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Rome Spring 2007

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Rome Spring 2007 - Page Text Content

S: Rome Semester 2007 Jennifer Swegler

FC: Rome Semester | 2007 | Rome, Italy Paris, France The Greece Trip Vienna, Austria Dublin, Ireland Edinburgh, Scotland Bern Switzerland Brussels, Belgium Amsterdam, The Netherlands Berlin, Germany | Jennifer Swegler

1: Thank you God for all Your blessings. Love to my family, and to my fellow Spring Romers who helped shape so many memories.

2: 2007 | Newark to Rome | First Albano Trip - Monica Klem, Trish Smith, Kara McDermott, Colleen McHugh, David Cicotte, Maria Ramirez, and Lorea Ormazabal | Theresa Kouba, Brooke McClennan , and Laura Barber , suite mates

4: Due Santi | Me, Theresa Kouba, Theresa Burton, Laura Barber, Victoria Dekany, and Brooke Maclennan, suite mates of 206!

5: First taste of gelato! | Home of | University of Dallas | Kara McDermott, Maria Rameriez, Me, Monica Klem and Colleen McHugh

6: The first morning at 5:45 we awoke to "Good Morning UDers!" We then went into Rome for our first Mass in St. Peters and after explored Rome.

7: Piazza del Popolo, The Temple of Saturn, and the Pantheon

8: Albano, Italy | A tree in a park that I'd frequently go to study at. | The Church Tower in Albano above, and to the left are the ruins of a Roman fort.

9: Sights in Rome . . . | Flower Market to the right. Below is La Lupa feeding Romulus and Remus.

10: Left: Notre Dame Above: The Rose Window Right: The Ceiling of Notre Dame | Left: The Louvre Right: Winged Victory

11: Me, Michelle Balch, & Mary Powers | Paris Holds the Key to My Heart.... | I walked a lot around Paris...

12: Off to Greece . . . | Above: St. Nicholas of Bari Basilica Right: Trish Smith, Me, Colleen McHugh and Monica Klem aboard the ferry | Below: From the Harbor in Bari, Italy

13: On the Aegean | Above: The wind was strong - Anna Conces and I had a lot of tangles! Below: Finally, Greece! | Above - the sun breaking through the clouds Below: Laura Barber, Beth Forget, Timothy Dean and I take a break from the wind

14: Olympia Home of the First Olympics | Above: Dr. Hatlie, John Rhodes, Dr. Hadley and Ryan Reedy, winners of the relay race <--- Left: Entering the Olympic Stadium | Left: Matt Sullivan at our first Greece lecture

15: Above: Delphi by day Below: Delphi at night | The cherry blossoms at Delphi | Delphi

16: Onwards through Greece | With Colleen McHugh

17: Greek Orthodox Monastery | Theresa Kouba,Beth Forget, Me, Catherine Hicks, Rachel Bereka | Sean Bigney Andy Bach, and Victoria Dekaney

18: View from the Pnyx | Athens

19: Dr. Moran, Dr. Hatlie, Dr. Hadley, Dr. Stibora, and Father Joseph | The Parthenon

20: Me at the Parthenon | Parthenon

21: Spring 2007 Rome Class on the Acropolis | Left: Rachel Bereka, Beth Forget, Laura Barber, Brooke McKlennan, Theresa Burton, Hans Decker, Mary Tetzlaff, Stephen Helms, Chris Wolfe, Neal McGowan, Anna Vulcolvich, Timothy Dean, Michelle Balch, Monica Craig, Kat Ruzicka Right:: David Ring, Lorea Ormazabel, David Cicotte, Gabe Barkley, Claire Shearer, Chris Fidorek, David Hartman, Kelly, Jake, Sandra Rameriz, Ellen Turner, John Polce, Terin Tehan, Michael Hand, Michelle Ramsey, Ben Cole, Jessica McLeod, Jenny Krebacher, Paula, Jenna Fletcher, George Ashby, Lindsay Schutze, Tristan Trevino, Anna Pfiffner { All done to the best of my memory and sight }

22: On the Acropolis | Above: The Erechtheum Right: The Theater on the way down | Jessica McLeod Back ground: Adam Lunger and Ben Cole

23: Jenny Krebacher and Tristan Trevino after we had explored the Temple of Hephaistos on the right | Last of Athens

24: I may have went into Academic Decathlon mode talking about the Lions Gate here. Above is the entrance to the tolos tomb, to the right is the ruins of the citadel from above | Mycenae

25: Above: Colleen McHugh and I Left: Waiting on the buses to arrive | En route to Naflion | Above: Theresa Burton, Hans Decker and me at lunch

26: Naflion Atop of the Venetian Fort

27: Beth Forget and I atop the Fort and the view of the City En route to the beaches and Jon Polce pushing Chris Fiodorek

28: Naflion Sights and Sounds | Ashley Bossert and Kristinia Rainwater | Kat Ruzicka and Neal McGowan

29: Epidaurus Theater | Jessica Barchus, Rachel Bereka and Audrey Ahern

30: Corinth | Right: The Corinth Canal Below: Where St. Paul spread the Faith It was very peaceful place.

31: Last Day in Greece... Then it was back to Italy and onward to the next adventure!

32: Womens Retreat We had a silent retreat up on the mountain across from Castel Gondolfo. It was beautiful and peaceful. Top: Kara McDermott and Trish Smith Middle: Our view Bottom: Me, Ellen Turner and Mary Powers

33: Studying around Rome! Upper Left: Jessica McLeod, Christina Rodriguez, Miguel Bernarndo Upper Right: Matt Sullivan, Michelle Ramsey, Brooke McKlennan, Maria Rameriz Lower Left: Greg Mayer and Matt Sullivan Lower Right: Anna Pfiffner not studying but rather posing :)

34: Vienna,Austria! Stephanie DeRoche and I traveled to Vienna Austria, where we stayed at a Wombat Hostel (such a fun name!) and met up with a high school friend, Kyle Wilkens and his friend Charlie. Dickson. | Left: The Bell of St. Stefphen's Ypper Right: St. Stephens Right: The Roof of St. Stephens

35: The Sights! | Left: Steph found pi! Right: The Votive Church | Left: Vienna Opera Haus Right: Karlskirche, or St. Charles

36: Musicians Galore Stephanie DeRoche and I went to a performance with opera music, ballet (with a performance) and pure music from Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart and Strauss. Naturally we had to go visit their graves the next day.

37: Above: Stephanie DeRoche, Kyle Wilkins, Charlie Dickson and Me Left: In front of the Hapsburg Palace | Last of Vienna | Left: Charlie next to one of the oldest cars I saw while in Europe

38: Off to Éire Kicked off of campus, for 10 Day, I joined my mother and father in Dublin. We went from Dublin, to the Cliffs of Moher, to Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle, Waterford, and Kilkenny. | Left: Mom and I at Trinity University Right - Half Penny Bridge

39: Dublin Co. Fingal, Ireland | Left: In Dublin's fair city, Where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone, As she wheeled her wheel-barrow, Through streets broad and narrow, Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!" Below: Dad and I with the Guinness Man. Lower Left: Guinness Factory

40: Sites of Ireland We drove from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher. On the way, we discovered the Round Tower of County Galway - it leans 2 feet. | Left: Sheep along the ride Right: The Kilmacduagh Monastery

41: The Cliffs of Moher | Pretty sure these speak for themselves.....

42: Bunratty Castle Driving around Ireland, we stayed at bed and breakfast places. St. Rita's is to the right in Limerick . We went to Bunratty the next day. | Above: Dad and I and are second rental car | Bunratty Castle - where William Penn was born

43: Great Hall | Inside the Castle | Inside the Medieval Kitchen, complete with turtle shells and plates | Above: Mom and I on the curtain wall with the Irish colors flying. Below: Standing where the doorway started for the dungeon

44: Bunratty Village There was a village outside the castle preserved to show what it used to be like in a medieval town in Ireland. To the left: Leaving the castle | Left: Mom at the doctor's home Right: The thatch on the roofs

45: What a load of Blarney! | Blarney Castle | Above: After I had kissed the Blarney Stone Below: Blarney Castle | Above: Mom kissing the Blarney Stone Below: Dad kissing the Blarney Stone

46: Blarney Castle It was fun and enjoyable to be at Blarney. Especially since we're McCarthy's. | Upper Right: Blarney ruins Left: Dad on the castle wall Lower Right: Me on the curtain wall

47: Above: Kilkenny Streets | Kilkenny | Above Center : Clock Tower Bottom Left: Through a window Bottom: Kilkenny Castle | Above: Bluebell Bed and Breakfast Kilkenny was a fun town to visit on our way to Dublin. Here are some of the sights!

48: Self Portrait in our rental car. What can I say, I got bored in the back seat of the car... at least when my dad drove | We ate at a former nunnery (left) then we drove onwards to Dublin.... to fly off to Edinburgh, Scotland!

49: Edinburgh, Scotland When we arrived, we had about 12 hours before we headed out on a Lowlands and Highlands tour | Upper Left: Anglican Church near the hotel Lower left: the hotel Right: The pub Dad and I ate at

50: Bens = Mountains, Lochs = Lakes | The Highlands | Right: A World War II Memorial on our tour of the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland

51: The Lowlands | Above: Hammish the Scottish Cow, a local celebrity (he's on the telly there!)

52: To the left: A medieval trebuchet Below: The Castle on Loch Ness | Below: look to the loch | Castle Urquhart | We went to Loch Ness and Castle Urquhart as our final stop on our tour of the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. It was so beautiful!

53: Loch Ness | Left: The family waiting to go onto Loch Ness Right: The Castle as we drifted away | Right: Mom and Dad on their 24th anniversary of their wedding on the loch. Left: I was ridiculously excited to be here

54: Above: New Edinburgh where the Scottish Enlightenment thinkers met | Edinburgh | Above: Francis Walter Scott's memorial | Above: a Celtic Cross in Edinburgh Park Left: By the daffodil that were all over Edinburgh

55: Edinburgh Castle | Left: The Rolls Royce Right: The bride who appeared, small wedding though, only 24 people can fit in the chapel! | Left: Edinburgh Castle Right: on the castle wall with one of the cannons | St. Margaret's Chapel could be reserved for weddings.

56: Mom with the Bagpiper | Greyfriar's Bobby The story of the dog that guarded his Master's grave for over 20 years was touching. | Mom and Sir James Young Simpson | As we walked out of Edinburgh Castle, there was a bagpiper playing music. As we left, he played Amazing Grace. | Edinburgh Sights | This was the doctor who encouraged the use of chloroform as an anesthetic

57: Above: Kilkenny Streets | St. Giles and the Thistle Chapel | Left: The Chapel from outside Center: Ceiling of the Thistle Chapel Right: St. Giles from the outside | Left: The entrance Right: Stained Glass in St. Giles

58: Easter in Rome, April 8, 2007 Michelle Ramsey, Brooke Maclennan, myself, Timothy Dean, Beth Forget, Theresa Kouba, and Steven Bloemer went to the EasterVigil Mass at St. Peters. Pope Benedict XVI presided.

59: Vatican Art Museum Far left: Sistine Chapel Top: Ellen Turner and I, delighted to be there Middle: The Last Judgment by Michelangelo Bottom: Claire Shearer and I in the courtyard

60: Northern Italy Trip | Above: Florence from afar Right: The Duomo from the side | Left: The Duomo from the front Below: Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence

61: Above: San Marco, or St.. Marks in Venice, Italy The Northern Italy Trip, you travel to Florence, Venice, and then Assisi Italy. In Florence, we saw the David, and the leather markets. Then it was on to Venice!

62: More Venezia . . . | Above: Arriving to Venice Below: Pigeon on Head and Hand! | Below: Colleen McHugh, Monica Klem, Kara McDermott, and Trish Smith, atop of St. Marks. We were to become roommates with Colleen as the honorary roomie!

63: Above: The Rome girls! There were about 70 of us Left: Another group shot. We somehow managed to get a lot of these in Venice

64: Venice was spent exploring with Ellen Turner (though oddly, we got no photos together). The photo on the left is in front of the library where they filmed Indian Jones - alas it was closed! | St. Mark's, this time, flag unfurled | Above: Me on the island of Torcello, where an old Byzantine Church was. No photos were allowed!

65: Left: San Damiano Crucifix Right: PAX or Peace Below: Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi | Assisi, Italy | Assisi was one of the most peaceful places I've been. God's presence was radiant and filled the valley and hills.

66: End of the Semester | We had our papal audience. It was pouring rain up until 5 minutes before the Pope appeared. | Below: Before going to our last dinner in Rome, we went back to the Forum to get one last photo. Me, Kara McDermott, and Trish Smith. at Basilica of Constantine

67: Goodbye Rome! Left: Beth Forget and I | Above: The Coliseum at Daybreak | Below: Last dinner on the Rome Campus. Trish Smith, Colleen McHugh, me, Monica Klem and Kara McDermott | Below: The Coliseum at Night

68: But not the end of the adventures! Stephanie DeRoche and I traveled together for the next several days instead. | We traveled from Rome, through the mountains, and onwards to Switzerland, a brief pit stop in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, before going back to say goodbye to Roma!

69: This was the Peter Pan sculpture near the Catholic Church we went to. It was an interesting Sunday. | First Stop: Bern, Switzerland Time Spent: 1 . 5 days | We stayed at the Martha Haus in Bern, a very nice hostel | This is the Catholic Church we went to. We arrived Saturday night and plotted our walk through Bern

70: We walked from the Catholic Church down towards the Protestant Cathedral. Once there, we decided to go in, and up! It was a great view! | Münster Cathedral of Bern

71: Part of the fun in Bern was that they had several fountains spread throughout the town. As we walked, we kept finding more!

72: The Sights of Bern! | Below: Einstein's house! | Right: Capital Building of Bern | Above: Steph and I in front of the oldest clock tower | Right: The flag of Bern, the Bear of Bern

73: We walked across a bridge (see below) to get to the Bear Pit of Bern (Stephanie to the right). From there, we decided to play in the Bern Gardens.

74: We literally played on a see-saw, took photos, before heading back to the hostel. We had so much fun!

75: Then it was on to Brussels, Belgium! Time: 2 . 5 Left: Steph and I on the train. Right: Steph and I at the Grand Platz | Mmmmm... Belgian waffles...

76: Left: Stephanie is shocked at the statue. Below: At the Grand Platz, Standing in front of City Hall I think. | One of the strangest, and most famous statues - the Manneken pis, is one of the biggest tourist attractions. ----)

77: Right: At the Chocolate Museum. We got free samples. | Our second day was spent exploring. We went to the Musée des Beaux Arts and to a Chocolate Museum. | Above: one of my favorite paintings at the Musée des Beaux Arts | Left: At the Chocolate Museum., I wanted the chocolate | Right: At the Chocolate Museum. We got free samples.

78: We also visited St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral while we were out and about. It was beautiful.

79: Above: Notre Dame of Brussels We stayed at this park to rest our weary feet. | The fountain to the right was found in this beautiful park. We loved walking around Brussels! | We ended our day with Chimay Blue and Raspberry Beer! | Below: We found a fountain, and it was a perfect place to pose!

80: Rembrandt Cant-icles, Woe is Van Gogh, and Wam-Bam Amsterdam! From Brussels, we went on to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. To the left: Stephanie in the M of the I Amsterdam sign.. Time Spent: 2 . 5 Days

81: Our hostel was actually on a boat. This was one of my favorite places to stay. It also provided for some fun photos!

82: When we got to Amsterdam, we were warned that the next day, things might be closed because of the Ascension - which took place in the middle of the week because Europe doesn't transfer it to Sunday. We went to St. Nicholas Cathedral, or St. Nicolaaskerk. | They were so sweet- they tried to tell us the Mass was in Dutch. We said we knew, but thank you, and went to Mass anyways. We got told later it was wonderful to see young people at Mass.

83: On our first day, after Mass, we went to the Rijksmuseum and saw Rembrandt van Rijn's "The Night Watch." Later we saw it as statues. | That night we also saw a movie at a converted old school theater called the Tuschinski Theater. We saw Spiderman 3

84: The second day, we went to the Van Gogh Museum, took photos along the canal, found a cafe named after me, Stephanie found a shoe to sit in, and we went through the Anne Frank Hais, which was a very powerful experience.

85: Above left: Stephanie trying to be mysterious as we play Rummy. Above Right: the view from the dock where we stayed of Amsterdam Right: The Science Museum bridge that lead to our hostel

86: Berlin, Germany | Left: In front of the Reichstag Right: Steph at Berlin Wall | Left: First sighting of the Brandenburg Tor, or city gate of Berlin | From Amsterdam, we went on over to Berlin. Above left: First Berlin Wall sighting! Right: Steph and I at the Brandenberg Tor

87: Day 2: We went to Museum Island, saw Nefertiti, then explored the city. We discovered a Lego Giraffe near the Sony Center of Berlin (left), part of the Berlin Wall, and then . . . | Above: Stephanie with the giraffe Below: Reading at the Berlin Wall

88: Day 3: We went and saw the Jagged Church. From there, we went to the Berlin Zoo!

89: Our goal was to find all the statues!

90: Right: Steph decided to ride the elephant | Above: The zoo also had an aquarium in it, which was pretty neat.. | Above: Me, the Zebra, and Steph Left: Me at the Aquarium part of the Zoo.

91: We saw the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery | We also saw Check Point Charlie | Above is a Holocaust Memorial near the Reichstag | Right: On the ast day in Berlin, we went to the CharlottenburgPalace - No photos allowed!

92: Then we went back to Rome to say goodbye. This involved getting to Rome and getting up super early to go visit places to say our goodbyes without crowds! | Trevi Fountain | Church of the Holy Spirit | Spanish Steps | Steph on the Spanish Steps

93: St. Paul Outside the Walls | The marble glass was stunning! | This was the only Basilica I hadn't made it to during the school semester. I was determined to get there!

94: Left: The best picture I have from the Pantheon | Center: The best shot I ever had of Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain.. But I got to see a little of it! Right: One last visit to the Piazza del Popolo!

95: We went to St. Peter's one final time.. That night, we ate gelato outside St. Maria Maggiore, and the next morning we were on our way home. | The End.

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