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Nature Elements

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FC: Nutrition Portfolio | Talia Klocker Sioux Falls, SD Harrisburg High School

1: Table Of Contents | Page 2- Day 1 Page 3- Day 2 Page 4- Day 3 Page 5- Day 4 Page 6- Day 5 Page 7- Day 6 Page 8- Day 7 Page 9- Food Tracker Page 10- Week Reflection Page 11-Concerns Page 12- Goals Page 13- Day 1 Menu Page 14- Day 2 Menu Page 15- Day 3 Menu Page 16- Day 4 Menu Page 17- Day 5 Menu Page 18- Day 6 Menu Page 19- Day 7 Menu Page 20- Exercise/sleep Plan (week 1) Page 21- Exercise/sleep Plane (week 2) Page 22- Implemented Reflection

2: Dec 5th Ab workout Ran for 30 min Inner thigh workout for 20 min, 60 squats | Breakfast | Dinner | Lunch

3: Dec 6th 1 Hour Dance Cardio Workout, 65 squats | Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

4: Dec 7th 30 min walk, 20 min ab workout, 75 squats | Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

5: Dec 8th 1 hour Dance Cardio | Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

6: Dec 9th 30 min walk, 20 min ab workout, 80 squats | Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

7: Dec 10th 10 min ab workout, ran 20 min, 10 min inner thigh workout, 85 squats | Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

8: Dec 11th 20 min ab workout, 25 min walk, 20 min weight lifting | Breakfast | Dinner | Lunch

9: Food Tracker | Day 1- Under Protein and grains over dairy, a little over empty calories, and ate 1848 calories Day 2- under dairy and protein , over fruits, 1421 calories Day 3- over protein, fruits and grains; under vegetables and dairy; 1772 calories Day 4- over fruits, under dairy and protein, 1529 calories Day 5- over grains and vegetables; under fruits and protein; 1315 calories Day 6- over grains, vegetables and dairy, under protein, 1568 calories Day 7- over grains, under proteins; 1841 calories

10: Before I started this program, I knew that I was going to be low in the protein section because I am a vegetarian. I was very surprised that I didn't score higher in the vegetable section though. I found out that I went over my empty calories one of the days, which I didn't expect. When ever I am hungry I usually reach for a food in the grain group, but when I looked back on the pictures I took it looked like I reached for more of the fruit category. Even some days I was low in my intake of grains. The last thing I noticed was on the weekends I ate less calories, showing that on the week days I grab for what ever is easiest to find in my house, compared to on the weekend I actually make a healthier meal. | Week Reflection

11: Explore your world | Concerns | Currently I am working on adding protein into my diet, and constantly reaching the recommended amount you want in your diet daily. Having a healthy amount of protein is also a long term goal, because I want to continue being a vegetarian but still be as healthy as I would if I did eat meat. Once looking at the report what frustrated me the most was almost every day I wasn't able to get the protein section at the healthy amount in my daily diet. Not only was that section low, but so was my dairy category almost every day of the week. I think instead of grabbing for fruits for a snack I should lean more toward protein rich foods. Also replace some of my drinks at meals to milk, to help out my dairy category. What I was pleased with when looking through the report, was how high my fruit categories where, and how I only went over my empty calories one of the days.

12: 1. For 2 weeks I am going to add a protein shake into my diet every day. To accomplish this I am going to test the different protein shakes out there, and ask different people who have tried them what they recommend. Then I am going to pick one of the shakes and record every day for a week everything I eat with protein in it, and see if I meet the healthy amount of protein I should have in my diet. If it works I will continue into the second week. 2. For a month I am going to try to add one dairy item into every meal. First I will make a list of all the food in the dairy category. Then write a schedule including 3 dairy items per day that I will try to eat on those specific days with my meals. Before I start the month, I will test one week beforehand, to see if this will make a difference in my dairy category. 3. Gradually I am going to switch all my white breads that I use for my pastas, sandwiches, and snacks to whole wheat products. And I want to accomplish the switch within 2 months. To pull this off I will start out by buying whole wheat bread next time I go to the store. Then I will go a week only using whole wheat bread for my sandwiches, until I get used to it. Next I will use half whole wheat pasta and noodles, until I can gradually get used to using only whole wheat products. To make sure I am making progress I will calculate how much more whole wheat I need to add into my diet daily, to make sure I accomplish this goal within 2 months. | Goals

13: Day 1 Menu | BreakFast whole wheat cereal with milk, protein shake | Lunch Whole wheat cheese and lettuce sandwich, with grapes | Dinner 1/2 whole wheat pasta, cheese on top, green beans

14: Day 2 Menu | Breakfast Protein Shake, whole wheat waffle with yogurt | Lunch Whole wheat granola with yogurt, apple and carrots | Dinner 1/2 Whole wheat lasagna with different cheeses and vegetables

15: Day 3 Menu | Breakfast Protein shake with milk and an orange | Lunch whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, broccoli and strawberries | Dinner 1/2 whole wheat rice with cheese, cooked carrots and steamed asparagus on top

16: Day 4 Menu | Breakfast Protein shake, whole grain cereal with milk | Lunch Whole grain sandwich with cheese and lettuce, apple and celery on the side | Dinner whole grain tortilla with cheese, steamed broccoli on top, with lemon

17: Day 5 Menu | Breakfast Protein shake, whole grain waffle with yogurt | Lunch whole grain sandwich with spinach and cheese, grapes and asparagus | Dinner 3/4 whole grain pasta with cheese, kale on top, green beans

18: Day 6 Menu | Breakfast Protein shake, Whole grain cereal with banana and milk | Lunch whole grain bagel with cheese and lettuce, strawberries and asparagus on the side | Dinner whole grain lasagna with cheese and vegetables

19: Day 7 Menu | Breakfast Protein shake, whole grain bagel with yogurt | Lunch whole grain granola with yogurt and blueberries, carrots on the side | Dinner whole grain spaghetti with cheese and kale, bean beans on the side

20: Exercise and Sleeping Plan (week 1) | Week 1: Day 1- 20 min ab workout, 20 min walk, 20 min weight lifting Day 2- 30 min dance cardio workout out, 30 min walk Day 3- 20 min ab workout, 40 min dance cardio video Day 4- hour strength training workout Day 5- Hour yoga Day 6- 20 min ab workout, 40 min dance cardio workout Day 7- 30 min run. 20 min ab workout, 15 min inner thigh workout ALL days should get 8-10 hours sleep

21: Sleep and Exercise Plan (week 2) | Week 2: Day 1- 30 min ab workout, 30 min run Day 2- 1 hour yoga Day 3- 30 min ab workout, 30 min strength workout video Day 4- 40 min run, 20 min dance cardio workout Day 5- 5o min run, 10 min ab workout Day 6- 1 hour yoga Day 7- 1 hour run ALL days should get 10 hours of sleep!

22: Implemented Reflection | Just after a couple days of implementing my plan I feel more energized. Usually by 3 o'clock in the afternoon I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open to do my homework. Which also affected my workouts, because I couldn't put much energy into it. Now I come home from school energized enough to finish my homework and have a very energized workout (which can more easily be an hour or more). Also by eating more whole grains I feel more full afterwards, so I have more time to actually prepare a healthy meal when I am hungry. Compared to being so hungry and grabbing whatever is closest to me and easiest to make. So it has made a big improvement on my life.

23: Thank You For looking over my Portfolio to improve my Healthy Life Style!

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