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Period 4

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S: Period 4, 2010

FC: One Crazzzzzy Vacation! | Miss Connors and Mrs. Schiavoni Period 4

1: Transportation Barcelona Madrid Bilbao Málaga Sevilla Salamanca León Granada Websites | Pages 2-3 Pages 4-5 Pages 6-7 Pages 8-9 Pages 10-11 Pages 12-13 Pages 14-15 Pages 16-17 Pages 18-19 Pages 20-23 | Table of Contents

2: The map on the top left is a map of Madrid's metro and the bottom right is the RENFE train route. The trains travel all over Spain taking people to their destinations. There are a few different ticket options when traveling on the Madrid Metro. Some are Single tickets, Ten-Journey Metro Bus ticket, and Sencillo Metroeste ticket which passes by a hospital. | Madrid Metro | RENFE Train Route | Destinations- Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Salamanca, Bilbao, Sevilla, Cadiz, Porto and many more.

3: To get to Madrid you need to take a plane across the Atlantic Ocean. Some possible airlines that could take you there would be United Airlines, Continental, Air France, American Airlines, Delta and much more. The different classes you could take are coach and first class. Also the costs vary depending on the number of stops you have. For non-stop, is about $600 , one stop, about $1000, and for two stops,about $1500. The average flight time from New York to Madrid is seven to eight hours. There are two main differences between RENFE and AVE. One is that AVE is a high-speed train that can reach speeds of 186 mph. The other is that RENFE is a normal speed train that can carry passengers and freight. The three different classes are business, tourist, and a club car. Business Includes- A meal, big seats, access to VIP club, headset, newspaper, and a magazine. Tourist Includes- Ample leg room, a headset, and four music channels. Club Car Includes- Leather Seats, an open bar, a meal, and service.

4: Hotels and Restaurants in Barcelona *Hotel Fira Palace- Avenida Rius I Taulet 1-3 Barcelona 08004 Spain. * cost $135.00 per room per night. * Internet wire-less, gym, pool, health club, direct dial up phone, and air-conditioning. ` *Barceló Raval- Rambla del Raval, 17-21, Barcelona, Spain * cost $172.00 per room per night *Restaurant, fitness facilities, wedding services, shoe shine, cable/ satellite television channels *Bota Fumiero Moncho- El de Gracia 81, Barcelona 08012 Spain * Lobster or spiny lobster salad, fresh tomato’s vinegar angler fish, dough nuts with hot chocolate sauce *Julivert Meu- Carrerv de Bonsuccés 7, Barcelona, Spain 08001 *Escalivada (roasted or charred grilled peppers and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil), esqueixada(salad of salt cod, onion, peppers ), botifarra amb mongetes ( grilled black sausage with white beans)

5: *Barcelona Picasso museum * Barcelona's famous collection is displayed in three adjoining medieval palaces | La Sagrada Familia Started building in 1882 and is still under construction. It was originally intended to be a modest neo- gothic church. | Port Olympic was an entertainment and leisure zone. In 1988 it was built for the 1992 Olympic games.

6: Reina Sofia. A popular art museum in Madrid. Contemporary and modern art. It even features Picasso's "Guernica." It holds over 100,000 books and 1,000 videos. | Las Mañanitas Address: Fuencarral, 82, 28004, Madrid, Spain Food: Mexican Cuisine, tacos, enchiladas, and nachos | Museo Romantico. Finest collections of furniture in 14 rooms. Built in 1808, it even has an armchair toilet! | Westin Palace Address: Plaza de Las Cortes,7, Madrid, 28014, Spain. Cost: 218 euros per night. addition information: beauty, barber shop, gym, business center, shopping nearby.

7: Museum of Costume | Hotel Ritz Madrid | Chocolatería de San Ginés Restaurant | One of the least known museums in Madrid. It was built around 1970. There are costumes from Spain from the 16th century to present time. It is a very educational museum. The costumes are a statement of one's status in society. They show how changes were made and the reason. | Address: Plaza de La Lealtad 5, Madrid, Spain, 28014 Cost: single 207 euros. double 255 euros, triple 293 euros. Pampering Package, Gourmet Wine Tour, Art Discovery. | Address: Pasadizo de San Ginés 5, Madrid, Spain, 28013. Type of Food: Chocolate con churros, porras.

8: Ercilla Lopez de Haro hotel is located at Obispo Orueta, 2 - 48009 in Bilbao. The cost of a single room is 77 euros plus tax. It includes a gym, a babysitter,a snack shack,and a t.v lounge. | Hotel Carlton is located at Plaza de Federico Moyua, 2 - 48009 Bilbao. For a single room, it is 95 euros per night with tax included. It includes flat screen t.v's, a gym, Turkish baths, mini-markets, and shoe shines. | La Alhondiga is one of the most popular buildings in Bilbao. Built in 1906. It's used as a wine house and is now being built into a cultural and leisure center.

9: The Guggenheim Restaurant and Café.It is located at AV. Abandoibarra,2. It has a selection of sandwiches, snacks and fresh produce. | The Victor Montes Restaurant. It is located at Plaza Nueva, 8, Bilbao 48005 Spain. European cuisine. <-------- | La Biblioteca de Bidebarrieta was built in 1888 . It regularly hosts concerts and conferences. It's also a ballroom. | The Palacio de Congresos y de la Musica was built in 1999 and looks like a rusting metal ship. It stands on the site of the old Euskalduna Shipyard. <-------- | <--------

10: Sunset Beach Club Málaga Avienda Costa del Sol. 5 Benalmadena, AN 29360 Spain The hotel to the left has 31 floors, a barber/ hair stylists, air conditioning, room service, laundry/ dry cleaning service and, a photo copy service. This hotel costs $141 per night. | Room mate Lola Casas de Campos 17, 29001 Málaga 89 euros The hotel to the right has air conditioning, an elevator, heating, luggage, storage, and wireless internet. | Trastevere Canovas del Castillo 10 Málaga AN 29016 Spain The restaurant to the left has pizzas, salad, and chocolate desserts at low prices.

11: The attraction above, La Concepción, is a landscape garden created 150 years ago, created by Marquess of Loring. It has more than 5000 different types of plants. | The attraction above, Real Santuario de Santa Maria de la Victoria was built between the 15th and 18th centuries, one of the most well known religious enclaves in the city. | Plaza de Toros La Malagueta above is an attraction in Málaga. The construction started in 1874 and was inaugurated in June 1876. It had seating capacity of 15000. This attraction is close to the beach. This holds majestic buildings and glorious bullfights. | The restaurant above is the Caleno. It is located on Cenacheros, 16 Málaga, AN, 29017, Spain. Its most famous food is the local traditional cuisine..

12: This is the Vincci La Rabida Hotel. The hotel is located in Sevilla city central close to many landmarks and the commercial district. The hotel is also close to well known restaurants. The Hotel Becquer, Reyes Católicos, 4.41001 is a very formidable and comfortable housing area for tourists and locals. It contains fine rooms a friendly restaurant. Exercise pools and a meeting room all for affordable prices. | The Zoo of Sevilla contains a large garden with 200 plant species and 120 animals including white tigers and oryxes. Another attraction in Sevilla was their military museum which holds most of the city's history. From the 15th Century to modern times it contains many significant Spanish military operations and warfare.

13: The Hang Zhou restaurant(opposite, bottom left) at Calle Mateos Gago, is an international restaurant, which includes, chicken curry, sweet and sour pork, and desserts like fried bananas. There's also the Casa Robles at Alvarez Quintero, 58, which serves many types of marine food. | The Sevilla University Library. Fairly modern, with a cultural hall, and exhibition state that is filled with remarkable fine art projects. It is renowned for its unique design.

14: Oasis Horus Salamanca Address- Avenida Salamanca, 1, Santa Marta de Tormes, 37900 Spain Cost- $96 per night This hotel also includes a pool and a restaurant. | Salamanca Forum Resort Address- Urb Vega de Salamanca, Salamanca, 37185, Spain. Cost- $152 per night This hotel has a gym, air-conditioning, heat and Internet connection. | Cerventes Address- Plaza Mayor, 15, Salamanca 37002 Spain This restaurant has European Cuisine. It includes different varieties of pasta, meat, and seafood.

15: Parrilla de la Calleja Address- Ventura Ruiz de Aguilera, 7, Salamanca 37002 Spain This restaurant serves European cuisine, including many varieties of meats.. | Capilla de la Veracruz ~ This is a chapel that was the site of an old hospital. It was converted into a chapel in the 16th century. It’s a very beautiful building with paintings by Gregorio Fernandez. | Casa Museo de Unamuno ~ It was an ancient house built in 1758. It was owned by famous writer and philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno. | Centro Internacional de Arte ~Contains paintings, sculptures, engravings, and more! It takes part in International contemporary fair of Castilla and Leon.

16: This is Parador de León San Marcos. It is a hotel and a sixteenth century monastery. Luxuries include wi-fi and a mini bar | The Cathedral is one of the early thirteen and fourteenth century Gothic structures in Spain. | MUSCA is a museum. It includes sculptures both modern and ancient. it also holds paintings from many modern artists. | Colegiata de san isidoro is a church dating from 3rd century A.D. and is reinforced by numerous round towers.

17: Restaurante de Amancio has many Spanish dishes, such as shrimp and scallops with noodles. It also doubles as a café. | This is the Bitacora. They serve great Mediterranean dishes and delicious appetizers. | Cortes de León, includes a fifty four dollar nightly fee. It has a fitness center, unlimited Internet accessibility, and a huge pool.

18: Restaurant- Restaurante Los Manueles. Address- La Calle Reyes Católicos. Type of food- Oxtail, Tropical Salad, Grilled Sirloin Steak, Chocolate Cake, and Ice Cream. | Hotel- Ac Palacio De Santa Paula. Address- Gran Via De Colon 31, Granada, Spain 18001. Additional information- Bidet, Air conditioning, Café, Wireless Internet.

19: The Granada Cathedral was finished in 1537. The Cathedral is a memorial of the victory of Christian Spain and the country's finest renaissance church. | The Museo Caja Memoria de Andalucia, is a new museum that opened in 2009. This museum is the only museum dedicated to understand Andalusia only. Andalusia refers to the southern part of Spain.

20: Transportation antTransportation Page 2 Picture1-Metro © Picture2-Renfe © Page 3 Picture1-Airplane © Picture 2-Ave © Barcelona Page 4 Picture 1- Julivert Meu © Picture 2 – Bota Fumiero © Picture 3- Hotel Fira Palace © Picture 4- Barcelo Raval © Page 5 Picture 1- Port Olympia © Picture 2-Picasso Museum Barcelona © Picture 3- Sagrada Familia © Madrid Page 6 Picture 1- Reina Sofia © Picture 2- Las Mañanitas © Picture 3 Museo Romantico © Picture 4- Westin Palace © Page 7 Picture 1- Museum of Costume © Picture 2- Ritz Hotel Madrid © Picture 3- Chocolateria ©

21: Bilbao Page 8 Picture 1-Ercilla de Haro © Picture 2- Hotel Carlton © Picture 3- Alhondiga © Page 9 Picture 1- The Guggenheim Restaurant © Picutre 2- Victor Montes Restaurant © Picture 3- Palacio del Congreso y de la Musica © Picture 4- Biblioteca © Málaga Pages 10 Picture 1- Hotel Sunset Beach ©_ -plaza_de_toros_la_malagueta_malaga-i;_ylt=AuKxh6aPw7NCdtjOiKfE7kYKMGoL_club-i;_ylt=A9FJu5i0J5FLmjkAtJTiphQ Picture 2- Room Mate Lola © Picture 3-Trastevere © Page 11 Picture 1- La Concepción ©;_ylt=AivSCIUmwPhBHlpRbXRRUewKMGoL Picture 2- Real Santuario ©;_ylt=Ar0f.rXZsZhpmOgkAar2eiAKMGoL Picture 3- Plaza de Toros © Picture 4- Calendo © Sevilla Pages 12 Picture 1 Hotel 1 © Picture 2- Hang Zhou © Picture 3- Museo Militar © Picture 4- Hotel Bequer © Picture 5- Zoo © Page 13 Picture 1- Casa Robles © Picture 2- Library ©

22: Salamanca Page 14 Picture 1 Salamanca Forum Resort © Picture 2- Oasis © Picture 3- Cervantes © Page 15 Picture 1- Parilla © Picture 2- Chapel ©,%20reformada%20en%20el%20XVIII.jpg Picture 3- Museo de Unamuno © Picture 4- Center of International Art © León Page 16 Picture 1- Parador ©Parador de Leon Spain: Picture 2- Cathedral ©Cathedral de Leon Spain: Picture 3- Colegiate de San Isidro © Picture 4- MUSAC © Page 17 Picture 1- Cortes de leon © Picture 2- Biacora © Picture 3- Restaurante de amancio © Granada Page 18 Picture 1 Hotel AC Palacio © Picture 2- Los Manueles © Page 19 Picture 1- Cathedral © Picture 2-Museo Caja Memoria de Andalucia ©

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