: Hi Bethany! I just want to say Thank You for being in our class- You are so sweet and helpful and always willing to do whatever is needed (although you dont ??????????????????????????????? | Dear Bethany- I hope you are enjoying your time at Y.D. camp- May God richly bless you as you seek to follow him Sincerely Ann Brown | Dear Bethany, Just wanted to let you know that I have noticed your attentiveness in writing class and I appreciate it. God blesses those who want to learn with knowledge and truth! May God continue to bless you this week at camp | Dear bethany, I am glad you could come to camp this year! I enjoy seeing your smile in the Kitchen Creations class. The food is delecious that you helped to make! than you. Keep shining for Jesus He will never fail you! God bless yo! love

88: Camel Rock Arizona 2007

90: Spider Rock Arizona 2009 | Levi and Caleb being are angles lol | Help Were Falling!!!!

98: Arizona Mission trip March 18=27 Bethany C. Thursday: we left Gem State Academy at 8:30 with 4 boys, 10 girls, and 7 adults wear we rode in 5 different cars about 4 in each car. We then drove to Utah and Stopped at a SDA Church Wear we spent the night. Friday: we went to four Corners, wear my wish of being in 2 places at once came true plus doubled. We then drove 2 hours until we got to the Kinclichee church. Wear we all moved in. The girls got the sanctuary wear we tock 2 pews and made them into are little beds. The boys got the office, the men got the sabbath school room, and the women got the nursery. We had to wait for supplies so we tore out the tile in the entrance of the church and in the kitchen as much as we could with our hands, which wasnt to hard since the floor was moldy. Then Pastor Bryson took the kids who wanted to go on a hike outside of the fenced in area around the church and hiked down into a canyon. When you look out all you see is red flat land. But if you hike a little ways there are canyons and down in the canyons its very pretty with with lots of green grass and trees. Finely when we got back the supplies were there so we unloaded it all. Since it was close to sunset so we just hung out after that. Most of us spent from 4:30-7:30 playing running games outside. the next day outr legs were so sore and hurt to sit or get up. Saturday: We went to Church in the next town. Then we went on a hike to Camel Rock. Instead of following the trail some of us decided to clime the rocks. When we finally found a place to get down we were not far away from where we were supposed to be before you head up to the camel rock. I didnt go up since I had been there before so I stayed with Jessica who wasnt feeling well. Instead of up the camel rock that was on your left we went to our right and climbed rocks until we found a nice place to sit andstayed there and watched the people climb to camel rock. Some were able to figure out how to get on top of camels hump. Wich none of us tried latst time. After that we came back and played card games from 4:30-7:30. Sunday: i helped tear down the upper part of the siding on one side of the church, cut the bottom half of the siding using a jigsaw, tore off the lower half of the siding and put on new siding. After that went inside and cleaned up after the people putting in tile and then put in tile on one half of the kitchen

100: Arizona Mission trip

104: just about to ride snow mobile for the first time | Kellsie me and Camoron | holding Zabrina down so Camoreon can tickle her | Ice skatting for the first time outside was AWSOME!!!!!

105: Also went cross country sking for the first time, and had a blast tubing down a hill with all my friends | Winter Camp

108: Banquite

109: water park for the first time | Greg and Cameron | Meggs | 1st year at swep.2008. Unforchantily lost most pictures from swep

110: Kiya and Adrianna

111: During Swep 2008 I got to work at Born to Succeed. That is when i knew working with kids is exactly what i wanned to do. Its also the reason I got hired a few years later.

114: Summer Work Experience Program | Activitys White water rafting, tubing, swimming at the Y, car rally, Toast Masters, Career prep, dress for success, BSU toar, trip to pizza hut with a group of friends, Bowling, Pool, Out door sports austin, eric, and i would take a blanket, food, and watch movies outside, Old car show, saturday super marcket, frisby galf , roaring springs park | Activitys White water rafting, tubing, swimming at the Y, car rally, Toast Masters, Career prep, dress for success, BSU toar, trip to pizza hut with a group of friends, Bowling, Pool, Out door sports austin, eric, and i would take a blanket, food, and watch movies outside, Old car show, saturday super marcket, frisby galf , roaring springs park

116: YMCA

117: ball

118: First pay check

120: Caskade

121: Friends fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after.

122: Live Well,Laugh Often, Love Much

124: McCall

125: Fresbey Golf | Roaring Springs | Car Show | Car Show

126: My friend Bri visiting me | Job interview at the Drug Court House | We had spent alot of time on the bus | hanging out with friends

127: 4th of July getting ready for the game

128: Hawlks

132: BSU

136: Eric | Me

139: Car Rally | Starting at Bronco Stadium

140: weighting to get started

141: Finish Line | Idaho Pizza

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