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Summer (Copy)

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S: The Great Loop 2010

BC: Summer 2010

1: June 26 - July 10, 2010 | Repairs made at Gagnon Marion in Quebec, Canada

2: Summer is finally here! Phil, Sam, Bill, Linda and Cosmo were going to set out on their adventure, the Great Loop on July 1. The adventure boat, the LunaSea, did not cooperate. her props were vibrating, her air was stifled and stale, and she was not making music. While LunaSea was under the care of Gagnon Marina her Garmin GPS, XM radio were installed and repairs made on her air conditioner, generator and sealed a leak on her bow. Gagnon had to pull her out of the water to make the repairs. That left us boatless. ,

3: Linda had been having trouble with her ears from the time of her arrival in Burlington, Vermont. We had already been to the emergency room in Plattsburgh, NY for drugs. She was still not doing as expected so we were off to experience socialized medicine in Canada. More drugs for the girl! We found rooms in town close to Gagnon. Phil and Bill shared a room and Linda, Cosmo and I had a girls night.

4: Finally on Saturday, July 11th we departed Gagnon Marina, destination Sorel at the end of the Richelieu Canal. We purchased a lock pass for $837. Went through locks and under or through several bridges.

5: Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill, Linda & Cosmo

6: Saturday, July 10th we arrived at Sorel Marina. In Sorel the weather was warm, cloudy and the water was calm. Pulling into the marina a young man told us to back up and then pull into our slip. We did and we backed over copper, metal, and cable and wound it around our prop. We needed a diver! It was late and the next day was Sunday! Believe it or not, we found a diver and he was able to pull the mess from around our prop

7: Sunday, July 11th we arrived in Montreal, "Old Port Montreal", at 5:00 pm. It was a beautiful day with calm waters and the sun to warm the crew Phil, Sam, Bill, Linda and Cosmo until we got into Montreal Harbour when heavy winds kicked up.

8: Monday, July 12 Linda woke up feeling worse and we decided she needed to get back to the good old USA. Linda and I took a cab to the airport and rented a car, drove back to Plattsburgh, NY and spent the night at the River House. She just needed to be home. We took the ferry over to Burlington, Vermont and got her on an airplane. I drove back to Montreal airport, took a cab back to the port. Linda made it home fine and is doing great.

9: Our crew was reduced by one!

10: July 12th to July 16th Tuesday, July 12th after arriving back at Old Montreal Port, "Port D'escale du Viewux Port de Montreal," Phil and Bill told me that a tanker went aground in the Saint Lambert Lock. Darn! Another delay in a fascinating and beautiful city. We dined at the Keg, we took tours, walked the streets, did laundry and a few chores. We had a great delay.

11: 7.14.09

14: Saturday, July 17 we departed the beautiful city of Montreal at 7:30 am and headed for Chateau Montebello on the Ottawa River. The day was sunny with high clouds and calm.

15: It was a first for Bill and I to have boats raft-up to us in a lock. I discovered it was much harder holding more than our boat.

16: Crew: Phil, Sam, Bill and Cosmo

17: We expected to see more tankers on the Saint Lawrence River. With the oil spill, 18 freighters had gone through the lock the night before.

18: Party Time in the Locks for some of the crew!

19: Best summer ever! Even if the generator went out again!

20: The tranquility of the day was short lived when a storm exploded over head and the winds were whirling around us. Change of plans...we had to put into a little marina called "Hudson Yacht Club". It was tricky getting the LunaSea in, but with the help of other drowned rats on the dock we made it. Bill, Phil, Cosmo and I were soaked and chilled to the bone. Bill and I could not figure out how Cosmo got so wet. We put into Hudson Yacht Club at 2:30 pm and had drinks with the guys that helped us tie up.

21: Sunday, July 18th we got an early start at 7:00 am to head for "Fairmont La Châateau Montebello". It was calm and cool after the storm on Saturday. We stopped for fuel - $1,290. Clouds were building rapidly on the approach to La Chateau Montebello but it cleared and we explored this charming and historic resort. We lunched on the patio.

22: Phil did a great job docking the boat between two boats, it was sure tight! In the morning he had to pull out in those close quarters. Glad I didn't have to do it !

23: The resort Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello and the journey!

24: Monday, July 19th we had a leisurely start at 9:00 am with a little light rain but good visibility cruising to "Hull Marina" in Ontario. After being in so many different marinas and parking the boat in tight spots, while Phil was backing the boat into the slip the wind was blowing and he hit the swim platform . We arrived with a bang at 4:00 pm.

25: Let's Sail Away

26: We all had a blast at Hull Marina in Ottawa! Phil invited Rollie and Nichol from the neighboring boat for cocktails. They live on their boat during the summer and have a condo for the winter months. We had a great visit with them while waiting for Gerry Thauvette. Gerry was coming for a visit, to give us a tour, do some marketing and have dinner. Phil, Bill and I had a wonderful time with Gerry and a great dinner at LaPoint'e in the downtown market.

27: Soaking up the Sun!

28: Tuesday, July 20th We all decided to take the "Tour Lady Dive" to experience more of the city and be able to get off and on the bus through out the city. We got off the bus for the National Aviation Museum, had a wonderful time! Phil discovered an airplane of a back-door relative that flew in the Korean War and Vietnam. Bill found a plane with "THOM" written on the side of the plane and needs to do more research. I don't know anyone that would be in a museum yet! Go figure...

29: Forgot my camera! These pictures were taken with my phone.

30: After a delightful time in the museum we went out to catch our bus. We waited and waited, had we missed it? So, we waited another hour and the bus never came. Phil called the tour company and then Bill called. Finally we found that the bus had broken down. We caught the Greyline tour bus and the driver dropped us off downtown. We were all hungry so we had a wonderful lunch at a outdoor café. After lunch Bill walked over the bridge back to the boat and ran into Rollie and Nichole. They invited us all over for drinks. Phil and I walked to the bus stop and had to wait another hour or more. Big, big mistake!

31: We finally got on the bus and it dropped us 10 miles from the boat. We complained and they gave us half our money back, and agreed to let us hop the next bus (another hour) back to the marina. We were exhausted and found Bill relaxing on the back of Rollie and Nichole's boat drinking, laughing and snacking. We jumped on their boat and joined in the party. They had noticed the night before that I was drinking cosmos, then went out and bought everything for my drink including a beautiful martini glass. I was telling Nichole that I should have gone to get my hair done instead of waisting most of the day. She pops up with, "Let's go to my salon," and away we went. Those two made our day.

32: We had a great time getting me pasted back together while Bill, Rollie and Phil continued the party on the back of their boat. Nichole did a fabulous job on my hair.

33: Wednesday, July 21st Jerry joined the crew around 8:00 a.m. for our journey through thirteen locks and twenty-one bridges. Bill and I were glad to have the extra hands. Bill handles the stern, I handle the bow, Jerry became the bow thruster, and Phil was burning his usual one calorie off being the Captain. Just kidding! He works very hard and does a great job handling the boat. Our destination was "Hurst Marina" in Matotick. The day warmed up and the water stayed calm. The evening brought in a big rain storm.

34: Crew: Phil, Sam, Bill, Gerry and Cosmo

35: Thirteen locks in two and three-quarters of an hour

37: Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill, Gerry & Cosmo

38: In one of the locks we were talking to a guy from another boat. He asked Phil, "How long have you been doing the Loop.?" Phil said two years. The guys responded: I see you only have one wife left. between the three of you... His wife has never stepped on his boat.

39: Lock day on the Rideau Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill, Gerry and Cosmo

40: Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill and Cosmo | Thursday, July 22 Friday, July 23 Hurst Marina, Ottawa We were having problems with the generator again and had to wait for the generator fuel filter to arrive. The crew spent the day doing laundry and cleaning.

41: Gerry and MC came by to say Farewell

43: Saturday, July 24th Left Hurst Marina at 7:15 a.m. for Smith Falls. It was calm and cool with cirrus clouds above. We did not make it far as one engine quit. We limped back to the marina. Phil and Bill were able to fix us up and off we went again at 8:15 am. We stopped for lunch at the Yellow Canoe off of lock 21. | Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill, and Cosmo

44: Traveled through 15 locks on Saturday. After the last lock we spent the night tied up along the dock, next to a park. Had dinner at "Rob Roy" restaurant. The band was firing up but we were all too exhausted to stay and enjoy.

45: Crew: Phil, "Sam" Bill, & Cosmo | We saw thousands of beautiful water Lilies!

46: Sunday, July 25th We left Smith Falls and were waiting at the 1st lock at 8:15 am on our way to Jones Falls. It was a quiet day that was cool with high clouds.

47: Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill and Cosmo

48: Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill and Cosmo | This is the day we started going down in the locks system, which made my life easier. There was always someone to loop the line and hand it back. I didn't have to grab the lock cable with the bow hook, pull the boat in and thread the cable while Bill was getting gassed or thrown off the stern!

49: Gerry and MC came by to say Farewell

50: Crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill and Cosmo | At the last lock before Jones Falls this cruise boat came through the lock. She was designed to have the bow raised so it could fit into the lock. It was something to see! AMAZING!

51: Monday, July 26 Kingston, here we come!

52: Monday, July 26th arrived in Kingston at 1:15 pm on a clear and cool day.

53: Kingston was one of our favorite stops. It is at the mouth of the Rideau Canal with lots of history. Bill took off to score beer and salt. On his successful journey he found a great little pub to have a beer. Phil and I went to find charts and a few other things for the LunaSea. During our quest we discovered a little restaurant tucked into an alley. While we were cooling off, Cosmo had a treat and cold water.

54: Tuesday, July 27th Left Kingston at 8:15 a.m. and traveled to Clayton, "The Islander Marina and Lodge" on a warm and sunny day. We arrived at 11:30 a.m. and had lunch outside on the deck at a wonderful little place called, "Riverside Café'," We had to check in with customs and do some chores. Phil went to the hardware store, Bill did laundry and I went to the market for groceries.

55: Cosmo took a nap!

56: Wednesday,, July 28th in Clayton The crew expanded by two: Phil, "Sam", "Scout" Bill Thom, Bill and Bunny Rowe and Cosmo.

58: . Fueled up before leaving Clayton ($454) to cruise Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands on a sunny and warm morning. It did cool in the afternoon as we traveled back to Kingston and over to Picton, Ontario.

59: . The Thousand Islands on a sunny July 29th day!

61: The crew: Phil, "Sam", Bill "Scout", Bill, Bunny and Cosmo

62: The crew: Phil, "Sam", Scout, Bill, Bunny and Cosmo | Friday, July 30th From Picton we cruised to Trenton, "Fraser Park Marina", and arrived at 2:00 p.m. The marina is downtown so we explored the quaint little town. Bill and Bunny and Scout were having a contest as to who could bring on the most fat and sugar on board. Then it was Tomasso's for food and drink. More food! I may need a cruise ship to get my ass home if they don't stop!

64: Saturday, July 31st We left Trenton at 8:00 a.m. for Mill Park Marina in Campbellford. It was cool and calm with twelve locks to travel through on the Trent Severn. We arrived in Campbellford at 3:45 pm.

65: The crew: Phil, "Sam", Scout, Bill, Bunny and Cosmo

67: A 12 Lock day on the Trent Severn!

69: Hey! I was there, too.

70: In Campbellford we meant a couple with an identical boat. J.C. and Debra Nelson.

71: Sunday, August 1st We left Campbellford at 8:15 am on a calm, sunny but cool day heading for Peterbrough. We never made it as our raw water impeller on the port engine went out. The super guy, J.C., that we met with the same boat came on board and helped Phil and Bill fix the blasted thing in the extreme heat of the engine room. We were all so thankful! How many people would do that? We continued and made it through six more locks that day and arrived in Gores Landing, "Harris Boat Works," at 5:00 p.m.

72: A six lock day.... A Piece of Cake with the extra hands, Bill and Bunny on board.

74: This was the most spectacular lock of them all! It was a ride!

77: Monday, August 2 Left Gores Landing for Young's Point, "Island View Resort", arrived at 4:00 p.m. It was a calm and beautiful day. This was the day we said good bye to the Rowes in Young's Point. They were missed!

78: Tuesday, August 3rd Left Young's Point at noon and arrived in Boyceogon at 4:00 p.m.

79: Wednesday, August 4th Departed at 8:30 a.m. for the lower end of Lake Simco, "Trent Talot Marina" and made it by 6:00 pm. It was a long day and a huge rain storm hit us fast and hard. Bill, Cosmo and I all got drenched.

80: Thursday, August 5th Leaving Trent Talbot Marina at 8:00 a.m. put us into Bridge Port Marina in Orillia at 10:30 a.m. We needed to get in early because the alternator needed to be rebuilt and batteries replaced on this warm and calm day.

81: Friday, August 6th We left at 7:45 a.m. and were on our way to "Rawley's Resort" in Port Severn, but they lost our reservations so we pulled into Port Severn Boat Haven at 11:30 a.m...Cruising was magnificent on this cool and clear day.

82: We cruised past a swing bridge that made more creaks and moans than Phil does when he gets up from a chair.

83: Another exciting lock on this day. Wow! We drove into the lock where there are large straps that cradle the boat and then they place us on a large wooden pallet. Amazing stuff!!!

84: Crew: Phil, "Sam", Scout and Cosmo

86: Saturday, August 7th In Port Severn, Ontario Scout left me alone with the captain on a clear and cool day! I need a drink!

87: The Captain and I cruised to Georgian Bay "Lion's Head Marina" and arrived at 6:30 p.m. just in time to batten down the hatches for a big wind and rain storm along with heavy fog.

88: Sunday, August 8th The fog and rain did not leave us so in we stayed at Lion's Head Marina to provision and clean.

89: Monday, August 9th Left Lion's Head Marina at noon and made it to Killarney, "The Sportsman's Inn" by 6:30 p.m. Early in the day we still had some fog, the air temperature was warm and waters calm. That evening we had a lovely dinner and drinks at the piano bar with JC, Debra, Skip, and Sue. Good time was had by all!

90: Tuesday, August 10th Day one in the North Channel Before leaving Killarney at 11:30 a.m. we filled the tanks with $780 of fuel. The water was a deep beautiful blue and calm. The temperature was cool as we cruised past a number of small islands like Heywood, and Strawberry with the lighthouse. Soon after we went through the swing bridge between Goat Island and Little Current. We on Gore Bay Marina and arrived at 4:00 pm. | Crew Phil, Sam & Cosmo

91: Wednesday, August 11th Left Gore Bay Marina at 8:45 a.m. It was a sunny warm day with calm blue waters. We saw lots of blue before arriving at Drummond Island Yacht Haven "good old, USA" at 2:45. Fueled up for $606 and cleared customs.

92: Thursday, August 12th Headed for Mackinac Island, Michigan on Lake Huron at 9:00 a.m. We cruised through Sturgeon Bay and passed many little islands: Rogg, Little Rogg, Grape, Ashman, and Bald just to name a few. Traveled down DeTour Passage, spotted De Tour Reef and Martin Reef lighthouses and arrived at 3:30 p.m. on this warm and peaceful day.

93: Mackinac Island Friday, August 23th and Saturday, August 24th Walking the streets and waiting for our tour of the island we ran into Dennis Holly. We chatted after we all picked ourselves up from the pavement. He came by and we had drinks on the boat after our horse drawn buggy tour. On the island there are no cars with the exception of emergency vehicles. For two days we walked the streets, dined at the Gate House, had drinks at the Pink Pony, ate at the hotel and walked Cosmo until she dropped. Wonderful time!

94: Mackinac Island

95: Crew: Phil, Sam and Cosmo | Sunday, August 15th Monday, August 16th Time to say goodbye to Mackinac Island and say hello to Beaver Island. We left at 8:00 a.m. on a cold breezy, overcast day; cruised under the Mackinac Bridge through Saint Ignes and arrived on Beaver Island at noon. Saw Beaver Island in the first half hour of our arrival. That night, a huge storm hit and we were stranded for another day and a half.

96: Tuesday, August 27th and Wednesday, August 18th In the morning it was still foggy. We received a call from J.C. and he said things looked good for the crossing on his radar and it would be the only window for several days. We left Beaver Island at 1:30 p.m. and arrived in Charelevoix, Michigan at 4:30 p.m. It was windy with high clouds. We had dinner at "Whitney's" with J.C., Deb and their kids. We had a great evening with lots of laughs. Phil, Cosmo and I enjoyed Wednesday shopping and walking the beautiful little village.

97: Thursday, August 29th We departed Charelevoix at 11:30 a.m. and the water was as clear and beautiful as the waters of the Bahama's. It was warm but cloudy. We arrived in Northport at 5:00 p.m. and were invited to have dinner aboard the "Glass-Sea-Lady" with J.C., Deb, John and Lisa. Yet, another wonderful evening with good friends!

98: Friday, August 20th Northport to Frankfort Left at 8:00 a.m. arrived at 2:00 p.m. Big storm that lasted into the morning hit, it was "head-in-the-bucket day for me and Cosmo! Frankfort is a sweet little town with a charming bakery, boutiques and lots of restaurants. An antique car show was happen along the dock!

99: Saturday, August 21st Crossed Lake Michigan from Frankfort to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Departed at 8:00 a.m. and arrived at 2:00 p.m.. We docked the boat right in the middle of a wedding. That night we had everyone over from the Glass-Sea-Lady for dinner. | Sunday, August 22 ..... Final stop Oconto, Wisconsin. Left Sturgeon Bay at 9:50 a.m., crossed Green Bay and arrived at 11:30 p.m.. Traveled under blue skies, enjoyed a cool breeze and calm waters. The end of our journey for 2010 "Working on the Great Loop." | ENDS

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