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RV Vacation October 2 - Octobert 26th, 2010 (Copy 2)

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RV Vacation October 2 - Octobert 26th, 2010 (Copy 2) - Page Text Content

S: October 3nd, - October 26th, 2010

BC: created by: Teri Adams | photography by Gregg & Teri

FC: RV Vacation October 2010

1: Our plan was to leave the house between 8 and 9 am. After loading the RV, cleaning the house, covering the car, cleaning the backyard, changing kitty litter and lots of other chores we finally left the house at 1:45 PM. We still had not eaten or purchased ice. So 45 minutes later we were finally "really" on the road. We took our time going through Nevada. We got there about 9 PM. We stayed in our first Walmart parking lot in Mesquite, Nevada. The parking lot was clean and well lit. Before we left we made sure we purchased some items from Walmart. Then we were off to our next destination, Colorado. To pass the time we listened to "The Lady With The Dragon Tattoo." | October 2nd, 2010 (Saturday) | Memories | Fun Bus | Adventure

2: October 3, 2010 (Sunday) Drive, Drive and more Driving. Today we had cereal for breakfast and for lunch we stopped and had a treat at McDonald's! We had little cheeseburgers, fries, and apple pies. We went there for the 'free' WiFi so we could check our email. For Dinner I made a healthy salad to counteract the 'junk'. We stayed overnight at the Walmart in Rifle, Colorado. Still listening to "The Lady With The Dragon Tattoo." | Ashley is waiting for her "healthy" salad! | October 4, 2010 (Monday) Happy Birthday Michael! I sent Michael a birthday text and made a phone call. We slept pretty well last night. Today we are going through Colorado. The drive was so beautiful that it almost brought tears to my eyes. The clouds were big and puffy, the giant Aspen trees were illuminated perfectly. I wish we could have stopped to take a picture but the road was calling our name. The weather was chilly. Gregg drove and the dogs did great! We did lose some horsepower as we plowed through the mountains. Before heading to our next Walmart we stopped to fuel up and eat. We ordered "hot stuffed pizza" at the truck stop. It was alot better than we thought. We are still listening to " The Lady With The Dragon Tattoo."

3: October 5th, 2010 (Tuesday) Well Happy Birthday to me! I didn't sleep very well last night. The Walmart parking lot was hopping with sounds of racing cars and who knows what else was going on. I was chilly all night and the dogs kept stealing my covers! Gregg was snoring so I know he slept well. Today Gregg took me to his childhood home in Salina, Kansas. He showed me where he would get on his bike and coast down the driveway. The house looked nice and well kept. As we were leaving the culdesac there was a group of smiling seniors standing there watching us try to get the RV around the circle. I'm sure we looked funny. For my birthday Gregg took me to "Oklahoma Joe's BQ." He heard out about them through the Food Network. I had a pulled pork/sausage sandwich and Gregg had a pork and sliced sausage sandwich. We shared potato salad. It was excellent! We left the dogs in the RV while eating lunch and got back to find that they had eaten a banana peel that we left lying around. I called our vet because I didn't know if it was fatal to dogs. That turned out fine so we proceeded to Sam's Club to purchase gas. Finished the day by making a salad and walking the dogs. I Was also able to catch up on my email. "The Lady With Dragon Tattoo" continues......

4: October 6th, 2010 (Wednesday) Walmart in Vandalia, Illinois was where we stayed overnight. We slept fairly well even though we experienced the usual road noise. We made our "Walmart" purchase of tortilla chips, hand sanitizer, deli meats and more! It was 11:15 am when we got back on the road. Today we received a call from the "David Letterman Show" for show tickets. Gregg had to answer a trivia question about the "Hello Deli" We will attend the October 11th taping. Dogs still doing great! They have adjusted very well. Today we decided to start buying"Harley Davidson" t-shirts for Gregg as we go though different states. After that we started our wild goose chase to locate the Indianapolis 500 Speedway. After driving in circles forever we finally found it. ...Took some pictures of Gregg there. This day we were really bad about eating junk.... gotta do better!

5: October 7th, 2010 (Thursday) One of the nicest Walmarts we stayed at was in Columbus, Ohio. The only bad thing was that we slept near the air-conditioners and they were loud. Obviously this was a popular Walmart because there were trucks coming in and out all night. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep. We went to our favorite WiFi place (McDonald's) to check our email. Didn't stay long because I was low on battery and they didn't have plugs for us to use. The drive through Ohio showed us beautiful shades of Fall colors, oranges, greens, browns and reds/ Tried another McDonald's in West Virginia for WiFi .We arrived in Pennsylvania at 4:10Pm today. Stopped at Carlisle PA and ate soup, crackers and cheese. Fed and walked the dog and headed for bed. | October 8th, 2010 (Friday) The Carlisle, PA Walmart had signs in the parking lot that stated "No Overnight Parking." Gregg went in and asked if we could stay there and they said that the city does not allow sleep-overs in their parking lot. They sent us to the Home Depot lot down the street. So there we stayed in the Home Depot parking lot for the night. We were the only RV there. I was restless all night as well as cold because the dogs were hogging my blanket. This morning we had our usual cereal for breakfast with tea and coffee. We did not stop in Pennsylvania as planned. It was so difficult with the RV and tow. I really wanted to see the Liberty Bell but we just weren't getting around that easily. It was becoming "not fun." I made us hot dogs for lunch and we drove to New Jersey. As we were going through NJ, I could see the Empire State Building as we crossed the bridge. We got as far as Secaucus, New Jersey and since we were early we stayed at the Walmart there. For dinner we had a great meatloaf that I had brought from home, with green beans and baked potato. I was so tired from lack of sleep and time change. Gregg is doing great and has done all of the driving.

6: October 9th, 2010 (Saturday) We arrived at the RV Park in Jersey City a day early and we were able to check in early. I was really disappointed with this RV park. It was dirty and not kept up. It is in a great location with a great view of the Statue of Liberty and also within walking distance of the subway and Starbucks. Starbucks came-in handy because we were told that the RV park had WiFi but they didn't. Our first day we set up and caught with 'household' duties like laundry. I made pasta for dinner then we walked to Starbucks for email and coffee. Gregg had a "meat loaf" sandwich for lunch...yum! | October 10th, 2010 (Sunday) Today we drove the jeep to New Jersey. Turned out to be an unpleasant drive. Our navigation system had us lost most of the time.We were trying to get to Petsmart to make a reservation for the dogs to stay there while we were sight-seeing. It turned out to be more trouble than it was worth because of distance and bumper to bumper cars. That evening, unfortunately, I came down with tummy problems and a bad headache so I went to bed ASAP!!!. | October 11th, 2010 (Monday) Today is the "David Letterman Show." We got up, ate cereal and headed for the subway. We walked to Times Square and got in line for the taping. While we were in line waiting Gregg went over to the "Hello Deli" and got us a sandwich to share. He took a picture of Rupert who turned out to be a little grouchy. I guess he's tired of having his pictures taken all the time. It was interesting to watch the show being taped and seeing all the people in person. The studio was as cold as we'd heard. They were very organized getting people in and out of the Ed Sullivan Theater. We would have liked to have had better seats. Our seats were located by the band. David came out and only spent a short time with the audience which was very disappointing. He seemed to be in a bad mood and there weren't any "good guests" for that taping....figures. Afterwards we headed over to "Carmine's." It's a legendary family style Italian restaurant. We ordered stuffed mushrooms, meatballs and spaghetti. I had coke and Gregg had beer. By the time we had our appetizers I was stuffed! We walked to the subway and headed back to the RV. It was raining pretty hard. The dogs were fine and happy to see us. Tonight it rained, hailed, lightning and thundered really hard. Ashley clung to me all night because she doesn't like thunder! ,

8: October 12th, 2010 (Tuesday) Today we took the path to the World Trade Center. When I saw the memorial it brought a wave of sadness and a heaviness to my heart. There was a feeling of unsettledness in the air but it was over powered by the construction. After our memorial visit we walked to the Harley Davidson dealership to purchase another t-shirt for Gregg. We had lunch at at a café in downtown Manhattan. The food was fine but the service was poor. We walked to the Empire State Building and we were going to go in but it was expensive and they said we couldn't go to the top. We walked over to St. Patrick's Cathedral. I lit candles for family and friends. I would have liked to attended mass there but it was too late for Tuesday morning mass. We walked over to Central Park and saw the horses and buggies. I felt badly for the working horses and the price was $50.00 so we didn't ride. The only thing missing today was a cannoli ...I can't believe I couldn't find one! ....Got back to some happy dogs around 7PM.

11: I'm trying not to stare at anyone while riding the subway `

17: October 13th, 2010 (Wednesday) Today was an exciting day. We were off to the Statue of Liberty. First we spent some time looking around and taking pictures at Ellis Island museum. It was a neat and fun museum to browse. I spent some time purchasing souvenirs. After the museum we took a ferry ride to the Statue. The day was perfect and the view of the statue was awesome. We took the 340 steps up to the very top of the crown. I did it! The area at the top of the crown was very small and cramped with not much room to walk around. As we were coming down I hit my head and Gregg thought that was hilarious ...whatever! The walk down was quick and easy.

23: October 16th, 2010 (Saturday) Today we went to Fredericksburg to sight-see. Gregg visited one of the more important battlefields of the Civil War. We saw Mary Washington's (George's mother) home. I went in and out of the all the cute little shops. We had lunch at one of the local restaurants. After such a heavy lunch we had peanut butter and jelly with broccoli and crackers and cheese for dinner.

25: October 14th, 2010 ( Thursday) Today we leave New York. The time went by so quickly and there is still so much to see. We got up, had breakfast and headed out. The Jeep lights had a burnt-out fuse which put us behind a couple of hours. We drove through back through Pennsylvania and when we got to Delaware we purchased another Harley Davidson t-shirt for Gregg and a "tax free" birthday present for me! It rained through Pennsylvania,Delaware and Maryland. We got to the RV Park in Virginia later than planned. For dinner I made hamburgers with a sweet potato for dinner. October 15th, 2010 (Friday) Today was spent catching up. We did some laundry and freshened up the RV I love this RV park. It is quiet peaceful and well taken care.

26: October 17th, 2010 (Sunday) After a late start we drove to Washington D.C. Our first stop was Arlington Cemetery. We went to the register desk and looked up where Gregg's parents are buried. We rode the trolley to JFK's grave where we saw Jacqueline's and their 2 deceased children. Around the corner we saw Robert and Ted Kennedy's grave. We watched the guard at the grave of the "Unknown Soldier." After sight seeing we to payed our respects to Gregg's mom and dad. He was very happy to finally see his parent's resting place. He commented that "He would not see them again until he goes to heaven." He took several pictures. Our next stop was to see The White House, The Capitol, The Lincoln Monument and everything in between. We ran short on time and we did not have enough time to go inside the Smithsonian museums. On the way home we were craving Chinese. The best we could find was a buffet. I guess anything is good when you are really hungry!

31: October 18th, 2010 (Monday) Today was spent sightseeing. We went to a little "ghost town" in Occoquan, Virginia where we shopped and had lunch. Gregg took pictures of the town while I browsed the little shops. Afterwards, we went to the Harley Davidson Dealership and bought a souvenir for Gregg. We tried to visit the local bourbon distillery to buy some homemade Virginia bourbon but they were closed. We ended up buying it the ABC Liquor Store. Also, bought 3 bottles of Virginia made wine at one of the little shops. When we got back to the RV we started packing so we could head out in the morning. I'm going to miss this RV park.

33: We were so hungry that we took the picture when we were almost done | These homes in Virginia sold for under $300 thousand. They all had basements and were tri-level

34: October 19th, 2010 (Tuesday) Today we left our Virginia campsite. I followed Gregg in the jeep and lost him when he changed lanes back and forth; I couldn't catch up. I finally pulled off the freeway and went to a nearby Target where come to find out that's where Gregg was waiting for me. "Lots of Laughs!" Gregg drove 600 miles on this leg to Dickson, Tennessee. There we found our next Walmart. Somewhere along the way we finished "The Lady With The Dragon Tattoo" and Started "Water For Elephants." | October 20th, 2010 (Wednesday) We slept well, had breakfast and drove until we needed gas. After refueling we went to "Graceland" Harley Davidson and got Gregg a t-shirt. We didn't go into Graceland but could see it from the street. | October 21st,2010 (Thursday) Continued driving to Oklahoma. We got to Shawnee, Oklahoma very late, just 45 miles from our destination but we were so sleepy that we stayed at our next Walmart.

36: We ended our trip celebrating Robert's 50th "surprise" party in Oklahoma. It was a great party with lots of family and friends

37: We will always have fond memories of our first "BIG" RV trip. They say, "There Is No Place Like Home" but for us our RV was like home We can't wait until our next big adventure! | "Driving With The Big Dogs"

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