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Travel the World

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S: Explorers Around the World By: Mrs. Feuerbach's Class

FC: Explorers Around the World | Mrs. Feuerbach's 5th Grade Class

1: Mrs. Feuerbach's 5th Grade Class

2: By Bella Andersen 2010-2011 Did you know that Pocahontas is not Pocahontas’s real name? It is really Matoaka. Her name means “Playful One”. There are a lot of things that people don’t know about her. She lived from 1595-1617. She was from North America, and she is the daughter of a chief named Powhatan. Her goal was to go to England. She was an explorer because she was the first Native American to go to England. On her way to England there were some challenges she had to face. She was a princess, and she loved a man named John Smith he was in the English Army so she could not date him at all. Pocahontas had a very weird love life. At her hometown there were some English settlers that wanted Powhatan’s land, so they took Pocahontas captive on their ship until he gave them his land. On that ship there was a man named John Rolfe. Weeks later they fell in love, and then weeks later they got married. A year later they had a son named Thomas Rolfe. After they got married they went to tell Powhatan, Pocahontas and John Rolfe got married she packed her thing and then they left to England. They found a cottage in town. Pocahontas lived in that house for about 2 years, when Pocahontas 22 years old she died at the year 1617. THE END | Pocahontas | Native American | Explorer | Matoaka

4: Amelia Earhart By: Joellen Andrade Did you know that Amelia Earhart’s full name was Amelia Amy Otis Earhart? Amelia Earhart was born in the small town of Atchison, Kansas, in 1897. Ever since she was a little girl, and went to the fair, she wanted to fly a plane. Amelia’s first flight was over the Atlantic Ocean. Her second flight was the same but she decided to do it solo. She received many awards for flying. She was the first woman to receive the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross. Amelia even wrote bestselling books about her flights. Finally she set her mind on one goal: to be the first woman to fly around the world. She started the trip around the world. On her way to Howland Islands 18 hours into her flight she reported she was 100 miles out from Howland but reported she was low on fuel and couldn’t see the island. All of a sudden the messages stopped. She went missing July 2, 1937 but was declared legally dead January 5, 1939. I think she was a great person and it would be fantastic if she was still alive. .

6: Christopher Columbus | By: Jordyn Barragy 2011 | Explore | Sailor

7: Did you know that Christopher Columbus found North America? Christopher was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. Christopher Columbus wanted to go to the Indies by traveling west instead of east. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had sent him to go to the Indies. On his voyage Christopher and his crew had traveled so long that his crew wanted to go back home and they were wining and they were very tried, but Christopher wanted to keep going. After traveling so long west instead of east Christopher Columbus found the Bahamas Island. When he found it he decided to call the Bahamas Island ‘’San Salvador’’. Then he found North America. There are many interesting facts about Christopher Columbus. Christopher’s name in Italian is “Cristoforo Colombo’’. He has 3 brothers their names are Bartolomeo, Giovanni Pellegrina, and Giacomo. Christopher had a wife her name was Filipa Moniz. They had 2 children their names are Fernando and Diego.People did not know what Christopher Columbus looked like so they just guessed what he looked like. He had two goals they are to open trade routes to Spain and to bring the world of Jesus Christ to non-christen people. Christopher Columbus day became a holiday because he discovered a new world on October 12, 1492. Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506. Christopher Columbus is a cool guy to research about.

8: Leif Ericson by Ike Branstad This is about Leif Ericson’s life. He is the son of Eric the Red, his father is the chief of his settlement. He was born in Iceland somewhere through 980-990. He is a famous explorer because he was the first European to lead an expedition. They moved to Greenland. Soon his father died and he was the chief of the settlement. Later he set sail, the seas were rough, but they still landed. Soon he found Vinland (wine land). It was called Vinland because they made wine out of grapes. The winter was harsh to them in Vinland but later they left and sailed back. On the way back to Greenland they crashed. One of the biggest problems for him was that his brother got killed by an Indian in a fight.

9: These are some cool facts about him. When he was 10 he went on his first sail. Later when he was 24 he sailed to Norway. In Norway he went to church and became a Christian. He soon left back to Greenland to preach to his fathers grave.

10: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado By: Maddie Davis Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Seven Cities of Gold? Francisco Coronado was searching for the New World otherwise known as the Seven Cities of Gold. His full name is Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. He was born in 1510 at the University town of Salamanca, Spain. It had been a long hard journey to the New World through rough terrain desert. Food had run low, and there was little water. Many soldiers and animals had died along the way. The New World did not exist but he did find the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.

11: There are many interesting facts I have learned about Francisco Coronado. He heard this legend and wanted to go on a search to find it. According to legend, the year 714 seven bishops escaped Moorish rule in Spain. They built boats and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. When they arrived, they built seven wonderful cities called the Seven Cities of Cibola. The bishops and their people filled them with gold and other riches. Niza’s large golden cities were actually adobe pueblos. Francisco soon married Beatiz; her family was cousins with King Charles I. They had five children, one son and four daughters. I found these amazing facts in a book called Francisco Vasquez de Coronado written by Kirstin Petrie.

12: SALLY RIDE | SPACE | in 5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!

13: Sally Ride By: Rian Dillavou Did you know that Sally Ride was the first woman to go to space? Sally Ride was born on May 26, 1951 in Los Angeles, CA. Her goal was to be an astronaut or a professional tennis player. She did not do tennis because she wanted to try something new and something to discover. She was scared for takeoff but she said it was really fun! After the challenger exploded during a 1986 launch, Ride survived the presidential commission investigating the accident. She retired from the astronaut corps in 1987 later becoming a physics professer at the University of California at San Diego and the president of the internet site ‘’’’.

14: Ferdinand Magellan By Luke Eggers 2/25/11 Did you know that Magellan led the first trip around the world, or that he found the island of Guam? Magellan was born in 1480. He was trying to sail around the world to prove it was round. Captain Juan De Cartagena wanted to kill Magellan. He heard about him trying to kill him and arrested him. Magellan landed on the island of Guam, and the Indians that lived there disagreed with him so they went into battle. The Indians killed Magellan. Magellan had a very interesting life. On Sept. 20, 1519 Magellan set sail. He had a fleet of about five ships. Magellan’s fleet had to anchor for the winter at Puerto San Sulian. A mutiny broke out some disagreed with Magellan so he and his faithful crew members stopped it and killed the captain. When their food ran out, they ate rats, ox hides, and sawdust. These are some things that I found interesting.

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17: Juan pounce de Leon Harrison 3/8/11 Do you know who Juan ponce de Leon is? He was born in1416 in Leon Spain he sailed on Christopher Columbus ship .When he returned a few years later he was looking for gold and the fountain of youth. On his journey he attacked many Tino villages after 3 years there he set sail again and landed on the bays of Florida but wene he got there he ran into a problem some Indians did not want him there and attacked. Some cool facts about Juan pounce de Leon he was part of a royal family and he named Florida which means flower in Spains.his search for the fountain of youth failed.he helped with the buildings and towns. And he concerned the Tino . The end

18: Vasco Nunez De Balboa was born in 1475 in Jerez De Los Calleros, Spain. He wished to be an explorer and wanted to sail to the new world. Balboa was the first European to see the pacific ocean. Balboa was a spanish explorer, govener, and conquistador. In 1500 he started his first voyage to the Americas. During his next journey he found gold, slaves, and other riches. In1519 he was found guilty of treason and was beheaded. | Vasco Nunez De Balboa | by Chris Hanson

20: Louis Jolliet McKenzie Kiefer 2/25/11 Did you know that Louis Jolliet was born in 1645? Did you know Louis Jolliet was born in Quebec City? He explored much of the Great Lakes region. He was looking for the great water way that flowed to the sea. They called it the Mississippi River which in their language meant big river. The French thought this river might flow west to the Pacific Ocean. Louis Jolliet found the water way which was the big river the Mississippi river. They thought it was going to flow west but it went south. Louis Jolliet had some problems on his way like he was attacked by the Indians and the Spaniards. He made it back after the attack. Here are some facts about Louis Jolliet. On July 17, 1676 they headed up stream paddling against the strong current made it difficult to travel. The Indians told them a route so they traveled up the Illinois River that led to Lake Michigan. Did you know that Louis Jolliet died in the summer of 1700? In 1672 Louis Jolliet was chosen by the two highest people in New France to lead an expedition to find the Mississippi river. They reached the Mississippi in the middle of June.

23: Samuel De Champlain By: Lizzie Lakose Do you know who Samuel De Champlain is? He is an explorer from Brouage, France near Roche Fort. His life time was 1567-1635. Samuel was looking for the North West passage way to Asia. He was a French explorer who found the Canadian City of Quebec. Samuel found the Huron Indians, which helped him find Quebec.He founded Quebec and Montreal he encountered strong winds lack of food. His Ship hit some high reefs and they did end up repairing the ship. Samuel made over four voyages to New France. He wrote 6 books about all his voyages. Samuel was one of the first Europeans to write about the Niagara Falls. Samuel was the governor in New France in 1633. When he was 43 years old he married a 12 year old girl, Helene Boulle.

24: Black Beard By Tucker L Phaiboun 2/9/11 Did you know that Black Beard’s real name is Edward Teach? Edward Teach also known as Black Beard was born in Briton in 1180 and died in 1718.He was said that he wanted to go to sea on his own. Black Beard was looking for money and he wanted to own the sea. Black was feared because of his looks and fighting skill. Did you ever think Edward Teach had 14 wives? Black Beard is well Known for his beard and he operated around the West Indies and the Eastern coast of America colonies when Black beard was attacked he had marches in his hat for the cannons .When he went to land he got sick went back to sea but when he did he was attacked and was shot in the neck and could not fight and died in Nov. 1718.

27: Hernando Cortes By: Jacob Luedtke 2/25/11 Did you ever wonder what Hernando Cortes did? Hernando Cortes was explorer from Eastern Europe. Cortes was born in 1485 in Medellin Spain, and died in 1547. Cortes was sent from Europe to look for gold, silver, and other goods. Cortes looked for the Fountain of Youth with Estavinico. He took over Tenochtitlan and the Aztec Empire. He had some problems along the way. The first problem was the wind blew him off course while looking for slaves. Second the Tlaxcala’s attacked them and killed many of the women and children. Here are some facts on Hernando Cortes in his early adult years. His parents wanted him to be a lawyer. He had a rich farm. His dad was a soldier and he became one to. He took over Tabasco Mexico.He had 2 kids 1 boy named Martin Cortes and a girl named Malinalli Tenepatel he married Juana Ramirez de Arellano de Zuniga There is a statue of him in Tabasco Mexico. Hope you enjoyed all of these facts!!!!

28: Daniel Boone is a great explorer | Courage | Leadership | Independence

29: Daniel Boone By:MaxMcKENNA Daniel Boone was known as one of the best hunters of all time. Daniel Boone was born on October 22, 1734 in Birks County U.S.A. He was the man who made the Appellation Trail that led hundreds to Iowa and Missouri. Daniel Boone was one of the greatest hunters and outdoors men in the United States of America. He was captured by the Shawnee Indians many times on his way to Blue Licks but he always escaped. Today Boone is known for his outstanding example of courage, independence, and leadership of the frontier spirit. Here are some fun facts about Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone’s son James was the land surveyor of our very own Clear Lake, Iowa. Boone was most famous for his exploration in Kentucky. He fought in the Revolutionary War as a militia officer. Boone was a surveyor as were his sons. I thought Daniel Boone was an interesting guy! | Frontier Spirit

30: Theodore Roosevelt By: Chloe Mueller Was Theodore Roosevelt your favorite president? Well, Theodore Roosevelt’s goal was to help people so they were trained for his job. He was born in New York City on October 27, 1858. He is considered an explorer who accomplished helping people, improve in housing, and job conditions because he wanted people to have better lives. He forced businesses to improve conditions. His health was very bad as a child, it made him have to just stay inside his house all day every day. It made him determined to be strong. He also had asthma. In 1918 when he was older he was blind in one eye and he was also losing his hearing. A lot of people called him Teddy when he was little, it just stuck with him the rest of his life. The Teddy Bear got its name because one time when he went hunting there was an injured bear and he refused to shoot it. He went to Harvard University as a college student. In his life time he was a president and vice president and he also rowed, boxed, wrestled, and danced. At his home he had birds, mice, and turtles just roaming around the house. When he was the 26th president he was 42. Do you know that he is on Mt. Rushmore which are also known as the Black Hills.

32: MARCO POLO TRUMAN MURPHY 2011 Did you know Marco Polo was born in September 15, 1254 and died on January 8, 1324? He was born in Venice Italy. He was traveling to China for a while to meet some new friends. He found riches like diamonds and sapphires. His friend got very sick on the way to China. Marco Polo the game came from the explorer Marco Polo because his family was on a trip on horses. He fell asleep and when he woke up he couldn’t find his family and he could hear “Marco” so he said “Polo”.

34: Hernando De Soto by Krystle Lu Hernando De Soto was born in a town in southwestern Spain. The year of his birth was 1496 or 1497. Spain had sent De Soto to North American. He wanted to follow in other Spanish explorers footsteps. De Soto became a soldier. He wanted to search for more treasure. In May 1541, De Soto reached the Mississippi River. He led his men through today's Arkansas and Louisiana. De Soto was the first European to cross the Mississippi River. At the end of his exploration he had lost men, horses, and much of the army's ammunition and food. Hernando De Soto led the first expedition across the Southeastern U.S. He was a fierce fighter and expert horseman. When he was about 14 years old, he landed in Panama. In 1538, De Soto was named governor of Cuba. He died form a fever or from battle wounds on May 21, 1542.

37: Sacajawea By: Katelyn Pinkham 3-9-11 Did you know that Sacajawea is on the U.S. dollar coin? Sacajawea was an explorer in the Northwestern United States. She was born in a Shoshone village which is now Idaho. One of their problems was that they had to stop in another village to trade weapons and food but no one spoke their language. That is when Sacajawea came, she talked to the leader and found out it was her brother. He willingly gave them everything they needed for their journey with nothing in return. | Some interesting facts about Sacajawea are that her name means Bird Woman. When she was sixteen she married a man named Toussaint Charbonneau. On Feb. 11th, 1805 she had a son and named him Jean. Seven years later in 1812 she had a daughter named Lissette. Sacajawea died in 1812 when she was about 25 years old, right after she had her second baby. Right after she died, a river in Montana was named Sacajawea. Sacajawea is most famous for joining Louis and Clark on their expedition. On their expedition they passed through North Dakota and the Pacific Ocean. Sacajawea will always be known for what she did and how she did it.

38: Gary has written more than 175 books and articles. Gary writes adult's and children’s books.When Gary was young he had a passion for reading, which made him want to write stories. When Gary goes hunting, fishing, trapping, and dog sled racing he remembers what he does and writes it in his books. Gary lives with his wife and she is an illustrator. Gary is currently 71 years old. | Gary Paulsen Nathan Tofte Gary Paulsen is one of the best writers and explorers ever. Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gary Paulsen ran away at the age of 14 and after that had 6 jobs. When he found out he loved the outdoors he began hunting, trapping, fishing, and dog sled racing. His dream was to finish the Iditarod race. Gary tried the Iditarod two times. Some of Gary’s problems were that he got sick, fell off the track, and his dogs died during the race. He accomplished it one out of the two.

40: Francisco Pizzaro By Noah Vanhorn Did you know that Francisco Pizzaro conquered the Inca people? Francisco Pizzaros’ birth was never found, but some say 1471. He was born in Trujillo Spain. He was sent to explorer Columbia. Francisco Pizzaro searched for the Inca people so he could destroy them. His search was a success. A statue of Francisco Pizzaro has been up since 2003 to honor him. Francisco Pizzaro was wise has he was clever. He was an excellent soldier. He never went to school so he couldn’t read or write. One other thing that he did was that he accompanied Balboa in his crossing. One of his greatest accomplishments was that he concurred the Inca people. He had two expeditions that helped him concur the Inca people.The thing that made him such a good warrior was that he never disobeyed a order.


43: Neil Armstrong By Sean Wendel Neil Armstrong is a very interesting person. Did you know that Neil was born on August 5th 1930 in Auglaize County Ohio? Neil was the first person to walk on the moon. He completed that task by landing on the moon. A Problem he had was Radio Transmission troubles that he could not talk to the people on land. Neil Armstrong had a heart attack about 1 year after his dad died and 9 months after his mom died. His first flight was aboard Gemini 80 in 1966.He is now 80 years old man. Neil Armstrong is a very cool person!

44: Bill Gates | Bill Gates

45: Bill Gates Matthias Yarian 2/9/11 Bill Gates was born in 1955 in Seattle,Washington. He was trying to make finding stuff easier to find. So he figured out Microsoft. One of the problems was he didn’t have enough money. Here are some other facts about Bill Gates. His full name is William Henry Gates. He has the largest individual share holder of Microsoft. He's an author and chef manager of Microsoft. He is also an author and he wrote some books like, The Road Ahead. He is an American business man. The End | Bill Gates | Bill Gates | Microsoft

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