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River Valley Civilizations

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S: River Valley civilizations

FC: By:Isaiah Stokley | River Valley Civilizations

1: Table Of Contents | Chapter 1:China | Chapter 2: Indus Valley Chapter 3: Mesopotamia | Chapter 4: Egypt

2: China | -The first Chinese dynasty was the Xia Dynasty. | -The priest would use oracle bones to scratch questions for the gods. | -The Chinese would pray to the ancestors to bless them or someone else. | -The Great Wall of China was built during the ming dynasty (1368-1644).

3: -The Great Wall of China is so big you can see it from space. | -The Great Wall of China has been call the "Ten-Thousand-Li-Long-Wall", the wall is 3,100 long in miles and 5,000 kilometers. | -Chinas longest river is the "Yangtze river".

4: -The Huang He,whose name means "yellow river", deposits huge amounts of yellowish silt when it overflows the bank. This silt is actually fertile soil called loess.

5: -The Zhau Dynasty rule is regarded as the longest in Chinese history. It lasted from 1027 to 221 B.C. | -The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar cycle. It is the oldest known calendar.

6: Indus Valley | - The Indus valley has monsoons which are seasonal winds that bring rain or dry air. | -The Indus valley civilization invented the plumbing and sewage system. | -This civilization is also called the "harappan civilization". | -The predominant religion was Hinduism.

7: -The Indus Valley Civilization is part of a subcontinent. | -The Harappans developed a written language, scientists could not translate it but we do know that it has about 400 symbols.

8: -The Harappans were among the first to develop a system of uniform weights and measures. | -Harappans evolved some new techniques in metallurgy and produced copper, bronze, lead and tin. | -The Indus Valley Civilization was a bronze age civilization. | - | -In their private baths they would take showers by pouring pitchers of water over their head.

9: Mesopotamia | - In Greek Mesopotamia means "The Land Between Rivers". | -The Rivers framing Mesopotamia are the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. | Tigris | Euphrates

10: -The Mesopotamian people were called Sumerian's. | -The Mesopotamian Religion was the first to be recorded.They were polytheistic they believed that many different gods controlled the various forces of nature. | - The Sumerian's created a number system in base 60. | -The Sumerian's made a writing system called cuneiform.

11: - One of the first known maps was made on a clay tablet in about 2300 B.C. | - The region's curved shape and the richness of its land led scholars to call it the Fertile Crescent

12: - The Sumerian's used to write songs for the gods to describe certain events. | -Hunting was popular among Assyrian kings.

13: Egypt | - The Egyptians belived in building pyramids for the Pharaohs when they die. | -The Egyptians belived in a process called mummification in which you preserve a body for the afterlife.

14: -The Egyptians created their own writing system called Hieroglyphics. | -The early Egyptians were polytheistic, believing in many gods. | - The Egyptians invented a writing surface called papyrus, a type of paper. | - The largest pyramid in Egypt is "The Great Pyramid of Giza".

15: -The Egyptians made clay jars called canopic jars to store the organs of the mummies just in case they need them for the after life. | - In order to get the brain out of the corpse they used tweasers to pull the it out through he nose. | -The Egyptians made a solid gold death mask for pharaoh Tutankhamen, it weighed 22.04 pounds. | -The Egyptians discovered that their were 365 days in a year.

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