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Retro Road Trip

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Retro Road Trip - Page Text Content

BC: A Sharon & Kristy Adventure

FC: Williamsburg March Break 2013


2: March 10, 2013 11:12 pm What a long few days! Sharon and I left Lindsay yesterday morning quite early and drove and drove and drove until we were exhausted. We decided to call it quits and spent the night in Winchester VA and simply crashed at a Holiday Inn. We got up this morning and had some breakfast and hit the road again. We got to Williamsburg around 2 pm. The condo we are in is quite nice. It would be a great layout to own! We went to Williamsburg and went to Market Square and had lunch at The Cheese Shop. It was amazing! Then we did some shopping and both bought clothes at Chicos. We did some grocery shopping because we were desperate for "real" food after all the junk we ate while we were driving. We made dinner at the condo and watched "Thunderheart". I just had a relaxing bath and am ready to crash. The weather here is so mild. It's supposed to be great tomorrow too. We were thinking of going to Virginia Beach if it is nice enough. Our Condo is the Wyndham Patriot Place and it is lovely. The place is quaint and the grounds are so pretty. We had the balcony door open and it was so nice to just listen to the birds singing. The condo is a one-bedroom. There's a pull out in the living room and that's where I am sleeping. The bathroom is huge with a sink/tub in one part and a sink/toilet/shower/washer & dryer in the other. There is a fully equipped kitchen and a living room/dining room too. It's a really nice place.

3: Williamsburg Cheese Shop House Spread 1 cup mayonnaise (use the good stuff) 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 large garlic clove, minced 1 teaspoon turbinado sugar (2 packets of Sugar-in-the-Raw) fresh ground pepper, to taste 1 teaspoon mustard seeds Directions: 1 Place mayonnaise, mustard, worcestershire saucegarlic, sugar and pepper in a blender or food processor. 2 Start at a low speed and graduate up to a higher speed. You may need to turn off the blender once or twice and press out air the bubbles with a spatula toget it all blended well. 3 Transfer the mix to a bowl. 4 Stir in the 1 teaspoon of mustard seed. Put in a covered container and store in refrigerator overnight, to let flavors marry. 5 After 24 hours, the spread is ready to use. Use as spread or dip for sandwiches. Enjoy! | The legendary Cheese Shop sandwich is known far and wide as a local staple with a 5-stars rating from Frommer’s Travel Guide. We use only the highest quality meats and cheeses and bake our breads daily. Every sandwich is made to order according to your request. This means that sometimes there is a short wait, but a wait which we’re sure you’ll find to be worth the while. Our original House Dressing is the extra ingredient that has kept our regulars coming back year after year. We often see William and Mary alumni, migrating back to have their favorite snack: bread ends and House Dressing. Please come in and place your order or call us at 757-220-0298 and we’ll be happy to have your order waiting for you! After more than thirty years, we still love Cheese Shop sandwiches and suggest that you try out the New York Times’s recommendation, with an impromptu picnic in town or on campus.


6: March 11,2013 11:15 pm So they say that Virginia Beach is for lovers...well it is also for crazy ladies from Lindsay. We had a great day today! We drove to Virginia Beach with a side trip into Norfolk for lunch. We thought Norfolk might be a quaint little town where we could get lunch and have a nice meal on a patio, only to realize that it was a huge city. We ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant which was really good and then we went to Virginia Beach. The ride was so pretty, tunnels and a causeway too. It was chilly by the ocean but the sand was warmed by the sun. The water was really cold! There were some people body surfing by the pier - they had small surf boards and were in body suits. We watched them for a while. We made silly videos about ourselves running down to the water and we took a lot of pictures. It was a lot of fun but it made us realize that we were very happy to be based in Williamsburg. Virginia Beach is too touristy. Traffic was heavy on the way back but we were okay listening to music and singing along to the oldies. We went right down to Market Square and went to the Bookstore. We bought a few books and then walked around a bit before getting a hot drink and sitting on the patio. We came back to the condo and made a yummy pasta and seafood supper. We watched a movie and are now heading off to bed. Not sure what we will do tomorrow as it is supposed to be rainy and overcast.

7: Virginia Beach is an independent city located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of Virginia, on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Although Fairfax County is the most populous jurisdiction in the state of Virginia, Virginia Beach is the most populous city in the state, as well as the 39th largest city in the United States, with a population of 447,489 in 2012. Virginia Beach is the easternmost city of the Hampton Roads (or "Tidewater") area that makes up the core of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC MSA. This area, known as "America's First Region", also includes the independent cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk, as well as other smaller cities, counties and towns of Hampton Roads. Virginia Beach is a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its oceanfront. Every year the city hosts the East Coast Surfing Championships as well as the North American Sand Soccer Championship, a beach soccer tournament. It is also home to several state parks, several long-protected beach areas, three military bases, a number of large corporations, two universities, Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, and numerous historic sites. Near the point where the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet, Cape Henry was the site of the first landing of the English colonists, who eventually settled in Jamestown, on April 26, 1607. The city is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world. It is located at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, the longest bridge-tunnel complex in the world.



19: 5

20: March 12, 2013 I am sooooo FULL!! I can barely move! What a great day we had! We woke up to a rainy, overcast day as we spent the morning just lounging around, reading and snoozing. We had a yummy salad for lunch and then headed over to the Premium Outlet Mall. It's not very far from here.. We had no problems finding it. We parked and went to the Coach Outlet. It was great to go in and look around. So many beautiful purses! I ended up buying a really cute wallet. I was standing in line to pay and was looking around watching people. One woman caught my eye because she looked like one of my church friends, Mary Jane. I was going to go over and tell her she looked like my friend and see if I could get a photo. And then she noticed me. We stared at each other for a minute and then we both just screamed (I think we scared the lady between us). I can't believe we ran into each other in the Coach store in Williamsburg. It was awesome! I got her hotel info and then Sharon and I kept shopping. Today Sharon bought some souveniers for the boys and 2 pairs of PJ pants, a great orange wallet, an awesome green and blue sweater, and some baby clothes. I bought a Coach wallet, a pair of shoes, a couple of t-shirts and a new pair of sunglasses. I bought some baby clothes too. We had an ice cream before deciding that we were craving a yummy supper. So we jumped in the car and programmed Mary Jane's and Micheal's hotel info into the GPS and went to invite them to join us at 7 pm at The Trellis Restaurant. We came back to our resort to change then went down to Old Town. We parked in behind the bookstore and walked to The Trellis. What an amazing meal we had! Sharon had date and fig on a goat cheese tart. I had a field green salad and MJ had soup. My meal was a chicken breast. Sharon had pork osso bucco. We were full but had dessert anyway. I swear I am putting on weight! Dessert for Sharon was a chocolate pate with candy coated pistachios and I had a dark chocolate tart with salted caramel sauce and burnt sugar ice cream. Now I am so full I can barely move! The weather today finally cleared up and we enjoyed the sun shining on us. It has been a lovely day. The time is speeding by and I wish it would slow down!

21: The Trellis Restaurant .Dining in America has been evolving over the last few decades into an activity that inspires passion, commitment to local, healthy alternatives and an appreciation for the efforts and skills of those talented artisans who choose to dedicate their lives to presenting great food to their guests. The phenomenon of celebrity chefs, the advent of food based television programming on such a massive scale and the amazing growth of gourmet cooking stores all speak to a desire among diners to learn more, understand more and have a greater level of participation in the food they enjoy. Nearly thirty years ago, The Trellis embarked on a journey to find and bring to the table the finest ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, that could be found. Today, that journey has resulted in a restaurant experience – both in service and in menu – that is the pinnacle of what Modern American dining is all about. A focus on outstanding product is paired with an unflinching commitment to quality preparation and both are complimented by outstanding personalized yet relaxed service. Whether you are enjoying a fresh & tantalizing Steak Salad with local greens for lunch or exploring the amazing bounty of the local Chesapeake Bay with one of the seafood entrees, you will enjoy an immediate sense of comfort and welcome at The Trellis. While the menu is certainly the focus of The Trellis, one cannot overlook the amazing extras that come along with the outstanding cuisine. Located in the heart of downtown Williamsburg, the restaurant is the anchor for Historic Williamsburg's Duke of Gloucester Street. With our namesake trellises extending over an impressive brick paved patio for the very best in outdoor dining, the interior design will carry the elements of nature right through the dining space. Relax with a signature cocktail in our luxurious lounge before being seated at one of our signature tables – with a great view of either the most famous historic street in the country or into our state of the art kitchen as your meal is prepared. Relax and enjoy your visit to The Trellis.


28: March 13, 2013 Today has been another wonderful day! It's after 11:30 pm as I write this and I am almost ready for bed. We had a good start today. Breakfast here at the condo. Then we went to the Williamsburg Visitors' Center and bought 2 day passes and tickets for tonight and for tomorrow night. We caught the bus right over to market square and grabbed a breakfast snack at The Cheese Store and then wandered through more stores. We walked over towards the court house to participate in a recreation of court and it was fun. They had 3 actors dressed in period costumes. One was the baliff, one was the court clerk and one the head judge. Then there three cases heard. The first was a man who hadn't been to church in two months and he turned out to be a Roman Catholic which was illegal at the time. The second was a dispute between a widow claiming that the person she had contracted to deliver her tobacco had instead ruined it by dropping it in the river and the third was a complaint about the state of a road. I volunteered to be the woman and had to read from a script and hand over a receipt. It was very cool. Then we posed in the stocks (see the front cover) . That was a weird feeling! I can't imagine having to spend more than a few seconds in them! Then we went over to the Magazine and up into it where an actor was talking about the politics of war and the problems the Virginians had coming up with enough weapons for their militia. It was quite interesting. Their biggest problem was consistency of the guns because they all had different bore sizes and thus were hard to consistently load. We also visited the Leather shop where they were making bags. We saw the Hat shop too - lots of cute things. Then we went to the Dog Street Pub for a fantastic lunch. We had corn beef and cheese on black rye bread with fries and malt vinegar! So filling! After lunch we came back to the condo and took a little break with some down time. We crashed, read our books and Sharon took a relaxing bath. Then we headed back down to old town for the Pirate Walk. We met the group at the Secretary's Office right beside the Government Building.

29: It was a pretty big group of people. Before we went on the walk they were trying to figure out who had travelled the was us! The walk started with a trip over to the jail where we met our first ghost. The actor was quite good. He told us the story of Steven Bonnet. Then we went and saw the actual jail cell where the pirates were held. That was creepy! We saw the small exercise yard too. Then we went to another building and heard the story of Governor Eden's daughter and how her true love was killed by Blackbeard. Then we went to one of the taverns and heard the story of Isreal Hand who wasn't hanged with the other captured pirates. It was very well done. It was all by candlelight and had great atmosphere! On our way back to the condo, we stopped at the grocery store to buy some fruit, came back and did some laundry and watched a movie. Time to get some sleep,. Another busy day tomorrow! | "The Pirate's Walk was totally fun but it was also really interesting as I didn't know that stuff. It creeped me out to be in that original cell where you knew Blackbeard's actual pirates were held. It was creepy and I couldn't bring myself to touch the chains that were hanging there."

31: 5


36: March 14, 2013 Another good day! We did so much. To start we went to the Nautical Dog so I could buy some things for Madi. It was fun. I bought some great things for her, including a winter coat that I hope fits her. We both bought Easter treats for our dogs! There was a Chico clothing store near the Nautical Dog and so we did a bit more shopping. I bought 2 more pairs of their jeans - best jeans ever! And I also bought 2 shirts. Then we went back to the Premium Outlet mall and checked out some more stores. We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel near our condo. We both had their special - a boiled lunch of cabbage, potatoes, carrots and corned beef, it was soooooo good and filling! We headed down to old town and went to the Governor's Palace for a tour and it was really interesting. The actor who did the tour made it seem like we were all going to be the helpers at that evening's dinner and would be the ones serving the Governor. It was so interesting to see what they had done to maintain that grand old manor. Then we rushed towards the Capitol building hoping to get there in time for a tour but instead there was a really cool reenactment of the reading of the Declaration of Independence. It started off being read from the balcony of the Capitol building and then spread to all the character actors taking turns reading lines. There was even a fife and drum band. It ended with them celebrating their freedom by canon fire and musket fire. It was so neat, especially to listen to the actors talking amongst themselves staying in character as if we modern people didn't even exist. The fife and drum band marched back down the street and we followed, headed to the Cheese shop to pick up a few yummy things and then went back to our condo to change into warmer clothes before going back to old town to the Kimball theatre where we saw a farce called "The Walking Statue and The Devil in the Well". It was an actual show that played in Williamsburg in the 1700s. It was very funny. Then we went back to the condo and did some packing to make tomorrow a little easier. I can't believe our vacation is coming to a close. We have had such a great time together. I wasn't sure what Williamsburg would be like but it exceeded my expectations. What a great way to capture a special moment in American History. I hope that someday I can come back here!

37: The outside of the Governor's Manor. It was such an elegant home! It has been re-created and furnished so that it looks exactly like it did back in the 1700s.

39: Inside the Governor's Manor Home.

43: Declaration of Independence

45: Goodbye Williamsburg, it was a great trip!

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