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Solomon Islands- 2009

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Solomon Islands- 2009 - Page Text Content

BC: A personal account of my school pilgrimage to the Solomon Islands. An experience I will never forget!


1: 27th September- 7th October 2009 By Ryan Lewis

2: DAY ONE- 28/9/09 Got to Perth airport and boarded the plane. Everyone slept. we got to Brisbane and Dan left his passport in his bag. We were set back like an hour. We got on a piss ridden train. We ate a heart attack in a box (Red Rooster) for breakfast and Jack left his passport on the table. I found it. We went through departures and Jack forgot his passport, again. The flight was delayed. Got on

3: plane. Seats were all mixed up. I sat next to a random woman and a bald guy. Got to Honiara International Airport. WTF! It was so damn humid and the airport was painfully old and broken. The newest thing they had was a baggage carousel. Jack lost his passport again. We got the shitty bus to the 'hotel'. We went to the markets and everyone gave us evil eyes. We came back to the 'hotel' and I started to write this journal. We then went to some random back alley Hong Kong Palace restaurant. Went home, played cards and went to bed.

4: DAY TWO- 29/9/09 Woke up at about 7:30 and had a really cold shower. Had breakfast; weird chocolate bread and watermelon which is disgusting. | We got on the bus and went to the WWII Memorial; very interesting. We went to parliament house, the only non- decrepit building in the Solomons. Then we went to the Japanese Memorial. It was all stolen

5: and broken. We then went to the outdoor museum. It was really cool and there were guns and shit everywhere; there was a massive spider. We then went to the national museum and a tour guide showed us nine traditional houses that were all basically the same and he said the same things for every single one! | We then walked around and went to Amy's restaurant and had a hot dog made of poo and the woman didn't know what a sunkist was even though it was in the fridge.We then went to the souvenir shop when we realised a guy was following us. We then went back to the hotel, ate spaghetti and went to bed.

6: DAY Three- 30/9/09 Woken up by a truck at 6:00am and put our bags in it. We got up and had break for breakfast and we were supposed to be at the yacht club at 8:30am. We got there on time and the boat was only four hours late so to save time we went shopping. We then got lost and a chinese guy wanted to give us a lift and i was like, no way you betel nut chewing, retarded asian. Then we found the place and got in the boat. It was two hours of boaterific

7: fun! We then stopped off at these random rocks and waited for the other boats. We then went to Siro school and had some weird ass tropical food and watched their sub- par dancing. We were then given a tour of their community and it looked all crazy. We then went back and were all tired and went snorkeling. It was uber clear. We had dinner, then a debrief; we went back to our room and I started writing in the journal and I will most likely go to bed afterwards.

8: DAY Four- 1/10/09 DIARRHEA! Woke up at 5:30am and had a nice liquid poo. I broke both fans by accident so the room was boiling. Had breakfast and got ready to go to the school. When we got to the island we were getting ready to do a quiz but it then started pouring down for the whole day. I ran into the classroom and met people like Evelyn who gave me a necklace and I gave her some of my random bag things. We then ran out to play soccer and we were redirected to volleyball. I was crap at it.

9: We then had lunch which was really nice. Afterwards we played soccer and Dan dislocated his knee. After soccer we went swimming and the water was so warm. This random villager guy took us all like a mile inland through a jungle to a waterfall and the mud was so slippery that everyone got covered in shit. When we got back we swam again and then we had to go back to the resort. When I got back I had a shower and started writing this journal. After dinner I went to bed.

10: DAY Five- 2/10/09 Woken up by the annoying rooster and went to breakfast at 7:30am. Afterwards we were going to go to Siro but it started to rain a lot so we went snorkeling instead, waiting for it to die down. It didn't. We went there in the rain and froze our asses off! Once we got there we waited at a house because the school was empty. We had some biscuits then the rain died down. All of the kids came

11: out of the boarding houses and we played volleyball. After that Evelyn's sister gave me a shell necklace and I gave her my shitty bag in return. Good deal. I then went for a swim with everyone for a while, then we decided to go back to Maravagi. The boat journey was fun because we were racing each other. everyone went snorkeling and got ready for dinner. We saw two other people at the hotel, locked Tom out of his room and went to bed.

12: DAY Six- 3/10/09 Woken up by the really loud cock (rooster) and went to breakfast. I then got ready for snorkeling but no one could be bothered. We then got in the boat to Siro to pick up the people. We managed to fit about 20 people into four boats and went on the long trip to the World Discoverer wreck. We stayed there for a few hours jumping out of trees and Henry got four stitches because he kneed himself in the face. We got back and had a massive lunch with tuna and rice and damper. Yum. Afterwards we got ready to leave to stay the night at Siro. When we got

13: there we played touch rugby. They showed us random games that they play and we showed them duck, duck, goose. Jack sat in a fire ants nest and bitched about it for hours. We had dinner which was really nice; and then there was a performance off. We sang the Qantas ad and the national anthem and they served us with their moves. We tried the 'rokoso' dance and fell asleep on the floor.

14: DAY SEVEN- 4/10/09 Woke up at about 5:00am because of the bloody rooster and went to the fun and exciting church sermon for one and a half hours! I was so hungry I could have killed someone and then we had crackers for breakfast! Crackers! I was starving for the whole day. After 'breakfast' we left for Bonghani and it was an hour trip in a boat. When we got there I forced a shit tasting watermelon and coconut milk down my throat. We all went for an hour walk round the island and my feet got so cut up. We had a really big lunch and then went

15: back to Maravagi and I slept in the hull of the boat while it rained. When we got back, I discovered that Rourke, Tim and Aiden (who didn't go last night) had graffitied my journal like the little see you next tuesdays they are. I want to fucking stab them. I got ready for dinner and wrote in my journal. I spoke to Papa D. Then went to bed.

16: Day Eight- 5/10/09 We were woken up by the rooster, again, and then went to breakfast. Afterwards we quickly went into the boat and went off to Siro for the last time. We got there and thought we would do the quiz, but the headmaster was in Honiara for some reason so instead we got ready for the feast. It started off fine and it rained a bit. We failed at weaving plates out of palm tree leaves. After that at mid- day we went back to Maravagi

17: and packed to go back to Honiara. I went snorkeling and got stung so badly. At 4:30 | we went back to Siro for a feast, it tasted so good and we were all presented with a necklace each. When the feast was over we all started dancing and we formed a massive conga line. At about 8:15 | we had to leave and it was the biggest goodbye ever. Everyone was taking pictures; there was so many flashes that it could have given you epilepsy! | The boat journey back was really fun in the dark. When we got back there were | wood carvers there; I got back to my room, wrote this entry and went to bed.

18: Day Nine- 6/10/09 Woke up really early to put our bags in the boat to go back to Honiara. At about 6:30 we had pancakes for breakfast and they were so good! We all then split up into our individual boats and left for Honiara. The first half of the trip was so rough and we all got soaked. In the second half the other boat ran out of fuel so we were about half and hour late. There was the longest trip to Selwyn College and I fell asleep for about an hour. When we got there we were all so scared because they had warriors camoflauged in the bush. We had to shake like 398 peoples hands. We got a tour by some random girls and their school was pretty shit, but it was the Solomon Islands version of Hale. We played soccer there and it was so

19: hot. We lost.When we left we went to the Melanesian Brotherhood and we were so tired that we didn't care at all. When we got to Chester's House we got ready for dinner. It was Asian and tasted shit. When we got back everyone tried betel nut and some kids got sick. We then went to bed in the Solomon Islands for the last time.

20: Day 10- 7/10/09 Woke up at about 6:00am and had crackers for breakfast. We were all invited by our tour guide John to see his son's baptism and it was alright. There was a picture of a saint that looked like Bill Bailey on the wall. Afterwards we were allowed to walk around Honiara. We waited for the bank to open so I could change money up. I was in there for 50 minutes because of one person changing up like $50,000 or something. After I finally got my money out we went shopping and I bought the nicest ice cream ever! When we got back we got in the car and went to

21: the airport. Everything was three times more expensive than the rest of the Solomons and all of these Asians were buying them. I was sat next to Henry and Dougall who had both never flown internationally before. At Brisbane everybody got a Hungry Jacks but I found the Krispy Kreme and bought some delicious lard. A fat woman in front got all of the glazed donuts. That bitch! I mistook a 14 year old for an old guy and accidentally insulted him. My bad. I sat next to Chris on the flight home and I saw everyone when I got back. I found out about the earthquakes and finally got back home.

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