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The Great Outdoors

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1: FlaglerCaching | Table of Contents | What is Geocaching?.....1-2 About Me.............................3-4 The idea...............................5 Area of Concern................6 Challenges..........................7-8 Underlying Problem.......9 Solutions..............................10 Presentation........................11-12 Resources.............................13-14 The Draft...............................15-16 Meeting w/ Mr. Nunez....17 Mini Grant............................18 The Website.........................19-20 Letter of Approval.............21-22 Ordering Materials............23-24 Contacting Schools............25-26 Visiting Schools..................27-28 Reflection...............................29

2: What is Geocaching? | Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt where players use GPS enabled devices to search for containers called caches. | Geocaching is a worldwide activity, and there are 1,657,809 active geocaches hiddden across the globe. Once a geocache has been found, players can log that they have found it online and share their adventures and pictures. | 1

3: Above is a picture of the logs that geocachers leave once finding a cache. | Geocaching is an activity for all ages and can lead you to places all over the world. | Geo | Caching | 2

4: About Me | Rebecca Rawls Individual Project | 3

5: My name is Rebecca Rawls and I am in 10th grade in the Pre-IB program at Flagler Palm Coast High School. I have only lived in Flagler County for about two years, but I am already in love with this county. The wide variety of terrain that Flagler offers makes it so beautiful and unique. I have also been geocaching now for about two years with my family. The the left our some of the pictures we have taken along the way. | 2 | 4

6: Part of the reason I chose to take on this project was because of my love for adventure. I discovered geocaching about two years ago and continue to fine caches today. The activity is so unique and i saw that it had potential to impact our county's tourism greatly if it was defined more in Flagler County | The other part of why I chose this project was because of my love for economics.. I recognized that our county has an extensive unemployment rate and knew that if we enhanced the county's tourism opportunities that it would be beneficial | The Idea for My Project | The graph to the right shows Flagler County's unemployment rate (red) compared to Florida's (blue) and the United States (orange). | 5

7: In todays world, a major issue faced is the downfall of the economy. Some parts of the world are struggling severely with the economy and unemployment rate. The local community, of Flagler County, Florida leads the state in the unemployment rate at an astonishing 13.8%, and holds the 20th most stressed county economy in the nation. Flagler County used to top the lists in the fastest growing county, but the new lists it tops is not one that gives our community justice. "This is one of the hardest areas to find a job,"- Flagler county resident, Wanda Matheny. Depending on the place, the cause of the excessive unemployment rate may differ. In Flagler County, the leading cause was the county's housing boom. Flagler was dependent on this housing boom, as it caused the county to grow rapidly, becoming Florida's fastest growing county. To its avail, with every boom there is a bang, and speculation caused the market to crash dragging our economy with it. "We had all our eggs in one big basket and a lot of that basket had to do with speculation and the bottom fell out." -Palm Coast Mayor, Jon Netts | Area of Concern | The struggling economy has negative effects on everyone living in the community. Adults are struggling to find jobs to provide for their families, and Flagler County is painted with foreclosure signs of our local businesses. County administrators have tried to revamp our opportunities available with little success. Locals are becoming frustrated with this endless pit and are demanding improvement. “For the labor market to fully stabilize, we need to see the labor force growing, the number of payroll jobs growing and the unemployment rate going down,” - Economist Sean Snaith While researching Flagler County's unemployment rate, I discovered some necessary facts upon which to base my project. According to, leisure and tourism usually bring in the most jobs for our county. Flagler has so many opportunities available that are not being focused on, especially Flagler’s trail system. Flagler has an astonishing trail system that goes throughout the county adding up to more than one hundred miles, offering many activities such as biking, walking, and geocaching. Geocaching could really define Flagler County, bring in tourism, and eventually lead to more jobs due to the money that tourism brings to a community. | 6

8: Challenges Identified | 1) Due to unemployment rate of Flagler County, many locals may leave our county, which would have a devastating impact on our schools and businesses. 2)Due to the lack of available jobs In Flagler County, some individuals many find it difficult to obtain a stable income to provide for their families. 3)Because of the struggling economy of Flagler County, local businesses may fall under the pressure and have trouble keeping their business open. 4)Because Flagler County holds the 20th most stressed county economy in the nation, tourists may be discouraged by these statistics to visit our county. 5)Because some locals are struggling to bring in a reasonable income to provide for their families, Flagler County’s homeless rate may increase. | 7

9: 6) Because Flagler County's trail system is not well known, the county may not be using all of its tourism potential. 7)Because the economy of Flagler County is less than satisfactory, local businesses may be forced to fire individuals, which would increase the unemployment rate even more. 8)Due to the downfall of the Flagler County housing market, the recent appraised value of an individual’s home may be lower than what they originally paid for it, putting the individual in a financial crisis. 9)Because of the struggling economy of Flagler County, the excessive unemployment rate of our county may not show improvement. 10) Because geocaching is such an interesting activity, but is not well known, Flagler County may not be using all of its tourism potential. | 8

10: Our local community of Flagler County, Florida is struggling with the economy and unemployment rate, and according to, leisure and tourism usually bring in the most jobs for our county. Flagler has so many opportunities available especially the undiscovered pastime of geocaching. Since geocaching is such an interesting activity combining electronics with the outdoors but is not well known in our county, how might I enhance Flagler County's geocaching so that it reaches a better tourism potential in the year 2011 and beyond? | The Underlying Problem | 9

11: Solutions | 10 | 1) I will team up with the Flagler County tourism committee to create an online interactive website that displays all of the caches in our community. 2) I will contact experienced geocachers to create a new series of caches for Flagler County, which will be updated every four months. 3) I will team up with the county manager and the Flagler County tourism committee to create a geocaching policy which will contain series of caches, rewards, GPS rentals, etc. 4) I will hold a neighborhood geocache informative lunch with local experienced geocachers to explain to public what it is, and go on geocache expedition together. 5) I will team up with Flagler County’s Chamber of Commerce to set up a “Geocache Central” where the public would be able receive information on geocaching. 6) I will contact local businesses to see if they would donate a shirt or some sort of advertisement for their business as a geocache reward for people who complete the geocaching series. 7) I will team up with the tourism community of Flagler County to create a countywide geocaching day, where citizens and visitors of Flagler County will come together in a geocaching competition through out the trails of Flagler County. 8) I will contact the school board of Flagler County, and have the children design geocache containers and go on a field trip to hide them.

12: Creating a Presentation | 11

13: I created a presentation to display to anyone inquiring about geocaching that would explain what it is | The first question I usually receive when I tell people about my project is "What is geocaching?" So.... | 12

14: Gaining Resources | To the left are screen shots of local experienced geocachers who agreed to review my draft of the program. Each one offered useful suggestions for the draft that helped me form the final writeup of the program. Getting input from actual geocachers and also geocaching associations allowed me get a glimpse at how previous geocachers would respond to such a program. I then took those responses and kept them in mind when revising the draft so the program would appeal to both experienced geocachers and new ones. | Peter O. Johnson | Warren and Marie | Dale Swinehart- Space Coast Geocaching Association | Bob Moore- Geocache Reviewer | 13

15: Having a set of reliable parters or resources is a vital factor for the success of my project. Mr. Craig Coffey is the Flagler County's administrator. Mr. Coffey was very helpful in informing me the steps I needed to take to get my project approved by the county. He also later on signed my letter of approval. Greg Rawls, my father, is the Director of Economic Development for Flagler County. His experience with economics and Flagler County helped me get a better understanding oFlagler County's unemployment predicament. Jose Nunez works for Flagler County's school board and also Whitney Labs. Mr. Nunez met with me to discuss the future opportunities for Flagler Caching and he also offered me to use the GPS devices at Whitney Labs once the program is fully implemented. | Craig Coffey | Greg Rawls | Jose Nunez (Left) | 14

16: Placement of Caches | Costs | Critter Program | The Draft | Steps to Successful Program | Critter Program | My draft is derived from not only myself but from suggestions from local cachers and geocaching organizations | - | 15

17: Materials | Forming the draft of the program was the most important part of my project and one of the most time consuming parts of my project. I had to continuously edit it with all of the suggestions that I received | Explorer Program | Flagler and Geocaching | - | The Draft | 16

18: Meeting with Jose Nunez | I met with Mr. Nunez to discuss the future opportunites for my program FlaglerCaching. Mr. Nunez also offered to let me use GPS devices from Whitney Labs once the program was fully implemented. Mr. Nunez gave me a mini grant to fill out to pay for the cost of my scrapbook. | 17

19: The Mini Grant | Congratulatory Letter | Grant Criteria | I sent in the mini service-learning grant for my scrapbook to Mr. Nunez and was approved | 18

20: I created an exemplary website that would provide an example as to what the website that is run by the county could look like. Once a fully supported program is implemented it could become a web-page off of the county's website | The Website | 19

21: The website would include section where participants in the program could share their FlaglerCaching adventures | The Website | It would also include a section informing you on how Flagler County would benefit from this program | 20

22: The Letter of Approval | 21

23: The Letter of Approval | After many weeks of waiting, I finally received an email from Mr. Craig Coffey confirming that my program, FlaglerCaching has been accepted by the county as a pilot program that may develop into a fully supported county program in the upcoming months. Receiving this letter was such an amazing moment, because it now allows me to start actually implementing the pilot program. This letter is a huge accomplishment that I am extremely proud of. | 22

24: Travel Bugs | Geocache Container | Travel Bug | Geocache Container | Ordering Materials | 23

25: Materials for the Pilot Program | Once I received the letter of approval from Mr. Craig Coffey, I ordered some of the start up materials for the FlaglerCaching pilot program. The materials were ordered from the official geocaching website at and also from the local Space Coast Geocaching Association. Five travel bugs and two geocaching containers were ordered. | Travel bugs are basically dog tags that have a unique tracking code that allow you to track the tag as it moves from cache to cache all over the world collecting photos and stories! They also allow you to set a mission for your travel bug. For example: Travel to Mexico. | The geocaching containers that were purchased are preminium ammo cans which are perfect for geocaching. These containers keep out the weather and allow you to store many trinkets inside of them. | Travel Bugs | Containers | 24

26: Contacting Schools | The next step after I ordered some of the materials was to start contacting the schools of Flagler County. My goal was to have each school in Flagler County create a travel bug that they could track as it progressed. This would start to create buzz about FlaglerCaching. | Indian Trails Middle School | Indian Trails Middle School | Wadsworth Elementary School | Belle Terre Elementary School | 25

27: Old Kinds Elementary School | Bunnell Elementary School | Buddy Taylor Middle School | Every elementary school and middle school that I contacted responded to me and were willing to participate. I then let the participating classes choose whether it was more convenient for them to create it electronically or if they had time to lend to me so I could give a presentation in their classroom. | 26

28: Visiting Schools | The first school I visited was Belle Terre Elementary School. I visited Mrs. Fajardo's sixth grade math class. A majority of the students I presented to were also in Future Problem Solving. I presented my project to them and explained that their class would represent their school by creating this travel bug. | 27

29: Belle Terre Elementary School | 28

30: Overall, I am extremely proud of all that I have accomplished with my project, FlaglerCaching. This was the perfect project for my interests and I feel my love for the project was evident in what I produced. I believe that I have created a successful program that will enhance Flagler County’s geocaching once fully implemented, and will also prove to be beneficial to the unemployment rate through the factor of leisure and tourism.Not only does my program show potential for increasing the creation of jobs in our county, but the program was designed in a manner that is healthy and enjoyable to participants. My next objective is to fully implement the pilot program and prove the county how successful FlaglerCaching can be. I hope that my effort into creating this project will influence other counties struggling with their unemployment rate to create a similar program in their county. | Reflection | 29

31: Updates

32: The Travel Bugs | The travel bugs for Belle Terre Elementary school and Old Kings Elementary school were finished and laminated to prevent weather from ruining the travel bugs once planted

34: The Arbor Day Festival | To start increasing the publicity of my project, I attended the Arbor Day Festival to display my project. ~~~ The festival had a great turn out and I was glad I took the opportunity to present my project.

35: Photos

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