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Road Trip and Cruise to Alaska

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Road Trip and Cruise to Alaska - Page Text Content

S: Coopers' Caper: Road Trip/Cruise to Alaska--May-June 2010

BC: Road Trip and Cruise to Alaska was compiled by Jan Cooper October 2010

FC: Road Trip and Cruise to Alaska | Coopers'Caper: May 6-June 24, 2010

1: HOME | CRUISE | HOME | Keller, TX, to Vancouver BC--Alaskan | Cruise--Vancouver BC--Back to Keller | This book is a photo journal of our road trip to Vancouver, BC, with sight-seeing stops along the way. In Vancouver we boarded a cruise ship for a 14 day Alaskan cruise. The trip back home included stops at some of our nation's national parks and shrines. This was quite an adventure!

2: High on a Mountain Top | Linda and Don's Cabin | We began our road trip to Vancouver by spending one night with our friends in Borger, Texas. Then we headed north to Colorado to spend three relaxing days with Linda and Don Craig before we all headed "North to Alaska."

3: Picnic by the River | Beautiful mountain stream! | We really enjoyed taking scenic mountain drives, eating dinner downtown, relaxing in their hot tub,and having a picnic the last day we were there! | Crested Butte, Colorado | 1st Stop

4: While driving in Idaho, we drove through a snow storm! We were really surprised! | Utah and Idaho | Great Salt Lake | Utah Canyon Lands | Great Salt Lake

5: 2nd Stop: Ogden, Utah 3rd Stop: Boise, Idaho | Salt Lake City | On our way to Ogden,we enjoyed the scenery of the "canyon lands" and spent some time in Salt Lake City visiting the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island State Park.

6: We added a couple of hours to our drive to Portland, Oregon, by taking the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway. This was the first scenic highway built in the USA. It was built around 1920 and has now been restored.The road was very narrow, and the views along the drive were breathtaking--as you can see! | Rowena Curve | Columbia River Valley | \Scenic Drive | Field of Flowers

7: 4th Stop: Portland, Oregon | Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway photos! | \Willamette Valley | Horsetail Falls | Multomah Falls

8: 5th Stop: Seattle, Washington

9: We had a short but gorgeous drive from Portland to Seattle.All along the highway we saw very pretty yellow flowers which we learned were called "yellow broom." They are actually a weed! In Seattle Linda and I took a Hop On Hop Off tour to see the sites of Seattle, and then we all walked a few blocks to the famous Pike Street Market. The fish market was something to see! | Pike Street Market | Space Needle

10: Ferry to Victoria, British Columbia | We left Seattle early in the morning and drove to Ancortes, Washington, to catch the ferry to Victoria, British Columbia. I had my camera ready in case we saw any whales; however, we saw no whales today, but I got some great shots of the scenery!

11: Fisherman's Wharf | Empress Hotel | Barb's Fish-N-Chips | 6th Stop: Victoria, British Columbia | "The Pub" | Parliament Building | Once we checked into our hotel, we headed to Fisherman's Wharf passing some of the city's landmarks along the way. Later we found a "pub" for Jody! | Our first day in Victoria

12: Day 2: Victoria's Butchart Gardens

13: We spent the day enjoying these fabulous gardens! Beautiful!

14: 7th Stop: | Vancouver Skyline | Cruise Terminal | After taking the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, we began the second leg of our journey when we boarded the Island Princess for our 14 day Alaskan cruise! | Vancouver

15: Ketchikan is called the "first city" because it is the first stop for most ships heading north along the Inside Passage. We did our own "town tour" starting at Creek Street where we checked out the local shops and toured "Dolly's House" which was once a brothel! We made two stops here on our cruise. Each time we just stayed in town--no tours. | Ketchikan,Alaska | 1st Port: | Creek Street | Ketchikan | Downtown Ketchikan

16: We made two stops in Juneau on this cruise, and today was our whale watching tour with Harv N' Marv.The weather was perfect with sunny skies, calm seas, and a pleasant 76 degrees! | When we arrived at the pier, we were greeted by a huge eagle flying overhead. Captain Shawn helped us on the boat, and then we were off! | Besides watching for whales, we sailed by an island that had many eagles and a lighthouse providing great photo shots! We also enjoyed watching the sea lions playing "king of the mountain" on a floating buoy! | 2nd Port: Juneau, Alaska

17: It didn't take long for us to see whales. We spent quite a while watching a young whale practice his tail "slapping." He would do it over and over! We saw 8 different whales today, some arching, some diving, and we saw"Flame," a 50 ft. 37 year old female known by the white markings on her tail. | "Flame" | Dive | Arch | Goodbye "Flame" | Getting ready-- | Tail going down- | SLAP the water! | SPLASH !

18: On this stop in Juneau we spent the day exploring the city. We went to the famous Red Dog Saloon for some drinks! Of course, we had to do some shopping where Kay met a special "shopper" outside one of the stores! | Juneau, Alaska | We also made a stop at the spectacular Mendenhall Glacier!

19: We hiked to the Gold Rush Cemetery, and then Kay and I hiked further up the mountain to see Reid's Falls! Great views! | This was the first of two stops in Skagway. We felt like we were back in the Klondike Gold Rush days. The stage show was fun! | Skagway, Alaska | 3rd Port | "The Days of '98 Show" | Main Street Skagway | Gold Rush Cemetery | Reid's Falls | Jody | "Star of the Show"

20: We met our guide Dyea Dave for a tour into the Yukon Territory in Canada. Our first stop was Fraser,a station for the famous White Pass Railroad. Next, we stopped for lunch at Carcross, a small village often called "Caribou Crossing." The scenery into the Yukon was breathtaking! | Skagway- 2nd Stop | Carcross | Fantastic Mountain Views! | Fraser:White Pass Railroad Station | Dyea Dave

21: After lunch we headed to Emerald Lake--the water here was truly emerald green! Heading back to Skagway, we crossed an interesting suspension bridge. Dyea Dave told us to watch for "furry creatures," and we were fortunate to see black bears eating dandelions by the road! | The Yukon Territory | Black Bears by the road | Suspension Bridge | Emerald Lake

22: We spent two different days cruising Glacier Bay as the park ranger pointed out the different kinds of glaciers and wildlife in the area. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous! | We saw glaciers calving and listened to "white thunder" as huge pieces of the glaciers fell into the bay! Wildlife sightings included seals, eagles, sea otters, and humpback and killer whales!! | Calving glacier! | Seals on ice! | Taken from our balcony | Glacier front | Entrance to Glacier Bay

23: John Hopkins Glacier | Close enough to touch! | Mirror Image! | Beautiful weather!! | Marjerie Glacier | Scenic Cruising: Glacier Bay National Park

24: Scenic Cruising: College Fjord-- "Hidden Jewel of Prince William Sound" | On our way to Whittier we spent a day cruising the College Fjord inlet where we saw many different types of glaciers that were named for Ivy League colleges by the Harriman Expedition of 1899. We also saw many groups of sea otter as well as humpback whales during the day! | Floating Icebergs | Whale Sightings | Sea Otters | Glaciers named. . . | . . .for Ivy League Colleges like . . . | Harvard and Yale

25: 4th Port: Whittier, Alaska | Island Princess docked in Whittier, Alaska | We are ready--turn the page | Our tour boat! | Whittier harbor | Whittier was the turnaround port of our cruise. While here, we took the Prince William Sound Wilderness tour which was an all day tour including a great meal of King Crab cakes for lunch and a fabulous tour of the sound with great scenery and wildlife!

26: Eagles were perched right by the rookery! | Kitty Wake Rookery hundreds of sea gulls nesting on the side of a bluff | Red winged birds were swimming in the water | Arch--- | Roll--- | Dive--- | Tail Marking | Wide dripping tail! | A mother whale and her young "teenager" | Whales

27: Mother and Pup | Harbor Seals floating by on icebergs! So cute!! | Three seals on a small iceberg! | Cute sea otter! | Salmon Fisherman | Glacier | Seals on ice! | Slowly approaching Surprise Glacier | Watching and listening to Surprise Glacier calving!

28: Hubbard Glacier is something to see! It is one of the longest glaciers in North America with a 400 foot edge into the water! We couldn't get too close to the glacier because of the ice. A Holland America ship got pretty close, but we watched as it had a hard time getting out of the inlet due to the ice! The sunset after we left the inlet was spectacular! | Scenic Cruising | Hubbard Glacier | to

29: Market on Granville Island | Fish N' Chips | lunch on Granville Island | Famous Clock in Gastown | Harbor View from Stanley Park | Statue of Runner in Stanley Park | Vancouver, British Columbia-2nd Time | Our ship returned to Vancouver after 14 days in Alaska, and we spent the day sightseeing by taking a Trolley Tour of the city. Tomorrow our road trip resumes as we return to the USA!

30: Spokane, Washington | We left Vancouver to start the next leg of our adventure: Glacier National Park. Our first stop on the way was Spokane, Washington. We stopped for a picnic lunch in the Cascades and also stopped for a while at the Grand Coulee Dam. Great drive! | Getting back into the USA and the beautiful Cascade Mts.

31: We spent our first full day driving on the Going-To-The -Sun Road stopping for stunning views of raging rivers and mountain peaks! | We stayed the first night in Glacier National Park at the Lake McDonald Lodge. It was built in 1914 and is very rustic with a huge lobby and fireplace! | Glacier National Park | 1st Day | Mountain Goat on Goat Rock | Lake McDonald Lodge | River Overlook

32: Roaring Eagle Falls | Glacier National Park Day 2 | Glacier Park Lodge | Golf House | Blackfeet Indian "Prayer Cloths" | St. Mary's Lake

33: We spent two days exploring Glacier National Park. The "Golf House" at Glacier Park Lodge was our home while we were here. We walked down trails to see magnificent waterfalls,watched for wildlife, and looked for the famous glaciers throughout the park.Rainbows added to our visit! | St. Mary's Falls | Mountain Peaks and Glaciers | Emerald Pool at Base of Falls | Peaks and Rainbows | Day 3

34: Our next stop on our journey was Yellowstone National Park where we spent two nights in different parts of the park. Over these two days we experienced the wonders of this park--from geysers and bubbling pits to the thrill of seeing GRIZZLIES! We had a fabulous time here, and we only scratched the surface of all there is to do! This is definitely a place requiring a return visit! | Welcome to Yellowstone

35: Huge Salt Mounds | Mud Volcanoes | Hot Springs

36: Wildlife Sightings

37: During our two days in Yellowstone, we had quite a few "wildlife sightings." Elk and buffalo were around nearly every turn.

38: While going around a curve on a mountain, we saw a mother grizzly and her two cubs! I was so excited! We also saw big horn sheep and mountain goats! Now if I could only see a moose!

39: wildlife sightings | More

40: A visit to Yellowstone wouldn't be complete without seeing Old Faithful! We even stayed one night in the Old Faithful Inn. We got to see it erupt several times! | Going | Going | BOOM! | Old Faithful

41: Our next stop was Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast and enjoyed the fun times that Jackson Hole had to offer. The band at the Million Dollar Bar was really good! | Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Next Stop

42: Jenny Lake | View from Jackson Lake Lodge Patio | The Majestic Tetons

43: Jenny Lake | Signal Mountain Overlook | We spent a fabulous day driving around and taking pictures of the unbelievable Tetons! We stopped at Jenny Lake where the mountains looked like they were "shooting up" right out of the water! Then it was up to the top of Signal Mountain for an overlook of the entire valley and lake! Stunning! Staying at the Jackson Lake Lodge was a vacation in itself! We saw elk in the valley right behind the lodge, and some people even saw a bear or two--but not us!

44: Snow in Wyoming! | Red Bluffs in Wyoming | Rocky Tops in South Dakota | Next stop; Custer, South Dakota, where we spent two nights

45: After we left Jackson Hole, we drove thru a stretch of mountain areas that were still covered with very deep snow! Then the scenery changed to plains surrounded with red rocky bluffs. It looked as if an Indian may appear on a war pony at any time! When we got into South Dakota, we were greeted with huge stone formations that carried over into Custer State Park. One loop of the park was a winding road with very narrow tunnels cut into the rock. Some were only 9 feet wide. One famous formation was called The Needles Eye. Fascinating drive! | Solid Rock Tunnel | The Needles Eye | Narrow Tunnel | South Dakota

46: On the wildlife loop we saw deer, pronghorn antelope, buffalo alone or in pairs, and one huge buffalo herd. We also met the "begging burros" that were adorable! They try to put their heads inside the car to beg for food or to be petted! So cute! | Wildlife Loop-- Custer State Park | Pronghorn Antelope | Big Buffalo | Posing Deer | Large Buffalo Herd

47: "Begging Burros"-- Cute burros greet each car as they drive on the loop! | Mom and Baby! | Shaggy!

48: Pigtail Tunnel Custer State Park | "Pigtail Tunnels" are special tunnels that have hairpin curves, and at the end of each tunnel you can see the faces carved on Mount Rushmore!

49: Mount Rushmore National Memorial | After leaving Custer State Park, we drove to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. "Impressive and inspiring" are the terms that best describe this memorial!

50: Crazy Horse Memorial | Side view with horse's head | Extended arm | Our last stop was to see the Crazy Horse Memorial which has been under construction for the past 50 years and is still not finished. Quite impressive!

51: After being gone for seven weeks, this Coopers' Caper now comes to an end. We had an overnight stop in Colorado Springs,Colorado, and then one more night in Borger,Texas, with Kay and Kenneth before we arrived back home. This has been a trip that we will never forget, and the places that we have been and the sights that we have seen will always be remembered. This photo journal will serve as a way for us to relive the adventures we had on this trip and to share those adventures with others. | until our next Coopers'Caper begins........ | The End

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