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The Great Outdoors (Copy)

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S: AmeriCorps NCCC Volume 2

BC: Teri Jacobs Sun Four AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region Class 17 2010-2011 Volume 2

FC: My AmeriYear | Class 17 | Volume 2

2: At Home at 2 Mile Ranch | Cooking... | ...Cleaning | We had to wear dust masks when sweeping so we didn't inhale the ‘Hantavirus’, a potentially fatal disease that infects humans through rodent waste products... | Amanda and I made cornbread in the Dutch oven.. | Cody and Elise doing laundry | Showing off just some of the food that GCT provided for us.

3: ...Relaxing | Sleeping... | Personal Hygiene... | The bathroom | The closet and dressing room | on the porch | outside | inside | in hammocks | Shower" | 'Supermoon,' above, on March 19, 2011. The full moon was closest to the Earth during its orbit, making it abnormally large. | "

4: Cody teaches us how to use the 'groover'. An ammunition box that became the bathroom while we lived in the backcountry.

5: SHANGHAI | The Ten Round game that Scott taught Shuffle Sun 1. We quickly became obsessed and played Shanghai most nights while we were living far away from civilization in Arizona. | RUMMY

6: An Egg Hunt for Easter... | The youngest member of Shuffle Sun 1 was Scott so he had the honor of reading the Passover Story | I sat at the head of the table and lead our Seder with David's assistance, the other Jew on the team

7: ...And a Seder for Passover | The Seder Plate: A modified Seder Plate to accommodate the situation. We even had a bone on the Seder Plate that I found lying on the ground outside. I wrapped it up in plastic wrap to be safe. | Everyone loved wearing the duct tape kippah's that I made | Dipping fingers in grape juice as we recited the ten plagues | Looking for the Afikomen that David hid... | Jake found it under the rock step!

8: Me and 'Mamma,' one of rapper DMX's dog's who was a part of his dog fighting ring | ISP

9: Molly and I loved our puppy 'Liam' who we worked with in Puppy Socialization Class

10: To protect the endangered species, Brady Pincushion Cactus | Brady Pincushion Cactus | The view of Marble Canyon at the end of the road | Collecting rocks to bring back | Digging the rocks in to the road to stabilize them | Lining the Road with Rocks

11: CALIFORNIA CONDOR | Chris Parish of the Peregrine Fund met us at the Condor Release Site and taught us all about this enormous scavenger that is no longer on the endangered species list (due to their work reintroducing the species). | Service Learning

12: Baseball | Broken tool handle and duct tape ball baseball | Stretch Circle and Fit Deck | PT With Shuffle Sun 1

13: Bocce Ball | Four Square | Frisbee

14: Closing Roads on the | Paria Plateau | Nick 're-vegging' | Molly collecting cactus to replant on the old road | Raking the road to try and hide the tire marks | Attempting to navigate with a GPS and map | To close roads we built large natural barriers, with down trees and rocks, to block cars from accessing the road. Then, we would 'naturalize' the road to make it blend in with the landscape.

15: Archaeologist for the BLM, Diana Hawks, teaches us about the Native American history here on the Arizona Strip | Diana took us to an Ancestral Pueblo Site that was inhabited first by Paiute people dating back to around 1150 AD. Hopi and Paleo people also took turns living on this site. | The age of a petroglyph is determined by its patination. The darker the carving is the older it is. | SERVICE LEARNING

16: Buckskin | Hiked into the slot canyons of Buckskin Gulch, one of the main tributaries to the Paria River. | Cody and Steven show off the narrow canyon

17: Gulch Hike | Amanda, Me, Cody, Steven, Molly and Elise conquered the ten mile hike together

18: The Jacobs Family Reunites | Flagstaff, Arizona


20: Sunset over The Grand Canyon


24: Bryce Canyon at Sunrise

26: Jacobs Family in the Vermilion Cliffs | Hiking the newly constructed Maze trail...

27: On the Navajo Bridge looking at California Condor's up close

28: Last couple nights in Arizona spent with Emily at Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River | Cody, Amanda, Me and Molly take a freezing | cold dip in the Colorado River

29: Shuffle Sun 1, Emily Thompson and a woman from the BLM, watching our video de-brief put together by Amanda and Molly, and the slide show I made about our time with the GCT | Shuffle Sun One shows off our new GCT shirts from Emily and our new BLM hats from _______ | and our new BLM hats | Our set up at the Lee's Ferry Campsite

30: Scarlet Globemallow | Desert Short Horned Lizard | Pale Evening-Primrose | Barrel Cactus | Wallflower | Rimrock Milkvetch | Jerusalem Cricket | Shaggy Milkvetch | Black Widow Spider | Brewer's Bittercress | Prickly Pear Cacti | Welsh's Phacelia | Prince's Plume | Cisco Woodyaster | Northern Sagebrush Lizard | Globemallow | Woolly Locoweed

32: Great Sand Dunes National Park

33: In Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona at the same time! | Arizona | Utah | Colorado | New Mexico

35: “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller | Shuffle Sun One before our final dinner together, back in Denver | Kicking off Transition Week

36: Arcades | Black Bart's Cave | Claire, Jake, Molly, Me, Mary and Chris pose in Black Bart's Cave

37: CELEBRATING MY 25TH BIRTHDAY AT | Casa Bonita | Mariachi Band | Chris Tri, Stephen, Jake, Ken Mullins, Jeremy and Mary English at dinner | Flowers that now X-boyfriend, Tyler, sent me | Dan leads the line to pick up his food | With the tickets we all won in the arcade, I was able to get the awesome dancing JAZZMAN | Cliff Divers

38: Hiking at Red Rocks Amphitheater | Claire and her twin brother Brendan, who came to visit

39: DISPATCH | At Red Rocks Amphitheater

40: During the Rain Delay | Mike McFadden and Scott Busby

41: Jake Buller, Me and Stephen | Ex Yankee, Jason Giambi | Claire, Me and Kate

42: The new Sun Four Top row: Clinton, Scott, David, TL TK, Precious; Middle row: Margaret Wellik, Amanda Smith, Ana, Me; Bottom row: Joshawna Hawkins

43: PARTNERS BEER GOLF PUB CRAWL | Me and Jeremy as Sandy and Danny from the movie Grease | Ken and Courtney as Forrest Gump and Jenny | Jake Buller and Claire dressed up as Kerri Streug and her coach, Bela Karolyi

44: Round 4 | May 23, 2011 - July 21, 2011 | And | Marycrest Assisted Living Denver, CO | Disaster Relief Joplin, Missouri

45: Getting Oriented at Marycrest Assisted Living

46: Harmony | For the disabled under sixty years | Debbie | Carissa | Amy | Bill | At the start of Round Four, Sun One looked very different from the original Sun One. Because of disasters that happened during Third Round, the team that Mary, Jade and Na were on, never un-shuffled and stayed on disaster, missing Transition Week. Sun One acquired three new corps members from Mary, Jade and Na's shuffle round team leader. Sun One got Amanda, Margaret, and Joshawna. We also got a corps member from the Water Unit, named Shira Williams. | Julie and David

47: Serenity | For disabled seniors | Erminia | Bud | David with Mary in her room | Shira, John and David going on a walk

48: Playing Games with the Residents | Carissa and David play Chess | Tim teaches Scott to play Chinese Checkers

49: Helping Sister Sen prepare for the Marycrest Convent Garage Sale

50: Serving Residents in Serenity | Ana Serving a Meal | Forest, Paul and two-day Sun Four member, Stephanie eating | TK and dining staff Berta preparing plates | Amanda doing dishes

51: Manicures for the Residents | Clinton Chris and David enjoyed painting each others nails | I paint resident Mary's nails


53: Maintenance with Bob | Scott and I worked in the Serenity courtyard together

54: May 22, 2011: Joplin, Missouri is struck with a devastating EF5 multiple-vortex tornado. It tares through six miles of a highly residential area and reaches a maximum width of one mile. It is the deadliest U.S. tornado since 1947 | because, "We are going to Joplin, Missouri tomorrow." | June 8, 2011: TK tells Sun Four to pack our things

55: June 10, 2011: Sun Four arrives in Joplin, MO | After getting to Joplin late in the afternoon, we go for a drive through the affected area just as the sun is beginning to set. St. Johns Hospital, above, was hit especially hard. We stop for a moment at the top of a hill and there are only bare tree trunks and ruins from houses that no longer exist, as far as the eye can see see.

56: My first day in Joplin, working a full 12-hours out in the field with the Bravo Division, leading volunteers clearing debris off this property | Bravo Division Squad Leaders: Rose, Me, Andrea, Martez, Keegan, Justine, Joy, Clinton, Matt and John | Iowa CC Matt shows us on the map we will be working before volunteers arrive | Darryl Strawberry Baseball Card I found in the debris

57: Middle School Music Room/Bedroom for Sun Four, Fire One (Tim's team) and Fire Seven (Danny's team) | Carl Junction Junior High School

58: Bedroom for Sun 4, Fire and Fire | Carl Junction Junior High School

59: Using hands, shovels, wheelbarrows and any useful tools found on the property | We pick up debris, separate it and put it in the correct pile, next to the curb. Starting out with large objects, we move one piece at a time. | When all the individual pieces of debris are on the curb, we rake up the final layer of debris which consists of torn up plastic roofing pieces and leaves. | Finally, the Army Corps of Engineers comes around and picks up the piles and brings them to the landfills | Vegetative debris | Construction debris

60: 2129 Grand Street before the tornado hit | The home owner's granddaughter was at the house when we were there with volunteers and asked me to tell the volunteers to look for a white jewelry box, any pictures, and a brown teddy bear wearing a maroon outfit. Her brother gave her the bear just before he passed away. Midway through the day, one of the volunteers found the teddy bear and we were able to return it to her! | The granddaughter of the homeowner, Frances Peterson, had been living with her grandfather and taking care of him for the past five years. When the tornado siren sounded, Frances and grandfather were in the living room and because of grandfather's immobility, were not able to get to the basement. Frances grabbed the mattress from the bed that was in the living room and threw it on top of her and her grandfather. When the tornado hit, the entire roof collapsed on top of them. The mattress saved both of their lives. After Frances was sure the storm was over, she was able to climb out of the ruble and look for help to get her grandfather out. She found six people who worked for two hours to uncover her grandfather. Thanks to Frances, he was saved.

61: Shoal Falls | Refuge we enjoyed on our day off

62: When AmeriCorps Members and our volunteers arrive in the morning | After all the debris is in piles on the street and you can finally see the lawn | Our work is finished on the property and we can move on to the next house.

63: The Kansas City Chiefs brought four bus loads of players, cheerleaders and staff to volunteer in Joplin. | Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Matt Cassel with Aliesha and I after working in the field

64: Animal Adoption Weekend at the Joplin Humane Society | After the tornado displaced hundreds of animals, the Humane Society took them all in. Many of the pet owners claimed their animals but over 600 cats and dogs were left unclaimed and were put up for adoption. After the two day adoption event, every single animal was adopted.! | The huge line of people waiting to adopt pets.

65: After getting to Duquesne, were 'Charlie' worked, there was no directions from the division leader and we were told to start working and volunteers would eventually get to the site. | Police, fire, and all local emergency units showed up to rescue the boy (who was conscious and in constant contact). Everyone watched as they set up a rescue tripod. As this was going on, a huge bolt of lightening flashed across the sky, right behind the rescue tripod. AmeriCorps policy is once lightening is spotted, all volunteers need to stop working and find shelter. The chaos of 'Charlie' continued! Luckily the lightening passed quickly and all volunteers were able to remain in the buses and cars until they could begin working again. | The Senator went to the Delta Unit instead. | After spending our first four days in the 'Bravo' Division, Dan and I were sent to the 'Charlie' Division so that the visiting senator would see AmeriCorps people from all the different AmeriCorps programs | When volunteers arrived they scattered around the large field of debris. Among the volunteers was a family of nice guys from Maryland, I called Dan over to introduce them and sure enough, the dad, Brad, worked with Dan's father at the same prison! | After a couple hours of working, green AmeriCorps shirts bolted past me. Something had happened on the other side of the field. A sixteen year old boy fell into a well! The boy and his friend were picking up a wood plank off the ground and started to walk towards the building materials pile. As the boy took his first steps, he fell thirty feet into a well that was hidden underneath the wood board him and his friend had picked up.



68: It was a good day of work, It was a hard day of work Waking up at six in the morning, wrists exploding in pain feet throbbing laying down, back is making me strain popping Aleve, standing up is the first challenge of the nameless day Steel toes can wait to see the sky As a low sun lights a speechless drive to lions den Instruments necessary to compose are passed from hand to hand while blue boxes filled with cold water are loaded into the vans The energy begins during the wait,the anticipation of leading an army of palms of progress Waiting to see how much hard work good people can accomplish the expectation of giving relief to a temporarily injured life Working alongside the human spirit through all the strife the butterflies settle in Delta heads out driving through a shattered landscape shaded by metal leaves hulking statue's of the earths power makes one disbelieve that this is real teams are chosen and headache boxes are passed out The butterflies are about to escape making me want to shout The first shuttle enters with hero's from across the nation Showing their hard work, love and dedication... It is going to be hot, watch for nails, drink lots of water, take breaks and thank you, Thank you, your work is what makes a difference Back on the bus with coordinates to the drop zone, Arriving, stepping on the street looking at a spilled over home I am asked the same questions everyday, where do we begin? Snap, Mask on, holding my grin. The same way we start everyday, by moving the rubble from the yard to the curb. The work is done over the course of the day or in a Caterpillar minute The heat picks up and the sweat starts dripping the humidity is rising and the water is disappearing As the index grows red crossed vehicles come to the rescue The community giving to the volunteers; want a Gatorade, will that be red or blue?... Wheelbarrows full of previous lives are pushed passed It is the first time I can see the grass

69: Vultures circling homes in search of twisted cash Making a dash to get to the gifted scrap The sun reaches triple digits as lunch is on its way. I am taking a seat for the first time today, working till white lines cover my clothes and I am depleted I know I have to learn to take more breaks,but it is hard when you see the faces homeowners make when they see the work is completed... The heat makes hungry eyes grow tired as work stumbles from exhaustion Walls move slower as sledgehammers lean on a foundation The last shuttle comes and the homes are less of a wreck Coming back with itchy forearms, and a hot neck Unloading the tools and heading home while the sun is lowering, A cold shower rinses away the sting It was a good day of work, It was a hard day of work Another dateless day the same routine It was a good day of work, It was a hard day of work It was a good day of work to feel like a patriot saving torn liberty trampled by debris Finding wire to hang on a pole for my dear friend to be free The pride I feel when I step back to look with old glory waving in the breeze It makes me proud to live in a country that has a big heart for its communities It was a good day of work It was a hard day of work witnessing defeat Helping move furniture from a damaged home while a colorless face watched like a drone A families acquainted past was about to disappear She was fighting back tears The reality of the situation was just too much it's ok ma'am take your time we can slow down we aren't in a rush It was a hard day of work It was a good day of work listening to miracles hearing stories that defy belief Of a kid being blown away like a leaf Of people running through a no longer walled mart | Of people ducking in their car waiting for the pain to start Of people holding on to a doorknob shaking violently All of them accepting their mortality, But somehow are talking to me It was a good day of work It was a hard day of work listening to tragedies Of a mother surviving by the death of her son Of a man covering his wife so she can live on Of rescuers and children pulling bodies from the debris Of homeowners crying why couldn't it be me Of a father holding on to this son till his muscles tore from his bones The story tellers all lost more than their homes It was a hard day of work It was a good day of work returning memories Between the shovels finding cherished diaries Waiting after work to see if the owners arrives I am not leaving this diamond ring under the sky once in awhile when the moon is blue A homeowner will give a hug and a thank you It was a good day of work It was a hard day of work It was a hard day of work living what was lost Working with a homeowner who watched his wife pass with the miracle of their lives motionless in her grasp Being hugged six minutes without letting go for the fear of something that I just don't know Finding a picture of a Santa dressed dad with his long lost song I was frozen, tears in my eyes, I didn't know what to do, I was done. | By Joseph Knox AmeriCorps NCCCC Class 17

70: The Wallenda Family! | Amanda and I went to the free tight rope walking performance. They were great but the second half of the show was the father ranting on about the word of Jesus. Yikes.

71: 2602 Monroe Street | After | before the tornado hit | MRE's for lunch | Salvation Army and the Red Cross would come around and pass out cold water and snacks to volunteers | While we were taking a break on the street one day, a car pulled up and handed us baked goods with the note below taped on to the covering:

72: Delta Division Volunteer Drop Point Joplin High School Parking Lot | As Volunteer Coordinator, I am contacting squad leaders to let them know that I am going to be sending them a group of volunteers | Volunteer sign in and out from the work site. Sometimes, shown here,we hung the sign in sheets on the Govie.

73: DELTA | Volunteers get on bus to be shuttled to work site | The remnants of the Joplin High School sign as well as a chainsaw statue made out of one of the down trees at the high school | We only had Porta Potties to use while working in the field | We are at the Delta morning meeting where Dan assembles each squad and we get ready for the volunteers, when they start to arrive | Back Row: Joe, Matt, Division Leader Dan, Middle Row: David, Southwest CC Member, Iowa CC Member, Katie, Me Bottom Row: Jared and Pat

74: Me, Jared, and Patrick putting up a flag that we found in the debris

75: joplin's, rockin' 4th of july at landreth park | Rush Limbaugh spoke and gave away his ice tea to the people of Joplin to enjoy | Country artists Joe Diffie and Confederate Railroad performed | joplin's, rockin' 4th of july at landreth park | Lynea, Emily, Jenn and I scored free hot dogs! | Joe Knox, Fire Seven TL Danny and Fire One TL Tim | Delta Division shows off our patriotism

76: Before | After | After | Mr. Charles Zimmerman 2303 Indiana Avenue Joplin, MO 64801

77: Quincy McGoo's | Our Favorite Hangout | Me, Lynea and Kelsey | Iowa CC Scott and Austin CC Kevin | Lynea and Austin CC Elaine | Karen, Amanda and Me | Delta Dan and Me | Me and Dan | Kelsey, Amanda and photographer, Scott Julian

78: AmeriCorps | Different Programs All Working Together, Getting Things Done for America

79: St. John's Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, MO | Chainsaw Chuck Cleveland from Carthage Missouri did anything and everything. I was cutting something in front of Chuck and mentioned it would be a lot easier if I had a multi-tool. The next day Chuck handed me the Gerber above, saying he didn't use it anymore so it makes more sense for me to have it. | Joe from Michigan Sharpened chainsaws for a month | Volunteer Will, NCCCers Adam and David, Jimmy and Josh with N-Trips, Me and Jared | Every Saturday and Sunday at least fifty Mercy hospital employees rode four hours in a charter bus down to Joplin to volunteer. Whenever we saw their brightly colored shirts, we knew that a great deal would be accomplished. | Pete from Tuscan, Arizona rode to Joplin on his motorcycle and volunteered everyday for about two weeks. He had a terrific attitude, which never faded. He was on the first bus in the morning and stayed until the very last bus at the end of the day. | Special | Volunteers | to me

80: Found in Debris... | Cashed checks and baseball cards were among the most common and abundant items found in the debris. I found a vintage silver pistol with beautiful designs, which was surprisingly light. One of my volunteers found a really heavy 9mm Kal-Tech Pistol. Lots of pornographic items were found> From magazines, to DVD's, to sex position playing cards! On one of the last days in Joplin, a volunteer found a dead cat under debris. We dug a hole where we found it and buried the poor cat.

82: Goodbye Joplin, MO | Hello Denver, CO | One Week Vacation before Final Transition Week | Overnight stop in Salina, Kansas

83: Walsh Hall Room 155 | When I got to my room I was surprised to find the terrific Bear Club sign (above) that Claire made for me, welcoming me home.

84: Lynea Dempsey, Kate and Me | Hangin' in the Park | Claire, Dan Herrera, Jeremy Acree and Jake | Meeks Brucker, Kate and Emma McAuley

85: Sol Shine Music Festival in Winter Park Colorado Featuring Trampled by Turtles, Punch Brothers and the subdudes | Celebrating Amanda's Birthday 9,052 feet elevated | Bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles

86: Me, Vinny and Claire | Elise, Me and Jake | Tisha and Patrick | DJ Ronnie throwing down the beats and the dub step

87: Denver Botanical Gardens

88: FINAL SUN UNIT OUTING TO MOUNT EVANS | Bobby Kole | Amanda Smith


90: At 4G's | Justine, Annie, Mary and Emma | Vinny, Stephen, Dan, and Jeremy

91: Mom Comes to Colorado for My Graduation | Red Rocks Amphitheater

92: DOWNTOWN, DENVER | Claire's roommate Emma, Olga and Me

93: Bear Club RAWR! Kar Bear Phillips, Claire Bear O'Neill, Me (Ter Bear), Sar Bear Rosenbaum, and Mar Bear English | Stephen Packard, Claire and Ken Mullins | Ana, Precious, Na, Mary, Me and Jade | NCCC Class 17 Southwest Region Banquet 2011

95: AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region Class 17 | GRADUATION | Try to discover the road to success and you'll seek but never find, but blaze your own path and the road to success will trail right behind. ~Robert Brault

97: AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region Class XV11

98: Round 1: Boulder, Colorado | Round 2: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Cooking and Living Apartment | Sleeping Apartment

99: Round 3: Various Locations, Northern Arizona | Round 4: Denver, Colorado | Carl Junction, Missouri

100: AmeriArt by Teri Jacobs

101: Epilogue

102: COLORADO | That night, Tyler and I dropped mom off at the airport and ate at Jack Kerouac's favorite spot, My Brothers Bar | Denver Fair | Maroon Bells Wilderness Area, the most photographed spot in the Rockies | Western Columbine | Hanging Lake | Tyler hustled this Gopher Snake off the road just outside of Glenwood Springs | I spotted this Brown Bear on the side of the road! | Tyler flew in to Colorado the night before and came to my Graduation. After the ceremony, my mom, Tyler and I spent the day in Boulder. | DENVER | ASPEN | GLENWOOD SPRINGS | In search of hot springs we found an abandoned boy scout camp and rusty cars retaining the banks of the river | BOULDER

103: KANSAS | WISCONSIN | ILLINOIS | Driving from Colorado to Wisconsin we stopped at Buffalo Bill's Farm | Walking around Madison, Wisconsin | View of the Capital Lawn filled with blankets for 'Wednesday's on the Square,' which we attended with Tyler's brother, Ben | The Fort in Tyler's home town of Fort Atkinson with his friend, Don | I try Chicago style pizza in Chicago and then we watched the fireworks from the Navy Pier | CHICAGO | FORT ATKINSON | MADISON | 80

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