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Pedro And The Secret Cranberry Sauce

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BC: The End Of Pedro And The Secret Cranberry Sauce

FC: Pedro And The Secret Cranberry Sauce

1: One stormy, harsh, cold winter day when the snow was blowing like crazy, our friend Mr. Pedro Gomez just happened to be walking down White Street. As he was plodding through this mess, he noticed a five dollar bill poking out of the snow and it seemed to be staring up at him. He stooped down to pick it up and figured he go to Kurt's Shop For Vegans And Fruitans to buy something for him and his wife for dinner because tonight was their fifteenth anniversary. He walked a little bit more through the frozen slush and he eventually strolled up alongside

2: Kurt's. He entered the warm and cozy building to meet Kurt's usual greeting of, "Hello! how's it going?" Pedro would answer, "It's going just great Kurt! Just found a five dollar bill outside in the street." Kurt wanted to see it so Pedro put it on the counter and Kurt inspected it with his glasses. He looked up at Pedro and told him he could not accept the five because he didn't recognize it as American currency. At this, Pedro became very angry and ran to the back of the store. Kurt went back to counting the money in the register, as Pedro picked up the biggest grapefruit he

3: could find. He moved slowly back to toward the front of the store. The snow was coming down harder than ever. Pedro reared back, and hurled the grapefruit at his old friend. It hit Kurt square in the eye, shattering his glasses and knocking him out. Pedro then hurriedly leaped over the counter and grabbed a can of cranberry sauce, took one last look at his 88 year old friend Kurt, then sped out of there like lightning. On the way home he could barely see because of the snow and forgot his jacket back at Kurt's. He was almost there when a cop was found

4: standing in his path. The cop asked him if he knew anything about the death of Kurt Cobain, the owner of Kurt's Shop For Vegans And Fruitans. Pedro hastily answered suicide as it was the first answer to come to mind, but the cop knew something was up because he also knew Kurt and knew he loved every minute of his life. He ;however, had no proof against Mr. Gomez so he let him go. Pedro darted away from the policeman and kept going up the hill to his house. Pedro came in the door to find his wife sitting on the couch eating a bowl of cold cucumber soup with a

5: blanket over her. She turned around and looked up at her husband and wondered why he looked so scared. Pedro slammed the cranberry sauce on the table and walked over to the couch. He told her to pack up her things right away as they were going to have to run away and leave their house. She didn't argue and ran upstairs to get all her stuff together. About a half hour later, she came back downstairs and was all ready to go. Pedro and his wife embarked upon the night with only a few belongings and the precious cranberry sauce. They walked for hours

6: on end, crossing from one street to the next until they were so tired they just collapsed on the side of the road. The next morning they awoke and found themselves surrounded by woodland

7: creatures. Pedro quickly got up and protected his wife and his cherished cranberry sauce. The gopher among the group spoke up and said, "Why did you steal that cranberry sauce from Kurt? He was our friend and you stole from him. Now you'll have to pay the price." Pedro backed away from the animals promptly. He twisted around and took off in the other direction, leaving his wife to be destroyed by the gopher and his friends. Mr. Gomez kept running till he found a little cabin about 2 miles away from where the gopher monstrosity had taken place. It was an

8: old cabin, no shutters, and the door hanging at an angle, but it would do for a hideout for a couple days. Pedro walked in and slept on the bed. During his siesta, he had a dream of things to come. His wife would return but he did not know when. But she would return and she would massacre him just the way he did to her. He woke from his dream in a cold sweat. His arms felt like bricks, and he was too weak to lift them up. Then, the slightest sound could be heard form outside the cabin. Pedro was frightened. He didn't want to die yet. The door creaked open. His

9: breathing grew louder, faster. There, in the doorway stood the shadow of a gopher mangled and horrifying. One of her eyes was missing, only a great red hole where it used to be. Her mouth was not in the correct shape, it was hanging down as if it was ripped down by a bear. Pedro let out a high pitched scream as he recognized it was his wife, resurrected as a gopher. She spoke to him, "Pedro, since you have taken my life from me, I will now take what you still have and care about most from you." She lunged toward the cranberry sauce and Pedro jumped up

10: and smashed her against the wall with a chair. She fell to the ground with a thud. Her eyes closed for one last time. Pedro and his cranberry sauce got out of another sticky situation. After he cleaned up the mess he had made, there was a knock on the door. He answered it and it was the cop from the snowstorm. He said he had come to ask him some questions. Pedro agreed, knowing exactly what to say. The cop asked him once more about Kurt and this mysterious, missing jar of cranberry sauce. Pedro told him to wait here while he went into the other room

11: to get a little something. He returned with a small hatchet and quietly began sneaking up on the policeman. He crept closer and closer till he was almost in striking distance and right when he was about to wallop the cop, then cop stood up swiftly and spun and fired on our friend Mr. Pedro Gomez. Pedro was shocked, he staggered backwards and mouthed something that the cop couldn't hear. And on this night the great Pedro Gomez would live no more for the great cop Keith Richards had shot and killed the biggest criminal Detroit had seen.

12: Keith went on for months concerned about nothing except that night so long ago that he killed the infamous Pedro Gomez. It finally got to the point where Keith about went crazy over Pedro has said. One night he had to figure out what it was. He found the answer written on the top of the cranberry sauce Pedro had done such a good job of hiding. Inscribed on it, it read: "Should've got the creamed corn instead."

13: Myth- It helps my story to be a myth because it is a completely unrealistic story. The fact that it's a myth can help explain and make the reader read the story easier at parts like the Pedro vs. gopher-wife scene.

14: Point Of View- POV creates a sense of dislike for the main character in my book. It takes an omniscient POV letting the reader know everything about Pedro and lets them know of how bad he is.

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