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The Peled-Shimonies along the Eastern Time Zone – December 26 2010 –

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The Peled-Shimonies along the Eastern Time Zone – December 26 2010 – - Page Text Content

S: The Peled-Shimonies along the Eastern Time Zone – December 26 2010 – January 13 2011Travelogue

BC: Another Peled Shimony Production

FC: The Peled-Shimonies along the Eastern Time Zone December 26 2010 – January 13 2011 Travelogue

1: The Peled-Shimonies along the Eastern Time Zone December 26 2010 – January 13 2011 Travelogue

2: Forward This is a travelogue of our grand tour along the Eastern Time Zone in America. We: Yehuda, me – Sima and our son - Shai

3: We left snowy Westminster College in New Wilmington, north-western Pennsylvania on December 26th, the day following Christmas. Three days later we arrived in sunny, celebrating Florida and then made it down to Key West. There is nowhere to go from there, is there? According to MapQuest we drove 53 hours and 15 minutes along 3108.16 miles (5002 KM). The longest road in our country, Israel is less than 300 miles (478.7 KM), and this means that our way down equals about 5 times the State of Israel. And along that way we've only seen a tiny little part of this magnificent country. We visited Disneyworld and Miami Beach, admired the alligators in the Everglades, visited the lighthouse near Hemingway's residence In Key West, to name only a few of our adventures. We met with remarkably friendly and pleasant people and had a great time. This travelogue is mostly built up of the reports that I sent each evening during our grand trip to my friends: Martha Lottman, Amy Camardese, Myra Benedikt and Sherri Pattaki. Thank you guys for your patience, as you read and responded to my (sometimes) troubleogue, expressing your care and love! Writing to you kept me busy, gave a meaning to my existence and added proportions to my life. Love you! Enjoy reading, Sima

4: We left Westminster College in New Wilmington PA Sunday December 26th, on the snowiest December on record.

5: Following our friend's Joe suggestion we took Highway 76 to 77 Akron OH | We visited Martha Lottman in Canton. Sitting by the fire place we had Martha's famous chicken soup and fudge cake.

6: After lunch with Martha we went on. We took Interstate 77 down to West Virginia. | Sunday Dec 26, 2010 New Wilmington PA to Beckley West Virginia 5 hrs 36 mins / 340.82 miles

8: Dec, 26th, 2010 Hi Martha, Amy and Myra, We made it till here - Beckley WV !!! We arrived at about 7:00 PM. It was not easy at all. So much snow, and we drove when it was already dark. It must have been one of the longest hours in my life. Shai drove for about 2 hours and Y all the rest and during the dark hour. Love, Sima

9: This is what the next morning looked like through our window at the hotel room | And this is how it felt

10: Dec 27th, from Beckley WV to Greensboro North Carolina on 77 264 Miles, 4:30 hours

11: Dec, 27th, 2010 Dear Myra, Martha and Amy It looked bad out of the window this morning: heavy snow and the TV also was alarming. The road was meant to take 3:30 hours but we left at about 8:30 AM and arrived here at Greensboro NC at 4:30 PM. Yehuda drove the first part with the heavy snow. It was slow and somewhat scary, but much less scary than yesterday evening. Shai drove later and did very well, with a lot of patience and concentration. We got stuck for about 1 hour on the 77 interstate to the south of VA because of a truck accident. When we arrived here the sky was blue and there were actual trees with green leaves! This was something we had not seen for a month or so back "home". Tomorrow – Charleston SC. See you, love, Sima

12: Tuesday Dec 28th 2010, from Greensboro NC to Hardeeville South Carolina, 210 Mile 4:30 hours | The Appalachians - trucks escape ramp

13: Pilot Mountain SC | Shai in the difficult driving conditions | Welcome area – Georgia

14: Dec 29, 2010 Hardeeville South Carolina to Orlando Florida Via I-95 S 4 hrs 34 mins / 289.85 miles

15: Dec, 29th, 2010 Dear Amy, Martha and Myra , We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Altmonte Springs on the Northern part of Orlando. About half an hour from Disneyland. This is our 3rd day here. On day one Shai went to the Universal Studios and spent there the whole day until after midnight. He loved especially the Harry Potter part. Yehuda and I stayed in our room, took care of the laundry, washed the car etc. Yesterday the three of us intended to go together to the Disney Whatever, spend the whole day there and receive the new year with Mickey and Minie. We arrived there at about 11 AM and - it was packed! 70,000 people at the main park, and people kept coming. The man at the gate estimated that they were there to stay, so we decided to leave and come back Sunday. By then, the man said, people would be leaving the place since school starts Monday.

16: Well - what a disappointment! And anger too, I can tell you that! At the end we had quite a nice day at the beautiful Orlando Science Center. In the evening we went to see the movie Tron on an IMAX screen with 3D glasses. Have you ever tried this kind of movies? It is so strange, as if the movie has a depth to it. You feel as if some of the stuff that goes on on the screen actually happens around you. A couple of times I had to bend down or move away from the action. This morning we brought Shai to the Sea World, which is another amusement park. Then Yehuda went to the fitness room and I did my exercises and now we spend the time near the swimming pool. Tomorrow—Disney! We wish you and your families a very happy new year. A year of good health to all, full of peace and compassion. More good women in politics and less generals just everywhere. Love, Sima, Yehuda and Shai

17: Westminster College car before we washed it. | Universal Studios – here I come. | Planning the next day.

18: Jan 1st 2011. Happy new year!

19: Pictures Shai took at Sea World in Orlando

21: Disney World

22: January 3rd, 2011 Orlando FL to Naples FL US-17 S 3 hrs 41 mins / 195.53 miles | A beautiful beach on Pelican Bay

23: My small camera - maximum zoom in | The berm as seen from the 9th floor lanai. And – here is the translation from the English of the city of Naples, FL: The "nearly flat back portion of [the] beach, formed of material deposited by the action of the waves" seen from the veranda.

24: January 5th, 2011 Naples, Fl to Florida City, Fl, US-41 S 2 hrs 14 mins / 114.05 miles | January 5th, 2011 Dear Myra, Martha and Amy We are in Florida City, about 45 minutes to the south of Miami. We spent a few hours in the Everglades National Park today, on our way here from Naples. The main attraction on our way were the alligators. Shai took pictures of just every gator he saw. I think they are quite ugly.

25: Then we took a tram tour inside the Shark Valley Park, and this was really very interesting: birds, interesting views etc. Tomorrow we aim for Key West and then back here to Florida City. 2.38 minutes each direction. Shai has reserved a diving place there. We would have liked to stay in Key West for a day or 2 but it is very hard to find a place to stay there and they seem not to have wheelchair accessible rooms, plus it is extremely expensive (Above 100$ and up, taxes not included). So we will do a lot of driving tomorrow. Myra – how is Bill feeling? I hope he is better. Give him our love. We had a great time with you guys! Thanks so much for your kind hospitality. Love, Sima

26: The Everglades, Shark Valley

28: Jan 6, 2011 Florida City FL to Miami Beach US-1 56 mins / 36.87 miles Then back to our hotel in Florida City | Jan 6th, 2011 Dear Martha, Amy and Myra , Many changes in life! We finally did not go to Key West today. Shai cancelled his diving there after he found out that Key Largo is the place he actually wanted. So we spent the whole day in Miami, walking along the Miami Beach, here and there, seeing others looking around, tourists like ourselves. Yehuda did not like it that much. Shai and I did. Y does not like the city life at all.

29: Tomorrow Shai intends to scuba-dive in Key Largo, which is the closest key. I do not think we will get to see all the rest of the Keys after all. Shai will have to do it on his own some other time. We will start our way back “home” on the 10th. Yehuda says that we will go back the same way we came. Martha—this means that we might be able to come to you in Canton on the 15th. Will you be there by then? Amy—The mere thought of me zigzagging away from the alligator with my power wheel chair makes me wonder if it is worth the effort to even try it. But thanks any way! J | Forgot to tell you a strange thing: Yesterday at the Shark Valley Park a lady ranger came to us as we were watching the manatees and asked: “Which is the group from Westminster College?” I was quite shocked; What have we done wrong??... But then when we “admitted” she told us that she had taught there a few years at the education department!!! You can see her picture down here, towards the end. Love, Sima, Yehuda and Shai

30: Miami

32: Jan 7th, 2011 Florida City to Key Largo Via US-1 S 36 mins / 29.27 miles | 7.1.2011 Hi everybody, This is our third night at the Travelodge Hotel in Florida City. We will be staying in this hotel until the 10th and then start our way home.

33: As Martha points out it seems that we are going to have a very wintery home-going. But this is yet to come. Meanwhile we are enjoying the wonderful Florida weather. Today Shai went scuba diving. It was a serious event and we handled it accordingly: We got up early and had breakfast at the motel. The way to Key Largo took about 1 hour. Then, after registration at the office – we "hit" a second breakfast. To "hit" a meal means in Hebrew to eat real big. This was done in order for our diver to have lots of energy. Since the area is called Islamorada, we wondered what it had to do with the Islam. Well we found out this means a purple island. As Shai went on his business, Yehuda and I found a beautiful place called World Wide Sports. We spent there the whole 4 hours. Yehuda read his Kindle and I sew my new rice bag (to keep my feet warm on our way back). | Shai enjoyed the day and also got a sign on his scuba diving certificate, which apparently means a lot. I don't have the pictures of today's travel yet unfortunately. Tomorrow we intend to go all the way down to Key West. Love, Sima

34: Jan 8, 2011 Florida City to Key West Florida Via US-1 S 2 hrs 38 mins / 126.49 miles | Dear Martha, Amy and Myra , Key West!!! Love, Sima, Yehuda and Shai | Mile stone 0 US Route 1

36: Key West

39: Hi Amy, Myra and Martha, Yesterday we stayed at the hotel the whole day. Y wanted a day off, to rest before the big trip home. Shai intended to go to Miami, and we thought he might use public transportation. Yehuda researched the matter. It turns out that there is a special lane for the use of buses locally, but in order to arrive up to Miami one should take 4 different buses, which might take a few hours. So we all stayed in the hotel.

40: January 10th, 2011 from Florida City to Jacksonville FL FLORIDA'S TURNPIKE N to I-95 N 5 hrs 57 mins / 378.39 miles | We left Florida this morning at 8:00 AM and arrived in Jacksonville FL at about 4:00 PM. This is where we will stay for the night. Leaving sunny-side-up Florida has been a long and painful process, as we witnessed the sky slowly disappearing behind the clouds and the light turning grey and gloomy. Yehuda has already reserved a room for tomorrow night in Columbia SC. I do not at all like to do things in this crazy speed, but this is my husband, you know. I think he really misses you, Amy, and he cannot wait to start working on your Kindle project. Love, Sima

41: Dear Sherri, Martha, Amy, Myra Sherri is joining my travelogue today, as she finally received her email password. Martha's mail gave me quite a fright yesterday evening! It was my first ever time in life (I think) to wake Y up in order to tell him - - - we should not go. It made him laugh. He asked whether I wanted to stay in Jacksonville until March. Well, we started our way at 8:00 AM this morning. Temperature was 41. As we arrived here – Columbia SC— at about 3:00 PM it was already around 33. | Jan 11th, 2011 From Jacksonville Florida to Columbia South Carolina Via I-95 N 4 hrs 29 mins / 288.91 miles

42: As we were driving north we saw the ice forming on the tree tops while the roads stayed completely dry. I took some pictures, as it was quite beautiful. The minute we arrived here at the hotel room I turned the TV on, in order to see the weather channel. Right now this is what you can see on their site:

43: So again I dread tomorrow's driving, saying we need more than one night to go still. Y is passionate about arriving home soon. We will see tomorrow. Meanwhile—I enclose Today's impressions of ice. Love, Sima

44: Jan 12th, 2011 from Columbia South Carolina to Charleston West Virginia, 6 hrs 10 mins / 366.61 miles | Jna 12th, 2011 Hi Myra, Sherri, Amy and Martha, Yesterday we planned 2 options for today's travel: Option 1 - mine – Fancy Gap VA - about 3 hours drive from where we stayed, Option 2 – Yehuda's – Beckley NC - about 5 hours drive. To our surprise most of our way today was sunny and very bright, though cold.

45: So at noon time we reconsidered and booked a 3rd hotel – and here we are in Charleston WV. Although I don't think the Appalachians are very elegant, I have nice pictures of them which I took along the road. When we left Columbia SC it was 35 degrees and it dropped to about 24, but it only started snowing heavily as we entered WV. But who cares? We are almost home! Love, Sima | Pilot Mountain SC as seen from North Carolina

46: The Appalachians: To me they look like the sad ladies of West Virginia

47: Home sweet home

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