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The Great Outdoors

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FC: Pesticide Use Affecting the Environment | Pesticides effecting: Air Water Soil Plant life Animal life

1: What is Pesticide Use? | Pesticides are used to prevent and destroy any pests from another thing. Pesticides are used all over the world For example when people put on bug spray. It is meant to repel any pests that might come and bite you

2: Even with all the risks that pesticides propose the government still allows them and we are still developing more poisons. Some of these toxics could even kill animals and people if eaten. This is the big problem within pesticides : they propose too many dangers, yet they are still allowed. | This has a huge impact on the environment. The main problem is that people don't care that when they use pesticides they hurt the environment and maybe even the health of the consumers.

3: Different pesticides work in different ways. | How does it work?\ | An example is a bait. Bait is usually sold ready to use. You mix the bait into the food of the pest you want to catch. This works for large animals too. Bait will kill pests after they digest it. | Another type is herbicides. They suppress the spread of a weed. For example glyphosate is used to stop spread of weeds in gardens. | Last example ill give is genetically modified organisms. This is when crops are modified to make them resistant to pests, diseases and more tolerant to other things that might affect it.

4: Another type of common type of pesticide is bug spray. Bug spray is like poison that kills the bugs. Its nit harmful to humans but that doesn't mean you should consume it either | Examples | These pesticides are very dangerous when consumed. | For example Bactericides. These prevent the spreading of bacteria like chlorine. It works by not letting the bacteria multiply. It also helps break it down a little so our immune system can do the rest

5: Short term effects of pesticides | Right away pesticides affect the environment by directly or indirectly destroying/repelling/ and preventing pests from touching a plant place or thing. They also keep pests from destroying plants. They also chemically modify plants and change them from how they would naturally grow. It makes plants develop more with an better quality.

6: How Long term effects of pesticides Happen | There are many bad effects that pesticides have on people, animals and the environment | First pesticides can effect the environment by hurting the air quality. They contribute to pollution. They can also be carried by winds to spread the pollution to many areas. This could also possible effect wildlife. When pesticide sprays evaporate into the air there is more of a chance of raise of temperatures. For this reason it is safer not to use sprays because some of it gets put into our air.

7: Pesticides can get into our and animals water in multiples ways. It could be runoff from fields, golf courses or homes that carried the pesticides to laves and rivers. Rain and snow can also carry the pesticides. This only happens because people are not careful, and by that they end up hurting themselves. This is bad because pesticides are toxic to humans and if we drink the contaminated water we could have serious reactions. *Look for list of them at the end of this section It is hard to get rid of the pesticides once they are in the water.

8: Many pesticides impact the soil for decades. Using pesticides lowers the overall quality of the soil. In result pesticides transfer straight into our food.

9: Fatigue, Skin Irritations, Nausea, Vomiting, Breathing Problems, Brain Disorders, Blood Disorders, Liver & Kidney Damage, Reproductive Damage, Cancer, Death | List of all Effects Pesticides Have on Humans | Effects that it might have on babies: Fetuses, may suffer get hurt and have behavioral problems, growth issues lower birth weight 70% increase chance for Parkinson's disease, even with low amount of exposure

10: Mild Poisoning irritation of the nose, throat, eyes or skin headache dizziness loss of appetite thirst nausea diarrhea sweating restlessness nervousness changes in mood insomnia | Moderate Poisoning vomiting excessive salivation coughing feeling of constriction in throat and chest abdominal cramps blurring of vision rapid pulse excessive perspiration profound weakness trembling mental confusion | Severe Poisoning inability to breathe small or pinpoint pupils chemical burns on the skin increased rate of breathing loss of reflexes uncontrollable muscular twitching unconsciousness death

11: Pictures of the Possible Effects on Humans

12: Pesticides affecting Wildlife | Birds might think that the pesticides are food because they often come in pellets. Many have died because of this. Estimated 72 million just in the USA.. 166 species are now threatened too. Herbicides affect their main food supply, and even if they don't die from that, their babies will be affected. | Pesticides are very toxic to fish so when run off goes into the water many die. Some things that might happen to the fish are : | Kills animals that it wasn't meant to if they consume it. Also travels up the food chain when predators eat animals that already consumed the pesticides. | Weight Loss Low Diseases Resistance Reduced Egg Production Loss of Attention Low Predator Avoidance

14: Pesticides can be used in a safe way if you read the label and learn which plants you should use it on, what it will do, how to apply it, take precautions and properly store it. Yet even with all this there is too much of an risk. In my opinion i think that pesticides are not work it. | How safe are pesticides? | You could be harming many different things including yourself and you wouldn't notice until it was too late. Also you wouldn't always recognize the effects you are having. Before this happens why just not stop use of pesticides now? Until there is some change in pesticides, people shouldn't use them.

15: Concerns with disposing | Pesticides can be easily disposed of you could: Pass them on to a neighbor if you have more Go to your local waste center and drop it off there If pesticide still in the container must be properly washed and then recycled CONCERN People pouring the left over pesticide away anywhere. Municipal water systems cant handle it.

16: About 6 babies have been born without any eyes. Mothers have to see this saddening scene before them everyday. A concerned mother had gone to the doctor multiple times to figure out why this happened. At the end the only plausible reason was that the mothers had been exposed to pesticides when pregnant. all mothers live near farms and could have breathed/consumed pesticides leading to birth defects. | Without Eyes

17: Pesticides are widely used and they need to be used in safer ways because they have disaster effects to the environment, wildlife and humans.

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