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Round Trip Dollar

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S: Round Trip Dollar By: A.J. Kerrigan

FC: Round Trip Dollar | BY: A.J. Kerrigan | Ship To: Adventure | Write Destination Here

1: Round Trip Dollar | BY: A.J. Kerrigan

3: Dedicated To: My Loving Mom Sara For all the love she gives me and for keeping me going day to day even through hard times!

5: The machine blared an unbearably loud sound as the bills flowed out. The constant shaking annoyed me to no end and I was ready to pop! I did not yet know my purpose, but I hoped that my days weren't spent sitting in this smelly old box listening to an unimaginable repetition. Then, I was put in this big machine with wheels. I felt the cold steel of my containment chamber and I saw many others who seemed just like me, and that was when it hit me. I was a one hundred dollar bill fresh off the press. What was I supposed to be used for though, and where exactly was I going? I expected to find the answers soon enough.

7: The machine stopped and the wide doors opened. I felt shock rise through my paper threads. A big silver vault door opened up in front of me and I asked myself, “Will I ever spend my life outside of a big vault or box.” The sign outside said that it was a “bank,” whatever that is. The door slowly came to a full open and all of us bills were picked up. We were dropped in the vault and left to rot. I hoped I would soon understand my purpose, and I hoped it would be cool. Not too much afterwards, a lady in a dress and glasses grabbed me and a few of my friends to bring up to the front counter. A man in street clothes was there, waiting for his money, probably. The lady counted us aloud as fast as a cheetah could run, and then handed us to the man. “Thank you,” the man uttered with an accent as we were dropped in his pocket. “Always a pleasure, and don't forget to come again,” she replied as the man walked away with my friends and I.

9: The taste of pocket lint overwhelmed me and the man climbed into his smaller machine on wheels. Not too much later, the machine came to a stop and we were at a store. We walked through a small glass door and a bell rang. I was blasted with the smell of stale bagels, old chips, and melted candy. The sun was just rising over the horizon, and the ever-so-slightest beam of light poked into the shop. I pondered why humans loved boxes so much as I was placed in, yet, another box that said “cash register” on it. A wave of dust flew over me as he quickly shut the box.

11: It was darker than usual in this box, and I heard the bell ring again, so I assumed that the bell came from the door. Almost immediately, I heard screams come from the man with the weird accent, but I couldn't make out the words from inside the box. My box opened and I saw it, a gun, and my owner cowering in fear in the corner. I was crumpled and put in a smelly sack with a few others. I then realized, the store was being robbed and I was part of it. I wanted to just end it, but I knew I couldn't do anything. It was horrible, and it was happening to me.

13: Again, I was on the move and we stopped at the Newark Airport. I had not yet learned what an airport was, but I figured I would know soon. We didn't get to see much of it though. We shortly boarded a big white machine with wings. The sign said that it was called an “airplane.” I quickly felt a rising sensation and I realized that we were lifting off the ground and flying! For those who have never experienced lift off, it is so amazing even though you start to feel queasy and your ears start popping.

15: About three hours later, we were going down and I felt the same lift off feelings, but it wasn't as fun and the sound from the wheels smacking against the ground was worse than the lunatic machine from which I was spawned. The speaker on the plane declared that we had safely landed in Florida, a state I had only briefly heard of in my native New Jersey. We stepped out into a new airport and the sight of bustling vacationers hit me like a car hitting a squirrel, short and sweet. As quickly as we entered, we left and then realized we needed a mean of transportation. Through the double doors, a line of bright yellow cars sat in wait for a customer. We hopped into one, drove around a bit, and appeared at the biggest group of buildings I had ever seen.

17: There was a front desk with a really long line and we got on, but I was ready for sleep because today had been a long day, and it was only getting longer. I was basically falling asleep as we made it to the front of the line. Through the super thin wallet he had transferred me into, I could make out what the guy was saying and doing. He spoke to the lady behind the counter and told her, “I need a room for five nights, single bed, a microwave and a television.” The lady hit some buttons on her computer and looked back up.

19: “You're in luck, one room left with your specifications, but next time your really should make reservations first,” she replied, “that'll be eight hundred and fifty dollars, and zero cents for a five day stay.” “Thanks,” he declared gratefully as I was pulled out of his lint filled wallet and handed over to the lady along with other bills and again, placed in another box. She handed him a card, and I never saw him in person after that moment.

21: All day, I heard blurred conversation from within my cash register, and finally I was changing positions, though I did start to like that box because of the amazing smell that lingered throughout it. I was given to a guy who was leaving and so I was off once again, on another journey. My new owner and I took the same yellow taxi, to the same airport, on the same plane as before, or so it seemed, and we landed in New York, friends of Jersey. We quickly entered an American girl store, and all I saw were billions of dolls and girls who were monsters trying to grab them. Through the man's linty jean pocket, I felt girls pushing him out of the way as he grabbed a doll from off a low sitting shelf. I felt the soft stringy hair of the doll poke out of the opening in the box right next to his pocket. It felt just like the same old lint I had been used to. Again, I was handed to a clerk behind the counter and left to rot, though this cash register smelt like a very expensive perfume. The box then opened, this time quicker than usual and I was given to a man holding a doll in one hand, and his young daughter in the other. I was placed in his pocket, and we left to go somewhere unknown. I could taste the fine leather seat as I began to slip out of his pocket during our journey.

23: The car turned into a grocery store parking lot and the name “Sanjay's Snacks” rang a bell in my head. We stepped in and the familiar ring of the door from the grocery store started and that was when I began to realize, I was back! The store I was taken from not to long ago was right in front of me, and it was great! The stench of stale chips and bagels came back to me, and the melted candy smelled better than ever. The man grabbed a pack of gum and a few pieces of candy, handed me over, and headed out. I screamed out with happiness even though I knew I couldn't be heard. I was back, and it felt better than ever. I was placed in the box, and actually, it felt good.

25: A few weeks, good weeks I might add, passed by and then the box opened right as the television turned on to the news channel. A reporter started talking about a New Jersey grocery store robbing and I almost immediately realized he was talking about this store. Police had finally caught the robber and joy filled up my body when I heard that. Right then was when I realized my purpose as a one hundred dollar bill. I was used to help people get things they needed, but when I am not used in moderation, I can fill people with greed, and they take high risks to get more, just like a drug in a way. I was so smart, yet had so much to learn, but none of that mattered right now, because I realized, I was home.

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