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The Great Outdoors

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The Great Outdoors - Page Text Content

BC: The End

FC: First Americans | By: Jacob Steinhardt and Erik Ohman

1: Paleo Indians | Jacob Steinhardt

2: The Paleo Indians hunted the bigger animals of the time like the mammoth, mastodon, saber tooth tiger, and a lot of caribou. | sabertooth | mammoth | buffalo

3: The Paleo Indians used scrapers used to scrape the fat of the hind of the animals. They also used spears to hunt and kill the bigger animals that they hunted.

4: The Paleo Indians had a lot of weapons but to the Paleo Indians the spears were the most used weapon in their time period. Mostly because the Paleo Indians hunted really big animals and the spear was the biggest weapon during their time.

6: The Paleo Indians used the deer hides and sticks to build shelters.

7: The Paleo Indians used the deer hides and sticks to build shelters.

8: The Paleo Indians came from Asia.

9: They moved to the Americas.

10: They got there by crossing the Beringia Bridge in between Asia and the Americas.

11: The Paleo Indians moved because the bigger animals that they hunted migrated to the Americas to find new grazing land and new shelters for them.

12: The Paleo Indians came around 27,000 B.C.E.

13: Water was a big resource to the Paleo indians they couldn't live without it that is why most of them traveled following water.

14: Scientists have been researching and they found out that the Paleo Indians were able to draw different drawings showing probably what would be to communicate with each other.

15: Mississippian Native Americans By: Erik Ohman

16: These are some examples of the Mississippian Native American's clothing. The Mississippians wore animal hide and plant fibers.

17: erik | The Mississippian's houses usually had a pit for food, a thatch roof, a [pole frame with platforms for sleeping, and sometimes a fireplace.

18: Archaeologists have found artifacts of pottery made by the Mississippians. The pottery the Mississippians made was made from local clay deposits. These pots would be painted and could be shaped as humans, animals, and mythical creatures. This pottery were used as drinking and eating utensils.

19: The Mississippians had new and better arrow heads and bows. These were their favorite weapon in which they used to kill humans and animals. Bows were used to hunt faster animals (deer) because they could hunt them from a longer distance away. The Mississippians lived between l,000- l,300 A.D. so they didn't have sharp metals for weapons yet.

20: squash | Maize | Beans | The Mississippians weren't hunters/gatherers, they were farmers. The Mississippians grew mostly Maize (corn), squash, and occasionally beans. This led to lots of tooth decay. Many people also died because eating a lot of corn doesn't give you some of the nutrients you need.

21: To make hoes the Mississippians used mollusk shells, rocks, or even the shoulder blade of a deer. Other tools they used are hand powered drills, scrapers, and Celts. Scrapers were used to scrape of the meat from an animals hide. The eating utensils were made out of animal bone and stone.

22: The Mississippians had no writing system and didn't make any pictographs or petroglyphs. They did have painted pictures of winged warriors, spiders, and feathered creatures though.

23: The Mississippians were mound builders and temple mound builders. who built two types of mounds. The mounds are (from left to right) Effigy and Temple mound. They built these mounds as burial grounds for the most important people in the village that have died. Also on top of the temple mounds were houses for the leaders of the village. They didn't make conical mounds or geometric mounds.

24: The Mississippians lived along a river (the Mississippi river) which gave them an aboundant source for animals that they hunted. They hunted beavers, turkeys, rabbits, deer, racoon, and other waterfowl. They also fished.

26: The Mississippians traded with tribes as far south as the Gulf of Mexico and all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. They sometimes traded cups, high quality stones, hoes, beads, and beaver pelts for maybe sea shells or other foreign goods.

27: Geometric: Adena and Hopewell | Conical: Adena and Hopewell | Temple: MIssissippian | Effigy: Mississippian

28: Time line Paleo-indians- l3,000 B.C. to l,000 B.C. Anazazi- l,200 B.C. to l,300 A.D. Adena- l,000 B.C. to l00 A.D. Hopewell- 200 B.C. to 500 A.D. Mississippian- l,000 A.D. to l,600 A.D.

29: What a beautiful view!

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