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Oxford Memories ~ January - February 2010

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Oxford Memories ~ January - February 2010 - Page Text Content

S: Oxford Memories ~ January - February 2010

FC: Oxford Memories | January - February 2010

1: ABU-Oxford Program | From January to April 2010 I had the adventure of a lifetime. I was able to study drama and Shakespeare at Oxford University.

2: 2010 | Traveling | To England | a | First Flight!

3: On the Plane

4: Detroit

5: Once we flew into Detroit we had to switch terminals. The ceiling in between the two terminals had a light show! It was great!

6: England

8: Wormwood Cottage

9: While in Chalrbury, I lived with Nic & Lou

10: Home Away from Home

13: Charlbury

14: Everyday we walked by the field full of sheep! Sheep were everywhere!

16: When we arrived in Charlbury the field was flooded because of melting snow! | It was all gone by the time we left 3 months later.

17: Charlbury Baptist Church! This is where we spent the majority of our time when we weren't doing school work. Harry Potter Marathons! Game Nights! Co-op Lunches!

18: Girls Night! | There were 13 Oxford Students in total. 11 Girls & 2 Boys!

19: We had lots of food and decided to straighten Emily's hair! What a blast!

20: Happy Birthday Juddy!

21: Bull Quiz Night

22: ABU Grads

24: Oxford | a | Train to Oxford

25: The Bodleian

28: Touring Oxford

30: Eagle & Child

31: Harry Potter Oxford Tour!

39: Broughton Castle

43: Bedroom Door used in "Shakespeare in Love"

45: Balcony From | Shakespeare in Love

47: Rollright Stones

48: Spring Break!! | Stop 1: Rome | Our break began on February 20, 2010 when the three of us flew from London to Rome with Katie, Cody, and Amanda. After we flew in, the 6 of us parted ways. Gillian, Mandy, and I went to our hostel while Katie, Cody, and Amanda went to theirs. That night Gillian, Mandy, and I walked around and got some food and planned out our next two days in Rome!

49: The first thing we did the next morning was go to the Roman Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We got a great deal with our tickets to go see both for only 15 Euro! The Colosseum was beautiful! Our tour guide was really good and told us anything we wanted to know. After the tour, we were allowed to walk around and take pictures for a half hour before our tour of the Forum started. While we were walking around we ran into Katie, Cody, and Amanda! Small world eh? After our tours we walked around and tried to go see the Jail where Paul and Peter baptized people and spent the last year of their lives, but no such luck. It was closed

50: for renovations. That night, we met up with Mandy’s cousin who took us out for Gelato. After the Gelato she took us to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps! All-in-all it was a great day! Our last day in Rome we went to the Vatican City. We were supposed to meet up with Katie, Cody, and Amanda. But no such luck. The Vatican was beautiful! We were there the one day a year they have the statue in the church all dressed up! It was pretty cool. While we were on our tour we heard singing. We followed it and it was a processional. They were all singing acapella and walking into the

51: church. Apparently this doesn’t happen everyday either. It was a great experience! We saw the Sistine Chapel, but apparently you’re not allowed to take pictures in it because Fuji films copywrited everything when they paid to have the ceiling restored. But that didn’t stop us from getting a picture!! After the Vatican, we went back to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps during the day! Rome was wonderful! Can’t wait to go back someday!

57: Look who we found!

58: Oldest part in Rome. The streets!

61: The Prison where Peter & Paul spent the last year of their lives

62: Bathroom Adventures!

63: Gelato!! | Piazza Navona

66: Spanish Steps!

67: Vatican City

68: Picture of the Sistene Chapel ceiling!

72: Spring Break!! | Stop 2: Venice | On the 23rd of February, we took a train from Rome to Venice! The train was 6 hours long. On the train Gillian, Mandy, and I were lucky to have 4 seats to ourselves for the majority of the ride. We spent our time on the train talking, reading, playing games, and sleeping. When we got to Venice we actually had to

73: take a bus to get on the island. Some random guy showed us how to get to the bus stop. I was kind of freaked out, but everything worked out in the long run. Usually you’d have to pay for your bus ride, but we didn’t have to! It was great! After our short bus ride, we got to Venice! We walked around taking pictures and trying to find our hostel. Some nice locals told us where it was. After checking in, we went back out and got some gelato and just looked at the beauty that is Venice! It was pretty late at night, but we didn’t care. The reflections of the lights off the water were beautiful. First thing we did the next morning was

74: decide that in Venice we weren’t tourists. We were explorers! We decided we didn’t want to spend all our time in churches and other touristy places. We just wanted to experience the city. We got our water boat passes and just got off at random stops that looked exciting! We did some shopping, ate at local restaurants, and just enjoyed ourselves. We did give in and pay for a gondola ride. But hey, who wouldn’t? It was a lot of fun. We got to see Venice from a totally new perspective. The only downside to Venice is that Gillian got sick. We’re pretty sure she got food poisoning from one of the local dishes she

75: tried earlier in the day. So that night she went to bed and Mandy and I sat on the steps of the bridge for a while. Instead of exploring some more on the 25th, we got an early bus to the airport to fly to Paris. We spent roughly 8 hours at the airport due to our delayed plane. Gillian got some much needed sleep while Mandy and I played card games and ate our last Italian gelato. Farewell Venice. You will be missed!

80: Local Dishes

81: Bridge of Sighs

82: Spring Break!! | Final Stop: Paris | We arrived in France late on the 25th of February. Once we got off our flight, we got on a shuttle bus to take us into the city. I ended up sitting next to some girls who had gone out partying that night. They were very drunk and the one sitting next to me passed out. After we arrived in the city, we took a taxi to our hotel. As I was the only one out

83: of the three of us who was in French Immersion, I was elected to be the speaker. It wasn’t that bad. I actually remembered more than I thought. When we got to our hotel, we went straight to bed. Excited for what the next few days would bring. When we woke up, we went to the pharmacist because Gillian’s face was all broken out from a towel she put on her face when she was sick in Venice. I was very glad that I took French Immersion at this point. I talked to the pharmacist and he referred us to a dermatologist. This lady only spoke French, so once again I translated for her and Gillian. She was very helpful and gave

84: Gillian the needed medication. All-in-all, it didn’t cost Gillian that much, only like 22 Euro for the consult and medication! We were all very thankful for French Immersion. After our trip to the dermatologist and pharmacist we wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, but it was raining and windy so we decided to go to the museums instead. Gillian was still a weak from being sick so she got a wheelchair and we pushed her around. The first museum we went to was the Musée d’Orsay. There were a lot of very beautiful art pieces. I definitely took a lot of pictures of the different art works and

85: sculptures. The second museum we went to was the Louvre! I was so excited to go. I just think the building itself is beautiful! We spent a lot of time in the Louvre. We met this guy in a wheelchair who showed us around. We’re pretty sure it was because Gillian was in one too. He took us right up to see the Mona Lisa, and got the guards to let Gillian go in front of the rope because she was in a wheelchair and wouldn’t be able to see above everyone else, so we gave her our cameras and she got pretty good pictures! We literally spent 5 hours in the Louvre but only 3 of them were voluntary. We got lost trying to leave because the elevators only

86: went to every other floor, so you had to find the right combinations. If we were just walking around it wouldn’t have been as bad, but we had the wheelchair. It was definitely an experience! After we left the Louvre, we walked around for a bit and then went back to our hotel to get rested up for the next day! The next morning however, it was my turn to be sick. It really sucked. I wasn’t as weak as Gillian was, but I was just sick to my stomach. I had to go back to the pharmacist to get some gravol; I was not going to let being sick get in my way! After breakfast, we got to go to

87: the Eiffel Tower! Instead of walking up to the top, because Gillian and I were still a little weak, we took the elevator. It was so much fun! We got to go to the very top! The view was amazing! After the Eiffel Tower, we went to the Notre Dame. We weren’t able to go to the top because it was close to closing time. But the church itself was beautiful. After the Notre Dame, we walked along the streets and did some shopping and had supper before returning to the hotel for a while. We wanted to see the light show at the Eiffel Tower that happens every hour on the hour. So we waited until 10, went to the show, then came back and went to bed.

88: The next morning was the end of our trip. We had to go catch our trains taking us from Paris all the way to Charlbury. We were a little late for the one from Paris to London, but the workers got us on the next one at no extra cost! Such a blessing! When we got to Oxford we learned that the train from Oxford to Charlbury was down due to repairs. We could take a bus, but we just missed it and would have to wait 2 hours. At this point we just wanted to get home, so we took a taxi to Charlbury. Thus ends the Great Spring Break of 2010.

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