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Spain and Guatemala

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BC: The End

1: Judith and Tasha's trip to SPAIN and GUATEMALA!!!!

2: My Best friend Judith and I both decided to go on a huge vacation to Spain! We departed from home at 3:55pm on June 20th. The flight costs were $2,700/person for a round trip flight to our first vacation in Spain! Flying from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Paris, France and then to the Bajaras airport in Spain!

3: Tasha and I also took a fun trip to Guatemala. We woke up at 5 in the morning on July 11th and our flight left at 6am and arrived at 1:15pm at the La Aurora airport in Guatemala. The flight plan was from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Miami, Florida and then to Guatemala City, Guatemala. The grand total for the round trip flying was $729.70/person!

4: Itinerary: Day 1: Got off plane, converted money, and checked into hotel Day 2: Went to the beach & El Rastro Market (flea market) Day 3: Saw a Flamenco show & visited the Escorial Monastery Day 4: Attended a bull fight & ate at Casa Mingo Day 5: Shopping at Salamanca& took an open-topped bus tour Day 6: Visited the Warner Brothers Movie World & Zoo Aquarium Madrid Day 7: Went to the Aquasur (open-air pool) & Teatro Real (Royal Theatre) Day 8: Visited the Royal Palace & watched a Real Madrid soccer game Day 9: Museo de America & ate at the Botin Restaurant Day 10: Went for a walk at the Central Park and went site- seeigng Day 11: Went to the beach & went to the amusement park Day 12: Went to the Reina Sofia & ate at Cornucopia Day 13: Shopping & Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Day 14: Packed and got on our plane

5: Itinerary Day 1: Got off plane, converted money, and checked into hotel Day 2: Aurora Zoo & Museum of Modern Art Day 3: National History Museum & went to the main plaza Day 4: Shopping at Oakland Mall & Pradera Concepcion (cinema) Day 5: Kaminaljuyu (ancient Mayan ruin) & went to Lake Amatitlán Day 6: Visited the Guatemala City sink hole & went to the beach Day 7: Shopping at the Central Market & went to Parque Central Day 8: Went to the Cathedral & ate at Del Paseo Day 9: Rattle and Hum (live music) & IGA Cultural Center Day 10: Went to the beach & went to the Central Market Day 11: Museum of Archeology and History & Metropolitan Cathedral Day 12: Shopping at Mercado Central & ate at Txoco Day 13: Museo Fray Francisco Vasquez & went to the Farmers Market Day 14: Packed and got on our plane

6: In our travel to Spain all of our sight seeing, and fun filled adventures took place within the city of Madrid.

7: Also when we traveled to Guatemala, we landed in Atigua, but spent all of our time in Guatemala City.

8: Madrid is the capital of Spain. Madrid is also the largest city in Spain To the left is the interior of the Escorial Monastery which is one of the places we visited. | This is one of the shopping centers we went to when we were shopping. | Bullfighting is a very popular and dangerous sport and is very prominent in Madrid

9: The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción is the full name. In Guatemala City there is a sinkhole, estimated to be 60 feet wide and 330 feet deep, appears to have been triggered by the deluge from tropical storm Agatha. But this hole is believed to be caused by man.

10: Above: Tapas and wine. Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. Below: Paella. A dish that originated in Spain which main ingredients include white rice, meat, sea food, and vegetables and can come in a variety of ways.

11: Guatemalan food is heavily influenced by Mayan and Spanish cultures. Above: Guacamole Below: Fiambre. Traditional food usually eated around Christmas. | Above: Guatemalan chiles rellenos are stuffed chilli's (usually bell peppers) filled with minced meat, carrots, green beans and other spices; all of that covered in an egg batter, and fried.

12: This is Spain's flag and on it is the coat of arms which includes: Top left corner: Kingdom of Castile Bottom left corner: Crown of Aragon Top right corner: Kingdom of León Bottom left corner: Kingdom of Navarre | Middle: House of Bourbon Pillars: Pillars of Hercules Crown on left pillar: Imperial Crown (Holy Roman Empire) Crown on right pillar: Spanish Royal Crown

13: This is Guatemala's flag Blue: (colors on the sides) represent the fact that Guatemala is located between two oceans | White: Signifies peace and purity | In the middle: Guatemala's coat of arms with the Resplendent Quetzal (national bird of Guatemala that represents liberty), a parchment scroll with the date of Central America's independence from Spain, crossed rifles indicating Guatemala's willingness to defend itself by force if need be, a bay laurel crown (symbol of victory), and crossed swords representing honor

14: While in Spain we had to convert our money in what they use, Euro's, and Euro's are worth more than the U.S. dollar. 1 EUR= 1.44 USD

15: In Guatemala their currency is the Guatemalan Quetzal 1 USD= 7.72 GTQ

16: Spain's climate comes in a variety in different places. The Summer months are from April to October while July to August are the scorching hot months so we got there just in time! | Its climate zones include Oceanic, Mountainous, Continental, Mediterranean, and Arid.

17: Guatemala's climate is typically hot year round. The rainy season is generally from May to November. Dry season from about November to April. Guatemala's climate zones include tropical, temperate, and cool zones.

18: Spain encompasses a variety of geographical features. These include the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean surrounding Spain (just to mention a few bodies of water). Mountains, Lowlands, a Plateau, and some islands are also some of Spain's geographical features.

19: Guatemala's terrain is made up mostly of mountains, with some narrow coastal plains, a rolling limestone plateau, and some highlands. Guatemala is also bordered by the Pacific Ocean to its south west side.

20: David Villa Soccer player for Barcelona (Soccer club) | Above: Enrique Iglesias (Singer) Left: Penelope Cruz (Actress) | Pablo Picasso (Artist) | One of Picasso's works

21: Cynthia Mendez (Actress) | Benito Martinez (Actor) | Carlos Ruiz (Toronto FC soccer player)

22: Christopher Columbus is very important to Spanish history because although he was seeking a route to Asia he ended up "discovering" the Americas. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were the ones that granted Columbus's wish and gave him with 3 ships. | Columbus went on a total of 4 voyages. During those voyages he claimed land in the name of Spain, on of them being San Salvador. Huelva, Spain is a city that is famous for its Columbus sites and there is also a monument to him there.

23: In the 16th century, the Spanish invaded Guatemala and faught the largest group of people there called the Quiché. The Quiché were overpowered by the Spanish. They were then forced to work on estates in the newly established colony of New Spain. In 1821 Guatemala gained independence from Spain.

24: Corpus Christi Date: May - June 2011 (annual) 8th Sunday after Easter Location: Spain Corpus Christi is Catholic holiday in honor of the presence of the body of Christ in the holy water. It is celebrated throughout Spain and is held in either May or June depending on when Easter occurs. It includes parades and church services that are followed by great entertainment until late night. A fairground is staged in the outskirts of the city for the ultimate fun and celebrations. This celebration ends with huge firework display.

25: So around two weeks ago three El Salvadorean ex-officials and their driver were murdered. As it turned out, they were killed by the Guatemalan police. It was a huge deal, and all over the news, they had to come up with the culprits pretty quick (a sorry attempt to burn the car wasn't sufficient to hide the bodies). So within a day or two they arrested three Guatemalan police officers. Then within another day or two, the police officers were murdered in their high security jail cells.

26: Interesting Facts: The oldest restaurant in the world (Botin Restaurant) is in Madrid, Spain. In Spain, people eat lunch at 2pm and dinner at 9-10pm. Soccer is the most popular spectator sport in Spain. In Spain accepting a second serving is one of the best ways to show appreciation to the cook. Yes, nudism is legal throughout Spain, this also means that any beach in Spain can be a nudist beach but nudists usually gather in particular beaches. Spain makes 44% of the world's olive oil.

27: Interesting Facts: The official name is Republic of Guatemala. Guatemala means land of trees and forests. A typical school year runs from January to October. Most populated country in Central America (which is everything below Mexico). They only have 11 airports in Guatemala. The Mayan Civilization flourished in Guatemala Guatemala was once a colony of Spain, but no longer is.

28: Via Grande Beach Shopping mall in Madrid | Barajas Airport Barajas Airport Flamenco Dancers

29: Left: Traditional Guatemalan clothing Right: Mayan Ruin | Middle: Lake Amatitlán

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