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Redfoot UK Tour

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BC: This book is my personal experience of the Redfoot UK Tour 2011. It was an incredible trip that I will never, ever forget...

FC: Redfoot Tour | 2011 UK

1: Redfoot UK Tour By Ryan Lewis 06/07/11- 22/07/11 Solihull, Stratford Upon- Avon, Oxford, Bath, Devon, Cornwall, London

2: After months of waiting for this trip to finally happen, it started today when we got to Perth Airport. After saying bye to the parents (whom some seen to be a bit too attached, bursting into tears and using a video camera as an example) we went through the departure gate and boarded the plane. Sarah, Tristan, Connor and I’s intricate seating plan failed miserably, with us all ending up in random seats for a good eight hours. I watched Insidious, which I think was supposed to be scary, but ended up being a waste of time because I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on. When we got to Singapore I was so tired I could have killed someone...the next 13 hours didn't help. We were in the last aisle of the A380 with an Adelaidian, a crying baby and a gentleman whom smelt like he had defecated his bowels consistently for the last three years. I got about two hours sleep. That's not good. | Wednesday 06/07/11- Travelling & Thursday 07/07/11- Solihull

3: We made it to Heathrow after being awake for about 30 hours, but hey, it was 5:15am so sleep wasn't on the agenda. We went out to the welcoming bright and friendly environment that was England...lol jks! It was possibly the most hostile, dark and industrial place I have ever seen. It looked like Hell! Sophie thought the plane had taken us to Nazi Germany. Once we got on the coach (that surprisingly didn't smell like urine) we stopped off at a service station where I almost cried because they had fizzy cola bottles. We went to Macca’s and I ordered Pancakes & Sausage. I first got a Sausage McMuffin then a Big Breakfast, but third time's a charm and I got my breakfast (dinner?) AMAZING!

4: Warwick Castle was our next stop and it was really cool. Apparently Merlin was filmed there...but that show kinda sucks. The gaol and the Towers were so freaky and also the actors walking around were, as Ms. Mac bitchily stated, “Fresh out of acting school”. We walked around the village of Solihull and ate lunch in the rain. Truly British. My throat was so sore from the Plane journey, and that along with being awake for 40 hours now was taking it's tole.

5: By the time we go to the aesthetically displeasing Rwanda Hotel (or something) I felt like death. We just chilled for a bit and ate the passable dinner...I have taken a panadol, I am practically drunk from lack of sleep and have started writing the journal in Sarah & Sophie's room. I’m now off to bed at the late time of 8:30pm. I am so excited for the tour now!

6: Today we woke up at the Ramada Hotel after about three hours of sleep. This is all thanks to me catching someone's flu on the plane. The asshole! So yeah, we got up at 6:30am, had a shower & had to repack to leave after breakfast. The food was questionable...with the sausages tasting like they came from a mule with a yeast infection. Ha! We left and got a bus to Stratford, which looked really nice. It was raining, of course, but it still looked very antique. | Friday 08/07/11- Stratford

7: By this time I felt like a walking bucket of death. I was eating about 400 vapodrops an hour and we then went on the Royal Shakespeare Company tour. It was really interesting! But I must admit that the two old women in a sea of Australian teenagers really started to grind my gears. The questions they asked were so dry and dull that I honestly considered overdosing on Sudafed instead of listening to their inquiries for another minute. After the hour long tour we went to the gift-shop & bought masquerade masks because e are fucking classy. In hindsight, carrying them around for two weeks across England was a poor choice.

8: After walking down the road to the workshop, Ms. Fiona (no relation to Ms. Fiona Grogan due to a presence of talent) brought us through the Macbeth storyline. It was very nice of her...even though she ruined most surprises in the show, which we are seeing tomorrow. We went shopping afterwards for a good four hours. I went to the Pharmacy for the fourth time in two days and bought a ton of cold medication. After six Sudafeds I felt well enough to not want to collapse at every point. Fun! We got to the Hostel, which was quite nice. My original room had possibly the work group of people congregating in the same space, so I payed Jack five pounds just so I could swap. It was so worth it!

9: We got changed and had a pretty good buffet dinner and went to our first show; The Merchant of Venice, which was AMAZING! We got home, spoke for a bit and for some reason a couple of the girls started crying. My guess was PMS but who knows? I wrote this journal and I’m finally going to bed. This time I hope I get more than three hours sleep(also I haven’t pooed yet, which as I can tell from the Solomon’s and Exmouth, it is not a very good sign).

10: Saturday 09/07/11- Stratford | Today was totez eventful and as I am writing this I feel like Whoopi Goldberg is using my eyelids as a swing-set. I. Am. Tired. But back to the beginning, I woke up and tried to have a shower in the Hostel but it was by far the most confusing thing I have ever tried to use. We had a breakfast that was most likely food, but I’m not sure. Afterwards we went on the coach and made it to Anne Hathaway's cottage. Much to everyone's dismay, it was not "the lady who hosted the Oscars" last year's house. Instead it was Shakespeare's bitch. But it was lover-ly.

11: Afterwards we went to Shakespeare's birthplace, Nash’s house and some other place that was very old and nice looking. The first destination was great, the second bland, and the third only made interesting by the 90 year old female volunteer telling us, “Don't take photos of the costumes, you'll break them!” Oh Honey, taking photos doesn't work like that. We ate at Hall's Croft with out little packed lunches. They even had a sandwich called “Just Chicken”, I was so happy!

12: At 1:00pm we went to the Swan Theatre to see a matinée of Shakespeare's lost play, Cardenio. I don't want to sound over excited but it was fucking awesome! I don't get how a play like that can be lost for hundreds of years while agonizing buckets of shit like King Lear can be praised for centuries. We got back to the Hostel for about two hours where we all ate dinner and laughed at the girl in the restaurant with a permanent marker mustache and monocle. I’m not sure if she noticed. Ha!

13: At 5:30pm we mozied on down to the Royal Shakespeare theatre to see Macbeth. After standing for three hours in Cardenio, sitting down was like Heaven. Overall, Macbeth was really good; it would have been better though if Fiona from the workshop didn’t ruin the entire thing. That bitch. Throughout the day I still felt a bit rough but I’m alright-ish. Now we have to pack a shitload and get to bed. Woo! Nighty-night.

14: Sunday 10/07/11- Oxford/ Bath | Today was very, very eventful. We woke up really early and were extra tired from the noise made by the chavvy scum outside the Hostel for most of the night. We quickly left the Hostel and drove to the Oxford School of Drama. We were blasting Bieber and Glee for a good hour beforehand cuz we’re cool like that. A very nice old guy in his tiny school greeted us; I forgot his name. I think it was either Tim or Greg. Who knows? Or cares. We had a two-hour workshop that was really fun and informative. Some of the improvisations were really funny, and others were pitiful to watch. Afterwards, he told us about auditions...19 are accepted out of about 1200, and the average age is about 20. Crap!

15: After the workshop we drove to Blenheim Palace, which was absolutely beautiful. We then went to Oxford and it was so packed (istan) it was unbelievable. (Even I felt racist writing that) I was annoyed because I was wearing my workshop clothes, which was the equivalent of me looking like a homeless lesbian. We strolled around for a while and there were so many Europeans... Australia's lack of diversity has possibly made me a bit apprehensive when brown people surround me, but I digress. All of the places were really nice, but the lines! God, the lines! So instead we went shopping in Topman for a good hour or so.

16: Once we got to Bath after a coach ride that went for ridiculously long, we checked into the Hostel, which was surprisingly not God awful. Dinner was good (another surprise!) and afterwards we went on the spooky ghost tour! Due to daylight savings, it was bright for almost the entire thing, which kind of took off the edge.

17: Also, watching Ms. Mac’s face of just “this guy is spewing shit” was killing me, I couldn’t stop laughing and I felt really bad. I thought he was good and the Magic Tent tree was pretty snazzy. Although, truth be told, there were times when I was just like, “now that’s retarded”. We got back and everyone was really sick (my bad). After ages of D&M-ing and bitching about annoying people we went to bed after a long ass day. Tomorrow seems like a really long, bad day. But it’ll probs be heaps good!

18: Monday 11/07/11- Bath | My guesses last night were right. Today was fucking terrible, apart from meeting up with the family, which was great! Today I dealt with 5 emotional breakdowns, which inevitably caused me to be on the verge of my own. Like I said...fun day! Apart from the social collapse of the core of the group, the day overall was totez fun! So lets get back to the beginning. We had a nice breakfast with hash-blacks (browns) and Nuala dropped her food and burst into tears. Number One. We left the Hostel and made it to the Theatre Royal Bath. It was really nice but I’m pretty sure the place is haunted (Orbs in photos and all that crap). That shit is crazy!

19: So we did our practice performance and it was just terrible. So we went into a rehearsal studio for two hours wherein I could have stapled someone’s face to a wall due to my frustration with some of the members. Seriously, listening to some people just being so condescending and simple in the head made me want to throw a horse onto the motorway! After the agony that was the rehearsal we went to the beautiful Royal Crescent Gardens and ate our other packed lunches. I believe that the lunches were defined by the “chocolate chip flapjacks” which were most likely vacuumed sealed horse manure. After a fun-filled 30 minutes we went back into the Lion’s den.

20: Our technical rehearsal went really well so we got to go back to the Hostel...I slept for a bit but I was rudely woken up by a sea of women shouting as they came into the Hotel. Unless Justin Bieber was staying here then they were just being unjustifiably rude! We had a chicken curry which gave me the worst stomach cramps I’ve ever had. So, feeling like death (again) we got to go back to our performance. Lucy asked why a woman across the street was taking a photo of me...it was Christine! They haven’t changed that much which was cool...our performance went pretty well, even though everyone was so sick they were practically zombies.

21: Afterwards during the curtain call I saw Nanny Lewis waving which was hilarious. I got changed and met up with everyone. The Welsh cousins have grown up so much, it seems obvious but it’s still weird to see. We all spoke about everything and we had about 70,000 photos taken...then we said, “see ya!” and went back to the Hostel. The night was pretty bad; with the realization that we all need privacy...everyone hates everyone. It’s getting bad. Tomorrow should be better with everyone hopefully getting his or her own time alone.

22: Tuesday 12/07/11- Bath | Gee whiz, today could not have been more different from the significantly awful day yesterday. Having time alone and in small groups was Heaven after spending days with every member of the group; let's be frank, I love most of them...but good grief...shut the fuck up. Well, we woke up at about 7:30am-ish and went to brekkie which was surprisingly not that bad and everyone's hate for each other had subsided, for now and everyone seemed happy. Yay!

23: So everyone began to leave to go to Bath because they had to walk like savages...apart from me of course because I was being picked up by Christine and Nanna. Again, Lucy awkwardly noticed Christine coming towards me. So we went to Bath city centre and hopped on the tour bus, which was really interesting. I miss historical stuff. After the first tour we went on the Skyline tour, up in the hills; it felt like our faces were going to freeze! The tour guide told us to look out for branches; even with this invaluable information I was still hit in the face with a stick. It hurt. So then we went to this nice French Café and I ate so much food I could have exploded. Sally Lunn’s Buns was our final stop; and as I had to go Nanna cried which was really depressing...but I’ll see her again soon so it’s all good!

24: So I then met up with Lucy, Sarah, Sophie, Connor & Tristan in Pizza Express and we then went op-shopping. Once we got past the fact that someone most likely died in the clothes, some are pretty damn snazzy. The high/ low point of the day was when we wanted a photo with ‘Scooby Doo’ outside the Disney Store.

25: Shame after we snagged a photo we realized it was an angry homeless man selling ‘Big Issue’ Magazines. After a minor discrepancy we were forced to buy that incredible magazine. I believe the reason he “sleeps under the stars” was because he is the slightest bit of a douche...or a drugged up rapist. 50/50. We had to walk back to the Hostel, again, like savages, and once we got there we had bangers & mash. The night was fun, bust still some social problems were evident from yesterday which is starting to wear me down. Everyone better cheer the fuck up tomorrow or I’ll throw my faeces at them!

26: Wednesday 13/07/11- Bath/ Devon | Today was a great day! We woke up in Bath and were able to have breakfast and pack with absolutely no stress for once. Unfortunately, Sophie's ‘squidgy man’ fell out the window (I threw it) . When we left, our bus driver, Jamie (who is fully sick!) gave us a detour to the beautiful Glastonbury Abbey; shame most people were so tired that Ms. Mac, Connor, Sarah, Scott, Sophie, Lucy and I decided to spend the time having a nice chat in a Tea Rooms. The place was nice, except for the milkshake I ordered, which was effectively shaken up milk with one drop of strawberry put in. How nice of them. When we got back on the bus some people said they saw Nicholas Cage in the Abbey. I would have been jealous if I didn’t hate him so much.

27: After we drove down some incredibly windy (wine-dy) roads we got to the little village of Shaldon. The streets were so narrow that our coach going through was the equivalent of a whale trying to go through a hula hoop. We saw that there was a little fair on in the village green with one guy selling the greatest fudge in the History of the World! The same packed lunch that we’d had for a good four days were again given out to a less enthusiastic crowd...we went to eat near the ‘beach’ which looked a bit like Bondi Beach (but only if a sewage plant was close by).

28: The tiny village was adorable and as we were getting ready for the show to perform in the fair, we mingled with our gathering crowd of pensioners and young kiddies. They all seemed nice with “thir’een pound and thir’een pence” accents. The performance went pretty darn well and we then got the coach back to our new Hostel at Exeter Uni.

29: We have our own rooms with our own showers and toilets! And people took away our trays! Our trays! We felt like royalty...at least after the concentration camp vibe given off by the other Hostiles (Hostels...I’m funny). After dinner I got in my jewnanas in pyjamas outfit and went on the bar’s free Wi-Fi. After the joy of Internet I went to go get an early night...10:45pm. It’s a shame we only get to stay here one night but going to Devon and Cornwall should be a good chuckle.

30: Thursday 14/07/11- Devon | Jesus Christ today was long, but still super fun! So I woke up in peace for the first time in over a week and got to have a shower with both pressure AND heat, a luxury that we have yet to experience in England. We had a pretty good brekkie, facebooked and then got on the bus to go to Storytelling on the Moors. We stopped off at a little town that I completely forgot the name of. There was a stream and two really old bridges that were just delightful... I have just remembered the place’s name was Postbridge, probably because there was a post office and a bridge. I am pretty much Sherlock Holmes. So we carried on the bus journey, seeing heaps of wild horses, sheep, bulls and Mr. Parker crumping to 80’s music on the bus.

31: On the storytelling, we walked for ages and ate our slight improvement of a lunch on a giant rock in Dartmoor. Chris the storyteller made us draw sounds, sadly there was a major deforestation going on down the road so most of our drawings simulated destruction of natural habitat. Al Gore would be crying saltly tears if he heard what we heard. After the peace of nature’s death, we walked a further distance which descended from a pleasant smelling country road to a faecal infested path coated with the scent of anal leakage.

32: Once we reached the storyteller’s hollow, he split us into groups to each talk about a stick for a couple of minutes and then create a map with song. Most groups had figurative and lyrical poems while our group had a literal rap song with lines such as, “look to the right you see a pole, keep on walking and there’s a shit hole”. Fun! After the storytelling we walked back and got on the bus to Ludbrook Manor. We had to stop off to get into costume... it turns out sleeping awkwardly on a bus for a hour may cut off all circulation to your right leg. Shame I only discovered this after I stood up and fell flat into the back of a chair. I had to walk around like a pirate with downs syndrome for a good couple of minutes until I was back to normal.

33: Once we reached Ludbrook Manor; to our surprise it wasn’t a public occasion but instead it was for Moira’s totty family. They were so posh, it was like a comedy sketch. So after her drunken Auntie chased us down the driveway, we went to a fish and chip shop in Portsmouth, still in our costumes. We finally got to the Hotel Ibis (yeah, moving up in the World), which only had two people to a room, instead of 700! We quickly went to bed for a long looking day tomorrow.

34: Friday 15/07/11- Cornwall | Today was a totez heaps sick day! We woke up and had a pretty awful brekkie to tell the truth and we then got on the bus... due to a major miscalculation with Jamie’s present money, we ended up with about one hundred and fifty pounds for a present for our bus driver. We drove for a couple of hours to Cornwall and we ended up at Brannel School. We were given a tour throughout the ‘new’ school that they are moving into. I’m not sure if the guy thought we had never seen a modern school before, but it was a nice gesture. After the tour, we took the plastic bags off our shoes and got ready for our first performance; shame it was only to about 11 people.

35: It wasn’t bad and after that we had to walk around an English public school dressed as 17th century Dutch sailors. It could have gone pretty damn badly if we weren’t forcefully split into groups of Brannel students. I was grouped with a year nine student who was also a school prefect (somehow) called Matthew. He seemed to be the only non-chavvy derro in the entire school. Lunchtime was... interesting... we were stared at and English school students are scary and pretty damn weird. Examples include a year nine ginger with a jewfro going out with a year seven, a gaggle of fat chavs and a group of year seven boys with raging Mohawks and fluorescent earrings.

36: After an event filled lunch watching fights and sluts, we went back and performed for the entire year nine group; they were about as interested in our play as we were with the tour of their new school...not very. So after the performance we had a Q&A session where Dan answered so many questions (so badly) I wanted to kill him even more than usual. They then presented us with a photo and a jumper for me because I’m the Redfoot captain, claims it! We discovered that Manson’s are their school’s name for chavs due to the lovely estate of the same name. How lovely!

37: So we got the bus to our Hostel where the rooms were nice, but the company was not... our dinner was pretty shit, but only because jacket potatoes taste like rectal expulsion to me. Our different/older bus took us to Hamlet at the Minack Theatre; the place was amazing and the show was great, we almost froze to death but it was so worth it! We got back to the Hostel and got ready for the longest day in history which I think is coming up tomorrow

38: Saturday 16/07/11- London | Today was possibly one of the longest, most exhausting, and best day of my life. So we had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready to leave Cornwall by 6am... we couldn’t even get breakfast. So we hopped on the coach and began our seven-hour coach ride across England to reach London. On our coach ride we passed by Stonehenge and a really long bush... that was about it. We stopped off twice; once for McDonald’s breakfast and secondly for a Burger King lunch... I couldn’t have eaten more shit food if I tried. So we finally reached London after an agonizing trip where my ass went so numb it was like it was in a coma.

39: London looked... nice? The outskirts looked like a third world country, but once we got near the centre it was very nice, but then we kept driving to our Hostel, which was in Kings Cross. We were kindly greeted by a drunken homeless man playing a tin flute... needless to say I didn’t give him any money, he was a weak flutist and his performance was unworthy of a financial benefit. The Hostel was literally a concentration camp with padding and bright colours. We got into the coach for the last time and gave Jamie his card with a heap of money in itwe are so kind!

40: We jumped out and headed to the Criterion Theatre to see our first West End show, the 39 Steps which was absolutely hilarious! I had to eat an entire bag of Minstrels just to stay awake because I was so tired. After the performance we split into mini groups and headed off to dinner. Connor, Miguel, Sophie, Sarah, Lucy and I went to an Italian restaurant, which looked really nice. The food was pretty good, and the service was God awful. Our waiter was quite the douche and to spite him we paid seventy-eight pounds in change. The bastard!

41: Afterwards we headed to the Phoenix Theatre to see Blood Brothers, oh my God! It was so amazing I couldn’t believe it! The ending was so sad but I didn’t cry... until the standing ovation at the finale. Manly. So after the emotional outpour at the theatre we had to get on an Underground train, get off at Piccadilly Circus and transfer to Kings Cross Station. After being led to about ten different places we finally ended up back to Auschwitz. My room of 12 was overall very fucking lame. With that being said I am so excited for the rest of London!

42: Sunday 17/07/11- London | Today was an amazing day sprinkled only with a few aggravations, which for me is actually not bad! So we woke up with the sunrise because our shit stick of a Hostel couldn’t afford curtains. We all went down to breakfast where our choices were Coco- pops, Rice Bubbles or toast. From the array of food I just couldn’t decide which one I hated the least. So I had Coco- pops and left the Hostel to be picked up as soon as possible. Caroline, Neil, Mark, Hayley and Fat Todd took me to Covent Garden. We walked around London for a bit because it was Sunday, meaning most stores were closed. So instead we went to Fuckingham Palace where we saw the changing of the guard, which was pretty cool... we even saw a chocolate coloured guard which is quite rare!

43: Afterwards we went to Trafalgar Square, which was just amazing! Todd, being the lard-ass he is ate a sandwich one hour before we were going to have lunch... there is a reason he has gained about two stone. So we drove to Brown’s restaurant and by the time I got there, my bladder almost ruptured; that was fun! I ate the best lamb in the World and by the time that was over, I had to go to the Lyceum Theatre to see the Lion King. After about seven goodbyes I went into the theatre to see the show, which was visually incredible! I wouldn’t say it was the best show we’ve seen so far but it was pretty damn good!

44: After the show we went to Hard Rock Café because the Flying Karamatzov Brothers cancelled on us... bastards. Instead of walking, Moira came up with a great idea to take a bus... 30 minutes and three changes later we finally reached the restaurant. Surprisingly we were still early so we walked around Hyde Park for a bit where we saw the 7/7 Memorial.

45: At the meal, a table of 12-year-old slutty little chavvettes were being ‘funny’ and we inevitably ended up getting into a spit ball fight. I wanted to say, “Honey pies, boys don’t like it when you spit”, but I don’t think they’d get it. So after the set meal we left to get back home... which being London was a bit of a bitch. We reached hell on Earth and met up for a bit, then got ready for bed. Most people don’t know what to do because David Lightbody went to China for some crazy reason; and my OCD senses don’t like changes to a schedule. Tomorrow should be good... I hope!

46: Monday 18/07/11- London | Today started pretty terribly, but ended up being a really good day! So we woke up and had another pile of manure known as breakfast at Clink 78... My original group of five had the day completely planned out, but a couple of chimes wedged their way into the group, making it too big to manage and this inevitably caused the original five to split into groups... Sarah cried. So the newly formed group (later known to be the OK- Mart foursome... long story) ventured out to Oxford Street to go to the great shopping London had to offer. A new pair of shoes later, Sophie, Hux, Tristan and I got bored and went to Pizza Ht for some ‘authentico Italiano foodetta’.

47: By the time we finished our three courses of diabetes we left to meet up with the rest of the tour group at Trafalgar Square... Sarah told me the Woman in Black is sold out... but I don’t know if we may still be able to get tickets. I fucking hope so or I’ll kill the worker at the box office. My group split off and walked towards the Thames... sightseeing was great, with us all seeing the classy London shit.

48: Some street performers were amazing, but since I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that they are often tools or homeless people in costumes trying to scam you out of every penny they can. Tristan got caught by an African bracelet maker who constantly said “Hakuna Matata” whenever Tristan tried to get away. So we all met up at Westminster Abbey to see the Choral Evensong, which was really nice; but so God damn boring! If that was the highlight for the Cantate tour then I pity them.

49: The New London Theatre where War Horse was on seemed like 10 miles away, and by the time we got there we only had time for a Subway before... the English can’t do Subway. War Horse was incredibly amazing! I was crying for about 10 minutes even though it was a happy ending! I’m such a tool. We walked home from the performance and started getting ready for bed. I NEED tickets for the Woman in Black. I need them!

50: Tuesday 19/07/11- London | Today can be summed up by: sheer terror, an overflow of emotion and seeing a bow-legged man walking on Bow Street... It was an amazing day! Mr. Parker had rung up the Fortune Theatre ticket office and was able to secure three tickets in the very back row of the upper circle to see the Woman In Black. At least we got the tickets! Sarah and I had to stay on the underground and walk around Covent Garden to pick up the tickets. We quickly had to get a taxi to make it to the Globe Theatre in forty minutes for the tour.

51: We made it back for the tour of the theatre, which was very nice... but truth be told I would rather kill myself than stand in the rain and watch Shakespeare for three hours. After the exhibition that was jam packed full of Nairobian Schoolgirls; Connor, Sarah and I abandoned the Redfoot group to go see the show. We had a really nice lunch at an Italian place and then went to see the play. Our seats weren’t that bad, but for the first Act we had about 40 cacker schoolgirls sat in front of us who were so annoying... at the interval I was saying how irritating they were to (whom I thought were audience members but were actually) their teachers. They agreed with us and split the sluts up so they would be quiet. We won! The second act was so incredibly terrifying you couldn’t imagine!

52: The three of us walked around London for a bit, went back to Covent Garden and after giving up on finding a cheap and nice restaurant, we went to Maccas instead. We had an hour to spare so we sat outside the Queens Theatre where we were going to see Les Miserables.

53: Alfie Boe apparently had laryngitis but his stand-by was still incredible... the show was everything I had hoped for and more! Tristan cried the whole time because he is a bit of a labia minora, but it was seriously great. We began to walk back to the Hostel where we started talking about the Woman In Black... we are all still petrified and are worried to sleep tonight. I cannot believe tomorrow is our last day... it has gone so fast, but I think I am ready to go home when it comes.

54: Wednesday 20/07/11- London | Today was a really long, good and sad day... we woke up for our last day in England and had a shockingly bad breakfast. We left the concentration camp and went to the Queens Theatre for our behind the scenes tour of Les Miserables. Although our tour guide was aesthetically displeasing, she gave us an amazing tour, the executive producer David Lightbody gave us a really interesting insight into commercial theatre and we left for a couple of hours before we were going to see Journeys End.

55: Connor, Sarah, Sophie, Tristan and I ate at a sandwich bar and went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not... we didn’t have much time and it was twenty-two pounds... so yeah... that wasn’t going to happen. Instead we went to M&M world that was really cool. Although they only had two types of M&Ms and everything was so ridiculously expensive that I left depressed and disgruntled.

56: We got the Tube to go to the Duke of York Theatre to go see Journeys End. By the time the first Act was getting started I fell asleep. The play was like an amputee attempting to swim in a pool of honey, incredibly slow and painful to watch. I was asleep for about three quarters of the Act and after a massive sugar hit, I was able to stay up for the second Act that was actually not that bad. We left and the five of us split up because we wanted to do different things... Connor and I walked around Oxford Street for a bit and went souvenir shopping.

57: We came across Hamleys and went in to see if it was as good as I remembered... it wasn’t. It just seemed tacky and boring, but that’s because I grew up. That sucks. We all met up to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at the London Palladium. We all knew it wouldn’t be that good... but it was fun? Although it was so cheesy I thought I was going to have a heart attack just from watching it. We took the Underground for the last time and had the busy ass job of packing. Needless to say it was very fucking stressful! I honestly cannot believe how fast it has gone... and when I get back I have exams... shit. The tour was incredible and unforgettable.

58: So, today was the final day. We had to wake up at 5:45am to be ready to leave at 6:30am. At 6:33am I went to check in on Sophie, Sarah, Lucy and Laura B’s room to see how they were; they were still asleep. They got on the bus barely changed and unwashed... the dirty bitches! After the bus ride we made it to Heathrow where we quickly went through the check-in and departure gate. I couldn’t even get any Krispy Kremes! Security held up Ginger Ryan (because he was ginger? Racism.) But after waiting for ages we could finally get breakfast. Sarah, Connor and I had a pretty nice breakfast, but mine came out about 10 minutes later, which was just unprofessional! | Thursday 21/07/11- Friday 22/07/11- Travelling

59: The plane ride on the A-380 went really quick compared to last time, but we had the worst turbulence in the last two hours causing about five people to throw up. Sarah, Miguel and I, not wanting to be sick split away from the group and went to Burger King, which was not the smartest plan in hindsight if we didn’t want travel sickness, but whatever. I bought a ton of chocolate and then got ready for our final leg, which with everyone’s current situation of crippling illness seemed pretty damn terrible. By the time we took off I was fast asleep and didn’t wake up until we landed. Everyone wasn’t as motion sick on that leg but they still looked pretty crappy. We went through passport control, said our goodbyes in quarantine and left the airport after two weeks of an experience I will never forget... ever.

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  • Title: Redfoot UK Tour
  • This book is my personal experience of the Redfoot UK Tour 2011. It was an incredible trip that I will never, ever forget...
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