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The Tempting Folly

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BC: Welcome to a world of trepidation, a world of folly. Beware of evil candy men or ghostly riddle killers, and hop aboard a floatable rice cake. Run free but beware, the land of temptation leads to much despair...

FC: The Tempting Folly By Logan Albers 2nd Period Honors English I

1: His eyes scanned the immense terrain, his very soul captivated by the grand menagerie of beauty and design. His hands bore the labors of a men long past his age, as the individual scoured the terrain for evidence; evidence of habitation. From his eyes, the pristine countryside was an ideal abode for any species, with opulent resources and fertile land that could be molded in an agricultural phenomenon. Nevertheless, the area was absent and bereft of life, oblique. "Now, this is a sight," he murmured under the rushing winds that pierced the northern gale. He moved down among the thicket and touched the earth, a reddish tint flickering onto his fingers. Yet, among the similarities and evident aspects of foliage on the terrain, this area was no Earth. This man was no ordinary civilian, but rather a cosmic traveler, a hunter of the stars. This planet that he had landed upon was a taste of the homeworld, a tempting area of unseen deceit and insidious perceptions.

2: The ventures of this individual began in a spasmodic way, as he noticed a harsh cry ring amongst the solemn air. He raised to attention and looked above to see the triple suns of this world setting beyond the horizon. Moving at a rampant pace, he crossed a narrow gorge and came upon a small outcropping of earthen stone. The rock formation jutted like a menacing figurine of despair, a despair that this man embraced however. As the fangs of midnight bore deep into the serenity of complexion, the traveler coerced himself into the small abode, cramming his very soul into the miniscule habitation. He flicked on a small solar lamp and gave prayer to the heavens above. Alas, the chill of everlasting fatigue over came him, and he shut his dilated pupils, songs of hope fading in the back of his mind.

3: He awoke with great sensation, a blistering sound of blood curdling revelation creeping upon his eardrums. In a state of perplexed notion, he elevated himself from his small foxhole and scanned. Emptiness. He feverishly strained to hear what was not to be heard, and he settled for safety, or so he thought. As he moved back into his lair, he felt a squeamish figure of miniature size move below his very existence. Gawking, he scuttled out for good and stared down. "Who is there? What do you want of me?" he cried in a petrified tone. Yellow flecked eyes glowed from the dismal hole and the traveler of the stars hastened backward steps. It was in that instant that suddenly incessant snickering broke out all around him, and he grimaced in a baffled manner as he noticed the trick that had been played upon him. This world apparently had inhabitants, and their numbers were seemingly outlandish. He was surrounded by fiendish kin, hidden like translucent light. In moments he would learn what truth the planet held, and how his life fell in the favoring eyes of the omniscient.

4: "Good day mate! Reckon' you've had some scare shot right at your gut aye? Well, sorry for our little entrance, but what better a welcome than with horror and fright?" The traveler stared shocked as a small voice careened toward him, and the rustling of some foliage revealed his adversaries. The view was explicit above all else, as a singular foot tall organism bounded from the thicket. Its legs were muscular and golden laced in fur, while its body was scaly and rigid in condition. With a head comprised of a medium sized snout, it gave the minor appearance of morphed cat and lizard, but not quite. Its qualities were striking, unique to this distant place. "Well, what dare a foreigner like you be trekking upon our homeworld for maty?" questioned the inquisitive beast. Hesitantly, the stranded man pulled a response. "I was voyaging in a craft bound for the planet Earth, when I dearsay disaster struck and now, I am here, wherever this place is." The leader of the tribal troop stepped forward. "Well, for starters pal you're on the planet of Regnad, inhabitated by the finest class of purpose driven insectivores in the galaxy! My friends and I work among the lush terrain and take what we want, and leave little in vain. This world is quite a mystery, a mystery that is never solved." The traveler looked down. "How can I get home," he cried in a hallow tone. A raspy reply came quickly, "For now that will be postponed."

5: From that meeting area, the traveler was led down a rudimentary path to a small clearing in the midst of forestry. Here, the creatures stopped and handed him a small pear like piece of food. "Eat, be well my friend, we ain't going to starve you Earth travelers." He bit into the fruit ravenously and swallowed its sweet juice. It had a taste worth ten thousand words, words that were personified all the while. Finishing it, he dropped the remains and looked down for the small creatures, creatures that were not be found. "Hey, you little varmints! Where did you go?" he hoarsely moaned, as a strange tingling began to wear at the pit of his stomach. His head seemed to become congested and bloated, as perception became harder and he lost consciousness. His rash hunger had gotten the best of him, and he stumbled forward, the poison of an adulterated or otherwise magical fruit wearing at his being. "I hate insectivores," he cried as he fell into a state of blackness.

6: A sweet incense brought him back to his senses, as he felt cushion and warmth. He slowly blinked his eyes back into fixture, to bring into focus another pair staring right at him. "Ah!" the captive bellowed in a magnified tone, as he rolled backward over the soft and fluffy material that was embedded around him. "Those tiny cannibals, those ignorant snobs, I'm going to rip those scales from their skin and..." he stopped abruptly in the middle of his monologue. He was positioned within a small mass of whitish mush, a mush that seemed almost pillowlike in quality. Perpendicular to his position, a pair of glinted eyes with marks of divine age and glory were fixated on him, making an awkward state. "Now where am I?" whimpered the now helpless man. "You are where security is safety and safety is stewardship." "What!?" he laughed, almost amused. "Okay, listen, I just saved your limp body from becoming a prime entree for that pack of Caktfeins back in the woods. I took you to my home, now give me a little gratitude please?" "Well, thanks, I guess." The form in front of him seemed humble and benevolent, a stocky dwarf with skin the color of dawn's amber glow. As he lifted himself onto his feet, the traveler rammed his head into the ceiling of the abode of which this dwarf presided, and small fragments rained all around him. Peculiar in shape and pattern, he grasped one. "Why, why this is food!" A brownish cracker was now evident, as he took a small bite and relished its flavor. It was at that moment that he noticed the flooring, which was a whipped sweet, the commonly known marshmallow back home. "By the stars, where am I now?" "Well, you're where security meets..." "Oh nevermind."

7: His stay at this arena was short lived however. Within a few hours of enticing discovery, the poor earthling had committed gluttoney so many times over that his stomach groaned in protest, and he was unable to lift a meager foot in an attempt of escape. Escape, that was from the true horror that existed. This hermit like gentleman was in essence far from a sweet lovable courtier, rather being a possessed tyrant of manipulative might. He, in fact was known for catching unsuspecting victims, and luring them into an insidious trap of feasting. Soon following, he would force the immobile prey down into his prison, where they cooked as his pastry chefs for days on end. Quite an interesting experience, scrumptious folly. Well, the prey in this instance would not succumb to that sort of inhospitable treatment, and fought back. After battle of great measure, the small little man was said to be found tied to a peppermint stick pike and hardened in caramel casting. Apparently, his trap undoubtly became his buttery demise.

8: The endeavors of such a similiar yet bizarre planet were fundamentally coercing thoughts of dread into the now bloated Earthling. As he rambled from the citadel of treats, his heart heaved with longing for answers, for simple revelation, he wanted a way home. This answer would have to continue to nag, as once again his walk upon the foreign ground was meet by no inhabitants or signs of life. As the triple suns burned feverishly above, his throat drew rampant in its desire for rejuvenation, a simple taste of liquid. This desire unfortunately became a lust, as he doggedly brushed through a plant composed of caramel corn pieces, hunting for signs, signs of anything. The sign came rather abruptly, and to his utmost desire. A passing sound of running water, or so he thought, filled his very ears, and he rushed toward that personified noise, grasping hope beyond hope. Leaping over a hedgerow, he found himself hit by a brilliant burst of sunlight, and an extenisve heat that burdened his very soul. "By the stars," came his favorite response as a vast ocean lay spread vast before his eyes.

9: He moved distinctively toward gleaming spectacle that thundered like a mythical god. The brownish powder that resembled beach terrain flew like clouds of a gargantuan sandstorm. He dipped his hands into the cold water and took an absent sip, not even considering the basic rules of salt water. But then again, this was no salt water. To his lucky and ever evident surprise, the liquid of the sea proved to have an acidic taste, like a caffeinated beverage of tempting tenacity. He gulped the drink like a literal buffoon, as the figure noticed a mass floating in the gleaming tint of the ocean. A circular base of yellowish configuration moved like a floatable lili pad, with untold mysteries encompassed on its very mass. To a desperate man, it seemed like just another hope, a hope that he would have to confirm. Gathering a menagerie of wood like pieces from the semi edible forestry, mostly hardened pretzel rod sticks, he worked in a frivolous regard to form a small raft. The tide swept him, and he ventured toward the imposing fortress.

10: The oddly crusted shoreline met the stern of his vessel with a thud, small cracks sounding like a chorus of drum beats. He scampered in his ever curious manner onto the mobile and scanned the countryside. Stretching for multiple miles, the area was flat, aside from a silhouetted cavern that was distilled in the murmur of a hazy ocean sun. After a small trek to its vicinity, he peered within the abode, only to find it seemingly hallow. He briskly paced the corridors and catacombs encompassed within it, but only one general fact remained consistent; nothing was present. "This world is perplexing," he sighed in monotone to himself. He twisted and began toward the door, when alas he felt a force throw him to the ground. Startled, he rolled in a defensive position and searched for the perpetrator. Nevertheless, the bleakness of the cavern remained, and no one was present. "Who's there? Another creature, another lie?" From the air sprung a harmony of words. "Only the one that knows the way for you to get home, back to vision of your world."

11: Aghast at what he had just heard, the man responded in due haste. "Again I say, who are you? How can you help me?" Again, the voice bellowed. "You cannot see me, you cannot feel me, but my intentions are due trustworthy. Welcome to my island, by the name Noitpeced, and I believe you have need of assistance. I understand you plea, and I am here to issue you a proclamation. All knowing am I, and all seeing is my sight. To return home, you must solve a puzzle of the ages, a puzzle of this world." Mulling it over, the man decided that this was a desperate resort, one that was imperative. Wandering aimlessly was causing too much folly, and it was time for closure. "I will do what I must." "Very well," retorted the figure. "For eons one's as yourself have fallen from the stars and landed on this world. For years, many of those figures as yourself were ensnared in traps and trials and overrun. Yet, a handful, as yourself, survived the malevolent onslaught, and ended up here, on my mystical rice cake in the grand sea." A smile cracked on the lips of man. "A rice cake? Man, this world truly is a spectacle of much joke." "A joke or not, the puzzle has yet to be told." "Continue, my apologies." "Well, the riddle is simplistic, it doesn't have much of a catch. It goes as follows and must be done as such."

12: The riddle was quite simple, just as the ghostly voice said it would be. All the man had to do was unlock a chest, bring back its contents and he would be sent home. The chest was positioned now in the travelers hands, after hours of hunting throughout the tunnels beneath the cavern. The slender frame was cool and crisp, and the chilling environment seemed to add to the suspense. With ginger care, the man slowly moved from his position and began the retracing trek to the surface. "This isn't that hard, I wonder why all the others that went on this mission so forth failed." The man found himself perplexed by the object however, and slowly he felt a streak of greed and lust run through his veins. "Control," he stammered. By now the man was alas showing the experience he had gained from his travels, using his self will to control curiosity. After painstaking walk, the man arrived at the cavern mouth and laid down the chest. A cackle rolled from the echoing walls. "Thank you my dear friend, you've done well. Not only did you bring me the box, but you resisted its temptation. Please set the object in front of you." Like clockwork, the Earthling did as commanded. "May I go home now?" A snicker rolled. "Ah, ah, ah, say that did I? I truly am sorry, home is what you make of it. Besides, humans as yourself are too tasty to be left untouched." It was in that horrific moment that the box unclasped itself and the cosmic wanderer noticed a set of dining utensils. "By the stars," he cried. His words died as the invisible force moved from its secluded position, and moved in on its curious prey.

13: The moral of this story is simplistic in its own way. Never trust in a place of liars, and don't be decieved by thougths of curious intent. So when you travel to a place of danger, be sure to contemplate possible deception, or you may become a feast to an invisible beast.

14: Ironic Composition: Defining Clauses of Obstruct Perception | In my fantasy driven tale of mystified suspense, irony is key element that I used to personify my writings. In contrast to the beautiful and opulent sanctions of a foreign world, my character finds excessive danger, a contrast to what you would believe a calm and placid world would produce. On top of that, I have create humble and amicable seeming creatures that in the end turn out to be decieving foes that thwart the travelers only goal; to find a way home. My conclusion and final occurence to the traveler is also in many regards ironic, simply because of its harsh twist from much of the plot.

15: Setting - An Appetite Appeal - For this story, much of my orld that was envisioned is relayed in common ways to that of our present Earth. Nevertheless, tasteful quirks create a dramatically adverse environment, that screams creativity yet horror at the same time. By having food become a staple of the environment, I hoped to create a setting that was energetic and attractive to the reader, in sight, sound, and even smell. I attempted to not add too many complicated descriptions to make it more understandable to the reader, even though this is a planet of the deep cosmos. I also related so much to common Earth in order to focus more as so on the story, and less on explicit details that take heavy analysis and understanding. My world is a tasteful and tempting folly, set in the brisk future of space exploration. Hey you never know, perhaps oceans could be soda or islands rice cakes!

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