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Peace Corp

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1: The Congo River is the deepest river in the world, and the largest natural resource in Congo. It is used by everyone, and this is an overhead photo of how large it actually is. | I took this picture during the afternoon. I walked down to the river and saw all these boats here. These boats are here for transporting goods, and selling food and fishing.

2: These are both examples of personal appearance in Congo. They use bright colors, and make their own clothes. | Again, the bright colors symbolize beauty, and they wear long skirts/ cover-ups. They also wear hats and wraps on their head.

3: I took a picture of these little kids when they were getting served dinner. As you can see, there isn't a lot of food, but the food they do have is all prepared by the women, unless the food is meat, therefore it would be hunted. | This woman is preparing food for her family. She uses a community bowl, one for women and one for men. Here she is making rice and a food that's just like mashed potatoes.

4: Congo is a very close country. What I mean by this is that they all work together, and seem to enjoy each others company. They are like a big family and seem to always get along. In these two pictures you can see them together.

5: When I read this article while in Congo it was shocking. There was a war that had taken many lives, but has been over for years. But, after reading this it talks about how the death toll still hasn't gone down, even after the war. This just shows me how dangerous Congo really is . | This article talks about how Congo has such great potential to be an amazing country. They have a lot of open land and vast vegetation that could make a lot of money. But, because of the money crisis, it's hard to grow as a country, and hard to become powerful.

6: This article approaches the topic of the U.N. and how they aren't help. Congo needs a lot of help and guidence, but it's hard when nobody wants to help or isn't able to help.

7: This article is about the vast land Congo has. Even from being here for a couple months, i notice how beautiful and large it is. The land is very big and has potential to go very far. Although there isn't a good economy, there is room for improvement. | While in Congo, everyone warned me about the rape epidemic, and told me it was important to travel in packs. I didn't realize how serious it was until i read this article, explaining over 50% of women get raped.

8: Dear Mom and Dad, This is my first letter to you guys, and I miss you so much! Everything is different here, and I stick out like a sore thumb. The clothing is very different than what I’m used to. The women wear vibrant colors that cover their body. They have very long skirts, and robes that are somewhat thick, considering the weather. I’m wearing shorts, and a tee shirt, and they are wearing long skirts that cover up their bodies, with larger hats. The men wear mostly just shorts, and either no top, or a beat up tee shirt. They don’t wear clothing that is neat, or clean. Their beauty is different than ours, and when they go to ceremonies or events women put on makeup, and they don’t do those kinds of things. You are my parents, and know me best and know I love to go shopping and to get ready and look nice, and here it isn’t really important. Their personal appearance isn’t as important here.

9: Dear Julia, I miss my big sister so much! It’s crazy over here in Congo, Africa is so different, but the nature is beautiful. The food here is stuff that I’ve never had before. Also, there is a shortage so their isn’t really enough for snacks, and huge meals. There’s a community bowl for women, and one for men, and for the two meals we get a day, we grab from these bowls. Most of it the food is natural and includes cassava, rice, potatoes, bananas, yams, beans, corn, fish, peanuts, and various fruits and vegetables. The fruits are Common fruits include mangoes, oranges, papaya, and coconuts. Back at home we go food shopping like every week, but here they only buy what they need for the day, and go on a day to day basis. I miss you and love you, can’t wait till I’m home to eat some of dad’s meatballs!

10: Dear Chris, How’s everyone? I miss home so much, but you would love it here. But, it’s a lot of work. Everyone has to work for what they have. Such as food, clothing, and the bare essentials. We take for granted what we have back at home, and coming here I’ve realized how hard it really is. The Congo River is three miles down, and I walk to it almost every day, because it’s such a major resource, and when I want food, water, plates, etc. I go to the river. The river is also a huge part of culture, because people go there for the beautiful sights, and to interact with others. This river is a main component in living in Congo.

11: This is a cup most likely made by a Congolese women. The detail on the side takes a lot of time and skill from carving wood. This bowl was most likely for a higher class family, because of the detail, and the amazing art work. A lower class family would have a simple cup.

12: This picture to the left is a mask from the Chowke tribe in Congo. They were used for tribal safety and rituals performed in Congo. The mask was mostly warn by men. | This is also a mask from Congo that was used for a man to wear during different rituals. This mask was carved and hand made by a hunter.

13: This is a ten dollar bill from Congo. In America 10 dollars doesn't go very far, but in Congo that can go a long way. While I was here, 10 dollars could get me food for almost a week. Money is very rare and valuable here. | These are various pieces from Congo, and they are all household tools, mostly for the kitchen. There are plates, cups, and vases that hold water.

14: This document is signed by the Congolese Board members. This document expresses how Congo is involved with the UN (united Nations) and there will be a meeting in New York to discuss Congo's safety and security. They want to prevent war, and while being here i realize how important it is to everyone, because there was a war a couple years ago, and it destroyed everyone's spirits.

15: This is a certificate from Congo that expresses their safety in a certain area of Congo, in regards to the war. The war killed many people, and left many injured, and all these years later, there is still clean up to be done. This document proves that the people of Congo are really trying to help protect and clean their country, and all work together to help it.

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