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Prince Eli on Prince Edward Island

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FC: with Bani and Banca June 25-July11, 2011 | PRINCE ELI'S ADVENTURES on PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND

2: In PEI, we took a while to find our cottage. Banny was excited about the lupine because she once planted them in her garden. The people renting us the house are very nice and have awesome accents. Many people have Irish and Scottish accents. | June 25

3: Afterwards, Banca napped, and I walked with Banny. We saw weird, tiny, flat pond/puddles, herons, and seagulls. During dinner, we saw a hummingbird. It was tiny and sat for a long time on a branch. | After dropping off our bags, we went to lunch at a local restaurant where we had yummy lobster rolls. It was called Brehauts.

4: We tried to take a walk on the trail | but the mosquitoes were devouring us.

5: There was a weird fairytale park where we sat by the beach. Then, after getting lost, we made it back. | June 26

6: We went to Charlottown and saw the DiverseCity Festival and ate lobster. Then we went home. I read, Banca did a crossword, and Banny watched a movie.

8: June 27

9: I again woke up first. We had breakfast, and then I went shopping with Banca. On the way home, we got lost a bit, so we just had a quick snack and then went bird watching. The guide was very nice, and we saw lots of birds (like bobolinks) and looked through his great spotting scope.

10: We saw the hummingbirds and Banny tried to photograph them. It finally got sunny, but then it started to rain. Banny couldnÂ’t hear it for a long time and thought we were joking.

11: We hung out, and I tried to make a painting contraption,but the mosquitoes ate me.

12: In Saint Peters Bay we ate lunch at the famous RickÂ’s Fish and Chips. It was yummy! | June 28

13: Pewter Casting

14: First, we talcumed the rubber molds, and then we put them in the low pressure spinny thing and poured in pewter.

15: We took out our pieces and chopped them off. At first, I saw one I thought mom would like, but then I saw another, and I was allowed to make both.

16: We then painted them with graphite and sanded them. The more 3-d ones we put in a tumbler with iron balls and soapy water, and the more 2-d ones we filed on the wheel with iron bristles and then buffed.

17: For the sanding, we put self adhesive, heat resistant tape on the tips of our index fingers and thumbs.

20: We then put lacquer on them and finally glued in stones and added chains and threads.

21: It was fun | Out of my mold also came a sunflower which Banca wanted to give to Banny, but he by mistake over filed it to oblivion. Our teacher gave us a new one as a gift.

22: We then went on a mosquitoey walk, where we went on a boardwalk and saw a beaver, swallows, and several beaver dams all close up. Then we passed some people who were getting excited to the extreme over some tadpoles.

23: We almost went to a ceilidh, but we had to get up early for lobster fishing. I hope we get to go to one. At home, I drew some more.

24: June 29 | LOBSTER FISHING | Today, I woke up a few minutes before somebody was going to wake me at 2:30 anyways. We went off to Georgetown, though rather slowly because our brights were broken. We made it to the dock before Perry or Jerry. We waited around on the dock for a while, and I talked a lot with a fisherman I saw. P and J pulled up together and we followed them into Perrys boat. They are both old time fishermen, but Perry is also an entrepreneur. He has tourists pay him to work on his boat and has many other strategies. I put on a rubber suit and gloves and started cutting bait. The bait was small sole, which we cut a notch in so that we could secure it to the trap.

28: After a while, there was a beautiful sunrise.

32: Perry had many machines, including a GPS, into which he had entered his lobster pot coordinates. He would slowly pass a buoy, and Jerry or I would catch it with a hook. Jerry would attach it to a reel and pull up six pots. We would then throw back crabs and lobsters which had eggs, were too small, or too- large females.

35: With the larger keepers we would rubber band their claws.

36: Then, after baiting the pots, we could throw them back.

39: One lobster was over six pounds.

40: I saw a brittle star and a huge school of salmon colored jelly fish

42: The captains- Perry and Eli.

43: It was fun, but I was sorry that so many lobsters would be killed. Also, when I multiplied our lobster haul by the amount of boats I saw and two years, I could hardly believe there were any lobsters left. Perry gave us crabs and lobsters, and we took them home. At home I waded a bit with Banny, and we saw a moon snail and razor clams. I made some more hummingbird juice and refilled the feeder and did exercises and stretches. Even at the end of the day, I still feel as if the world’s swaying, though I had no problem on the boat. I almost got pinched a few times, but I slipped my fingers back inside my gloves just in time. | The crew- Leonard, Eli, Perry, Jackie and Jerry.

44: June 30 | Artist at work. | Our dinner of crabs and lobsters.

45: This morning, I went canoeing with Banca. We didn’t find the rookery islands, but it was still fun. I found some red clay and took it back. We also found a black buoy, whose purpose we know not. | When we got back, I sculpted the clay into a hummingbird with a toothpick beak. I attempted to make sandstone wings and glue them in with sap, but only one worked. I spent much of the day attempting this.

47: Around lunch time we went to a buffalo park but saw none. A woman there said we should come back around seven because they were hiding under the trees. I asked if we should bring the buffalo presents, and she said apples. We also got ice cream from her (ADL—a local company). | The bison were magnificent. Only a few were still shedding. There were also several babies. They peed and pooped profusely and ignored my apples.

48: I could hardly imagine when there were many herds of thousands.

50: July 1, 2011 | C a n a d a D a y Murray Harbour

51: Today I continued to work on the hummingbird sculpture. However, I need more clay, and I am not allowed on the canoe alone. I made a lobster painting for Andrea’'s postcard and started a hummingbird card. Banca is reluctant to paint, but I think he’'d enjoy it.

53: We went to a beach and walked along. We picked up clamshells and saw a piping plover nest. I called mom. She is leaving today for Italy. We almost went horseback riding after the beach, but we forgot our shoes and pants and stuff at home in the bag.

54: July 2

55: We got up and, after breakfast, were off. We stopped for pictures and lunch. Banny and I went to look at some jellyfish, which were huge, purple, and very tenticley. The restaurant was on the dock. We also stopped at a shell fish museum, which was rather boring and all about oyster fishing, and a soap factory where we bought a bit of soap. There was a sign in the soap place about how, since it was milk soap, the health of the goats affects the health of the soap, bragging about the soap. However, the goats were unhealthy and mangy.

56: Our new cottage in Anglo-Tignish is not quite as nice as the old one. We got some food for the house and went to a restaurant. In this area, we are going to go to the Irish moss festival, potato museum, and the world's largest eggbeater. I painted some more after finding ceilidh info and went to bed. On the way, we also stopped by a reservation. It was actually pretty nice. I got a folktale book. There were silly lacy things in front of my window, which I took off. I put them back on because I realized I would probably forget later.

57: July 3 | The Irish Moss Parade

58: The Horse Pull.

59: This morning, I played cards with Banca. Then we ate pancakes from a mix. We went to Alberton to try to get food, but everything was closed. We went to the Irish Moss parade, which was not very exciting. Afterwards, we ate at Shelley's and had scallop and clam burgers. Then we went to go to the Irish moss fireworks. They took a long time to start, so we took a walk and waited around. Between things, I painted a clamshell, exercised, ran around the house, and went to the beach, where I saw a weird clamshell, bank swallows, and the messiness from Irish moss harvesting. We also saw the horsepull, in which horses, which are generally used in Irish moss harvesting, pull heavy stuff. We left while the pairs were dragging a 4900 lb weight, which had a lot of friction along the ground. We noticed that everyone knows everyone here, and it would be very hard to move in.

62: July 4 | Today we woke up early to take a walk. However, it was thundering, so we waited. On our walk, we saw lots of swallows and a few kingfishers. Also, we saw crows. I didn’'t have much time for my morning exercises. | We went to visit the world'’s largest eggbeater, a folk art studio, an antique place, and a thing on how the skunk came to PEI as a tourist. The guy was very eccentric, and his place was cool. As it was a store, not a museum, we felt guilty and got a two headed sheep.

65: Banca's least favourite bird, the crow. | Eli Cytrynbaum 2011

66: Eli Cytrynbaum 2011 | The Spud Doctor

67: We then headed to the O’Leary potato museum. In O’Leary, we found only one restaurant, which was almost identical to Shelly’s. Banny saw another Jackie, which got her really excited. Also, they had good pizza. We then went to the potato museum. They had a huge potato sculpture outside and had a great exhibit on the history of the farming of potatoes and different blights. They also had farming equipment, a bunch of antique stuff, and potato stuff.

70: We ate p o t a t o p a n c a k e s for lunch.

71: P o t a t o f i e l d

72: Doorway to the Atlantic Ocean.

73: Lobster traps stacked everywhere.

75: Sunset at North Cape.

76: Today we went to North Point for a walk. We went along and saw some pigeon guillemots. I brought some clay home and attached my hummingbird's wings. | We went to the Irish moss soap place and checked it out. The finished products look very professional, but three women make it all by hand in kitchen pots and pans. | July 5

80: Milkshake at Shelleys | Sea moss | Banny and I went to the beach, and I swam around. We also watched the bank swallows. I saw jellyfish in the water. I keep seeing what look like immature bald eagles. We watched the sun set.

83: I boiled the Irish moss I gathered. It went through many different phases and all the sand stuck to the bottom. All the Irish moss dissolved. Suddenly half the water was gone, the sand unstuck in sheets, and the liquid, which had been quite viscous, returned to normal.

84: This morning, I was the last one up by a long shot. I packed my bags, did my exercises, and sat outside. We stopped and got seaweed pie from a place started by the fishermen’s wives during a bad year. It was not too exciting though, as they only used Irish moss gel to help the whipped cream. We also got Acadian food in one of the Acadian sections. | July 6 | We went to see the bottle houses. They were beautiful and complete. I couldn't imagine making them all. We also saw a tree swallow halfway out of its birdhouse nest, that let us come quite close to it before it flew away. We also passed a pet cemetery. We got food and put ice on it in the trunk in Summerside and ate in Kensington.

86: We then went to the ceilidh in Malpeque. We got there early, so I walked outside while they napped. At first I thought I saw a dog, but then I realized it was a fox. I called Banny and Banca, and we watched it. At the ceilidh, there were three musicians: A young guitar and fiddle player, an old accordion and harmonica player, and an accordion and guitar player who did all the talking. It was very laid back and fun, and there was a great dancer. The stories were more of little anecdotes. The accordion/harmonica player told the most, but a little old woman, possibly a meter tall and an older, smaller version of Banny Nory, told one. She didn’t recognize the name Christopher or Barclay, though. I also square danced.

88: In Summerside we rode horses, had lunch, and went to Ripley's. Then we went home. We were going to BBQ, but the lighter didn't work. Then we got a lighter from a neighbor, but the barbeque didn't work. Then our neighbor let us use his. | July 7

89: We then went to the college of piping, which was awesome. I was going to get my mom a tartan mug, but I couldn't remember her clan. I worked on a swallow post card. There was piping, drumming, fiddle, harp, piano, guitar, voice, and dance.

92: The Hot Air Balloon Ride | July 8 | Waiting for the sun to rise and the mist to lift. | Banny and I woke up at 4:00 and drove to Hunter River to go up in a hot air balloon. We then went to Crapand because the wind had changed. The pilot's name was Frank, and we were also with his wife, who came with us, and two chasers, who were to follow us and bring us back. They were apprentice balloon pilots and were paid by every six chases with a ride. The basket was tiny and wicker, and the flame was awesome. | Blowing up the balloon.

94: It was incredible flying above and through the tops of the trees. Also, I went above some bald eagles. Frank wanted to land in a mown hayfield with access to it, so we floated around looking. At one point, we almost landed and bumped along the ground before taking off due to fences. When we really did land, Frank put us down so that we didn't even tip. His only instruments were helium balloons to test the wind and a walkie-talkie. We had to be careful going above livestock because if we spooked them the farmers would get mad, and every time he lands he is technically trespassing. Our farmer was friendly, but some get very mad. Frank is also a bee keeper, and he gives farmers honey soap as a peace offering.

95: Dismantling the balloon then compressing it with Eli jumping on it to pack it down.

96: We went to a ceilidh in Cheltown at the Benevolent Irish Society, at which the Fiddlers Sons were playing. They were very good and played a song about a farmer by mistake shooting his neighbor’s dog, thinking it was a coyote. They also played a sad song about two brothers, one of whom is drafted and dies in WW1.During the songs I tapped my feet and afterwards several people asked if I was a step dancer. I bought a CD. When we got home, we read and went to bed. I also stretched and exercised and touched my toes with straight knees and non-flexed toes. | July 9 | We then went to play mini-putt with black light. Before we left I exercised and stretched. Right afterwards it started to rain and continued all day. At the mini putt place we also got gelato.

97: In Charlottetown we ate at the culinary institute. At the culinary institute it was very fancy and they switched the cutlery every course even if we didn't use it. They also put my napkin in my lap because I hadn't and they said pardon my reaching every time they had their arms at all in front of us. | July 10 | We finished packing our bags and moved houses. We lolled around the house for a long time and then went to Summerside. We tried to go to the Fox Museum but it was closed. We then went to an art museum where I tried hooking. Then we went to the race track. We ended up going to a different restaurant than planned. I made a bunch of mind bets about winners and losers and lost them all though often I got second (or second to last). | We saw Anne of Green Gables and finally had Cow's Ice Cream, the local brand.

99: We were in Tignish And then we went to Mimiginish Mimiginish Mimiginish Where we all had potato knish We went to visit my uncle and then to see My Aunty-gnish Aunty-gnish, Aunty-gnish, We went to see my Aunty-gnish. And when we got to Antignish We went out on the sea to fish We went to fish, we went to fish We went to fish in Antignish. And since we're kind we'll Grant your wish And this shall be the finish Finish, finish, this shall be the finish.

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