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The Great Outdoors-10,000 Mile Camping Trip

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S: 1972 Camping Trip: 10,000 Miles

BC: 2012

FC: The Great Outdoors | CAMPING 1972: 10,000 Miles of Treasures

1: CAMPING | What a beautiful pony! | "Mom, not another mountain..." --Stacey Silverman 1972!

3: I won $1,000 for the 1st Prize in the Hopwood Contest at the U of Michigan Horace C. Rackham School of Graduate Studies in 1972. Since I was turning 30, I thought it would be exciting to do a cross-country drive with you & get new ideas for poems. So, I bought $80 dollars of groceries for our new, used red VW wagon which was $650 of the Hopwood money; today, it would be like buying$300. A neighbor noted there WERE grocery stores west of Ann Arbor! The Coleman stove, water jugs, and tent were from WalMart as were the 2 red sleeping bags. To save driving expenses, I put a note on the BB of the UM Student Union & found a math student & his BFF who were going to live on a commune in Oregon. So, we had riders. In those days, we did not do background checks! I had had been teaching in the Job Corps program & hired one of my students to live at Forest Hills while we were gone—little did I know Kelly would have 6 puppies & Susie another litter while we were gone. When we got home, the entire townhouse was loaded with fleas as were the animals. Endless flea baths ensured in the tub. Just before Battle Creek, our 2nd sleeping bag blew off the roof. Did I mention I’d NEVER camped before? Finally was able to do a U-turn in an I-94 crossover in time to see another car scoop it up. We were destined to share 1 sleeping bag for 10,000 miles—and you WIGGLE A LOT WHEN YOU DREAM! We camped the first night on a river in an Illinois state park—was able to get the tent up & Coleman working. Was already trying to figure out how to get rid of our passengers. I finally hit on it in South Dakota—they hated all my stops so you could ride a turtle or see a chicken make a basketball. So, I tried to stop at EVERYTHING I saw that was a dumb tourist attraction. They got upset & said they wanted out in Sioux City & would hitchhike to Oregon as they thought it would take me years to get there. Well, yes, with them as passengers. We stopped at the Corn Palace & camped where there was a pool. That night, lightning & rain poured down so we ended up sleeping in the car—the cattle in the neighboring ranch stampeded also. We were able to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum in the Badlands for a taste of the West plus the monument carved in stone to 4 Presidents. Basically, we just stood up through he roof, took a pho, and moved on. Then, driving through Montana was solid golden wheat fields & speeds of 85mph as I recall as roads were deserted. So, I waved goodbye & breathed a huge sigh of relief. Also, they took up space you needed for your coloring books & crayons. Speaking of which, somewhere in Montana you groaned, “NOT ANOTHER MOUNTAIN, MOM. MY CRAYONS ARE ROLLING ALL OVER THE SEAT & IT’S MESSING UP MY COLORING!!!”Yellowstone was a treat as bears were allowed right-of-way at the time. You stood up in our rooftop window & got to see them up close. Because some guy had been attacked when he held a steak up in front of a bear to get a good picture, tent camping was not allowed. So, we rented a large cabin at Yellowstone all to ourselves.

4: We had a great ride along the Columbia River into Portland via Spokane--eastern WA was mostly desert. We stayed with Pete Kapernick who was in medical school there; he took us to the coast to see the flower pot rocks. We stopped at Crater Lake NP in south Oregon; turns out we drove BACKWARDS the entire NP. When we saw the arrows, it was too late. It was deserted, however, except for a few deer. We walked Lassen Volcanic NP & saw the Modoc War site with the famous Captain Jack and all the lava beds there. Then on to San Francisco & Berkeley via US 1 along the Pacific Coast--we did the entire length. We stayed with Leslie Bavor one night; I had planned doing the Pan American Highway into Mexico also but a friend of hers nixed it--said it was plagued by tourist kidnappings & robberies. Big Sur was spectacular; we stopped at the famous Nepenthe perched on a cliff above crashing waves & beach. Campgrounds were full so we camped on a cliff & slept in the car one night. Then on to LA where we did a Hollywood tour at Universal Studios & camped midst LA smog & coyotes howling. Driving to Palm Springs, we discovered it was enveloped in smoke--forest fires were burning on mountains on both sides. So, we stayed in a motel. All this was a result of a year of Santa Ana winds--they were 80mph at the LA beaches when we were there. Driving through the AZ desert, temps were 116; we drove with ice bags on our heads wearing bathing suits. I decided to head north to the Grand Canyon; that night it was in the 50s in our tent.I tried to fit in as many historic petroglyph sites as possible in our Southwest sojourn as I was collecting ideas for future poems. We continued to TX & crossed the border into Mexico. I knew about Montezuma's Revenge, so we didn't eat there. BUT, we had Coke with ICE CUBES. That night we were both violently ill with fever/vomiting. I got a motel was we were so wretched. Next day, we collapsed in a state park where a Ranger found us still very ill; he took us into the HQ and ac & gave up Sprite. Then on to TX--we had chicken fried steak in Van Horn & then got to Houston to see the Roses & Decatur to see your grandparents Parker. It would have been a straight shot back to Ann Arbor, but the car sputtered in Kankakee, IL on an overpass--it had dropped a valve. One tow truck later & one rental car, we finally made it back to Forest Hills, loaded with camping equipment, a Mexican trunk, and lots of film. The pet sitter was overjoyed to see us as was Kelly with her new litter of 6 pups & Susie with her litter of 5+ calico kittens. Welcome home, after 5 weeks of America the Beautiful. --Linda Woodward, November 11, 2012

5: 1972 Slide Log | Slides were scanned at Jeff's Photos & Video in Oregon 1/2012, 40 years later. I got a notice from UPS that there was a delivery exception--train derailment near Billings, MT. The UPS box car had spilled packages onto snow & ice. Five days later, my box arrived in Oregon. What an adventure. See pho right. I used Sony's PMB photoeditor & love it. Slides were discolored and sometimes spotted--it did a superb job of restoration. I was very near-sighted & many phos I took were without glasses so they are out of focus. To manage so many slides, I set up subfolders by state. Then I edited each one & SAVED AS say Y1 for Yellowstone. When loading in Mixbook, all I had to do was select Y1-Y30. It was also a way for me to know what I'd edited from all the file names. I used 347 photos for this book of 377 scanned. | UPS Train Wreck

6: Campground Pool-Cattle Stampede | Good morning--WalMart Pup Tent | Roadside Attractions for Kids | You HAD to Climb on the Turtle!!

7: Ended up sleeping in car during storm | Turtle ride | Ann Arbor to Illinois, Iowa, South & North Dakota

8: Buffalo Bill Museum Cody, WY

9: Rare Indian Artifacts & Beadwork

10: Buffalo Bill Historic Center Cody, WY

11: Open range Cattle

12: Wyoming near Green River Trail Ride

13: I set up bear traps near the Green River--pitched our tent near picnic table and arranged coolers and car all around us. You can't be too careful around bears, especially if you've NEVER camped before...

15: Bears allowed to roam on roads in '72 | Yellowstone National Park & Old Faithful

16: Yellowstone Waterfall

18: Yellowstone Falls | Yellowstone River | Old Faithful | Stacey in Green River, WY

19: Yellowstone National Park

20: Portland Zoo & Coast with Pete Kapernick, a medical student at U of Oregon in 1972 after serving in the Navy

21: Oregon Saw Mills

23: Rogue River, Oregon

24: Sam Hill Bridge to Portland, OR & Columbia River

25: Portland, Oregon

26: Crater Lake National Park, Tule Lake & Lassen National Park on US 1

28: Ancient Petroglyphs

30: Lassen NP & Volcanic Ash

32: Monterrey Pine Near La Jolla, CA

33: We drove US 1 to San Francisco & Berkeley where we stayed with Leslie Bavor, a school counselor & old friend from NU & Decatur. Campgrounds were full so one night we camped on a cliff & slept in the car.

34: Big Sur | Pacific Starfish | Barnacles

36: LA Smog

37: Big Sur US 1

39: Hollywood Movie Sets

41: Disneyland

42: Storm over Wiliams, AZ

43: Palm Springs, CA Forest Fires Joshua Tree National Monument

44: Grand Canyon

47: O beuatiful for spacious skies For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! | America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!

49: Grand Canyon & Dinosaur National Monument

50: Navaho Huts | Gallup, NM

51: Indian Country--Navaho, Zuni & 18 Pueblos

53: Santa Fe & Indian reservation poverty. We saw an old Indian woman walking with a pack on the side of the highway near Santa Domingo Pueblo. It was 116 degrees so I stopped to give her a ride. Turns out she was the Chief's wife & invited us to have lunch in their little pueblo. The Chief took you out to the pony pasture to pick dandelion greens for a lunch salad. She showed me the coral beads that had been in their family for 100 years. I bought them for $600--5 strands of the old cut of coral they used for tribal dances & special occasions.

54: Three Rivers, NM Petroglyphs, Alamogordo, White Sands National Monument

56: Pony Ride in Mexico

57: Mexico, Balmoreah State Park, TX, Houston, Decatur

58: Stacey's First Photos

59: Ended up sleeping in car during storm | Stacey's Photos

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  • Title: The Great Outdoors-10,000 Mile Camping Trip
  • My daughter & I camped for 5 weeks, traveling 10,000 miles across the US in 1972. I was on break from teaching. Had the slides scanned 40 years later & now doing the book. In '72, bears roamed Yellowstone & we saw them at the roadside.
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