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New York

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BC: The Great Gatsby

FC: The Journal of Jordan Baker

1: Today I was over at Daisy's house and her cousin from Minnesota came over for dinner. He has come to New York to be in the bond business. He lives in West Egg. We were sitting at dinner when the phone rang. Everyone knew it was Tom's mistress. It was so embarrassing for Daisy. After of few moments of awkward silence, I was ready to come home because of the golf tournament that I have tomorrow. | Chapter 1

2: Well I talked to Daisy today and she told me that Tom and Nick went into New York yesterday. She thinks that Tom went to see his mistress again. As we talked, she told me that Tom didn't come home until early this morning. I think she is starting to really worry that he is going to leave her. He shouldn't be hitting on her either, but what do I know, I'm not married. So I, of course, got a little interested and asked one of my friends, that knows Tom's mistress, and asked her what happened the night before. She told me that Tom and the mistress had a little party that night. They had people over at their apartment in the city and things got out of hand a little bit. Tom ended up hitting the mistress and breaking her nose. I feel sorry for her, but then again, I really don't. She is a part of hurting my friend and I don't like it.

3: Chapter 2

4: I can't stop thinking about last night! I went to Gatsby's party again last night. Nick was invited, so I got to know him a little bit better. I let it slip that I cheated in the golf tournament. That's not what I had intended to do, but it happens. He didn't treat me any different, but he did look at my Nick didn't know anyone, so I stayed with him after he found me. He told me he didn't know who or what Gatsby looked like; he just received an invitation to come. Well Nick and I went outside about midnight to watch what was happening, and Gatsby walked up. Nick looked at him as if he knew him, but he wasn't for sure. When Nick said that he was surprised that he hasn't seen the host, Gatsby introduced himself. Nick realized that he served in the military with him. Right before we were about to leave, Gatsby called me into the library. We talked about so many things. I promised that I wouldn't say anything to anyone. I'll tell you later after Gatsby has told someone else.

5: Chapter 3

6: Chapter 4 | So Nick came over after he had lunch with Gatsby. I decided to tell him about how he feels about Daisy. I told him that they use to be together, but when he went to war, she decided to marry Tom because of his money. I told Nick that he still loves her, he just don't know how to get her back. Gatsby wants to have tea over at Nick's house. I told Nick to invite Daisy over to his house without telling her that he is going to be there. He wants to see her really bad. I'm a little worried about what she might think, though. After that, we want walking. He asked me to dinner and I agreed to go. Then he kissed me under the bridge.

8: So Nick told me that he agreed to Gatsby's plan to invite Daisy over. He told me that Gatsby offered to pay him and give him extra work on the side, but he got a little bit offended. I told him that he was only trying to help. Well it was raining when they were supposed to meet. Nick said that they were both so happy to see one another; even though it was awkward at first. He said Gatsby showed Daisy everything that he could offer her. She seemed to be taken by it. As the night went on, Nick said they just seemed to forget that he was even there, so he left. | Chapter 5

10: So Nick told me that more rumors have been started about Gatsby. Nick said that a reporter went over to Gatsby's house to interview him. After Nick found out the real truth about Gatsby's past, he told me. He told me that Gatsby was born to James Gatz on a North Dakota farm. He went to college at St. Olaf’s in Minnesota; he dropped out after two weeks, because he thought it was humiliating to pay for college by being a janitor. He meet a man named Dan Cody and fell in love with wealth and money. After Dan died, he left $25,000, but Cody's mistress took it. Gatsby decided to make himself a wealthy and successful man. So after he told me that, he said that he hasn't seen Daisy of Gatsby for a few weeks. Gatsby told Nick that he went to dinner with Tom and the Solanes. I don't think it was to be polite, I think that Tom is suspicious about Gatsby and Daisy. So while I was still om the phone with Nick, he told me that he went to Gatsby's party. He said that it wasn't as fun as it normally is. He said Daisy didn't have a good time and Tom wasn't interested at all, He said Tom told Daisy that all Gatsby's wealth comes from bootlegging; of course Daisy gets mad and tells him that isn't true. If they aren't more careful, they are going to get caught. Nick said that after the party, Gatsby came up to him because he was upset that Daisy didn't have a good time. Gatsby wants things to be the way they were before he left. Nick tries telling him that he can;'t relive the past, but he wouldn't listen. | Chapter 6

11: Chapter 6

12: Nick tells me that Gatsby called off all his parties because of he is preoccupied with his love for Daisy and that he fired all of his servants to keep the rumors down. On the hottest day of summer, we had lunch together. I was already over at Tom and Daisy's when Nick arrived. Nick didn't know that Gatsby was going to be there. Gatsby got to meet Daisy's daughter for the first time. He looked as if he were in shock. As the day went on, Tom realizes that Gatsby and Daisy have feelings for one another. I must say, they didn't hide it to well. Daisy wanted to go into town, so of course, we did. Tom, Nick, and I rode in the same car. While Daisy and Gatsby rode in the other. Tom isn't stupid, I think by them riding together made it official to what was going on. We had to stop and get gas, Gatsby and Daisy keep going. When Tom got out, George Wilson was there to pump the gas. He realized that his wife was having an affair, he just didn't know with who. After we got in the city, we got a suite at the Plaza Hotel. Tom confronts Gatsby about lying about going to Oxford. Gatsby told him that he did go for five months in a army program after the war. Tom then asked him about his intentions for Daisy. Gatsby tells him that Daisy loves him and not Tom. Tom then told Gatsby that he could never have what he and Daisy have. He then accuses Gatsby of running a bootlegging operation. I look over at Daisy and see her looking at Tom in a way that I have never seen. I think she realized that she did love him more than she thought. through all of this, Nick leans over and tells me that it's his thirtieth birthday. On our way back to Long Island, we see a terrible accident; we discover that it was Myrtle, George Wilson's wife, has died. Nick leans over and tells me that she must have been hit by Daisy and Tom. After we went back to Tom's house, Nick steps outside for a few minutes. After we get alone, he tells me that Gatsby was hiding behind the bushes waiting to see if Tom was going to hurt her. He told him that Daisy was driving the car when it hit Myrtle, but he would to take the blame. He asked Nick to check on them. Nick told him that they were eating cold fried chicken and talking. Nick then left him alone.

13: Chapter 7

14: So the next day, I called Nick. He didn't want to talk much, but the things that he did say, was quite interesting. He told me that he couldn't sleep the night before. He said that he went over to Gatsby's house before dawn, and that Gatsby was just getting home. He had waited for Daisy till four o'clock in the morning and that nothing had happened. Gatsby told Nick how he felt about Daisy. He said that he really loved her. Nick said that he thinks Gatsby is still in love with the girl he fell in love with when he was young. Nick told Gatsby to leave Long Island, but he wouldn't because of Daisy. Gatsby said that he couldn't imagine life without Daisy. He didn't talk much, so I asked him if he wanted to go out, he told me no, so I don't know where this is going, but I'm not so sure I like it. | Chapter 8

16: So Nick called it off with me. He called me and told me that Gatsby had been shot and killed in his pool by George Wilson. He said that they were getting him out, and they found George's body. I guess he thought that Gatsby was the man that she was having an affair with. I hate that this happened this way. Nick told me that he was going to be doing his funeral. I didn't go, I didn't want thing to be weird between us. Plus, there were so many reporters there; I wouldn't really call it a funeral. So after he broke it off with me. I told him that I was engaged to another man anyways. After things settled down, I heard that Nick was moving back to the Midwest. I hope life treats him good out there.

17: Chapter 9

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