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TO BHUTAN, the 1st story

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TO BHUTAN, the 1st story - Page Text Content

BC: To be continued to "TO BHUTAN, the 2nd story"...

FC: TO BHUTAN, the 1st story

1: FEB 15th~16th 2013 | We were all excited when we were going to Bhutan. But first of all, we headed to Bangkok first, because there was no direct flight to Bhutan from Singapore.. How annoying it was for everyone, because we were sooooooo ready for Bhutan!!! But we had no choice... so we stayed in Bangkok for only like 5hours and left the hotel at 4am-ish. How tiring for everyone, including the JIS people and other Bhutan trekking trip as well. HM!

2: We boarded on the plane KB141 at 5-6 am-ish. Three hours of flight continued, and everybody talked with JIS people, played games or slept. The Druke Air was really nice--I like the chair because it was more comfortable than those placed in the Singapore Airline. Later I learned that there were only five airplanes that go to Bhutan because its airport is the most dangerous and the scariest airport to land to. Therefore, the royal empire of Bhutan takes care of the Royal Druke Air, where there are only five of the best pilots fly into Bhutan (three are Bhutanese and two are foreigners). We landed at the military base for thirty minutes to refill the plane oil.... | FEB 16th 2013 continued...

3: We were in the air for like an hour...We couldn't land in Bhutan because they had poor sight due to the heavy snow and amount of clouds that blocked the view. Meaning, it is impossible to fly though the valley, which is pretty dangerous... So we had no choice to land in Kalkata, India! All the people who were on Druke air plane were forced to stay in Kalkata airport for more than four hours... Everyone was totally DISGUSTED about how dirty and crappy th airport was... | After staying in the airport for more than four hours, we were finally transported to the hotel that was about 40 minutes away... "Wasted A DAy" "Day of my life that I will never get back EVER x 5!!!!!"--Phil

4: We were told that we will stay here for a night... I never thought of staying in India. First, I thought staying in India was ridiculous, because it was AWFULLY dirty. When I got on the bust, it traveled to the Hotel in the city. But on the way to the hotel, my mind changed; Though it was dirty, the streets, buildings and people inspired me in an artistic way; I really wanted to take photos of them because they were evoking 'vintage' feeling. Absolutely, the people were living in trash as well and the city was covered with gray I personally wanted to name this city as "abandoned city" because it looked like a war swept passed by!

5: Live Love & Enjoy Life always | All about the journey | Good times | Overall, it wasn't a bad experience at all to be in India. When we were on the bus, I realized that the door wasn't there--it was very dangerous, but hilarious at the same time for everyone, because the old Japanese tourists who sat nearby had to hold on the bars all the time. At the same time, all the cars were just rushing by on one road, where there were no road lines! They jumped from one area to another, and that the bus driver banged the car bell(?) for more than 100 times; LOL! But thank god that he seemed to be an expert at this matter-HA! Obviously, we safely arrived at the Hotel (I forgot its name), and everyone rushed in to eat dinner. I didn't eat anything because I didn't really like the food and kind of disgusted. But oh well, at least we have a place to sleep in-PHEW!

6: Sucked | EW! | KALKATA! | FEB 17th 2013 | What an awful morning-we had to wake up at 1 AM, because Brooke and I had to shower; GAHH!! We got out from our room at 2:25 AM. All the passengers came down to the lobby and checked out. There were three buses for everyone to ride to the airport, which only took us 20 minutes, since there was no traffic jam. We indeed arrived at the airport, but the plane was delayed for about another two hours; everyone booed and awed! We kept on waiting--it seemed like were all going to stay FOREVER!

7: Travel is adventure | Everyone played games to spend time... Of course, we ate hotel food at a restaurant in the airport, which was soo crappy! I was very angry about how the waiters forced the old Japanese grannies and grandpas outside right after they just finished their food! Uh, how rude they are! If they are going to do so, the waiters had to pulled us out first, not the old grandparents! Anyways, about few hours later, the foreign nun played Twister with our school friends--the luck was with her because she only had to move one leg each time she played! Then she also taught yoga afterwards--a lot of people crowded in to see what was going on! Then we heard that we had to wait for another hour because the weather was getting better! YAY!

8: At last, at 4pm, we were finally leaving this awful place! The sky was clear enough to see the valley; so at 4:30, we were off to go! Hallelujah! The clouds in the sky were very dramatic--there were three layers of clouds in the sky, so I was kind of worried that we might not make it to Bhutan! But we did--the plane was flying right next to the mountains!

9: It was kind of scary because we thought that the wings might touch the trees in the mountain! When we landed, we all did snowball fight--I got Mr.Early HAHA. Anyways, we met our tour guides (Tenzin & Kesang), and we straight went off to the Tenzling resort. The electricity was out in the resort, but who cares? It's better than staying in KalKata! And I had the proper dinner in three days, so which was good and fulfilling-Yum! I loved the apple tea--so before going to sleep, I went back to the meeting room and drank another cup of apple tea!

10: FEB 18th 2013 | Good Morning! I woke up at 8am so that I can shower fast. The electricity hadn't come back in, so I had to shower with some trickling water from the shower tab. | After eating breakfast, I went out to look around the resort. Everything was covered with snow! Then I saw a monk who was sculpting with ice; I was inspired as well, so I wanted to try it out--but I failed hahaha...ha... you won, Mr.Monk QQ

11: Let the journey begin | I saw the employees playing snowball fight--so everyone from our trip jumped in! We were keep missing the targets, while the employees were really good at aiming! When we were all leaving to the capital city, Timpu to look around. But then, all the employees started to throw the snowballs at us, so we were all frightened; Mr.G hided inside of the office to avoid the snowballs--LoL!

12: When we arrived in Timpu, we visited the bank first because all of us had to change the money. Afterwards, we went to this postcard/stamp shop where everyone bought one or two stamps and postcards of the King and Queen of Bhutan! SWEET! While we waited for Mr Early to turn up, we saw a boy who challenged to stand up on a pole with one leg--everyone started to follow, but we couldn't beat him. Ugh! Anyways, we headed for lunch in Timpu. Girls went first because we were at the matriarchal country, MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

13: Then we walked around Timpu for a while...

14: Good times | THE AWESOME PHOTO & BUSH STOP! | STOP | "Bush" | "PHOTO"

15: Let the journey begin | "Bush" & "Photo" stops were taken place on the way to the camp site in Punaka Valley (Tenzin's hometown) during the 2 to 3 hours of bus ride

16: "To travel is to live." -Hans Christian Andersen

17: Still on the way to Punaka Valley....

18: BON VOYAGE | When we arrived to Punaka, the sun was already setting. Then I saw Phil sleeping with such an awkward yet funny face--he was keep frowning for some reason. So I kept on taking photos of him in FLASH, but thank god that he did not wake up! Everyone started to laugh at him--so I decided to take a group photo, in which all of us surrounded Phil and making great poses! HAHAHA it was soooooo funny! And how funny everyone "awed" when the flash beamed into their eyes... We arrived to the camp site--all the Bhutanese workers were so nice to us. The tea and biscuits were ready.. and dinner as well--they were soo good that Johnny ate three plates of dinner! WOW! It was freezing cold in the tent... but hopefully, we'll survive tonight! :3

20: FEB 19th 2013 | I woke up at 6am because it was freezing cold! But I decided to wash my hair, as usual in the morning. It was a bad idea because the water was really cold so that I couldn't feel my fingers! Before we left to the Punakha Dzhong, we ate breakfast--the egg was my favorite. We only rode about 15 minutes to reach the bridge to go across the river...

21: Discovering new places. | I liked the view while I was crossing the bridge.

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