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My Trip to South Korea

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My Trip to South Korea - Page Text Content

S: My trip to South Korea

BC: DEPARTED | SOUTH KOREA | 21 JUL 2012 | Photos taken by Christy Oh and Beomseok Oh Journal written by Christy Oh

FC: KOREA | SOUTH KOREA | ARRIVED 25 JUN 2012 | is officially known as the Republic of Korea. Its neighbors are China to the west, Japan to the east, and North Korea to the north. The capital and largest city is Seoul, with a population of 9,794,304.

1: To my wonderful family - Mom and Dad for taking me on this trip Aunt, Uncle, Rachel, and Lisa for letting us stay at their apartment Grandma, grandpa, and uncle on my mom's side Grandma, uncle, aunts, and cousins on my dad's side for showing me a chaotic side to my family Special thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful trip!!

2: 6/26/12 – Tuesday The plane ride was sooo long, but we finally landed at Incheon Airport!! :D We got on the plane at 2 pm on June 25th (in Washington time) and we landed on June 26th at 6pm (in Korea time)! We went to my cousins’ house and we had pizza at Stove On with one of my cousins, Lisa. It was good, but we ate the pizza with a fork and a knife. :S 6/27/12 – Wednesday I woke up at 5:30 am today That’s 1:30 pm in Washington time! The air here is sort of dirty, but it’s okay. It’s really hot here. I went to 2001 Outlet to get groceries, and it was cool. I ate these rice cakes and fish cakes. It was super good. I also had ice cream! We’re going to visit my grandma and grandpa (on my mom’s side) today. I had dinner with part of my dad’s side of the family. My grandma, uncle, cousin, and two aunts ate dinner with us. It was fun seeing them, but I was super tired. We had Chinese food. It was okay, but I wasn’t really hungry. 6/28/12 – Thursday I woke up at 6:15 today My dad and I got bread and pastries at Paris Baguette. The food is really good. I had lunch at AK Plaza. I had fish cakes, and it was pretty good. We rode a subway to get there. We rode from Migeum to Seohyun station. It was fast and fun. After that, we went to Kyobo Tower and shopped for stationary. I got some pens and notebooks. I looked at some CDs but I decided to get them later. :) I went to my grandparent’s apartment and had dinner. I also watched some TV there. 6/29/12 – Friday I woke up at 5 am today. Stupid jetlag! :P I had these soy sauce noodles for breakfast and it was good. I did some studying because I was bored. We took a little walk around the apartment this afternoon. Then we had shaved ice at Paris Baguette. It aws good. I had dinner with my parents, aunt, and uncle at Shabumi, which serves shabu shabu. It was really good! :D After that, we went to a small coffee shop/bakery and I had a raspberry macaroon. It was really good, but sweet.

3: 6/30/12 – Saturday I woke up at 6 am today. It started raining. :( It’s really hot, humid, and wet. The TV broke, but it’s fixed now! I had Vienna sausages for breakfast. We went to Coex Mall and had lunch and shopped. I had spicy rice cakes and fried seaweed with rice thing. It was really good. I got a folder, hand lotion, macaroons, and bubble tea. I shopped with my cousin while my aunt and mom did some shopping by themselves. It was fun, but the mall was super crowded and humid. All the shops were so cool and sold cool stuff like notebooks and cute things. We took pictures at a sticker photo booth and decorated them. It was so fun! I had dinner with my cousin, aunt, and uncle. My parents went out for dinner with my other uncle. Rachel and I played Mari Kart, watched TV, movies, and made cookies. It was fun. 7/1/12 – Sunday I went to church today. It was sort of boring because I couldn’t really understand anything. We went to AK Plaza and had lunch at the food court. I had a chicken yakisoba. It was good. I had dinner with my dad’s side of the family. Everyone was there! I saw all my cousins, aunts, and uncles. I also saw my nephew, which is my oldest cousin’s son. He is soo cute! I had udon and it was good. Everyone was so loud and talkative. I fit in very well. :P 7/2/12 – Monday I ate lunch at Jaws Food. I had tteokbokki, tempura, and fish cake soup. It was really good, but the tteokbokki was super spicy. Then we went to Paris Croissant and had shaved ice. It was good. I went to see my grandparents again. We went to a fish market where it smelled like the ocean and sold tons of fresh seafood. We went to E-Mart to get a toy for my nephew, Yejun. I got a BigBang album there! Then we ate dinner at my grandparents’ apartment. It was good. 7/3/12 – Tuesday Today is my dad’s birthday! I went to Coex mall again and bought some stuff. I had a pepperoni pretzel for lunch. For dinner, we went to Kang Ho Dong 678, which is a restaurant made by a celebrity, Kang Ho Dong. We ate meat like Oh-Gyeop-Sal. It was good. There were autographs on the walls from celebrities that came and ate there! It was really cool.

4: 7/4/12 – Wednesday I didn’t really do anything today. My aunt made really good spicy pasta for lunch. My parents went out with their friends from college for dinner so my aunt and I went to Kyobo Tower and got some things. We ate dinner at this small restaurant near AK Plaza. It was called Donzzola. I had ramen and it was super good. 7/5/12 – Thursday I rode the subway for a long time to Mokdong, which is where my grandma (dad’s side) lives. We had to get off and exchange stops and a bunch of other complicated stuff. We ordered Chinese black bean sauce noodles and dumplings and ate at the apartment. It was good. I had dinner with my aunt, uncle, other aunt, cousin, and nephew. We ate at Ham Ji Park, which is a Chinese restaurant. It was good. I played with Yejun. He's so cute! 7/6/12 – Friday I went to Kyobo tower again today. I got Super Junior’s new CD!! Then I went to my grandma’s house and had dinner. I’m getting dizzy a lot lately. Must be because of the bad air and my tiredness. :( 7/7/12 – Saturday I ate breakfast at this brunch restaurant called Butterfinger Pancakes. It was really good. It reminded me of IHOP. I had pancakes and hash browns. I also saw three girls that are on this TV show I watch. It was so cool! My aunt made this DIY bingsu. It was pretty good. I had tteokbokki for a snack and kalguksoo for dinner. It was good. My dad left todayyy :( He had to go back home early because of work. 7/8/12 – Sunday I went to church this morning with my mom and aunt. Then I went to go see SBS Inkigayo, but this person said I couldn’t go in because I wasn’t old enough. :( We didn’t know there was an age limit. I was only one month younger than the limit! So we took the subway to AK Plaza and went to Kyobo Tower and Olive Young. I had udon at the AK Plaza food court. It was good.

5: 7/9/12 – Monday I went to my grandma’s house today. She made tteokbokki for lunch and it was usper good! She bought fresh rice cakes. I rested, did some studying, watched TV, and other stuff. My mom and grandma made sukiyaki for dinner. It was really good. 7/10/12 – Tuesday I went to this kimbap place for lunch. I had teokbokki again. :P It was really good. Then I had some strawberry gelato. I window-shopped with my aunt and then went to Hans Bakery to have some cake. I had a strawberry cream cake, which was good. 7/11/12 – Wednesday We rode the subway to the Express Bus Terminal Station and had lunch there at Can-More. I had spaghetti, toast, tteokbokki, and a fruit bingsu. There’s an underground mall at that station, so we shopped there for a couple of hours. I got a shirt and a ring. It was fun but tiring. For dinner, my mom, aunt, cousins, and I went to eat budae-jjigae. It’s a spicy stew with noodles, ham, vegetables, rice cakes, and a bunch of other stuff. I had so much of it! After that, we went to Cream Fairy and had ice cream. It was good. 7/12/12 – Thursday I went to 2001 Outlet with my mom. We looked around the mall a bit. I got a white gold cross necklace. I had lunch there too. We had tteokbokki and fish cakes. Then I went to my grandma’s house and had dinner. I took a little nap there too. After dinner, my mom, uncle, and I went to Juk-Jeon Bojeong Café area and had bingsu and a brownie there. It was really good. 7/13/12 – Friday I didn’t do much today. I stayed home most of the time. I had brunch at Todai. It was really good. I had udon, ramen, desserts, and a lot of other stuff. I went down to the mini-mart with Rachel and got ice cream. Then we made chocolate cookies with a kit we bought.

6: 7/14/12 – Saturday Today I went to the Seoul Art Center with my aunt and Lisa. We looked at different galleries. I liked the “10 Curators 10 Futures” one the best. Then we all had dinner at a restaurant called Mozart. I had lasagna. It started pouring so we were all wet and cold. 7/15/12 – Sunday I didn’t do much today. My mom went to church but I stayed home. I watched TV, rested, and went to the mini-mart to get snacks. Then my mom and I went to dinner with my uncle and his girlfriend. We ate at Ganga, which is an Indian restaurant. I had curry and Nan. It was really good. 7/16/12 – Monday My aunt, Rachel, and I went to Myeongdong. We had breakfast and Bon Dosirak. I had a vegetable fried rice dosirak, which was really good. We went to the Bando Camera Museum, which sold and displayed Leica camers and pictures. It was sooo cool!! Then we went to the main street in Myeongdong and shopped. I got things at Forever 21 and Etude House. It was fun. Then we went to an observatory and learned about North Korea. We also went to Imjingak, which is near the border and took pictures. We looked at North Korea through binoculars. Then we went back home and ate budae-jjigae. It was really good. 7/17/12 – Tuesday Today I didn’t do anything. Not really. I stayed home while my mom went out to see my aunt. I studies, watched TV, was lazy, ate food, talked to my friends, and rested.

7: 7/18/12 – Wednesday Today, I had brunch at Mad for Garlic. I had pizza and pasta, which was really good. Then me, my mom, and aunt went to East Gate and shopped at the mall. I bought a lot of stuff. Then we went near Seohyun Station and me and my mom went to Kyobo Tower and Etude House. I got a few CDs, pens and lotion. For dinner, my mom, aunt, cousins, and I ate at Todai. I had a lot. It was really good. 7/19/12 – Thursday Today I went to a nail shop to get my nails and eyelashes done. They turned out super well. Then me and my mom went to see my grandparents for the last time and had dinner with them. 7/20/12 – Friday I went to KBS Music Bank today!! They let me in!! At first, they didn’t let me in, but then a staff member escorted me into the building! I also got ALL the Super Junior members’ autographs!! At the broadcast, I saw Super Junior, B.A.P, ZE:A, and more people perform. It was sooo cool!! I had a late dinner at Din Tai Fung. I had dumplings and noodles. It was good. 7/21/12 – Saturday We went to the airport today. WE’RE FINALLY LEAVING!!! :( :) I shopped at the airport. I got a bag. The plane ride was long, but it wasn’t bad. I had ramen for my meal. I slept a lot. I fell asleep at the beginning of the flight and woke up after 6-8 hours. It was cold in the plane, though. :( I’m so happy to be back in Washington though.

9: This is the Vitamin Water sold in Korea! The label is written in Korean. The flavors are the same. | The Korean Won! This is the form of currency in Korea. | This is a Korean license plate. This is a newer version. The older one is green.

10: We went to Sea-Tac Airport and got on our flight to Incheon Airport, which is in Korea! The flight was around 12 hours. When we arrived, it was super hot. And it was one day after we left! (because of the time difference) Incheon Airport was super cool. | All the signs are in Korean! | Moving walkways!!

12: The food was AMAZING in Korea! I had a lot of Korean food. My favorite is tteokbokki, which is a spicy rice cake dish. It's really good. | spicy rice cakes, tempura, dumplings budae-jjigae margherita pizza dumplings and noodles tteokbokki, tempura, and fish cake soup fruit bingsu (shaved ice) fruit cocktail and mini cakes berry bingsu

13: oh-gyeop-sal fried rice dosirak shabu shabu curry and nan cheese tteokbokki, toast, and spaghetti tteokbokki udon spicy ramen

14: A lot of people in Korea ride the subway. It's a cheap, fast, and common type of transportation. I liked riding the subway because it was fun and also very different from transportation in Washington.

16: My family on my dad's side is very loud. I think that it's because there's so many of them. My dad has four siblings (not including himself) and they all have kids. One of my cousins has a son too.

17: My family on my mom's side is smaller than my dad's side of the family. It's only my grandparents and uncle. We went to their apartment a lot. | My uncle | This is their apartment. It's small, but it is cozy.

19: The cities in Korea are super busy and crowded. There are apartments, markets, shops, and many other things on the streets.

21: My aunt, Rachel, and I went to the Bando Camera Museum and saw a bunch of different Leica cameras. There was also a gallery that displayed photos taken with Leica cameras. It was really cool.

22: The living room | Rachel's bedroom - I used it for two weeks | The kitchen | The living room (when it's messy) | Lisa eating shaved ice | My aunt making shaved ice | My aunt and cousins' apartment! We stayed here for the entire trip.

23: The SBS broadcasting station | Inside the KBS broadcasting station | A wall full of celebrity autographs at a restaurant | My autographed Super Junior album | These are pictures of broadcasting stations and autographs.

24: Myeongdong is one of Seoul's main shopping and tourism districts. It was fun shopping there and looking around. It's really busy and has a lot of tourists. | namsan tower | passion 5, a popular bakery | passion 5, a popular bakery | myeongdong's main street

25: My mom, grandparents, and I went to a seafood market. There were tons of fresh seafood! They had fish, crab, squid, and so much mnore! | They also sold fresh fruit, like watermelon! | There were random cats walking around.

26: The artist used small pieces of mesh-type material and layered them to create this piece | This is a close-up of the escalator painting on the next page.

27: We went to the Seoul Arts Center to see paintings and galleries. We saw "Exposition du Museé Louvre 2012" "10 Curators 10 Futures" and an optical illusion gallery. My favorite was the "10 Curators 10 Futures" because it had a lot of different types of art. | There are hundreds of Styrofoam dogs in a small space! There is a close-up of one of the dogs above.

28: My aunt, Rachel, and I went near the border of North and South Korea. We also learned about the war and other things related to the border. I looked at North Korea through binoculars. We also went to a small museum where they showed North Korean items. | Views of North Korea in the distance

29: We went to Odu Mountain Observatory, DMZ, and Imjingak. All these places are near the border. | A North Korean classroom A North Korean apartment/home | North Korean items, like beer, money, snacks, and tools.

31: We rode a shuttle to Incheon Airport so we could catch our flight back to Washington! The flight wasn't that bad and I slept really well. Finally arriving at Sea-Tac Airport was so exciting! I missed home so much!

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