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Tracy's Bachelorette Weekend

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S: Tracy's Bachelorette Weekend ~ Daytona Beach, FL ~ April 2, 2011

FC: Tracy's Bachelorette Weekend

1: Daytona Beach, Florida | April 2, 2011

2: This story is about a beautiful. young, bride-to-be named Spacey. Spacey is as cute as a button, engaged to a fantastic guy who she's been with for 9 years, and she has a soft spot for cute girls. So naturally, for her bachelorette party, Spacey requested that her girlfriends not go to clubs downtown, get mani's and pedi's, or hire a male stripper like normal girls do. Instead she requested her bachelorette party go down in a "gentleman's club," otherwise known as: The Nudy Bar. This is where her sister DoubleD, her bridesmaids TonkaTruck and KittyKat, and her close friends ZoomZoom and Dugout come in. They were the girls who would accompany Spacey for her epic Daytona Beach Bachelorette Weekend. | Spacey's Last Fling Before the Ring

3: Let the PartyBegin!

4: The Plaza Resort &Spa Daytona Beach, FL | Six girls shared a suite at The Plaza Resort &Spa in Daytona Beach, about a half block away from Molly Browns and Lollipop's.

5: The day started innocently enough. TonkaTruck and ZoomZoom arrived at the hotel in bikinis by 11:00am ready to get their tans on. They got the room, settle in by the pool with rum runners, and waited for the other girls to arrive. After valeting Spacey's car, the girls hits the beach with beers and lay out for a couple of hours. Then KittyKat arrived and it was time to get ready for dinner, which meant the drinking could really begin. | What Happens in Daytona, Stays in Daytona (and this book....)

7: Sloppy Joes for Dinner!

8: Piercings at "The Corner"with Danny from Jersey Shore!

9: Many margaritas and shots later, the girls wanted piercings. So off they went to a shop on the other side of the bridge, where Danny from the Jersey Shore's Shore Shop works with his very cute brother. Spacey got another ear piercing and her nipple ring removed, DoubleD and Dugout got nose piercings, and TonkaTruck got new studs - all from a cute New Yorker named Ian. The night was young, so when the girls went back to the hotel room Spacey decided to liven things up by tackling DoubleD.

10: Gettin' Raunchy at Razzels | This Place About to Blow

11: Finally it got dark enough to dress like hookers! Spacey put on her bachelorette sash and crown and off the group went to a regular night club called Razzels to warm up. It was early so the girls got free drinks, took shots, and promptly began entertaining each other by taking naughty photos together. Then they played several games of pool. Just as the girls decide to hit the nudy bars, they were approached by hot, intelligent, decent guys who want to buy them drinks. But they were on a mission and it didn't include men. So they turned the guys down and headed for the closest strip club - Molly Browns! | Tonight We're Takin' Names Cause We Don't Mess Around

12: The bad news is: There are no full-nudity strip clubs in Dayonta Beach. The good news is: There are no full-nudity strip clubs in Daytona Beach. So after a brief walk-through, the girls left Molly Browns and headed for Lollipop's. They realized this was the place for them as soon as they walked in. There was a huge stage with room to sit, the bars were easy to access, and one look at the girls told them there was plenty of eye candy. And then, as if some kind of strip club angel was watching over them, the girls saw a bachelor get pulled onto the stage and given a full work-up by the girls on staff. This was all the proof they needed that Lollipop's was where the rest of their night would be spent. As the bachelor got his money's worth, ZoomZoom gave DoubleD a kick under the table, pointed to the stage, and said "Let's go find out how we get Spacey up there. Now!" | Dirt and glitter cover the floor - We're pretty and sick We're young and We're bored

14: Go insane, Go insane - Throw some glitter - Make it rain on 'em!

15: ZoomZoom and DoubleD were promptly led to the back of the club (by a fully clothed woman, oddly enough) where they paid $50 bucks to some burly dude scheduling private dances. And just like that, Spacey was on the list for a public parade of lap dances. Then they grabbed Spacey and headed toward the bar where TonkaTruck and KittyKat were, to keep her from realizing the transaction they just made. ZoomZoom asked TonkaTruck what she was up to and sees her signing a credit card slip for an amount well over $100,... and it wasn't for drinks. The bartender then reached over and handed TonkaTruck six chips, explaining that they are worth two lap dances each. TonkaTruck looked at ZoomZoom and said "I don't care how much it costs, Spacey is gonna have a badass time tonight!" | Let Me See Them Hands - Let Me, Let me See Them Hands!

16: ZoomZoom breaks the news,"Girl, we just bought her an on-stage parade of lap dances..." Her response: "Shit.... oh well, let's go get some fuckin' dances!" TonkaTruck and ZoomZoom grabbed drinks and headed over to the stage where DoubleD, KittyKat and Spacey were sitting front and center. The girls pulled out all the cash they have, lined up their bills, and waited for some attention. They didn't have to wait long. A blonde with a 10 out of 10 body came over and wrapped her legs behind her head; did splits; climbed to the top of the pole and balanced on it with her stomach. She was amazing. After about 30 minutes of objectifying her and a few other women, Spacey was called to the stage. She looked at the girls with a huge, shocked grin and hoped up to take a seat. One-by-one she got one-on-one attention from every unoccupied dancer in the building. | Tonight We're Takin' Over - No One's Getting Out

17: The strippers were grinding on her, humping her so hard she's coming off of her chair, and sliding down the poll upside down so that their boobs are in her face. Spacey loved it. Now, men can't touch strippers... that's just not cool. But girls? Girls can do whatever they damn well please. And Spacey took full advantage of the situation. But all good things must come to an end, the dances were over, and Spacey was happy as a pig in shit. It was shortly after Spacey's dance when a guy named Bankroll sat down next to ZoomZoom and TonkaTruck. He was a normal, young, decent guy, and he asked, "You girls having a great time tonight?!" TonkaTruck looked at him, "Hell yeah we're having a great time tonight!" Bankroll asked again, "You SURE you're having a great time tonight?" ZoomZoom said "Of course we're having a great time, we're with the bachelorette!" | We Get What We Want - We Do What You Don't

19: That's when Bankroll held out a wad of $200 singles and said "Now that I'm here, it's gonna get a whole lot better!" Bankroll was there with his wife and some friends and they wanted to make more friends. He asked the girls which dancers they liked, then bought hem; he lined up dollar after dollar on the stage in front of the girls for the dancers to work for, and they did; and then he slipped money into the girl's bra straps and pants for the dancers to come get, and some of them got really creative in their quest. Bankroll wasn't kidding. The night did get even better. After awhile, the girls realized they had been at the nudy bar for 3 hours; they were running out of cash; were completely out of cigarettes; and had enough chips left for Spacey to motorboat girls for six songs. So while KittyKat kept Spacey's drinkings coming, DoubleD, TonkaTruck and ZoomZoom picked out a really cute blonde girl and a girl with curly hair, lovely attributes and (don't laugh) a great personality, and requested they dance on Spacey. | We're Takin' Over Get Used to It

20: The stripper's responses included: "What's this chip? $20?! Oh yeah I'll do whatever you girls want!" "Is she marrying a man or a woman...?!" as they bounced up and down on her lap. And finally "she is SO much fun!!!" as they got wrapped up in her sash and she motorboated their boobs. The next 30 minutes were a blur, but the girls eventually ran out of chips; Bankroll became otherwise occupied with his wife and original friends; and Spacey went from "really drunk and having a great time" to "totally plastered crazy giggly falling over" - exactly as she should be! So finally, at 3:00 in the morning and well after last call, DoubleD and ZoomZoom call it a night and corral the girls back to the hotel; managing to avoid a few brawls and gangsters along the way. Safely back at The Plaza, Spacey, KittyKat, and TonkaTruck almost missed their floor in the elevator but they caught it just in time. Then Spacey crawled down the hallway toward the room while TonkaTruck kidnapped a framed poster but put it back at ZoomZoom's insistence. | It's time to kill the lights and shut the DJ down

23: The girls finally arrived back at the room and proceed to wake-up the sunburnt DugOut with pajama wrestling, moth chasing, loud laughing and other shenanigans. But not too much hotel dismantling went down in the process and by 5am everyone was on their way toward "passed out" status. The next morning came far too bright and far too early. But the girls made it out in time, put on sunglasses, and stepped into the bright sunlight to go all the way across the street for breakfast. After food, hugs, and love, everyone drove back home with enough memories (of the strip club) to last a lifetime.

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