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The Journal of Sym

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FC: The White Darkness By: Geraldine McCaughrean | The Journal of Sym

1: Dedicated to my love, Titus, because I could always turn to him when in need.

2: I knew this day would come. I had been preparing for it, almost hoping for it; the day my dad died. His health had been deteriorating for a while now; not physically, but mentally. We used to be really close, always doing things together, but then things changed. He started forgetting about me, hating me. I guess I'm glad he died. "He couldn't help getting ill, I suppose," (pg. 253) but he is better off now. | Entry #1

3: School is definitely not one of my favorite places to be. No one understands me there. I told them about Titus, and everyone thought i was weird and had an imaginary friend. But Titus is not imaginary! What we have is real and they just don't understand. All everyone cares about is "snogging" and boys. Maxine is the worst, she is just so "full of sewage, she only has to move sharply to slop over at her mouth. " (page 12) I wish I could leave this horrible place and go to Antarctica with Titus, but I know that will never happen. | Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. -Albert Einstein | Entry #2

4: We have testing at school that week, but I am glad to miss it. As Uncle Victor say, "The only real school is the School of Life." (pg.7) I hope we can do many fun things in Paris; I want to see all of the museums and things like that, but when- ever I ask Uncle Victor he acts like he's not even hearing me. No matter what we do it will be fun for Titus and I to go somewhere together. | We are going to Paris! I don't know how Uncle Victor could afford it, but he did and he is taking Mom, him, and I to Paris! Mum isn't exactly thrilled to be going, but she could use a break. | Entry #3

5: We aren't going to Paris? Well we did go to Paris... but that was only to get rid of Mum. Mum couldn't go because when we got to the train station she had forgotten her | passport. But now I know that Uncle Victor had actually stolen her passport so she wouldn't come. I know he stole it because I was looking in his raincoat for his cell phone to phone Mum, but when I looked "there was nothing in the raincoat pocket but a passport." (pg.31) And it wasn't Uncle Victor's passport, it was Mum's. I guess I understand why he did it; Mum would never let us go to Antarctica, and Uncle Victor was just trying to be nice. Now we on on the way to my favorite place in the world! | Change is the law of life. -John F. Kennedy | Entry #4

6: Living in Antarctica is very difficult and everyday seems more and more physically and mentally draining. It is bright all day and night. "Being always part of the group got a bit weary." (pg. 312) I don't really do well with other people. I am probably wearing at least 25 layers right now and the cold is still chilling me. Now everyone has food poisoning, and we might be going home before the scheduled trip ends. Even no matter how bad it is here, I love it so much more than home. | Entry #5

7: Uncle Victor is taking us on a trip in the Antarctic. I thought this would include the activities in the brochure, but knowing Uncle Victor we are doing something different. He is taking me on the quest to find something he calls "Sym's Hole". He says that the Earth is hollow. "Apparently John Cleeves Symmes had it all worked out in his head 140 years ago- that the planet Earth isn't solid; it's a hollow sphere." (pg. 97) He is taking two people there who were on the trip with us. There is a boy my age, Sigurd, and his dad. Uncle Victor says that they are going to help us find "Sym's Hole"; the next big find. It seems hard to think about; the Earth is not solid. But I am just a kid with a bad education, as Uncle Victor says, and Uncle Victor is the smartest person I know, so he must be right. Right or not we our on our way to "Sym's Hole", in a stolen truck with two people I don't know. | Entry #6

8: In Antarctica there are many dangers, but one of the main ones I have faced so far is crevasses. Some are easy to see and open, but most are hidden under thin layers of ice and snow. They could be anywhere and we wouldn't even know. "Where are the crevasses? God only knows." (pg. 193) They can be going down for what seems like forever, somethings even going all the way down to the ocean; the ocean really scares me. We have already had the bad luck to run into two of these crevasses. The first one we rode over in the truck. We got the first two wheels over the crevasse, but then we were stuck, with the crevasse in the middle. Uncle Victor just went over it as fast as he could, which surprisingly worked. After that Uncle made me and Sigurd walk in the front and test the ground. We fell through into a crevasse; Sigurd wouldn't stop moving and I was worried he would break the makeshift harness Uncle Victor made for us, but Uncle Victor pulled us up in time. | Entry #7

9: I now believe that Uncle Victor is not in his right mind. He was always a little different but now he is off his rocker completely. He ruined my life and the life of everyone else. First thing I found out is that he is the reason I lost my hearing and he murdered my dad! "Dad knew about the Earth being hollow," (pg. 209) but when my dad stopped believing Uncle Victor killed him. My dad did love me, and Uncle Victor made him not. He poisoned everyone on the trip so we could leave and when he found out Sigurd and his dad were just con-artists trying to steal his money he left Sigurd's dad in the middle of Antarctica to die. There is no"Sym's Hole" and all Uncle Victor did was ruin my life. Now I am stuck in the middle of Antarctica with a crazy person. | Entry #8

10: As I said before I am stuck in the middle of Antarctica with a crazy person. It is just me and him walking around and Sigurd refused to come and stayed in the truck. We have barely any supplies or shelter. I am cold all the time and my leg is killing me. "In Antarctica, in the cold, wounds don't heal, they reopen." (pg. 248) Every second the cut I got on my leg from falling in the crevasse is getting worse. Everything is white and I am starting to loose sight of night and day. It is unbearable being with Uncle Victor; knowing he killed my father and ruined so many other things in my life. I have thought about killing him many times, but can never do. He still thinks "Sym's Hole" is real even when I know his idea is implausible. I don't know how much longer I can physically and mentally survive here. | Entry #9

11: Uncle Victor died. I had wished death upon him, but now that it had actually happened I felt different. He was all I had left in the icy waste land, and- | now he is gone too. He thought he had found "Sym's Hole", but we were really on a hollow ice shelf, called "The Devil's Ballroom". I tried to tell him it wasn't and he shouldn't try to break the ice or we'd all die, but he wouldn't listen. He started to try to break the ice with his ice pick and he fell through. The "darkness took him in the blink of an eye." (pg. 313) At first I was glad he had died; glad he finally got what he deserved after all bad he had done. But then I realized I would miss him, my crazy Uncle. | Uncle | A man who won't die for something is not fit to live. -Martin Luther King Jr. | Entry #10

12: We were finally rescued. Sigurd and I had used up all of the supplies and we were desperate for any hope. We heard an aircraft over head and I made a quick decision of what to do. It was risky because I couldn't tell if the plane was 1o,000 yard away or 100. As a last result I caught the truck on fire. Sigurd disagreed with it, but even if the plane didn't see us we would be warm for a half an hour. But the plane did see us. I had made a fuse out of my hair to catch it on fire. "It was a really excellent fuse, considering I've never made one before." (pg. 348) When it caught on fire Sigurd and I just sat and waited. Finally help came and we were going home. | Entry #11

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