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The Circus is not what it Seems

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FC: The Circus is not what it Seems | The story of one woman who experienced animals being abused..and wanted to do something about it..

1: INFORMATIONAl TEXT | Do bears,tigers,elephants, and horses jump through rings of fire, balance on their heads, or ride bicycles because they want to? No. They do these things because they are afraid of the consequences that will come if they don't. Circuses like The Ringling Bros. can easily get away with this day after day since no government agency monitors training sessions. Undercover footage of animal training sessions have shown " Elephants are beaten with bull-hooks and shocked with electric prods, big cats are dragged by heavy chains around their necks and hit with sticks, bears are whacked and prodded with long poles, and chimpanzees are kicked and hit with riding crops." Seventy-five out of one-hundred animals die from this treatment every day. According to www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, the Ringling. Bros are among those who use this treatment.: Baby elephants' spirits are broken while they are still vulnerable babies who are suppose to be with their moms." The lcanimal organization stated "The majority of circus elephants were captured from the wild.These elephants, who walked several miles each day while in their natural habitat, are chained by two legs for about 20 or more hours each day, unable to take a step forward." The PETAorganizatiom said " An unsuspecting parent planning a family trip to the circus doesnt know about the violent training sessions with ropes, bullhooks, and electric prods, just so they can get some entertainment." That sure isn't training through a reward system, as they claim it to be. Now, since people are discovering the horrible truth, growing communities are banning circuses from coming to their town. Is your community one of them?

2: Dear Diary,, Today,, during an animal "training session( more like "torturing" session), the other trainers and I stretched out a baby elephant by tying ropes to each of its legs and pulling them outward until it was screaming and crying at the top of its lungs. Later, when we were teaching an older elephant a new trick, the lead trainer kept jabbing it with a bullhook until it had nasty gashes that were oozing out blood. .. The poor creature had many other scars and barely cried out, it being used to this treatment! I was so angry at the head trainer I wanted to yell out and tell him to stop, but i didn't want to get in trouble . I'm seriously starting to regret joining the training group at the Ringling Brothers Circus! This evening was my turn to turn the lights out in the animal quarters and lock the rest of the animals up. Just before leaving, when everyone else was at the cabin, i had to lock up the big cats- AL L BY MYSELF! but good thing we drug them before handling them, or we'd be dead! since the animals don't get food or water very often, I've started secretly using some leftovers in their cages. I certainly had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this, and I don't think most of the other new trainers did either. I'd better put you away in a safe spot now! It's almost time to hit the haystack! I don't want you to get confiscated! Looks like I'll have to wake up for another day of torture for me, and the animals tomorrow...... --STEPHANIE WERCHESTERSHIRE

3: GUILT There is no point to abuse, it will come of no use, You won't make the animal listen, Nor will you make its skills glisten, All you will do is hurt it, and soon enough kill it, so, why abuse them? It won't pay off when you see the creature breath its last breath, and all you will do is regret it, always carrying with you the smell of its death.

4: INNER MONOLOGUE SHould i quit my job? i'm getting a really good salary..but still..Josh has a well paying job too... and i made a lot of good friends..plus, ever since i came to train the animals, my peers have said they have gotten in better shape..but their condition is still really bad..and it's not like it will get any better after i'm gone..and i hate having to hurt them everyday... i will eventually kill them if i stay..i think i should quit..no..i know i will...and i will do something about this! | Interview with Stephanie (the page next to this one)

5: Host: So, how long had you been training animals before you decided to quit? Stephanie: Well..I think I was only there for a few months..at first I thought it was gonna be great, training animals and all, but i quickly realized that the Ringling Bros. didn't exactly use a good method of doing so.. Host:When you found out the truth, why didn't you do something right away? Stephanie: Well, I guess...I guess I was scared... I didn't want telling people about this to backfire, and the RIngling Bros. sewing me or something.. but then i was like, " Wait a minute.. they can't sew me! I can get evidence! Then what are they gonna say? I'm lying?" Host: I see..so why did you think it was so important to tell people about this? Stephanie:That's a really good question..Because I don't want families taking their kids to the circus to watch animals perform tricks, and not know how they were forced to do them. When they find out, they might just change their mind about taking their kids to the circus. *laughs dryly* Host: Did you care about the animals at all? Stephanie: Of course!That's why I did all this! If it wasn't for the animals, I wouldn't be here. Host: Well, there ya have it! This was an interview with Stephanie Werchestershire, former animal trainer with the Ringling Bros., and also the author of "The Circus is not what it Seems" Thanks for watching.

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