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Tim Banks

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S: Tim Banks

BC: Created By Olivia Banks

FC: Tim Banks 1943 The Magnanimous, Extroverted Life Of My Grandfather. | Created By: Olivia Banks

1: Banks | Fishing at Dogwood | Generations Letters One Through Six

2: October 11, 2011 Dear Pa, I wanted to write you to let you know about an exciting project that were doing in my English class. We were asked by my teacher to pick a family Member (skipping a generation), and write six letters during the course of the school year asking questions about the time period from birth to present time. I chose you because you always have great stories about growing up in Seattle. Will you please write me back answering my questions? I'd love it if you could share some photos also. Thank you for participating in this assignment with me. This is my first of the six letters that I will be sending you. Tell me about your birth. What is your full name and the origin of your name? Tell me some of the memories of your parents, grandparents, siblings and pets. I am also wondering if you could include information about your childhood town and what it was like growing up in that area. Did you have traditions or parades, like the Ule? What were your favorite activities or events that you remember? Lately, we've heard in the news about the Middle Eastern leaders being overthrown and candidates for our next president. When you were a child, were there any world events that you recall? What was happening in the world? Were there any wars or major political events? If so, how was your life affected? What was your favorite sports team? Did you go to church every Sunday? I have always loved playing games, like Maisy Memory and Candy land. I also loved to go fishing, even though I didn't really know how. What did you do in your free time before you started Kindergarten? Do you have any funny memories? For example, I remember the story of going fishing with my parents and my Dad filleting the fish that we caught. I had made friends with that fish and was excited to show him the world outside of the sea. This is when I thought that I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. When we got to the dock my Dad started cutting it and there was blood all over. I screamed and told him that he killed my best friend! Do you remember that story? Tell me a funny story about your childhood (before you started school). As you know, I love playing soccer and tennis. I really appreciate when you are able to come to my games. Did you play sports or participate in activities when you were in grade school? What were some of your favorite memories of grade school? Do you still keep in touch with some of your friends that you played sports with? Did you play any instruments or listen to music? I am really enjoying 8th grade at Timbercrest. I have some great friends and teachers. I'm so excited that I made the school soccer team this year. I love to play with the 9th graders - they are so good! The soccer coach, Mr. Steinbaugh, is also my Technical Education (wood shop) teacher. I really like taking his class and learning to work with the power tools. I did so good on my band saw test, that I got to certify people to be able to use it. I thought you'd be proud to hear that! At home, we had a tragedy... "Wade Dude" (Mason's chicken) died. We found him keeled over in the chicken yard. We had a funeral and buried him. Mason was shaking, he was crying so hard. It was a very traumatic day in the Banks family! I'm looking forward to hearing back from you and seeing the pictures of you when you were a little boy. Thanks again for helping with assignment Love you, Olivia

3: Date: October 28, 2011 Miss Olivia Banks, What a great assignment that your teacher has asked you to do. Yes, I will be glad to participate in this assignment with you. First, I was born on April 4, 1943 here in Seattle. My parents and your great-grandparents were Bob and Jean Banks who came to Seattle from Nebraska in 1938. My mother was born in Omaha, Nebraska and my father was born in a small farming town, Alma, located in Southeast Nebraska. My parents met at the University of Nebraska. My father did not want to pursue a career in farming so on a recommendation from a fraternity brother in 1938, he moved to Seattle and got a job selling typewriters. A few months later, my mother moved to Seattle to join him and start a family. In 1939, America was getting ready to enter World War II in Europe against Germany and in the Pacific against Japan. My dad went to Texas for training in the Army. While my dad was in the Army, my older brother, Tony, was born in 1939. Four years later on April 4, 1943, I was born. My parents named me David Lawrence Banks, but gave me the nickname of Tim. I believe I was named Tim after the Charles Dickens character Tiny Tim from The Christmas Story. Apparently, I was small when I was born. America was in the middle of World War II in 1943. There was concern in the Puget Sound area that the Japanese would bomb Seattle. The Boeing Aircraft Company was manufacturing airplanes for the war effort and my parents along with everyone had to turn the lights off in the evening so if the Japanese flew over the city they couldn't see where the Boeing factory was located. At this time we lived in an apartment on Capitol Hill. My father was the "Air Raid Warden" for the apartment house where we lived. He had to make sure that the residents turned out their lights every night so the Japanese could not see where people lived if they flew over the city. Tim Banks

4: November 15, 2011 Dear Pa, Thank you for your response. I didn't know you were named after Tiny Tim! I just watched the Disney version of a Christmas Carol. What a great story. In this letter, please explain your teen memories, including sports, Junior High, High School, Friends. Thank you for sharing your photos with me. If you have more when you were in Junior High and High School, I would love to see them and put them in my final portfolio. Did you like your teachers in school? I love mine! I also have a pretty good schedule to, except I have P.E. right after lunch. Did you have any friends or best friends, please share your experiences with them. What did you do in your spare time? Did you play games with your brothers? I play soccer and tennis and fish! I am also doing the play at mu school this year. The production is Tom Sawyer and I am Ginny Walters, one Becky Thatcher's friends. Also I love skiing and I am doing a ski bus every Friday night with my friends. Did you d a lot of skiing when you were younger? In your last letter you said that your Father was the “Air Raid Warden” for the apartment house you lived in. Did he have any other jobs? Was he in the military? Did your Mother work? What were some of the chores you had to do? What was your first job? What were some of your favorite foods? What was a dinner that your mom made a lot? Did you go out to eat? Where did you like to go to? What did dinner look like at your house when you were a teenager? My mom makes the BEST beef stroganoff! That is definitely my favorite dinner. Did you have any holiday traditions that you remember? Family gatherings? What was your favorite holiday, the one you looked forward to the most. As you know, our family does the Ule at Kenmore every year. I like this tradition because everyone is in the Christmas sprit. Life is going well for me right know. Soccer season on the Timbercrest team just ended so I have more time at home so I don't have to stay up late doing my homework. Happy Thanksgiving! Sincerely, Olivia

5: Dear Olivia, I enjoyed my teen years growing up in Lake Forest Park. I attended Thomas Hunt Morgan Junior High School for the 7th and 8th grade and went on to high school for my 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade years. Junior high was really fun. Besides the basic classes, math, English, social studies and science we were able to choose elective classes. These classes included music, drama, model building including airplanes, boats, cars and trains. I learned to make model airplanes in this class which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also took P.E. I was very competitive in sports and played basketball, football and track. Football was my favorite sport. I went on to play football at the varsity level starting in my sophomore year. I attended Shoreline High School and we were called the Shoreline Spartans. Our football team, Class of 61, went on to win every game including the All City (Seattle) Championship game beating Garfield High School 7 to 6 in the Thanksgiving Day game at the High School Memorial Stadium in Seattle. I played half back on offense and cornerback on defense. I was a very social person in high school. I was outgoing and had many friends including teammates and boys and girls that were on various committees. I was a disk jockey where we played records during lunch in the school lunch room. I would take song requests and play them for my friends. I liked most of my teachers, particularly my coaches. I got along with all my teachers, but I blame myself for not paying more attention to them and working harder in class. I became more aware of this as Mimi and I have travelled around the world, learning more about history and different parts of the world. I would have enjoyed learning more about history, social evolution, foreign languages, music and art during my junior high and high school years. I enjoyed high school dances after the football and basketball games. I really liked the music of our time (1960’s) and parties. I also was the student council representative from my class almost every year. During my spare time I hung out mostly with friends, usually with kids on various sports teams. My older brother, Tony, who is four years older than me, went to the University of Washington so I really didn't play with him very much. My younger brother, Terry, who is three years younger than me interacted mostly with kids his age. I did have access to a car and was able to get around during my high school years which made meeting kids and getting to school programs very convenient. I did have to demonstrate responsibility to my parents in order to have driving privileges. I didn't do much skiing until my senior year when Mimi and I decided to go to Snoqualmie Pass one day. I should explain that during my high school junior and senior years I worked at Kenmore Air Harbor during the summer months and sometimes on weekends when I wasn't involved with school activities. I met Mimi, Leslie Munro, while working at Kenmore Air. We became very good friends. Mimi was a very good skier and I was terrible. Talk about embarrassing. Mimi grew up in a skiing family and I had no experience. I didn't learn to ski until several years later when Mimi and I were married. We took a ski vacation to Sun Valley where I took lessons. We skied quite often after we were married in 1966. When I was just an infant in 1943 we lived on Capitol Hill. My father was the Air Raid Warden for the apartment building that we lived in. He did have a regular job working in a real estate office in downtown Seattle. It was common for people living in apartment buildings during the war to have someone in charge of making sure lights were turned out at night and to guide residents to a designated safe place when the air raid siren sounded. My mother did work for a short time at Frederick and Nelsons, a well known downtown Seattle department store. She worked in the women's clothing department. After my younger brother was born, my mother became a full time mom. It was common in those days for moms to be at home. Only dads worked. Most families had one car. Moms did all the house work, did the laundry and cooked home-made meals. My mother was a great cook. Sunday nights were always a family dinner where we ate together in the dining room. We were expected to be washed and clean with hair combed before we sat down for dinner. My dad served the dinner, usually roast beef, pot roast, ham or chicken and sometimes fish, with potatoes and vegetables. We were expected to finish eating all our food before leaving the table. Desert was always served at the table right after dinner. During the week, dinner was less formal and sometimes when my dad was late coming home we ate, with mom at the kitchen table. My mom would make casseroles and homemade soup. She would also grind meat and vegetable and make the best sandwiches. She enjoyed being in the kitchen and preparing meals for our family. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were always fun to look forward to. My mom and Dad also made our birthdays special. We often had Halloween parties where several kids in the neighborhood would get together after trick or treating and bob for apples. My parents always took us to see Santa Claus at Christmas, and decorating our Christmas tree was always a special occasion. We often would make paper chains and little Christmas cut-outs to put on the tree. My mom would make tons of Christmas cookies. Christmas was always fun at our house. I have fond memories growing up in our family. Like you I was lucky to have two nice brothers to play with. Pa

6: December 20, 2011 Dear Pa, Thank you for responding. I am looking forward to your pictures of you in your adult years, before I was born. Sounds like you had a really fun childhood! Like you I love sports! My favorites are skiing, snowboarding, fishing (with you), soccer, tennis and backyard baseball, football and capture the flag! Did you have any girlfriends besides Mimi? When did you meet Mimi. What kinds of things did you like to do together? How old were you when you started dating? What kind of wedding did you and Mimi have? Were was it? How did you propose? Were you nervous? How was your relationship with the Munro’s? Were you scared of Papa at the time? Besides working for Costco, what other jobs have you had. What was it like in the Military? What were some of your favorite parts? As you know, I want to go to the University of Oregon and become a Lawyer, and if I like being a Lawyer I might want to be a Judge. When I get older, I want to work for Kenmore Air and carry on the family business. What were some of your favorite memories in raising your kids. Any fun family vacations. Did you enjoy watching kids sporting events? What kinds of rules did you have that were different from other families? What happened in the world at the time. Any wars? How did the United States respond? Did agree it was the right thing to do? Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas (and winter break off of school). I look forward to hearing from you. Remember to send pictures or copies of pictures I can include in my final portfolio! Love you, Olivia

7: December 31,2011 Dear Olivia. Overall, I did enjoy my childhood. I was fortunate to have two brothers to share experiences with both good and bad which is normal. I was a middle child so I usually had to fend for myself which in the long run was a good thing. I think it made me more independent. Evidence of this is I was the first to get married and the first to leave home. I will mention more about this later. On the subject of girl friends, yes I did have other girl friends. I had girl friends in junior high school and all through high school. Actually there were times when I had more than one girl friend. During my high school days this was not unusual. I met Mimi while I was working at Kenmore Air Harbor. I started working at KAH on the marina side during the summer when I was 15 years old. I would watch the airplanes coming and going and thought I would like to work on the Air Harbor side. The following year I got a job as a line boy servicing airplanes. Mimi worked in the office and I actually got to know her then when I first went to work at KAH but we didn’t start dating until I was sixteen. We only went out a couple of times mostly as good friends. I was the first boy that her dad (Papa) allowed to take her out in a car. We probably started dating more seriously when I came back from active duty in the Marines. I was nineteen and just getting ready to go to junior college. After I finished junior college and transferred to the UW things were getting more serious. We were engaged when I was 23 and Mimi was 22 and were married a year later. We did many things together. Mimi knew how to ski and got me interested. We would go to Snoqualmie pass and night ski. I also enjoyed fishing and took Mimi to the Skokomish River for trout fishing. We went to movies and sporting events. We used to play board games with Papa and gremmie. Mimi and I were married on August 26, 1966 at the University Presbyterian Church in the University District. We had a formal wedding with many guests. Mimi was absolutely gorgeous. After the wedding we went to Sea Tac airport and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn before boarding a flight the next morning for Hawaii. We spent our honeymoon on the Island of Kawai. When I proposed to Mimi in 1995 yes, I was nervous. I had to ask Papa and gremmie if I could marry their daughter. You never know exactly how this is going to work out. Fortunately everything worked out. They said yes and a wedding date was set. Mimi and her family and friends took over and made all the arrangements. My work experience took our family to several places. After graduating from college I went into the airfreight business working for Airborne Freight Corporation. After a few years working for Airborne in Seattle we were transferred to Los Angeles. I worked for Airborne altogether for seven years and changed jobs in 1975 when I went to work for Norton Lily International, a steamship company. In 1977 we were transferred to Portland, Oregon where I opened an office for Norton Lilly. Living in Portland was a great experience for our family. We lived there for four years before I changed jobs again and joined a Swedish shipping line in San Francisco. Your dad went through grade school and first year of middle school while we lived in Portland. Interestingly, he actually attended the same school that your mother did in Lake Oswego, but they didn’t know each other. We moved to San Francisco in 1981 and lived in San Anselmo just north of San Francisco. We lived there for eight years before being transferred back to Seattle in 1989. San Francisco was a wonderful experience for our family. Your dad attended Sir Francis Drake High School. He was an excellent student and had many good friends. The Swedish shipping company that I worked for in San Francisco went out of business early in 1989 and I was able to get a job with a Chinese Shipping company, China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO). In August 1989 COSCO transferred me to Seattle. Your dad was attending the University of Oregon at the time. Mimi sold our house in San Anselmo and we purchased the home where we are currently living in Bellevue in October 1989. I am still working for COSCO having worked here for twenty three years. I am so grateful for the experience I had in the Military. I joined the United States Marine Corp during my senior year in high school. I was in the Reserve program which meant that I went through all the regular training including advanced infantry training required by all Marines. This program allowed me to return to civilian life so I could pursue a college degree. I was not would you would call an outstanding academic student in high school. I graduated with average grades. The Marine Corps helped shape my views and instilled a discipline that helped me to be successful not only in college, but in pursuing my career. Today I am very proud to have been a U. S. Marine. I have so many fond memories of our kids (your dad) that I will always cherish. We were a close family. I enjoyed playing sports with the kids and coaching little league. Your dad was an excellent baseball player and your aunt Allison was a standout high school athlete. Our family spent many vacations cruising around South East Alaska in the Ketchikan area with Papa and Grammy. We fished and explored many areas around S.E. Alaska and enjoyed seeing all the wild life. These were truly the most memorable vacations for our family. We also took some skiing vacations in the winter time. I was born when World War II was taking place. I don’t remember anything personally about WWII except for what my parents and friends told me. I do recall my cousin leaving for Korea in 1949. He boarded a troop ship at pier 91 in Seattle. We lived in Lake Forest Park at the time. I remember seeing Navy airplanes flying over our house almost every day flying in and out of Sand Point Naval Air station on Lake Washington. I remember visiting Sand Point as a young boy and seeing all the Navy airplanes there. The next military confrontation took place in 1963 when the United States was being threatened by Russia in what was called the “Bay of Pigs”. Russia was sending missiles to Cuba and targeting the United Sates. My Marine unit was in the process of being activated. President Kennedy took a very strong position against the Russian president, President Khrushchev and forced him to recall his ships back to Russia. The next military confrontation was Viet Nam which occurred in the late 1960’s and ended in 1973. By that time I had been discharged from the Marines and didn’t have to go. Your uncle Gregg was sent to Viet Nam and so was my brother Tony. Tony was on the amphibious landing when the Marines first went ashore in Da Nang, Viet Nam. This was a difficult military experience for the U.S. in that we lost many American lives and were not successful in preventing the North Vietnamese communists from occupying South Viet Nam which was trying to remain a democratic country. Well Olivia this has been an interesting experience for me to recall all these events. I can tell you that I am truly blessed to have the wonderful family that we have. Love to you Pa

8: January 15, 2012 Dear Pa, Thank you for your last letter! Only two more to go! I had no idea that you were part of the Cuban missile crisis! I knew that you wee a very loyal and proud marine but I didn't know that you were part of such a significant event in history. Very cool! I was just reading a very good book in place in that time called the Dooms Day Box! Its about these kids who go back in time to stop a virus and wind up in the Cuban missile crisis! So Pa, what does a typical day look like in the banks family? What do you like to do on a daily basis? On Mondays, Wednesdays, I go to school, walk home from the bus stop have a snack, talk to my mom about her day, do my homework, have dinner and if it is not to late I will watch a TV show. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have lacrosse right after school. Fridays I have ski bus with Jordy and we go up snowboarding! On the weekends, Saturday I watch my Brothers play basketball and sometimes have soccer games. On Sundays If I don't have a soccer game we will go up to Stevens pass and ski or snowboard. I am so lucky to have you and Mimi always looking out for us and close by. You come to our sporting events cheering us on and give us exceptionally nice gifts! Other kids don't have their grandparents around to take care of them like you and Mimi do. How often do you see your brothers and their kids? Do you have a good relationship with them? Now I am supposed to ask you about the princess of your house. The furry rump the sleeps at the end of your bed. How is Miss Miley doing? Have you always had a pet? What is your favorite type of dog? Do you have any special quotes or words of wisdom that you have lived by any future life advice for me or your grandchildren? If so how did these sayings influence your life choices? Right now I am very, very excited to be starting lacrosse. Indoor soccer is ending and I am absolutely in love with skiing and snowboarding. My semester is changing so I will have a new math teacher which I have heard amazing things about! Love you, Olivia

9: January 28, 2012 Dear Olivia, I enjoyed receiving your last letter. I’ll attempt to answer your many questions. A typical day in the Tim (Pa) Banks family may not appear too exciting to you. I start my day around 6:30. Mimi and I get up, get dressed have a light breakfast and I go to my job in Seattle. I am in the shipping business and work for a Chinese shipping company called China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO). I am the Regional Executive Vice president and have worked for the company for twenty three years. My day starts with reviewing many e-mails from various offices including our head office for North America in Secaucus, New Jersey. After reviewing e-mails I meet with managers to offer assistance on issues and projects. On Tuesday mornings, I have a staff meeting with our management team to review issues in each department including vessel operations, terminal operations, equipment management, accounting administration and personnel issues. I always look forward to lunch time. Since my office is downtown Seattle, there are many choices available. One of my favorite things to do is to go to Barnes and Noble, have a quick lunch, and then browse for new books or to read my Kindle. I usually finish work between 5:00 to 5:30 and go home where Mimi and I have dinner. We enjoy discussing all the events of the day, including how the grand kids are doing in school and in their various activities. We also start planning our weekend activities which include attending several sports events. You have no idea how lucky Mimi and Pa are to have such wonderful grand children. We enjoy following your activities, interests and achievements. We are so proud of you and your brothers. Regarding my brothers, I have an older brother and a younger brother. My older brother, Tony, lives part time in Leavenworth and Kirkland. I see him about every other week. Tony has two sons who I hardly ever see. My younger brother, Terry, lives in San Diego and I see him about once a year. I have a close relationship with my brothers and we often talk on the telephone and frequently e-mail each other. We try to meet once a year to enjoy a long weekend together. And, then there is MylieYes we do have a princess in our home. We have a very spoiled Portuguese Water (PWD) that you know well. Mylie is four years old and is full of energy. She exercises at least twice a day by chasing a tennis ball. She would do this all day if she could. Mylie is an excellent swimmer and I’m going to see if she will actually dive under water this year. PWD’s were known for their ability to dive under water and help with fishing nets in Portugal, so I’m curious to see if she will do this. Before Mimi and I got Mylie, we had two Scottish Terriers. We were very attached to Scotties and after our last one passed on, we didn’t want another dog, at least until we found Mylie. Once we saw Mylie we had to adopt her. She has become such a special part of our family. I so enjoy watching you compete in soccer, and am looking forward to see you play lacrosse. It’s been amazing to watch you grow from this adorable little girl to a beautiful young lady. Mimi and I are the luckiest grandparents to have you in our lives. I wonder if your friends know what an outstanding fisherman you are. I’m looking forward to our next trip. There is not much you cannot do. I am so proud of you. Love, Pa

10: February 10, 2012 Dear Pa, This letter is a little different. I get to choose the topics, instead of following a packet. After this letter, only one more to go! I know I have already informed you of this but since we are nearing the end of the project I thought I might want to remind you again. My English class is making a portfolio on their correspondents life using these letters. It would improve my project if I could use some pictures of you throughout the years. So, one question I have for you is when you were a kid, what was your favorite place to go? For example, when I was really little, I loved to go to Disneyland. My favorite ride was space mountain and I loved to visit Ariel at her seashell. Also, what is your most memorable vacation ever? What is your all time favorite movie or TV shows? Mine is constantly changing. I like watching Modern Family, Last Man Standing, and Heroes. Modern Family and Last Man Standing are comedy shows about families trying to get through life in some very amusing ways. Heroes is more sci-fi. It'’s about people with superpowers trying to keep each other safe from the government, who wants to lock them in prison because apparently they are a harm to the country. I don't really have a favorite movie because there are so many good ones out there. I mostly like comedy and action/adventure. You mentioned being in the Marines. What was your favorite part of training, or just the experience in general? Did you make any really close friends? When you were there, what was the biggest life lesson you learned? Thank you so much for all the support, encouragement,coming to my lacrosse games and getting me a new stick, bag, and lacrosse balls. I appreciate all that you do for your grandchildren. I love you, Pa. Love, Olivia

11: February 21, 2012 Dear Olivia, Thank you for your most recent letter. I’ll attempt to answer your questions regarding what I enjoyed doing when I was a young boy, what television programs I liked, and the experiences I had as a United States Marine. When I was a young boy, between the ages of five and ten years, my favorite place to go was called Dog Wood. Dog Wood was owned by some good friends of my parents and was located on the water in the South sound near Olympia. We would visit Dog Wood every Fourth of July weekend. The little red cabin we stayed in did not have electricity or a telephone. The bathroom was outside in a small building called an outhouse. The kitchen had a wood stove where all our meals were prepared. Just outside the kitchen was a deck that extended over a small body of water called a “spit”. The tide would come in under the deck and there were hundreds of crabs that we would feed. At night we had to use kerosene lanterns for light. We would play cards and board games on a large table in the great room adjacent to the kitchen. Our beds all had straw mattresses. Because the outhouse was too far to walk to during the night, we had to have a bed pan that was kept under each bed. This house was really cozy and so much fun to visit. There was a large apple orchard near the cabin where deer could be seen every morning and evening. I loved going to the orchard by myself to watch the deer eat apples. We had a small boat where I learned how to row. I spent days drifting in the water watching fish, marine life and sea birds. This may be why I continue to love the salt water and fishing. On the Fourth of July, my dad would entertain us with fireworks. It was really a fun place to visit. One of my favorite TV programs was the Ed Sullivan Show that was on every Sunday night. All the most popular entertainers, singers, dancers and sports figures were featured on this show. There were several family shows that I also liked including the Nelson Family and Leave It to Beaver. One of my favorite TV shows was about eight and nine year olds on the Mickey Mouse Club Show. The show featured several kids that were my age. It was fun to watch them perform. When I was in the Marine Corps, I was stationed at a place called Camp Pendleton in California that is located just north of San Diego. My favorite part of training was Advanced Infantry Training. We trained on all the weapons used by the Marines including machine guns, mortars, automatic rifles, hand grenades and explosive devices. In addition, we trained on amphibious landing craft launched from ships moving through the surf and over beaches. I really enjoyed this training and have great respect for the Marines that have served our country all over the world. I had several Marine friends during the time I was serving, but they have all moved on and we no longer stay in contact. I did have a close friend that I went through training with. He later served in Viet Nam under very dangerous conditions. The last time I talked to him he lived on a farm in Montana. One of the lasting lessons I learned while in the Marines was to be true to my country and respect what many men and women gave to make our country free. I learned how valuable freedom is, particularly when I see how other people in the world live. We have a lot to be grateful for and I hope generations like yours will continue to keep our country free. Lots of love to you, Pa

12: March 17, 2012 Dear Pa, Last letter, yeah.! Although it has been very interesting learning new things about you! I will begin to start working on my final portfolio as soon as I receive my last letter. Thank you so much for helping me and for giving me a very fascinating story to learn. I really appreciate you spending your time to help me improve my project. What were some of your favorite memories of your Mother and Father. Anything specific? Also, what are some funny memories of your brothers? What kind of trouble did you guys get into? You mentioned when you were misbehaving in school, you got paddled. How many times did you get paddled and what for? Do you think it is something that teachers should be able to do today? When you were my age, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you have good grades? What was your most memorable class or teacher you had? I have learned so many things I didn't know about you through out this project. Thank you for continuing to be a great inspiration to me. You always find a way to make people laugh! Love you! Olivia

13: April 18, 2012 Dear Olivia, Your questions in your most recent letter are really interesting in that they make me think about my childhood growing up in Lake Forest Park. As I mentioned in an earlier letter, I grew up with two brothers. Tony is four years older than me and Terry is three years younger. We had many happy times with my mother and father when I was growing up. I particularly enjoyed all holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and my birthday. My mom loved to decorate the house for the particular holiday we were celebrating. She loved to bake cookies and various deserts. On Halloween she would decorate the front porch with pumpkins, corn stocks, white ghosts and witches. We used to go to the neighbor’s homes and bob for apples and, of course, eat candy. When we were growing up there weren’t as many houses so it was really dark and scary when we went between homes. Mom especially loved Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our immediate family was very close as all our relatives lived in Nebraska. Mom always prepared the most delicious turkey dinners. She loved to decorate the table with all the colors of the holiday. Christmas was always special. I can remember listening to Christmas stories on the radio in our living room. Mom always took us down town Seattle to have our picture taken with Santa Claus. We would go to Frederick and Nelson in the corner window and sit on Santa’s knee telling him what we wanted for Christmas. Mom would take us to lunch in the Paul Bunyan Room in the basement at Frederick & Nelson. After lunch we would walk around the city and shop for Christmas presents. Mom loved to decorate the Christmas tree. This was a big deal for my brothers and me. We would make paper chains and string them around the tree. When the lights were on the tree, we would get so excited. My dad would help decorate when he came home from work. Mom loved Easter, too. We would always dye Easter Eggs. Easter morning my mom and dad would put Easter eggs everywhere for us to find. We didn’t have plastic eggs in those days. Most Easter eggs were real with beautiful colors. I should mention that my mom liked to dress up for the holidays. I remember her wearing hats and beautiful dresses, often with white gloves. Mom was really a fun lady and loved kids. I really wish you could have known her. I think about her often. Did I misbehave in school? Well, I guess sometimes I did. I recall I liked to play tricks sometimes on classmates. Occasionally I got caught and my teacher didn’t have a sense of humor about it. On one occasion, I believe I was in the third or fourth grade, when I got into a skirmish with another boy. My teacher was rather upset with me and sent me to the principal’s office. In those days if you got into trouble, the principal could paddle your behind. Well, your grandpa managed to get the board (paddle) of education. I had to turn around over the principal’s desk while he gave me one firm spank with the paddle. It was really important not to cry so I took my punishment and went back to class. I didn’t bother anybody in that class for the rest of the year. My mom and dad would scold me for getting in trouble when I got home. My scoldings were usually followed by cookies and milk or ice cream. Parents can be really great in times like this. Just like your mom and dad. I really didn’t know what I wanted to be while I was growing up at least until I was about sixteen years old. I met Mimi when I was about fifteen and went to work at Kenmore Air Harbor. After working there for about a year I wanted to learn to fly. When I was seventeen my dad went with me to meet Mr. Munro (Papa) to talk about flying lessons. Yes, my dad (Bubba) paid for my flying lessons. I was flying regularly when I was seventeen years old and thought that’s what I wanted to do. This all changed when I graduated from high school and went into the Marine Corps. It was during my time in the service that I decided that I needed to go to college and find my way from there. By the time I was a junior at the University of Washington, I had taken classes in transportation and thought this might be what I would like to do. Mimi and I were married my senior year and I decided I would like to go into air freight. I graduated from Central Washington State University in December 1967 and went to work for Airborne Freight Corporation. After seven years with Airborne, and having been transferred to Los Angeles, I left the airfreight business and went into ocean shipping where I have been ever since. I just realized while writing this letter that I have been working for forty four years. Mimi doesn’t want me to quit! Well Olivia, that’s my story. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look back on my life and share these experiences with you. I am so lucky to have you for my granddaughter. Love, Pa

14: April 19, 2012 Dear Mrs. Russell, I not only managed to greatly improve my writing skills during this project, but I also developed a closer relationship with my grandpa. He had two very “jocky” brothers and loving parents. His experience in the Marines taught him some very important life lessons: be true to your country and respect the men and women who gave their lives to be free. Learning more about my grandpa’s life has helped me to realize the enormous dedication of being part of a family and the life-long commitment to one another. One thing that is very important to both my grandpa and I is family. Each of us is very devoted to our family. We get together every holiday and have a wonderful time with each other. My grandpa and I go to sports games on weekends and go on fun vacations! Our family is important to all of us and we always support each other. Growing up my grandpa had family dinners, family t.v. shows, went skiing as a family, and many other activities centered around his family. Through this process, I have learned that my grandpa and I are very much alike in our thinking and personality. We both like to joke around and have fun. We enjoy spending countless hours solving our country’s problems while fishing. I have learned that we have similar views politically. And, we will stop any joking and discussion once a fish hits the line! We both LOVE to catch salmon and work on our techniques. My grandpa is a hard-working, honest man. I learned that this began as a young child, and has continued throughout his lifetime, including in his career. In fact, at age 69, he still works full-time because he is committed to his company and enjoys his job. I respect this about my grandpa. Along with hard work and honesty, he values kindness, respecting others, and being true to our country. I’m proud to say that my values reflect those of my grandpa. This project encouraged me to ask my grandpa questions that I may have never asked. For example, I would have never asked him if he had any girlfriends before my grandma! I enjoyed hearing stories about when he was my age, and what his life was like growing up. I feel like I have a much better picture of how he lived and the challenges he faced. The thing I most enjoyed about this project was connecting the pictures to the stories he told. I loved to see him and my uncles as little kids, and hearing about the trouble they would get into. I found out that when he lived with his grandparents during the war, he called them mother and father - that was interesting! It showed me that my grandpa truly came from a different generation where expectations were different. I am grateful to have learned these things about my grandpa and the history of my family. The bond between generations gives us me information about my families history and him seeing what our families future will look like. I really enjoyed being part of this experience and getting to know my grandpa better even when I thought I had known everything about his life. Sincerely, Olivia

15: Tim and Todd | 2008 in Hawaii | Picture with Mom | The 3 brothers | Timmy in 8th grade

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