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South Korea

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South Korea - Page Text Content

S: My Life in South Korea

BC: seongnamyeongcheonsiheungyeongjuuijeongbuchangwonuiwanggeojeyangjugimhaeyonginjinhaeasanjinjusuwonboryeongmasanansandaejeongwangjuincheonjejucitycheongjucheonanmiryanganseonggongjusacheonanyangnonsantongyeongbucheonseosanyangsandongducheongyenyongseogwipogimpochuncheonchungju

FC: pyeongtaekmungyeongnajupocheonsangjugwangyangpajugumisuncheonosangyeongsanyeosonamyangjugyeongjumokpohwaseonggimcheonnamwonulsandaeguandongbusangunsansokchoseoulpohanghanamwonjojeongeupgwangmyeongtaebeakiksangwacheongurisamcheokgimjegunpogangneungjeonjugoyangdonghaejecheon

1: Let the journey begin! | South Korea

3: ANDONG Capital of the Korean Spirit

4: H | O | M | E | T | E | E | W | S | H | O | M | E

5: My Apartment at Ok Villiage 303 Ok-Dong 945-18 Andong-Si GyeongSangbuk-do 760-310 Korea | Home is where your story begins

6: Teachers open the door, but students must enter by themselves.

8: Pre-A: Liz, Alice, Lily, Kyle, David, Eddy, Kevin, Billy LD: Wendy, Angela, Belinda, Susie, Amy, Linda, Jill, Sara, Lisa, Jake, Simon, Henry, Jimmy and Mindy | A teacher takes a hand, opens | HA: Bell, Brandon, Kevin, Josh, Tina, Catherine

9: a mind and touches a heart. | DA: Mike, James, Steven, John, Lee, Peter, Chad, Sheila, Jill, Sindy, Candy, Jenny, Melanie, Emily JI: Jimy, Jenny, Emily, Lisa, Sally, Terry, Jackson, Mark, Jerry, Mike, Tom, Harry | MB: Sue, Julia, Alice, June, John, Evan, Peter

10: A good beginning makes a good ending

12: Ski Resort in Korea, February 28th, 2010.

13: After teaching on a Saturday, we went to eat at Kkachigumeongjip and visited the Wolryeong Bridge, the longest wooden walking bridge in South Korea. January 9th, 2010

15: Ice Skating and Sculptures January 16th, 2010

16: Hahoe Village, a traditional Folk Village

17: January 10th, 2010

18: Dosanseowon Confucian School

19: Andong Icheondong Seokbulsang | January 23, 2010

20: Everland Amusement Park | January 30th, 2010

21: A busy Sunday spent at Seoul Horse Racing Park and Seoul Zoo January 31st, 2010 | LIONS and | BEARS OH MY! | TIGERS and

22: Pre-A | JI | DA | DI | JB | DA | DI | LD | spring term

23: Pre-A | DA | JB | LD | JI | DA | DI | DI | 2010

24: Cindy | Tiffany

25: Jini | Candy & Martin | Sara | So entertaining, they required their own page.

26: Hyunjoo and Alice | Sara and Katie | Me and Katie | Racheal

27: Andre the charmer | Nick is gonna get a lickin | Me and Ah-yeong | Me & Ramy

28: A gorgeous day at Haeundae Beach in Busan | April 3rd, 2010

29: Busan Tower | Busan April 3rd, 2010

30: We visited the Haedong Younggungsa Temple when we were in Busan. Too bad we spent more time trying to get back to the train station afterwards than we did AT the temple. | April 4th, 2010

33: In attempt for us to all get along better, we were told we were going out for supper. Then we ended up at a noraebang. Mr. Kwon singing was very entertaining, and I have a manager if I want one. | On Children's Day, Racheal, Ketan, and I went hiking with our middle schoolers while Ann, Kyle, and Phil went to the festival. But, we only had 9 students who showed up to hike. | Since we had a day with the middle schoolers, we took our elementary students to "Karate Kid" (Best Kid) on a Saturday morning. We filled the entire theater!!! | Emily, Rebecca, Jenny

34: Taipei 101 was the tallest skyscraper in the world until 1/4/2010 and received the 2004 Emporis Skyscraper Award and was hailed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

35: Taipei City, Taiwan April 29-May 2, 2010

36: Yangmingshan National Park

37: Xiaoyukeng (sulfur vents)

38: National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park is found on the east end of Liberty Square in Taipei. It is joined in the park by the National Theater and National Concert Hall

39: The National Palace Museum has over 677,687 pieces of Ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks, one of the largest in the world. Art is rotated every three months, so 60,000 pieces can be seen each year, and it takes 12 years to rotate through them all.

40: The shopping center beneath Taipei 101

41: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

42: Baoan Temple built in 1830 for the god of medicine. | Taipei Confucius Temple built in 1879

45: On the weekend of June 5th and 6th we headed down to Busan for their annual Haeundae Sand Festival. There were many sand sculptures, sun burn, and lots of dancing at U2. A perfect weekend with friends in the sun.

46: The beach at Taean

47: I saw an ad on Facebook about taking flying lessons. It sounded interesting, so Racheal and I took a six-hour bus ride to Taean to fly a plane. Unfortunately, the weather was bad that day so I was only in the air about 15 minutes, and Racheal didn't get to fly at all. But the 15 minutes were FABULOUS!!!

48: BORYEONG MUDFEST 2010!!! | got mud? | July 17-18

50: Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul was once an eyesore, but after a $900 million urban renewal project in 2005, it has become a popular place among city residents and tourists.

51: I'VE GOT SEOUL | July 26

52: JEJU ISLAND July 27-30

53: Among all of the green hills and mountains was The Jeju Kimnyoung Maze Park. The maze was built by a native American who moved to Seoul and then Jeju and wanted to express his appreciation for his adopted home. We also visited the Manjanggul Lave Tube. We walked 1km into an underground 'cave' that was wet, dark, and cold.

54: O'Sulloc Tea Farm

55: We went to a black-sand beach where there were man-made caves built by the Japanese to hide weapons. There were nearly twenty caves built here.


59: We hiked to the top of the mountain to see the 'crater' that was up there. It was more just a bunch of trees. You couldn't really tell there was a crater up there, but it was a fun hike. I actually made it all the way up without falling wearing a jean skirt and my Airwalk flipflops! Priscilla was not as lucky in her tennis shoes. It was hot, but there was some beautiful sights from the top.

63: Korea's largest ocean-themed park, has over 350 different species and 50,000 underwater creatures from all over the world. | BUSAN AQUARIUM

64: Doug and I | Jody and I rockin it | Alice & ! | Me and Katie

65: Nick & I | Me and Katie! | Scottie is never happy | Me & Mirza

67: RUNZAS IN KOREA!!!!! Even though no one besides Stephanie knew what they were, it was totally worth explaining runzas a million times! They turned out FABULOUS!!! I hadn't tasted anything so delicious in like nine months!!!! hahaha | Saturday night we celebrated Alice's last night in Korea with a bar crawl in Seoul. So much fun!! | We even had time to squeeze in a visit to Tonia's for a pancake brunch!

68: SUMMER TERM 2010

72: Children's Peace Monument built in memory of Sadako Sasaki who believed folding 1000 paper cranes would cure her leukemia | The Cenotaph for the Victims of the A-bomb through which you can see the Flame of Peace | Monument to 8:15 and the only A-bombed gravestone that survived the blast at a nearby temple | Peace Clock Tower that chimes every day at 8:15 and the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound where ashes of more than 70,000 unidentified victims are buried

73: Monument in Memory of the Korean victims of the A-Bomb | The Rest House was the building closest to the bomb that survived intact | Mother and Child in the Storm | Peace Bell | PEACE MEMORIAL PARK Devastation hit on August 6th, 1945 at 8:15am killing more than 140,000 people. It was also believed that plants and trees would not grow for many years, but which started sprouting again within a years' time. | Monument of the A-Bombed Teachers and Students of National Elementary Schools | Memorial Tower to the Mobilized Students | plaque marking the Hypocenter | Fountain of Peace | September 23rd

74: It was built as the Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition in 1915 but on August 6, 1945 it became much more. Located 490 feet almost directly beneath where the bomb exploded, over time, it has become known as the A-Bomb Dome The building survived because the blast shot straight down over the walls, instead of blowing against the walls and knocking them over. Unfortunately, everyone inside the building was killed instantly.

75: The Genbaku Dome was a point of conflict among the citizens of Hiroshima. Some argued that it should be torn down along with the other buildings after the blast but others claimed that it should be left standing as a memorial to the victims of the bombing. In 1966, Hiroshima City declared that it intended to preserve it indefinitely and it has been a famous historical landmark ever since.

76: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

77: When the A-bomb exploded at 8:15am on August 6th, 1945, it didn't just destroy the buildings and trees and roads. It destroyed the lives of the people that were living in Hiroshima. Workers. Teachers. Parents. Students. Children. | "This is our cry, this is our prayer: peace in the world." ~Sadako Sasaki

78: Shukkeien Garden

79: Hiroshima City

80: Gate of Torii | I ended up running into Cha Cha on the trolley going to Miyajima so we spent the day together walking around and exploring the little island. | September 24th


82: Andong Mask Dance Festival 2010

83: October 2nd & 3rd

98: Cha Cha | Bo | Corey | Becky | Craig | Ben | A | a | a | d | n | m | Johnathan | Ian | Ilana | Jessica | Jin | Jody | Andre | Alice | Ah-yeong | Adam | Adam | Andrew | Ann | Cristina | Cliff | Cleopatra/ Jenny | C | Cristina | Cyrel | Danny | Danny | Deborah | Doug | E | Helen | Hyelin | Hyeonju | h | r | i | s | Jesse | r | n | i | Katy | Cari | Cari | Anthony | Eric | Angela | Catherine

99: Luke | Stephanie | Serena | Scott | L | i | a | s | Angela | Tiffany | Tonia | Yunjung | Yeongmin | Sharon | Sean | Scott | Ramy | Rafael | Racheal | Priscilla | Paul | Mijin | M | Mirza | Mr. Kwon | Nick | Nick | Mike | Michael | Kyle | Kevin | Ketan | Katie | Nate | Melissa | n | a | i | S | a | r | a | Sean | Mary-sue | Marc | Katelyn

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