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New York LFM 3eme

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S: class field trip 3eme LFG

1: An illustrated scrapbook of our field trip to ...

2: 4 days in NY


4: IN THE SUBWAY | In New York we walked a lot and traveled by subway. It was funny because we fell to the floor when the subway started to move. | w t a h i e t . i s n u g b w a y | Subway tracks | The first time we traveled by metro, several of us couldn't get out the subway, so we had to wait many time to find the others: we ran, we walked, and we made many trips on the subway to finally find them.

5: On Tuesday we went to ground zero. It is the place where the twin towers were, before they were destroyed on 11th September by a terrorist attack. | We saw too a memorial cross for the people who died in the attack. | Rosa Elena | GROUND ZERO | The road works

6: Tuesday after going to the Indian Museum we went to Battery Park. We saw The Sphere and The Eternal Flame which are some of the memorials dedicated to the victims of the attack of the 11th of September. Then we saw the Clinton Castle but only from outside, however it looks like an ancient place. | BATTERY PARK | The Clinton Castle | The Sphere

7: It was in the wharf, before getting on board the boat that drives us to Ellis Island, that I saw for the first time the Statue of Liberty. The statue looked very small. In front of the Clinton Castle, there were people dressed as the statue and you may take a picture with them, but then you had to pay 5 Dollars! It was a nasty surprise for the classmates who fell in this trap. | A fake statue | The wharf | Sofia L.

8: One day in the Statue of Liberty | Statue of liberty

9: The Statue of Liberty is located on Ellis Island. To arrive to the Statue we had to take a boat . It had the best views of New York City , we could see the famous New York skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge.The Statue of Liberty is the most popular attraction because it is the symbol of freedom and hope for the Americans. Visiting this place was a great experience for us !!! | Daniela C. | Views of New York

10: THE BIG APPLE | We spent only 25 minutes in the Museum of the American Indian.The exhibition that we were interested in was closed so we saw 3 other exhibitions .In the first one we saw the clothes and weapons used by the native American Indians,then we saw a display of their stunning art ,specially made of beads .At the end we saw a very engaging exposition named "skin as material and metaphor" It was fun to learn about their culture even if it was very fast,and we had to run a lot. Sofia E. | Museum of the American Indian | Indian clothe is art | There were sculptures throughout the museum

11: Well. after Wall Street, we went to the National American Indian Museum of New York, At the entry, the guard checked if we had food or something like that. He was very strict and told us to hurry. The class entered the museum in 3 little groups. The visit was very short. But we all saw the Indians' clothes and traditional dresses. At the end, everybody was looking for a seat because we had walked a lot (we were tired too). We finally sat on the stairs. But the day wasn't over... Victor | The National American Indian Museum of New York

12: We passed by Wall Street,and M.Avignon gave us a brief explanation about this place.It is the place where important people decide of changes in taxes and other economic matters.We noticed that since the twin towers attack security is extreme. | In this building important decisions for the financial world are taken | Sofia E. | Wall Street | Main entrance A remarkable architecture | The cars could not use this street and it was monitored by several policemen. Some goods trucks were allowed to enter but had to be inspected by police and a dog. It was interesting to see how they checked a truck

13: we have taken a lot of pictures with the famous bull which has become a symbol of the financial district which has appears in television reports . Alvaro Fernandez


16: On Wednesday we went to the ONU For the tour we where divided in three groups The guide of my group was a nice French lady she showed us what they are doing to help the poor people of Haiti and explained to us what else they do to help the poor people in Africa and in India . | The UNO | meeting hall

17: In front of the ONU there were all the flags of the world Inside the guide showed us also all the presents for the ONU from the different countries. Some of them were amazing like the gift from India was a statue with many Buddhas . Then she showed us the meeting hall where the ONU members meet. She explained to us how they work there. The seats are rely great cause there is a loudspeaker on each one so everybody can hear what they are saying. | the different presidents | Christina.

18: When we went to Central Park we stayed there just like 2 hours. We just sat down the whole time talking. We bought some ice cream and we kept walking across the park. We went to a statue of a dog named "balto"with which we took some pictures. And that was everything we did in Central Park. Pablo

20: Artist:Jacques-Louis David(french 1748-1825) Title:Antoine-Laurent and his wife | Metropolitan Museum of Art | This museum is one of the most visited in the world. It has different exhibition rooms and halls with paintings and sculptures from all over the world .Because there are so many art works to see and we didn' t have enough time,the teachers decided to see the modern art paintings (highlights),because it shows French and Europeen paintings from the avant-garde to the beginning of the 20th century.

21: Some of these artists are : Derain, Matisse, Chagall, Bonnard, Brancusi, Klee, Picasso, Balthus, Giacometti and Dubuffet. Part of the collections has american artists as well like : Warhol, Rothko and Rauschenberg etc ANECDOTE: A proof that its a huge building I got lost for about four hours and couldn t fnd my group until they were closing so I went down stairs to the main hall , and I saw everybody waiting for me. Alexandra


24: As its name suggests, the intrepid sea, air and space museum is devoted to the sea air and space. Located on the pier 86 in the Hudson river, the museum gives the opportunity to visit the intricacies of an aircraft carrier, a submarine and the Concorde. In the intrepid museum, we walked inside a submarine warfare. | intrepid museum

25: A small group got lost in the leisure while the rest of the group was on deck to observe different types of aircraft. Salma | We went into a boat (which consisted of four floors) in which we took a recoded for some facilities.

26: Intrepid SEA, AIR & SPACE MUSEUM | After visiting the Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), we went right to the Intrepid, which I saw as a very interesting place. | Sathya C.

27: Being there, we could learn about lots of things, such as, how is it to live in a submarine or the aircraft carrier, and we could also see and learn about the great British Airways CONCORDE.

28: We went to the Empire State building at night and there was a splendid sight, where the lights of the buildings seem to be like a million twinkling stars at the same time, it is so high (86 floors) that the pedestrians seemed like little ants scurrying to their homes. And to top it all, beside the view, there was a saxophonist whose music accompanied the environment

29: From the ground it is not possible to appreciate the real height of the Empire State building...until you get to the top. | Empire State | Yuritza C.

30: ADMIT ONE Museum of Modern Art | Van Gogh | Picasso | MoMA building | Bruce Nauman

31: The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) is an enormous and very impressive museum. We all divided into "little groups of friends" to enter for free, sort of like undercover spies! Inside, we all regrouped and entered the gaping mouth of a monster and inside the exciting, quirky Tim Burton expo. After that, we explored the museum's extensive art collection, including original Picasso paintings, Van Gogh's artwork, an exhibition on Monet's Waterlilies, an installation by Ernesto Neto, and a nude performance scaring any passerby. | Sasha & Marco | The MoMA | Picasso | Tim Burton | Ernesto Neto


34: In Times Square we could see different types of billboards and neon signs. We found enormous screens which were illuminating the whole street. | Times Square is a place where you can go shopping but also you can go only for a walk and see the numerous street lightings. | Day

35: Also we saw many stores but they were really huge. As we walked down the street we had a glimpse a the variety of people who visit and live in New York. | Night | Mónica A.

36: Onthe friday we went to the natural history museum. There you can find everything you can imagine about animals and diferent cultures and you can find even an astronimic area!. Bernardo 3e2

37: Natural History Museum

38: CHINATOWN On Friday night, after going to the Natural History Museum, We walked beyond Canal street searching for a place to take a meal. Then we entered chinatown to arrive to little italy. | CHINATOWN

39: In the time we were there, we saw things, buildings and food very strange and interesting. The time we spent in chinatown was great. Francisco 3e2

40: Chinatown

41: I remember after a long day in New York city, we decided to go to Canal Sreet to buy some pirate stuff, like fake perfumes etc...( Hogo Boss)..... But it was a little difficult, we separated in two groups: - one with Mrs.Avignon and the other with Mme.Peree and Mme.Allier so to unite again we had to wait one hour. Finally after all this problem Mrs.Avignon decided to eat in a delicious Italian restaurant, but to arrive we needed to cross Chinatown. It was dark so we can not see very much but the things we can see it was magnificent, special and so quiet. Bernard 3e1

42: fifth avenue is ranked as the one of the most expensive streets in the world. the section of fifth avenue is between 34th and 59th street. | On Wednesday we went to fifth avenue. there we walked down the street. there were many people walking and shopping. we saw different buildings and many cars. Jimena and Aura

43: We walked, walked and walked. The time we spent walking beyond the Little Italy was great, it is not the biggest town but it is awesome. Little Italy was full of people, we saw persons very strangers and we have some fun. Emilio H.

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