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NYC and Paris 2010

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NYC and Paris 2010 - Page Text Content

S: Paris and New York Summer 2010

BC: Paris

FC: & | Paris | 2010

1: Michael found out he had a business trip to the FlightSaftey offices in New Jersey not 20 minutes outside of NYC. Thanks to our flight miles I got to tag along. We stayed in East Rutherford at Homewood Suites Hilton. The hotel was so nice. East Rutherford was a wonderful homey place with a small town feel. It was nice to stay outside of Manhattan where everything was crowded and expensive. Miss calculating the time we missed the 40 minutes cut off for our luggage and had to take a 2 hour later flight. | June 4 - 11 | waiting for the next flight | Our room were so...roomy!

2: THE BIG APPLE | Had a little help catching the train to Grand Central Station and caught our first glimpse of NYC! | Stinky | All the tall buildings as far as the eye can see, quite impressive.

3: \ | With our hop on hop off bus tour we got a tour of the Hudson River on the Circle line cruise. It was the most knowledgeable and entertain tour. | Batman's Gotham City | Superman's Metropolis | The Brooklyn Bridge

4: On the hop on hop on bus | The train station

5: The gate where John Lennon was killed | Strawberry fields forever | On the bus

6: We stopped off in Central Park to see what all the fuss was about. It was cool to have such a vegetative place in the middle of the biggest most abundant buildings anywhere, but I just kept thinking..."I thought it would be cleaner and less smelly." It was near 100 the two days we spent touring NYC>

7: \A old hospital with no corners because germs lived in the corners

8: not | The Met

9: The traffic around here is crazy.

10: Statue of | Sunday we visited Lady Liberty and Elise Island first. Lady Liberty was much smaller than I had thought. It was awesome to think of all the immigrants who saw her as they came into America. | On the island

11: How often to you see the ladies back side. | Liberty

12: Elis

13: Island | Elis Island was one of our favorite stops. Such rich history of all the immigrants who came through. Michael's great ...grandfather Johanna Flach landed here as well. We got to type his name in and see it on the registry He landed in 1922 at age 40

14: Ground | Zero | There was a protest being held at ground zero when we got there. It was veryemotional | The bronzed plaque | The new World Trade Tower

15: Last day we were in NYC Michael, Aba and I met myJennifer in NYC. She took us for an unofficial pizza tour around Manhattan. It was fun having a local show us around. So long NYC, I really had fun while I was here, but thank the Lord we don't live here.

16: Paris | Paris | July 14- 24, 2010

17: While we were in NYC Michael was asked if he could set up a classroom in Paris. We were so excited at the though and a few weeks later it was confirmed. Wed the 14th mom and dad took us to the airport to catch our 8:50 flight to La Guardia in NYC. From La Guardia we took a shuttle to JFK airport and got on the 5:30 flight to Paris. At our gate they had a small send off reception with cheese, wine, and an accordion player. Waiting for our flight Michael and I listened to our coffee break French. Thanks for that because we didn't know a word French before. | JFK airport.

18: NYC from the plane... wow.

19: Rossiy en France | Merriot Hotel | Our room was wonderful | Rossiy was a cute village!

20: Being our first trip to Europe Michael and I were a little apprehensive. Of course everyone tells you that the French hate American's and they are rude to you. We landed and walked down the steps outside of the plane and a shuttle took us to the terminal. We received our stamp, got our luggage, and after a long walk found the black bus to shuttle us to our hotel. After getting yelled at by our first and only Frenchman cause it must have been his smoke break we got on another black bus and made it to our hotel. Thankfully we got to check in early. After Michael came back from work we checked out the little beautiful little village ordered room service and went to bed, We were beat. With the 7 hours time difference sleeping through the night was difficult. All in all our first impression of France was good. | Love Willow Trees!

21: Day 2 | We slept in a little bit so I decided to go with Michael to work.It was fun seeing what he actually does for a living. Also got on the Internet for free and planned out our weekend in Paris | After work we walked around Rossiy and found a couple of little markets with a little piece of home for sale in the for of pringles.! Score because the food at the hotel is expensive. | These are everywhere.

22: Day 3 - Our tour of Paris | At the RER airport hub we bought 2 day all zone train passes and found our train to Paris easily. | First look at Paris | Fabulous | What architecture.

23: The Louvre | After a bit of searching we found the Louvre. The biggest building in the world and it was breathtaking. After encountering the gypsy's and their ring trick and the donation swindle we made it to the court yard. Got in line under the pyramid that an American designed, used our museum pass, plugged in our Rick Steves audio, in and we were off.

24: We got ourselves orientated and headed toward the Denon section. Since this once was a castle all the rooms and hall ways were fit for a king and full on intrigue and beauty. | The Crown Jewels | crowds heading to Mona Lisa | Stunning sculptures everywhere | Beautiful ceilings | Kind of lost | paintings as far as the eye can see

25: Winged Angel so beautiful you just feel its movement looking at it. | Napoleon's coronation -the largest painting at the Louvre | Under construction but still awesome to see. | Le Grand Odalisque | Rooms and Rooms of art. | Madame Recamier

26: Mona Lisa | Once you enter the Louvre there are signs everywhere pointing you towards Mona Lisa. To me what is most interesting about Mona Lisa is the fan far around her. For such a small painting she gets a huge wall all to herself with her own guard. So if the guard is watching you watch the Mona Lisa does that make you art? | Wedding at Canna across from Mona Lisa | Being bullet prof glass

27: Liberty Leading the People... with her top off? | Painting full of death, sadness then hope. | Michelangelos works | Cupid's kiss | The dieing slave | Venus de Milo

28: The goddess of War and battle strategy so me. | uhhh three naked ladies? | For some reason art and nudity seem to be a running theme here in Paris, beautiful and wondrous I still give the Louvre an R rating. It is unbelievable to think that someone carved these intricate statues. | Mr. Ugly | Stoled from Rome | Mr. Cute

29: Napoleons Apartment | Within the Louvre Napoleon had his apartment. The rooms were inundated with chandeliers, paintings, and beautiful furniture. I loved the little "poofes" above his bed and his massive dinning room was a site to behold.

30: Mini Arc De Triomphe | Nice to see a touch of home | Exterior of the Louvre is just as awesome as inside.

31: The Seine River | From the Lovre we heading up the river towards the Orsea Museasm. Most everything is Paris is just off the river and as you can see by the pictures its just a exquisite picturesque place to be. We caught our first glimpse of the Eiffel tower. Wow it did not disappoint. Gypsys also like to hang out by the river and sell their paintings. I'm a sucker for them I admit. Like a moth to a flame I am drawn to art.

32: Walking around Paris is enchanting. Every turn is full of stunning historic buildings, bridges, sculptures, and monuments. Even the people are beautiful.

33: The Orsay Museum | After the Louvre we made our way down to the orsay museam. It is a historic train station. The inside is beautiful, no pictures allowed though. We saw so many famous painting from Monet to Van Gogh. It had furniture and sculptures. I didn't know I could see so many famous paintings in one day

34: The Arc De Trimphe | The Arc is HUGE. It sits right in the middle of a traffic circle at least 7 lanes wide. Thinking there was no way but to run across the road we waited for a clearing and ran. After walking and gawking all the way around it we found the tunnel. At least we didn't have to run twice | Still 30 minute walk away

35: biggest flag I have ever see.

36: Heading toward the Effel tower -. We saw a statue of Gorge Washington in the middle of the street where they also had many streets named after US presidents. (Bottom Left) is a beautiful apartment building I just loved. (bottom middle) We stopped on the steps of this Avenue so I could get the rocks out of my shoes and found a beautiful picture to take. (Bottom right) A building with the entire exterior covered with lush greenery. I had to run across the street and take a picture. We finally came upon the Eiffel Tower. It was enormous. We were blown away. The lines were terrible long and we were worn out so we decided to come back during the week so we could also see it after dark. Gypsies also like to hang out there. | Love the trees

37: Eiffel Tower at a glance

38: Day 4 - Palace of Versillies | We decided to start our day at the Palace so we could spend as much time there as possible. After about an hour in the train and a lovely chat with some New Zealanders. We arrived. The entrance was adorned with beautiful gilded gates and it seemed that every corner of the building was covered with statues and carving. | The massive gilded gates | Inside the gates

39: This inside was magical from the wood and tile floors to the painting ceilings | The chapel | Statues of King Louie everywhere | The hall of mirrors | painted ceilings

40: The inside of the Palace was room after room of wall to wall decor including paintings, statues, gilded mirrors, curtains, stone carvings people,... you can barley tell where the floor ends and the ceiling starts | War room | Kings bed | Statues of the Louie's and Napoleons

41: The Gardens | I never expected the gardens to be so large and glorious. There are 50 fountains in the gardens and it feels like stepping back into the Era of the Kings. Thankfully we came on a day when they turn the fountains on in the morning and evening. | Men turning into frog and turtles | I love the flowers | Tall hedges

42: Topiaries and statues | Whimsical garden design... LOVE IT! | Behind us is the Castle

43: Everything is so angular | Sun god rising out of the water | Beautiful area near the kings garden

44: We ran and caught a water show put to King Louie garden music.

45: The Petite Palace | About a 30 min walk from the palace is Louie XI and Marie Antoinette's retreat "Petite Palace". Not as fancy as the castle but still fairly large with many kingly attributes. | Round room with beautiful floors | Many large chandeliers | Each Room had a different color theme | Outside the palace looking over the gardens

46: Turning the fountains on

48: A beautiful walk way to the palace | Several tiers of fountains | not my fav.. lions spewing? | Flowers were gorgeous

49: Michael and I ran down around down several hedge ways trying to take a picture of each fountain. They were all so different and beautiful they were such a site to see. | So beautiful it looks fake.

50: After the Palace we took the train back and visited the Notre Dame, the center of Paris. With its magnificent statues, flying buttresses and gargoyles it is a memorable place to visit.. We stood in quite a long line but if moved quickly. I could barley stand still long enough to take a good picture!

51: The Notre Dame

52: Inside was so tall and exquisite. All the way around it had outcovs where you prayed to different saints. Since it was Sunday we happened to be in when they had a service going on. I don't see how you could worship with 100s of gaulkers milling. The incense the priest was wafting was STRONG. | Original glass | The most photographed gargoial | Very potent

53: Monday and Tuesday | We decided to move from the Holiday Inn to the Millennium. We thought we could get Internet free, continental breakfast free for both of us and shuttle rides 3 times a day to Paris... wrong. Internet didn't work, only Michael ate free and one 2 a day to Paris. It rooms weren't as nice either. Oh well it was still Paris whose complaining. I spent Monday and Tuesday with Michael at work. It was fun being with him all day instead of waiting for him to come home. We set up monitors and put together the class room. | What happened to our cherry white comforter | The classroom after we set it up

54: Wednesday | Went with Michael to work so we could catch the train to Paris after words. We took a 15.00 taxi ride to the train station because no one volunteered to take us. Had to break bills into change to finally get train tickets. As we got to the Eiffel Tower it began to rain I was disappointed until the elevator reached its first stop and a God reminded us that he was in charge of our trip. A rainbow spread from one side of the tower to the other. Words cannot express | you could see the pot of gold if there was one | Double Rainbow

55: These drums went up and down as the elevator did. | In awe of Gods presences

56: Paris as far as the eye could see a top of the Eiffel Tower

57: Looking towards the Louvre, Orsea and Notre Dame | We didn't speak each others language but we took each other picture. Sweet couple

58: After the tower we found a yummy looking place to eat right off the Seine River . We had lasagna, spaghetti, and a bottle of wine. We are in Paris after all. . After dinner right about twilight we stepped out the restaurant to see the Eiffel Tower blinking with 100s of little lights | Paris is Magical | View from our restaurant | Bon appetit

59: Eiffel Tower in lights | Little rain | Twilight twinkle lights

60: Thursday - Carly's day in Paris | I got on the hotel shuttle bus and was dropped of in the middle of nowhere in Paris. Got a all day bus pass and headed toward the Sacre Coeur. Shoppes lined the streets and I found several cute places to stop in. To Sacre Coeur is a beautiful sight build on the highest peak on Paris. Gypsies where everywhere. From the moment you steped on the first step till you went in and came out. One grabbed my arm and I had to finally jerk it away but still never feel threatened. | first look at the Sacre Coeur | Cute treat shop with yucky cookies

61: View from the top | Me I'm here | Fountains at the base | Sacre Coeur

62: Behind the Coeur I found the square that houses original art and men asking if they can sketch you. I found a beautiful little ice cream shop where I bought a scoop of tiramisu. WOW. Ran into a cute little bakery and accidentally found the Moulin Rouge.. bonus | Ice Cream = Art

63: After Montimare I walked the streets of Paris taking pictures and enjoy beautiful weather. While in the RER station I happened upon the ultimate Paris back packers. 2 dogs and stunk.

64: Friday | Goodbye Paris miss you | source of our stress | The black bus | Paris coastline | The flight back was beautiful Paris did not disappoint

65: Rainbow | Long Island NYC | Made it from Paris to JKF and took a 165.00 taxi ride to Newark airport. Finally found the Sheridan and checked in. We were sorry we only spend 5 hours there, the room was fabulous

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