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Our Adventure. (:

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Our Adventure. (: - Page Text Content

FC: Our Adventure. (:

1: About The Author. | This is me, Amber Lewis. (: I'm 14 years young and I'm in the 8th grade at Anson Middle School. I live with my dad and step-mom in Ansonville. ;D My two besties are Ashley Turner and Aliyah Lowery. I put them in the story with me, they are the greatest in the world! c: | A7X. <3

2: I woke up to the sound of my friend's voice. ''Amber!'' my friend Ashlee said. We have been BEST FRIENDS since as long as we can remember! ''Amber, wake up! I brought Aliyaah with me! We are going to find the 'Haunted Whirlpool', remember?''

3: I moaned and opened my eyes; they were so heavy! I was so tired from helping mama yesterday. I remember we had planned this just a few days ago! I got up, got dressed,and went downstairs and saw Ashlee and Aliyaah waiting for me.

4: ''I'm so tired.'' I mumbled. ''Well, wake up! We have a journey ahead of us!'' Ashlee said. ''Yeah, no doubt'' I mumbled...So we set off! We had heard rumors around the village that ''the haunted whirlpool'' was located 8 miles beneath Chatanooga, so that's where we headed!

5: We walked through the woods and after a few hours we started to hear things. We all stopped after we heard a crunch; we realized it wasn't our footsteps. We saw a man with a bow and arrow running through the woods. He must have been hunting...''Oh my gosh, I was so scared!'' Ashlee said. ''Me too!'' Aliyaah said. I knew I was scared just as much as they were! I've always been scared of the woods!

6: We just kept on going because nothing was about to get in our way! We kept going for what seemed like forever until we came to a fork in the road.

7: ''Which way should we go?'' Aliyaah asked. ''Let's go left!''Ashlee said. All three of us went left but we were more nervous about what lies ahead of us. As we went further down the road we got very nervous. The road became darker and there was a strange feeling that people were watching us or something more.

8: IWe soon came to a stop and saw some kind of cave right in front of us! ''Wow, look!" Ashlee said while running into the cave. ''Ashlee, wait!'' Aliyaah and I said at the same time. I ran into the cave after Ashlee and stopped dead in my tracks. Something just didn't feel right here...

9: This room was so dark, but had a faint light in the corner. The light came from some kind of...altar. "That's strange," I thought. Why would there be an altar in here? All of a sudden we heard a slam from behind us. The door had closed us in!

10: ''Oh no!'' Aliyaah gasped. ''Great, just great'', I said. ''Hey, let's just spread out and look for a way out.'' Ashlee said.'' "Right,stay calm.'' Aliyaah whispered. The three of us spread out, touching every part of the wall we could,we had to find a way out, but something about this room was very odd...

11: There were candles and skulls and bottles full of liquids! ''Hey guys, look at the stuff in these bottles!'' Ashlee said. ''Focus, Ashlee.'' Aliyaah said. Ashley grabbed one of the bottles and put it in her pocket. I walked over to the altar, grabbed a candle, and walked back towards the wall and started touching it again.

12: Suddenly something in the corner caught my eye.It was a drawing of a whirlpool! ''Guys! Come here!'' I yelled. Ashlee and Aliyaah scrambled over to where I was standing. We all put our hand up to the drawing and a wall opened! We all stood speechless!!!!

13: We couldn't believe what we had just found! Before anyone could react, Ashlee pushed us out of the way and ran into this room. Aliyaah and I looked at each other and just followed her in. | Immediately when we walked in the room we could feel a strange presence and when we looked back we could see something swirling!

14: ''Look, it's the whirlpool!'' we said together.'' So it is true.'' I said. ''Let's get closer''Aliyaah said. We walked towards this strange thing and as we got closer, it seemed to be glowing. ''We should throw something in there and see what happens''. Aliyaah said. ''Be careful.'' Ashlee and I both said together.

15: Aliyaah looked around and found a pile of sticks. "That's odd," I thought , "why would there be a pile of rocks and sticks in here?" Aliyaah walked towards the pile, grabbed a rock and when she turned around she missed her step and slipped!! ''Oh my gosh, Aliyaah!'' Ashlee and I both shouted.

16: We ran to the side of the water and shouted ''grab our hand!'' ''Okay'' Aliyaah said. She reached towards our hands, but we realized she couldn't reach that far. She soon stated drifting farther and farther away. ''Oh gosh, what do we do?'' Ashlee said. ''Ummmmmm,'' I hesitated.

17: ''Right there!'' I pointed to a vine hanging in the ceiling of the cave. I ran over, grabbed it, and pulled it as hard as I could, and it came down. Luckily, it didn't break! I ran back towards the whirlpool and threw the other end towards Aliyaah.

18: ''Grab it!'' I shouted at Aliyaah.''Okay, I'll try'' Aliyaah said.I could tell she was getting weak from fighting the currents.Aliyahh grabbed it and hung onto it,while Ashlee helped pull the vine.

19: After a minute we pulled her back out, and we sat there shocked at what had just happened. Aliyaah was siting there, shivering, so i took my jacket off and gave it to her.She quickly put it on and muttered ''thanks''.

20: ''Alright girls, what's next'' I said while panting for air.''Let's go home''Ashlee said.Everyone was just as exhausted as i was!When i got home, i was going to tell everyone in the village about what happened!

21: ''Let's just hope the door isn't closed.''Aliyaah muttered.But, when we walked out of the whirlpool room, the door wasn't closed.So we walked out of the cave and walked as fast as we could.

22: Yet again, we saw the man to the right of us.Except this time, he was staring straight at us,and he was walking closer and closer...''RUN'' I screamed all of a sudden.All three of us took off so fast it was like a rocket had shot us out!

23: Behind us, we could hear footsteps running but, it didn't take long for them to lose us.Not too much longer later, we were back in the comfort of our village.

24: We all ran to my house! We wanted to tell Mama, what just happened! When we got inside we found mama all worried.

25: ''Mama, what's wrong?'' I asked. She jumped up and yelled ''YOUND LADY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!!?'' Then she looked at Aliyaah who was still wet and shivering. | The end?

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