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Our Hawaiian Adventure

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Our Hawaiian Adventure - Page Text Content

S: Our Hawaiian Adventure - October 2010

FC: Our Hawaiian Adventure October 2010

1: Itinerary Day One - Oahu IAH to HNL The North Shore Waikiki Day Two - Oahu Pearl Harbor Macadamia Nut Farm Outlet Kualoa Ranch Pride of America Embarkation Day Three - Hilo, The Big Island Volcanoes National Park Richardson Beach Park Lava Sail-By Day Four - Maui The Road to Hana Day Five - Maui Molokini Crater Lahaina Day Six - Kona, The Big Island SeaQuest Rafting Adventures Day Seven - Kauai Ke'e Beach & Kalalau Trail Hanalei Bay Smith Family Luau Day Eight - Kauai Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour Kalapaki Beach NaPali Coast Sail-By Day Nine - Oahu Waikiki Beach

4: Honolulu, Waikiki & Diamondhead | Maui | Day 1 IAH to HNL

5: O'ahu "The Gathering Place" | O'ahu is known as "The Gathering Place", and also the heart of Hawaii. It is a destination of contrasts, variety and abundance: an island of traditional culture and modern history, of luxurious resorts and manicured pineapple fields, of world-class dining and sensational surfing. O'ahu offers the best of many worlds. Here you can find a sophisticated city vibe and the relaxed and rejuvenating appeal of the beach and countryside. With the warmth of aloha and the unique beauty of island scenery, O'ahu is an island to explore and discover.

6: The North Shore

7: Turtle Beach | The North Shore is home to the world-famous Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, known for their epic winter waves and international surf competitions. Charming and rustic surf towns dot the coastline. O'ahu's North Shore is exciting, refreshing and at the same time infused with a laid-back country feel.

8: Chinaman's Hat Oahu's Windward Coast

11: The Hula Grill Waikiki

13: Day 2 - Oahu | Replica of a native Hawaiian hut on Kualoa Ranch.

14: Black teardrops - Oil that is still leaking from the Arizona.

15: The Japanese planes flew over Pearl Harbor from this direction. | The USS Missouri, "The Mighty Mo" - The treaty ending WWII was signed on this battleship.

16: The Macadamia | Nut Farm | Outlet

18: Kualoa Ranch In ancient times the Hawaiians knew that Kualoa was a special place. It was sacred land, revered in legends and figuring prominently in Hawaiian history. In 1850, King Kamehameha III sold Kualoa to one of his most trusted advisors, Dr. Gerrit P. Judd. To this day, his descendants are carrying on the long tradition of stewardship for this beautiful land. Now Kualoa Ranch is a fascinating mix of agriculture, education, conservation and recreation endeavors. Covering nearly 4,000 acres on the windward side of Oahu, Kualoa Ranch provides a variety of ways for people to enjoy, and learn from, this unspoiled Hawaiian paradise. | The ruins of one of the first island sugar mills.

19: This highway was the site of a runway during during WWII. | Actual WWII military bunkers. | Chinaman's Hat from Kualoa Ranch.

20: Production crew for the film "Battleship" | Lights, Camera, Action!!

21: Lights! Camera! Action

23: Pub Crawl!!! | The "Face"

24: Hawaii's Big Island Hawaii's Island of Adventure | Day 3 | The Island of Hawaii is where Hawaii begins. The Big Island is the youngest of the Hawaiian Island, still forming new land as lava gushes from deep in the earth's core and spills down Kilauea's slopes into the sea. Nicknamed the Big Island because of its huge size, Hawaii Island's volcanic mountains are the largest in the world. With its wide-open spaces, uncrowded natural landscapes, and endless opportunities for adventure, The Big Island welcomes visitors with the signature warmth and graciousness known as aloha. | On the east side of the Big Island, laid-back Hilo has a completely different feel from Kona. This lush area of the island sees more rain and fewer visitors than Kona. From Hilo, it's easy to get to Volcanoes National Park, where steam vents, craters and fascinating lava landscapes lure hikers to one of the world's most active volcanoes,Kilauea. This is an island of contrasts, with nearly all of the world's climate zones on the Big Island alone. From the snow-capped peak and astronomical observatories of Mauna Loa down to the warm sandy shores, the Big Island has it all.

25: The Ohi'a lehua is a species of flowering evergreen tree in the myrtle family. In Hawaiian mythology, hia and Lehua were two young lovers. The volcano goddess Pele fell in love with the handsome hia and approached him, but he turned down her advances. In a fit of jealousy, Pele transformed hia into a tree. Lehua was devastated by this transformation and out of pity the other gods turned her into a flower and placed her upon the hia tree. Separating these united lovers is not encouraged, and it is said that when a lehua flower is plucked from an hia tree, the sky fills with rain representing the lovers' tears. | Steam rising from the Halema'uma'u Crater inside the Kilauea Caldera. Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983. | Volcanoes National Park

26: “Pahoehoe“ and “aa“ are Hawaiian words that describe lava. Temperature and gases influence whether the lava becomes aa or pahoehoe. If lava cools slowly and does not move too fast it forms smooth ropey lava called pahoehoe. Pahoehoe lava is characterized by a smooth, billowy, or ropey surface. Pahoehoe flows tend to be relatively thin, from a few inches to a few feet thick. In map-view the flows tend to be narrow and elongated. If the lava cools quickly and moves fast it can tear into chunky pieces called aa. Aa is characterized by a rough, jagged, spinose, and generally clinkery surface. Aa lava flows tend to be relatively thick compared to pahoehoe flows. During the early episodes of the current eruption of Kilauea volcano, aa flows up to 36 feet thick surged through the Royal Gardens subdivision at rates as great as 108 ft/min. | Pahoehoe Lava Flow | Aa Lava Flow

28: Thurston Lava Tube

29: The intrepid explorers make it out alive!

30: Richardson | Beach Park | Hilo, HI

31: Lava sail-by | Look at the stars!

32: Day 4 - Maui The Road to Hana | Three Bears Falls | Painted Bark Eucalyptus Trees | Second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is known as the Valley Isle, for the fertile swathe of terrain that cuts between its two impressive shield volcanoes. Formed from the ancient flows of these two volcanoes, Maui has an incredible diversity of nature and landscapes. The rugged red and black volcanic sands of the Haleakala National Park contrast with the lush jungle coastline surrounding the winding Road to Hana. | Maui

33: The Garden of Eden

35: The Road to Hana as it heads towards the Ke'anae Peninsula in the distance.

36: Views from MM14 lookout.

37: Ke'anae Peninsula

38: The Road to Hana as seen from the Ke'anae Peninsula.

39: On April 1, 1946, life on the Ke'anae Peninsula changed forever when a devastating tsunami hit this side of the island. The wave completely washed over the peninsula, killing 20 children and 4 teachers. The only building that survived was the Ke'anae Congregational Church, which was established in 1860 and still stands today.

40: Wai'anapanapa State Wayside Park

42: Hamoa Beach

43: Lynette & Rick wonder if Larry is going to need the life preserver.>

44: /The Pools of 'Ohe'O Gulch

46: Maui Upcountry | Site of Charles Lindberg's grave.

48: Day 5 - Maui Molokini Crater & Lahaina

53: Aloha Maui

54: Day 6 Back to the Big Island Kona | Whales Ahoy!

55: Pilot whales are a large dolphin species second only to orca (killer whales) in size. Adult males measure up to 20 ft in length and weigh up to 6000 lbs. Adult females measure up to 16 ft in length and weigh up to 3000 lbs. They have a round head with a small beak and dolphin-typical up-curved mouthline. The rounded head of males protrudes over the lower jaw. Pilot whales are dark gray to black in color with a lighter colored patch on the ventral surface, and may also have a faint patch behind the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin is curved with a long base, and the flippers are also curved. Pilot whales are often found in captivity as they survive there and are easily trained. They have been trained by the US Navy to locate military equipment from deep ocean depths for retrieval. The pilot whale is a gregarious species often found in groups of 20-90, in which there are often small families of females and their calves. Although males are found in these groups as well, they are not necessarily fathers of the calves.

56: Honaunau bay ~The Place of Refuge~ | The State fish of Hawaii | Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

58: The Black Sand Beach and our honu friends. Remember - show turtles Aloha!

60: Kealakekua bay captain Cook's monument

62: Sea Caves, Blow Holes & Lava Tubes The Big Island, South of Kona

64: Aloha Lovely Kona | Pancho's and Lefty's | Future Ironman? | Troublemakers?

65: Napa Wine Bar The smooth guitar stylings of Butch O'Conner

66: The northernmost and oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kuau'i is nicknamed "The Garden Isle." Kaua'i is covered with green mountainsides, carved with dramatic cliffs and canyons and drenched with enchantment. The scenery in Kaua'i redefines the word 'spectacular'. Jurassic Park I, II and III, King Kong, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Six Days/Seven Nights, Tropic Thunder and South Pacific, to name a few, were all filmed on Kaua'i. With the dramatic backdrop of towering mountains and cascading waterfalls in an almost primal setting, it makes any screenplay come to life. | Kaua'i Hawaii's Island of Discovery | Day 7

67: Hanalei's fertile fields have produced taro for more than a thousand years. At the foot of Hanalei's green mountains, beautiful kalo lo'i (flooded fields of taro) produce most of the state's taro for poi.

68: Ke'e Beach By Land, Air & Sea

70: Access by land to the Napali Coast is limited to a single 11-mile trail that crosses five valleys. The trail starts at Ke'e Beach and ends at Kalalau Beach. The Kalalau Trail is not for the faint of heart; it can be muddy, slippery and steep. Hikers wishing to go past the 2-mile point must obtain a park permit.

72: By Land | By Air | By Sea

76: A luau (Hawaiian lu'au) is a traditional Hawaiian feast that normally features foods such as poi, kalua pig (pork prepared in an imu, or earth oven), poke, and lomi salmon, among others. The feast is often held outdoors and features traditional Hawaiian entertainment. Hawaii residents often hold luaus to celebrate special occasions.

78: NASA Kokee Park Geophysical Observatory

79: Waimea Canyon is a spectacular gorge that defies description. It is often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The layers evident on the sides of the canyon are reminiscent of the grander canyon in Arizona. Each layer represents a different eruption and subsequent lava flow. The canyon is 10 miles long, 1 mile wide and more than 3,600 feet deep. | Waimea Canyon

80: Na pali coast | The Na Pali Coast is a 15 mile stretch of mountains and sea on the northwest flank of Kauai. Accessible only by air, boat or on foot via the Kalalau Trail, Na Pali - "the cliffs" - played an important role in Hawaiian history. Early ocean voyagers from Polynesia settled in the protected valleys along this coast, fishing, growing taro and trading by foot trail and canoe. Rock walls and agricultural terracing preserve evidence of the early residents' sophisticated irrigation systems and traditional culture.

81: The Kalalau Trail

82: Manawaiopuna Falls of Jurassic Park movie fame are accessible only by helicopter. | Mount Wal'ale'ale in the center of Kauai is the wettest place on earth, receiving an average of 428 inches of rain per year.

83: Hanalei Valley from the air. | The brave explorers survive another adventure!

84: Kalapaki Beach | Hula Pie

86: Na pali Coast Sail-by | Campers on Kalalau Beach

87: Aloha Kaua'i

88: Dawn breaks over Waikiki and Diamondhead for our last day in the islands.

90: Koa Oasis - Our favorite one-star restaurant on Waikiki Beach! | John - Former Marine and great Mai-Tai maker

91: Waikiki Beach, Lynette & Larry and Diamondhead photos taken by Donna in the kayak.

92: More fun in the sun in Waikiki | For all of your beach needs in Waikiki, see Susan from Korea.

93: Parrots in Paradise

94: Penguino in Paradise | Penguino makes some new friends.

95: The TSA agent searches for the Hawaiian BBQ sauce Donna has in her bag, while Larry & Lynette just hope no one has to be strip searched. | Aloha Hawaii and Mahalo for the adventure! | And so our adventure draws to a close. | A rainbow leads us back to the airport.

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