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New York

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S: Our New York Trip May 2011

BC: The day after we arrived, it was Mother's Day. Jade had spent her whole time on the bus the day before making me these flowers which was so sweet of her. It was a total surprise!


1: We arrived in Natural Bridge, Virginia for our first night. Above: our hotel. The trip was an 8th grade field trip to New York and we took the opportunity to make it our family vacation. Kayla did not get to join us. | V I R G I N I A | Jade was a little excited to say the least.

2: natural bridge, virginia | Thomas Jefferson purchased the Natural Bridge and 157 surrounding acres for 20 shillings ($2.40). When George Washington was 18 years old, he came to survey the property and carved his initials in the stone. See below.

3: Jade and Keila sitting beside a very odd looking tree - right. | A close up of the Natural Bridge.

4: Keila and Jade loved climbing on the rocks at Natural Bridge.

5: Monacan Indian Village located along the Cedar Creek Trail. | Keila and Jade illegally obtained access to this village to get a picture by the indian hut. Walt wanted his picture behind the podium.

6: CEDAR | Come on Keila! Yeah, We made it! | Keila & Jade! | Jade having fun in the gift shop.

7: CREEK | TRAIL | The scenery was beautiful and look at how big this tree and rocks were. | Walter enjoying nature!

8: Monticello | The Home of Thomas Jefferson | Monticello took over 40 years to complete due to Jefferson's political obligations, etc. Jefferson's portrait is on the front of the two dollar bill and Monticello is on the back. The two dollar bill was discontinued in 1966 and then reissued in 1976 with the signing of the declaration imprinted on the back to commemorate the Bicentennial.

9: This Area was called Mulberry Row. Thomas Jefferson's Garden Pavilion (left and top) was located near his vegetable garden. It was used by Jefferson as a quiet retreat to read in the evenings. | Keila and Jade at the pavilion. | Thomas Jefferson's Memorial. The gravesite sits on the property of Monticello.

10: PHILADELPHIA | PHILADELPHIA | Above: skyline of Philadelphia. Left: I believe this bridge is called the Market Street Bridge.

11: The Liberty Bell | The Liberty Bell | A Symbol of Freedom | The Liberty Bell rang out from Independence Hall on July 8th , 1776 to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. The "Liberty Bell" was the name of a poem about the bell and the name stuck. The crack in the bell is thought to have occurred during transport due to the bell being to brittle. Pass and Stow recast the bell in 1753. It weighed 2080 pounds. | The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

12: INDEPENDENCE HALL | INDEPENDENCE HALL | Below: Inside Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. | The actual rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.

13: This is the area where the Declaration of Independence was actually signed. I can't believe I was standing there! | The Declaration was signed by 56 delegates but wasn't signed on July 4th. The signing ceremony was in August and two delegates never even signed it. There were 86 changes made to Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence. The document was written by Timothy Matlack on a 24 1/4 x 29 1/2 piece of parchment and John Hancock was the first to sign it.

14: Right: This is Bethesda Fountain (aka: Angel of Waters). John 5:2-4 was quoted at its dedication in 1873 by the designer, Emma Stebbins. The statue stands 26' tall by 96' wide. | finally . . . | Jade and Keila at one of the entrances of Central Park. | It is one of the most well known fountains in the world.

15: 8th grade girls posing in Central Park!

16: Architecture in New York! | It looks like several of the buildings and apartments were designed in the Romanesque Revival architectural era. | Left: It was not unusual to see gardens on top of apartment buildings.

17: Below: The El Dorado apartments were made to entice the more affluent residents. Michael J. Fox and Faye Dunaway have owned apartments here. | Madison Square Gardens is the most famous arena. Kenny G and Michael Bolton are coming June 19th, 2011 and the cheapest tickets are around $60. Taylor Swift is coming Nov. 21st, 2011. Tickets are around $45. There are approximately 320 events held here annually. | New York City officially adopted the name "The Big Apple" by means of a 1971 campaign to increase tourism.

18: One of the sights we saw in New York was the actual NYPD police car. It was interesting because we see it all the time on tv. Notice there are no rims. We walked down to the subway but didn't get on it.

19: Yes, there is a McDonalds however we did not eat here. Macy's at 34th and Broadway is the largest store in the world. The Macy's Day parade is held here each year. The first parade was held in 1924. The movie "Miracle on 34th Street" took place here.

20: GROUND ZERO | This is the site of the twin towers that were attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. A new Trade Center is being built but it will be one building. Below: A lieutenant's hat was found at the site and is on display at the museum.

21: This cross was found at the site of the twin towers. It will go in the new World Trade Center museum when the building is completed. | Left: This is the church across the street from where the twin towers stood. It was completely unscathed by the attacks. Above: a view of the site from the front of the church.

22: american museum of | natural history | The museum was the setting for the movie "Night at the Museum" and its sequel. The museum was huge and we spent a lot of time here.

23: The animal displays were behind glass but you couldn't hardly tell because of the natural habitat behind the animals.

24: The dinosaur exhibition was huge and interesting. | The group of 8th graders that went on the trip! | Jade and friends: Kelsey Jones & Savannah Reynolds! | Jade and Keila kissing a statue! I wonder about them.

25: This looks so real. There was a glass wall between the jaguar and Keila. The same goes for Jade (right). | Jade and Keila being "scared to death" by a dinosaur. Not really - the picture was taken on a green screen. | Jade and Keila with an elephant.

26: Of course this restaurant was inspired by the 1994 movie "Forrest Gump." | Right: The cups had slits in the bottoms so several could be served at the same time. Jade had to try it out of course. Someone else did this but spilled them. The waitresses would ask you questions regarding the Forrest Gump movie and give out little prizes. The restaurant had an awesome view.

27: Jade and Savannah at Bubba Gumps for dinner! | Kelsey and her mom, Gayla. They were eating at the table next to us. Kelsey and Savannah are sisters.

28: Getting ready for the "Today" show. | This is the ball that is dropped every year on New Year's Eve in Times Square. | A typical day on the street in Times Square in Manhattan, New York. This was actually on a Monday during the day.

29: There were eleven taxi cabs on one street.

30: The Empire State Building has 86 floors and we went to the top and viewed the city. It was just beautiful. I took this picture while it was still light outside. Right: Walt and I wanted to kiss on the very top out on the viewing deck so we took advantage of the opportunity. The deck was extremely crowded.

31: Jade and Keila had a great time too. At first, Keila was a bit scared to come outside on the viewing deck but it didn't take her long because the view was just gorgeous. We were out there for over an hour.

32: Battery Park We took the ferry from Battery Park to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Battery Park is a 25 acre public park. Ferries depart along its waterfront. | Jade and Keila on the ferry. | Our ferry | Me, Keila and Jade on the ferry.

33: Merchant Marine Memorial | Korean War Veteran's Memorial. Above: a couple of skyline views of Manhattan that we took from the ferry.

34: Sites From The Ferry! | This is the Harbor Patrol | A New York Water Taxi | This building is called "Pier A"

35: Another type of ferry! | This is the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal. It was built in 1889 and stopped operating in 1967. | NEW JERSEY

36: Statue of Liberty Liberty Island | Facts: Total weight of statue's steel 250,000 lbs Index finger is 8 feet Eye is 2 feet 6 inches Nose length is 4 feet 6 inches Length of right arm is 42 feet Width of mouth is 3 feet Width of tablet is 13 feet 7 inches Ground to tip of torch is 305 feet 1 inch Steps from base to crown is 354 Height from base to torch is 151 feet 1 inch

37: The crown has 25 windows in it.

38: We had a great time on Liberty Island and learned a lot of facts regarding the Statue of Liberty. Above: A pier located on the island with a view of Manhattan in the background. This was one of the best highlights of our trip.

39: Above: The little tiny people in the top photo are Walter and Keila..

40: We finally got some time to take a break while at Ellis Island. You can see the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island from where we were sitting. | ELLIS ISLAND | ELLIS ISLAND | Jade and her mom.

41: Jade | We all came back to the hotel and we had to get our picture made before getting ready to go to our Broadway Show, "Wicked." Jade designed the t-shirt that everyone is wearing. She is so talented. | A few of Jade's friends all dressed up and ready to go.

42: The Gershwin Theater on Broadway. This was the best part of our trip.

43: We were able to do a little bit of shopping before we went into the theater.

44: Playbill and ticket stub! | Jade, Keila, Shawnette and Walt. | Gershwin Theater

45: The lady that played the "wicked witch" was totally awesome. She was so talented. This Broadway was the best ever. We loved and enjoyed every minute of it. It was the best part of our trip. | This was the "wicked witch" getting advice from the "good witch" who was named "Glenda."

46: The last day we were able to spend 4 hours shopping. We met some very unique "figures" in Times Square! | Jade and Keila with the "Statue of Liberty" | This statue was alive! It was kind of weird.

47: We even saw Elmo! Right: Jade and the "Statue of Liberty." This one was not alive!

48: Shopping in Times Square! | Lots of birds. Not sure why! Right: Extremely busy street. It was like this all the time no matter what time of day. | Jade in the middle of Times Square! | Shawnette in Times Square!

49: A few of the sites that we saw in Times Square. Some were VERY interesting. | Rockefeller Plaza. There is an ice skating rink in front of this building.

50: They had an entire area where you get could sit and try out the new systems, etc. This was the coolest place and the upstairs - right was painted like a game. This was the actual wall. | Above: They had a wole display case full of all the Nintendo systems ever made.. Some, I didn't even remember.

51: The girls and Pikachu. There were two floors of just Nintendo merchandise. Right: Keila got her chance with the new Nintendo 3D DS System.

52: Lego Store | Lego Store | We visited the Lego Store and Keila and Jade loved it. Everything there was made out of Legos of course. Keila and Jade had their picture made in front of the store where extra large Legos were on display. | Keila with her "lego." | Rockefeller Center | Rockefeller Center | The Lego name is Danish (Leg Godt which means "play well"). It was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. His grandson now runs the business. | Jade and her "Legol."

53: When you walked in the store, they had a huge display of Legos that you could purchase individually. You could also build you a mini person (above: Keila built her a little man). Left: They had tons of things already made out of Legos such as this Statue of Liberty.

54: M and Ms originated in 1941 in New Jersey. The letter "M" was added in 1950 and it was in black but in 1954, it was changed to white. It was just amazing to see all the colors m and ms come in We bought little Jamison an outfit at this store. It was a red onesie. | This store had everything you could imagine in "M and M" colors and designs. The store was also three floors high. | M and M World | M and M World

55: Our last meal in New York! | Our last meal in New York! | We had shopped for about 4 hours and then went to this very interesting restaurant to eat. It was called Mars 2112. | The restaurant was completely red. It was so strange. They had a game room and a separate bar area.

56: I'm glad we were able to experience this restaurant. It would almost hurt your eyes because it was so red. It had tons of hallways and nooks that were tucked away. | Jade had to experience one of the "moon" chairs at the bar. The bar area was not open.

57: Aliens were everywhere. They would walk around the tables while you ate. | Keila and Jade leaving the restaurant through a hallway that flashes and beeps when you walk through. | Before we got on the bus, we saw a brewery truck with Jade's name on it so her dad had to take this picture.

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